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Letter from Frederick Seitz
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
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Petition Project - Global Warming Petition Project


Global Warming Petition

We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.

This petition has been signed by over 31,000 American scientists.

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Letter from Frederick Seitz
Research Review of Global Warming Evidence

Enclosed is a twelve-page review of information on the subject of "global warming," a petition in the form of a reply card, and a return envelope. Please consider these materials carefully.

The United States is very close to adopting an international agreement that would ration the use of energy and of technologies that depend upon coal, oil, and natural gas and some other organic compounds.

This treaty is, in our opinion, based upon flawed ideas. Research data on climate change do not show that human use of hydrocarbons is harmful. To the contrary, there is good evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful.

Click here to see the rest of this letter from the past president of the National Academy of Sciences.

Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

A review of the research literature concerning the environmental consequences of increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide leads to the conclusion that increases during the 20th Century have produced no deleterious effects upon global weather, climate, or temperature. Increased carbon dioxide has, however, markedly increased plant growth rates. Predictions of harmful climatic effects due to future increases in minor greenhouse gases like CO2 are in error and do not conform to current experimental knowledge.

Click here to see this peer reviewed research paper.

Note: The Petition Project has no funding from energy industries or other parties with special financial interests in the "global warming" debate. Funding for the project comes entirely from private non-tax deductible donations by interested individuals.

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Petition Project - Global Warming Petition Project

Letter from Frederick Seitz

Research Review of Global Warming Evidence

Enclosed is a twelve-page review of information on the subject of "global warming," a petition in the form of a reply card, and a return envelope. Please consider these materials carefully.

The United States is very close to adopting an international agreement that would ration the use of energy and of technologies that depend upon coal, oil, and natural gas and some other organic compounds.

This treaty is, in our opinion, based upon flawed ideas. Research data on climate change do not show that human use of hydrocarbons is harmful. To the contrary, there is good evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful.

The proposed agreement would have very negative effects upon the technology of nations throughout the world, especially those that are currently attempting to lift from poverty and provide opportunities to the over 4 billion people in technologically underdeveloped countries.

It is especially important for America to hear from its citizens who have the training necessary to evaluate the relevant data and offer sound advice.

We urge you to sign and return the petition card. If you would like more cards for use by your colleagues, these will be sent.

Frederick Seitz
Past President, National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
President Emeritus, Rockefeller University

Paper: Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Petition Project - Global Warming Petition Project

Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Links, Authorship, and Address

The Global Warming Review Paper is available as a PDF file in 3 sizes. After clicking one of the links below, please allow a few moments for the paper to download and activate the PDF Reader on your computer.

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Arthur B. Robinson, Noah E. Robinson, and Willie Soon

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, 2251 Dick George Road, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523 []


A review of the research literature concerning the environmental consequences of increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide leads to the conclusion that increases during the 20th and early 21st centuries have produced no deleterious effects upon Earth's weather and climate. Increased carbon dioxide has, however, markedly increased plant growth. Predictions of harmful climatic effects due to future increases in hydrocarbon use and minor greenhouse gases like CO2 do not conform to current experimental knowledge. The environmental effects of rapid expansion of the nuclear and hydrocarbon energy industries are discussed.


Political leaders gathered in Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997 to consider a world treaty restricting human production of "greenhouse gases," chiefly carbon dioxide (CO2). They feared that CO2 would result in "human-caused global warming" hypothetical severe increases in Earth's temperatures, with disastrous environmental consequences. During the past 10 years, many political efforts have been made to force worldwide agreement to the Kyoto treaty.

When we reviewed this subject in 1998 (1,2), existing satellite records were short and were centered on a period of changing intermediate temperature trends. Additional experimental data have now been obtained, so better answers to the questions raised by the hypothesis of "human-caused global warming" are now available.

Figure 1: Surface temperatures in the Sargasso Sea, a 2 million square mile region of the Atlantic Ocean, with time resolution of 50 to 100 years and ending in 1975, as determined by isotope ratios of marine organism remains in sediment at the bottom of the sea (3). The horizontal line is the average temperature for this 3,000-year period. The Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Optimum were naturally occurring, extended intervals of climate departures from the mean. A value of 0.25 C, which is the change in Sargasso Sea temperature between 1975 and 2006, has been added to the 1975 data in order to provide a 2006 temperature value.

The average temperature of the Earth has varied within a range of about 3C during the past 3,000 years. It is currently increasing as the Earth recovers from a period that is known as the Little Ice Age, as shown in Figure 1. George Washington and his army were at Valley Forge during the coldest era in 1,500 years, but even then the temperature was only about 1 Centigrade below the 3,000-year average.

Figure 2: Average length of 169 glaciers from 1700 to 2000 (4). The principal source of melt energy is solar radiation. Variations in glacier mass and length are primarily due to temperature and precipitation (5,6). This melting trend lags the temperature increase by about 20 years, so it predates the 6-fold increase in hydrocarbon use (7) even more than shown in the figure. Hydrocarbon use could not have caused this shortening trend.

The most recent part of this warming period is reflected by shortening of world glaciers, as shown in Figure 2. Glaciers regularly lengthen and shorten in delayed correlation with cooling and warming trends. Shortening lags temperature by about 20 years, so the current warming trend began in about 1800.

Figure 3: Arctic surface air temperature compared with total solar irradiance as measured by sunspot cycle amplitude, sunspot cycle length, solar equatorial rotation rate, fraction of penumbral spots, and decay rate of the 11-year sunspot cycle (8,9). Solar irradiance correlates well with Arctic temperature, while hydrocarbon use (7) does not correlate.

Atmospheric temperature is regulated by the sun, which fluctuates in activity as shown in Figure 3; by the greenhouse effect, largely caused by atmospheric water vapor (H2O); and by other phenomena that are more poorly understood. While major greenhouse gas H2O substantially warms the Earth, minor greenhouse gases such as CO2 have little effect, as shown in Figures 2 and 3. The 6-fold increase in hydrocarbon use since 1940 has had no noticeable effect on atmospheric temperature or on the trend in glacier length.

While Figure 1 is illustrative of most geographical locations, there is great variability of temperature records with location and regional climate. Comprehensive surveys of published temperature records confirm the principal features of Figure 1, including the fact that the current Earth temperature is approximately 1 C lower than that during the Medieval Climate Optimum 1,000 years ago (11,12).

Figure 4: Annual mean surface temperatures in the contiguous United States between 1880 and 2006 (10). The slope of the least-squares trend line for this 127-year record is 0.5 C per century.

Surface temperatures in the United States during the past century reflect this natural warming trend and its correlation with solar activity, as shown in Figures 4 and 5. Compiled U.S. surface temperatures have increased about 0.5 C per century, which is consistent with other historical values of 0.4 to 0.5 C per century during the recovery from the Little Ice Age (13-17). This temperature change is slight as compared with other natural variations, as shown in Figure 6. Three intermediate trends are evident, including the decreasing trend used to justify fears of "global cooling" in the 1970s.

Figure 5: U.S. surface temperature from Figure 4 as compared with total solar irradiance (19) from Figure 3.

Between 1900 and 2000, on absolute scales of solar irradiance and degrees Kelvin, solar activity increased 0.19%, while a 0.5 C temperature change is 0.21%. This is in good agreement with estimates that Earth's temperature would be reduced by 0.6 C through particulate blocking of the sun by 0.2% (18).

Figure 6: Comparison between the current U.S. temperature change per century, the 3,000-year temperature range in Figure 1, seasonal and diurnal range in Oregon, and seasonal and diurnal range throughout the Earth.

Solar activity and U.S. surface temperature are closely correlated, as shown in Figure 5, but U.S. surface temperature and world hydrocarbon use are not correlated, as shown in Figure 13.

The U.S. temperature trend is so slight that, were the temperature change which has taken place during the 20th and 21st centuries to occur in an ordinary room, most of the people in the room would be unaware of it.

Figure 7: Annual precipitation in the contiguous 48 United States between 1895 and 2006. U.S. National Climatic Data Center, U.S. Department of Commerce 2006 Climate Review (20). The trend shows an increase in rainfall of 1.8 inches per century approximately 6% per century.

During the current period of recovery from the Little Ice Age, the U.S. climate has improved somewhat, with more rainfall, fewer tornados, and no increase in hurricane activity, as illustrated in Figures 7 to 10. Sea level has trended upward for the past 150 years at a rate of 7 inches per century, with 3 intermediate uptrends and 2 periods of no increase as shown in Figure 11. These features are confirmed by the glacier record as shown in Figure 12. If this trend continues as did that prior to the Medieval Climate Optimum, sea level would be expected to rise about 1 foot during the next 200 years.

As shown in Figures 2, 11, and 12, the trends in glacier shortening and sea level rise began a century before the 60-year 6-fold increase in hydrocarbon use, and have not changed during that increase. Hydrocarbon use could not have caused these trends.

Figure 8: Annual number of strong-to-violent category F3 to F5 tornados during the March-to-August tornado season in the U.S. between 1950 and 2006. U.S. National Climatic Data Center, U.S. Department of Commerce 2006 Climate Review (20). During this period, world hydrocarbon use increased 6-fold, while violent tornado frequency decreased by 43%.

During the past 50 years, atmospheric CO2 has increased by 22%. Much of that CO2 increase is attributable to the 6-fold increase in human use of hydrocarbon energy. Figures 2, 3, 11, 12, and 13 show, however, that human use of hydrocarbons has not caused the observed increases in temperature.

The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide has, however, had a substantial environmental effect. Atmospheric CO2 fertilizes plants. Higher CO2 enables plants to grow faster and larger and to live in drier climates. Plants provide food for animals, which are thereby also enhanced. The extent and diversity of plant and animal life have both increased substantially during the past half-century. Increased temperature has also mildly stimulated plant growth.

Figure 9: Annual number of Atlantic hurricanes that made landfall between 1900 and 2006 (21). Line is drawn at mean value.

Does a catastrophic amplification of these trends with damaging climatological consequences lie ahead? There are no experimental data that suggest this. There is also no experimentally validated theoretical evidence of such an amplification.

Predictions of catastrophic global warming are based on computer climate modeling, a branch of science still in its infancy. The empirical evidence actual measurements of Earth's temperature and climate shows no man-made warming trend. Indeed, during four of the seven decades since 1940 when average CO2 levels steadily increased, U.S. average temperatures were actually decreasing. While CO2 levels have increased substantially and are expected to continue doing so and humans have been responsible for part of this increase, the effect on the environment has been benign.

There is, however, one very dangerous possibility.

Our industrial and technological civilization depends upon abundant, low-cost energy. This civilization has already brought unprecedented prosperity to the people of the more developed nations. Billions of people in the less developed nations are now lifting themselves from poverty by adopting this technology.

Figure 10: Annual number of violent hurricanes and maximum attained wind speed during those hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean between 1944 and 2006 (22,23). There is no upward trend in either of these records. During this period, world hydrocarbon use increased 6-fold. Lines are mean values.

Hydrocarbons are essential sources of energy to sustain and extend prosperity. This is especially true of the developing nations, where available capital and technology are insufficient to meet rapidly increasing energy needs without extensive use of hydrocarbon fuels. If, through misunderstanding of the underlying science and through misguided public fear and hysteria, mankind significantly rations and restricts the use of hydrocarbons, the worldwide increase in prosperity will stop. The result would be vast human suffering and the loss of hundreds of millions of human lives. Moreover, the prosperity of those in the developed countries would be greatly reduced.

Figure 11: Global sea level measured by surface gauges between 1807 and 2002 (24) and by satellite between 1993 and 2006 (25). Satellite measurements are shown in gray and agree with tide gauge measurements. The overall trend is an increase of 7 inches per century. Intermediate trends are 9, 0, 12, 0, and 12 inches per century, respectively. This trend lags the temperature increase, so it predates the increase in hydrocarbon use even more than is shown. It is unaffected by the very large increase in hydrocarbon use.

Mild ordinary natural increases in the Earth's temperature have occurred during the past two to three centuries. These have resulted in some improvements in overall climate and also some changes in the landscape, such as a reduction in glacier lengths and increased vegetation in colder areas. Far greater changes have occurred during the time that all current species of animals and plants have been on the Earth. The relative population sizes of the species and their geographical distributions vary as they adapt to changing conditions.

Figure 12: Glacier shortening (4) and sea level rise (24,25). Gray area designates estimated range of error in the sea level record. These measurements lag air temperature increases by about 20 years. So, the trends began more than a century before increases in hydrocarbon use.

The temperature of the Earth is continuing its process of fluctuation in correlation with variations in natural phenomena. Mankind, meanwhile, is moving some of the carbon in coal, oil, and natural gas from below ground to the atmosphere and surface, where it is available for conversion into living things. We are living in an increasingly lush environment of plants and animals as a result. This is an unexpected and wonderful gift from the Industrial Revolution.


Atmospheric and surface temperatures have been recovering from an unusually cold period. During the time between 200 and 500 years ago, the Earth was experiencing the "Little Ice Age." It had descended into this relatively cool period from a warm interval about 1,000 years ago known as the "Medieval Climate Optimum." This is shown in Figure 1 for the Sargasso Sea.

During the Medieval Climate Optimum, temperatures were warm enough to allow the colonization of Greenland. These colonies were abandoned after the onset of colder temperatures. For the past 200 to 300 years, Earth temperatures have been gradually recovering (26). Sargasso Sea temperatures are now approximately equal to the average for the previous 3,000 years.

The historical record does not contain any report of "global warming" catastrophes, even though temperatures have been higher than they are now during much of the last three millennia.

The 3,000-year range of temperatures in the Sargasso Sea is typical of most places. Temperature records vary widely with geographical location as a result of climatological characteristics unique to those specific regions, so an "average" Earth temperature is less meaningful than individual records (27). So called "global" or "hemispheric" averages contain errors created by averaging systematically different aspects of unique geographical regions and by inclusion of regions where temperature records are unreliable.

Three key features of the temperature record the Medieval Climate Optimum, the Little Ice Age, and the Not-Unusual-Temperature of the 20th century have been verified by a review of local temperature and temperature-correlated records throughout the world (11), as summarized in Table 1. Each record was scored with respect to those queries to which it applied. The experimental and historical literature definitively confirms the primary features of Figure 1.

Table 1: Comprehensive review of all instances in which temperature or temperature-correlated records from localities throughout the world permit answers to queries concerning the existence of the Medieval Climate Optimum, the Little Ice Age, and an unusually warm anomaly in the 20th century (11). The compiled and tabulated answers confirm the three principal features of the Sargasso Sea record shown in Figure 1. The probability that the answer to the query in column 1 is "yes" is given in column 5.

Most geographical locations experienced both the Medieval Climate Optimum and the Little Ice Age and most locations did not experience temperatures that were unusually warm during the 20th century. A review of 23 quantitative records has demonstrated that mean and median world temperatures in 2006 were, on average, approximately 1 C or 2 F cooler than in the Medieval Period (12).

Figure 13: Seven independent records solar activity (9); Northern Hemisphere, (13), Arctic (28), global (10), and U.S. (10) annual surface air temperatures; sea level (24,25); and glacier length (4) all qualitatively confirm each other by exhibiting three intermediate trends warmer, cooler, and warmer. Sea level and glacier length are shown minus 20 years, correcting for their 20-year lag of atmospheric temperature. Solar activity, Northern Hemisphere temperature, and glacier lengths show a low in about 1800.

Hydrocarbon use (7) is uncorrelated with temperature. Temperature rose for a century before significant hydrocarbon use. Temperature rose between 1910 and 1940, while hydrocarbon use was almost unchanged. Temperature then fell between 1940 and 1972, while hydrocarbon use rose by 330%. Also, the 150 to 200-year slopes of the sea level and glacier trends were unchanged by the very large increase in hydrocarbon use after 1940.

World glacier length (4) and world sea level (24,25) measurements provide records of the recent cycle of recovery. Warmer temperatures diminish glaciers and cause sea level to rise because of decreased ocean water density and other factors.

These measurements show that the trend of 7 inches per century increase in sea level and the shortening trend in average glacier length both began a century before 1940, yet 84% of total human annual hydrocarbon use occurred only after 1940. Moreover, neither of these trends has accelerated during the period between 1940 and 2007, while hydrocarbon use increased 6-fold. Sea level and glacier records are offset by about 20 years because of the delay between temperature rise and glacier and sea level change.

If the natural trend in sea level increase continues for another two centuries as did the temperature rise in the Sargasso Sea as the Earth entered the Medieval Warm Period, sea level would be expected to rise about 1 foot between the years 2000 and 2200. Both the sea level and glacier trends and the temperature trend that they reflect are unrelated to hydrocarbon use. A further doubling of world hydrocarbon use would not change these trends.

Figure 12 shows the close correlation between the sea level and glacier records, which further validates both records and the duration and character of the temperature change that gave rise to them.

Figure 4 shows the annual temperature in the United States during the past 127 years. This record has an upward trend of 0.5 C per century. Global and Northern Hemisphere surface temperature records shown in Figure 13 trend upward at 0.6 C per century. These records are, however, biased toward higher temperatures in several ways. For example, they preferentially use data near populated areas (33), where heat island effects are prevalent, as illustrated in Figure 15. A trend of 0.5 C per century is more representative (13-17).

Figure 14: Satellite microwave sounding unit (blue) measurements of tropospheric temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere between 0 and 82.5 N, Southern Hemisphere between 0 and 82.5 S, tropics between 20S and 20N, and the globe between 82.5N and 82.5S between 1979 and 2007 (29), and radiosonde balloon (red) measurements in the tropics (29). The balloon measurements confirm the satellite technique (29-31). The warming anomaly in 1997-1998 (gray) was caused by El Nio, which, like the overall trends, is unrelated to CO2 (32).

The U.S. temperature record has two intermediate uptrends of comparable magnitude, one occurring before the 6-fold increase in hydrocarbon use and one during it. Between these two is an intermediate temperature downtrend, which led in the 1970s to fears of an impending new ice age. This decrease in temperature occurred during a period in which hydrocarbon use increased 3-fold.

Seven independent records solar irradiance; Arctic, Northern Hemisphere, global, and U.S. annual average surface air temperatures; sea level; and glacier length all exhibit these three intermediate trends, as shown in Figure 13. These trends confirm one another. Solar irradiance correlates with them. Hydrocarbon use does not.

The intermediate uptrend in temperature between 1980 and 2006 shown in Figure 13 is similar to that shown in Figure 14 for balloon and satellite tropospheric measurements. This trend is more pronounced in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern. Contrary to the CO2 warming climate models, however, tropospheric temperatures are not rising faster than surface temperatures.

Figure 6 illustrates the magnitudes of these temperature changes by comparing the 0.5 C per century temperature change as the Earth recovers from the Little Ice Age, the range of 50-year averaged Atlantic ocean surface temperatures in the Sargasso Sea over the past 3,000 years, the range of day-night and seasonal variation on average in Oregon, and the range of day-night and seasonal variation over the whole Earth. The two-century-long temperature change is small.

Tropospheric temperatures measured by satellite give comprehensive geographic coverage. Even the satellite measurements, however, contain short and medium-term fluctuations greater than the slight warming trends calculated from them. The calculated trends vary significantly as a function of the most recent fluctuations and the lengths of the data sets, which are short.

Figure 3 shows the latter part of the period of warming from the Little Ice Age in greater detail by means of Arctic air temperature as compared with solar irradiance, as does Figure 5 for U.S. surface temperature. There is a close correlation between solar activity and temperature and none between hydrocarbon use and temperature. Several other studies over a wide variety of time intervals have found similar correlations between climate and solar activity (15, 34-39). Figure 3 also illustrates the uncertainties introduced by limited time records. If the Arctic air temperature data before 1920 were not available, essentially no uptrend would be observed.

This observed variation in solar activity is typical of stars close in size and age to the sun (40). The current warming trends on Mars (41), Jupiter (42), Neptune (43,44), Neptune's moon Triton (45), and Pluto (46-48) may result, in part, from similar relations to the sun and its activity like those that are warming the Earth.

Hydrocarbon use and atmospheric CO2 do not correlate with the observed temperatures. Solar activity correlates quite well. Correlation does not prove causality, but non-correlation proves non-causality. Human hydrocarbon use is not measurably warming the earth. Moreover, there is a robust theoretical and empirical model for solar warming and cooling of the Earth (8,19,49,50). The experimental data do not prove that solar activity is the only phenomenon responsible for substantial Earth temperature fluctuations, but they do show that human hydrocarbon use is not among those phenomena.

Figure 15: Surface temperature trends for 1940 to 1996 from 107 measuring stations in 49 California counties (51,52). The trends were combined for counties of similar population and plotted with the standard errors of their means. The six measuring stations in Los Angeles County were used to calculate the standard error of that county, which is plotted at a population of 8.9 million. The "urban heat island effect" on surface measurements is evident. The straight line is a least-squares fit to the closed circles. The points marked "X" are the six unadjusted station records selected by NASA GISS (53-55) for use in their estimate of global surface temperatures. Such selections make NASA GISS temperatures too high.

The overall experimental record is self-consistent. The Earth has been warming as it recovers from the Little Ice Age at an average rate of about 0.5 C per century. Fluctuations within this temperature trend include periods of more rapid increase and also periods of temperature decrease. These fluctuations correlate well with concomitant fluctuations in the activity of the sun. Neither the trends nor the fluctuations within the trends correlate with hydrocarbon use. Sea level and glacier length reveal three intermediate uptrends and two downtrends since 1800, as does solar activity. These trends are climatically benign and result from natural processes.


The concentration of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere has increased during the past century, as shown in Figure 17. The magnitude of this atmospheric increase is currently about 4 gigatons (Gt C) of carbon per year. Total human industrial CO2 production, primarily from use of coal, oil, and natural gas and the production of cement, is currently about 8 Gt C per year (7,56,57). Humans also exhale about 0.6 Gt C per year, which has been sequestered by plants from atmospheric CO2. Office air concentrations often exceed 1,000 ppm CO2.

To put these figures in perspective, it is estimated that the atmosphere contains 780 Gt C; the surface ocean contains 1,000 Gt C; vegetation, soils, and detritus contain 2,000 Gt C; and the intermediate and deep oceans contain 38,000 Gt C, as CO2 or CO2 hydration products. Each year, the surface ocean and atmosphere exchange an estimated 90 Gt C; vegetation and the atmosphere, 100 Gt C; marine biota and the surface ocean, 50 Gt C; and the surface ocean and the intermediate and deep oceans, 40 Gt C (56,57).

So great are the magnitudes of these reservoirs, the rates of exchange between them, and the uncertainties of these estimated numbers that the sources of the recent rise in atmospheric CO2 have not been determined with certainty (58,59). Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are reported to have varied widely over geological time, with peaks, according to some estimates, some 20-fold higher than at present and lows at approximately 200 ppm (60-62).

Ice-core records are reported to show seven extended periods during 650,000 years in which CO2, methane (CH4), and temperature increased and then decreased (63-65). Ice-core records contain substantial uncertainties (58), so these correlations are imprecise.

In all seven glacial and interglacial cycles, the reported changes in CO2 and CH4 lagged the temperature changes and could not, therefore, have caused them (66). These fluctuations probably involved temperature-caused changes in oceanic and terrestrial CO2 and CH4 content. More recent CO2 fluctuations also lag temperature (67,68).

Figure 16: Temperature rise versus CO2 rise from seven ice-core measured interglacial periods (63-65); from calculations (69) and measurements (70) of sea water out-gassing; and as measured during the 20th and 21st centuries (10,72). The interglacial temperature increases caused the CO2 rises through release of ocean CO2. The CO2 rises did not cause the temperature rises.

In addition to the agreement between the out-gassing estimates and measurements, this conclusion is also verified by the small temperature rise during the 20th and 21st centuries. If the CO2 versus temperature correlation during the seven interglacials had been caused by CO2 greenhouse warming, then the temperature rise per CO2 rise would have been as high during the 20th and 21st centuries as it was during the seven interglacial periods.

In 1957, Revelle and Seuss (69) estimated that temperature-caused out-gassing of ocean CO2 would increase atmospheric CO2 by about 7% per C temperature rise. The reported change during the seven interglacials of the 650,000-year ice core record is about 5% per C (63), which agrees with the out-gassing calculation.

Between 1900 and 2006, Antarctic CO2 increased 30% per 0.1 C temperature change (72), and world CO2 increased 30% per 0.5 C. In addition to ocean out-gassing, CO2 from human use of hydrocarbons is a new source. Neither this new source nor the older natural CO2 sources are causing atmospheric temperature to change.

The hypothesis that the CO2 rise during the interglacials caused the temperature to rise requires an increase of about 6 C per 30% rise in CO2 as seen in the ice core record. If this hypothesis were correct, Earth temperatures would have risen about 6 C between 1900 and 2006, rather than the rise of between 0.1 C and 0.5 C, which actually occurred. This difference is illustrated in Figure 16.

The 650,000-year ice-core record does not, therefore, agree with the hypothesis of "human-caused global warming," and, in fact, provides empirical evidence that invalidates this hypothesis.

Figure 17: Atmospheric CO2 concentrations in parts per million by volume, ppm, measured spectrophotometrically at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, between 1958 and 2007. These measurements agree well with those at other locations (71). Data before 1958 are from ice cores and chemical analyses, which have substantial experimental uncertainties. We have used 295 ppm for the period 1880 to 1890, which is an average of the available estimates. About 0.6 Gt C of CO2 is produced annually by human respiration and often leads to concentrations exceeding 1,000 ppm in public buildings. Atmospheric CO2 has increased 22% since 1958 and about 30% since 1880.

Carbon dioxide has a very short residence time in the atmosphere. Beginning with the 7 to 10-year half-time of CO2 in the atmosphere estimated by Revelle and Seuss (69), there were 36 estimates of the atmospheric CO2 half-time based upon experimental measurements published between 1957 and 1992 (59). These range between 2 and 25 years, with a mean of 7.5, a median of 7.6, and an upper range average of about 10. Of the 36 values, 33 are 10 years or less.

Many of these estimates are from the decrease in atmospheric carbon 14 after cessation of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, which provides a reliable half-time. There is no experimental evidence to support computer model estimates (73) of a CO2 atmospheric "lifetime" of 300 years or more.

Human production of 8 Gt C per year of CO2 is negligible as compared with the 40,000 Gt C residing in the oceans and biosphere. At ultimate equilibrium, human-produced CO2 will have an insignificant effect on the amounts in the various reservoirs. The rates of approach to equilibrium are, however, slow enough that human use creates a transient atmospheric increase.

In any case, the sources and amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere are of secondary importance to the hypothesis of "human-caused global warming." It is human burning of coal, oil, and natural gas that is at issue. CO2 is merely an intermediate in a hypothetical mechanism by which this "human-caused global warming" is said to take place. The amount of atmospheric CO2 does have profound environmental effects on plant and animal populations (74) and diversity, as is discussed below.


While the average temperature change taking place as the Earth recovers from the Little Ice Age is so slight that it is difficult to discern, its environmental effects are measurable. Glacier shortening and the 7 inches per century rise in sea level are examples. There are additional climate changes that are correlated with this rise in temperature and may be caused by it.

Greenland, for example, is beginning to turn green again, as it was 1,000 years ago during the Medieval Climate Optimum (11). Arctic sea ice is decreasing somewhat (75), but Antarctic ice is not decreasing and may be increasing, due to increased snow (76-79).

In the United States, rainfall is increasing at about 1.8 inches per century, and the number of severe tornados is decreasing, as shown in Figures 7 and 8. If world temperatures continue to rise at the current rate, they will reach those of the Medieval Climate Optimum about 2 centuries from now. Historical reports of that period record the growing of warm weather crops in localities too cold for that purpose today, so it is to be expected that the area of more temperate climate will expand as it did then. This is already being observed, as studies at higher altitudes have reported increases in amount and diversity of plant and animal life by more than 50% (12,80).

Atmospheric temperature is increasing more in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern, with intermediate periods of increase and decrease in the overall trends.

There has been no increase in frequency or severity of Atlantic hurricanes during the period of 6-fold increase in hydrocarbon use, as is illustrated in Figures 9 and 10. Numbers of violent hurricanes vary greatly from year to year and are no greater now than they were 50 years ago. Similarly, maximum wind speeds have not increased.

All of the observed climate changes are gradual, moderate, and entirely within the bounds of ordinary natural changes that have occurred during the benign period of the past few thousand years.

There is no indication whatever in the experimental data that an abrupt or remarkable change in any of the ordinary natural climate variables is beginning or will begin to take place.


The greenhouse effect amplifies solar warming of the earth. Greenhouse gases such as H2O, CO2, and CH4 in the Earth's atmosphere, through combined convective readjustments and the radiative blanketing effect, essentially decrease the net escape of terrestrial thermal infrared radiation. Increasing CO2, therefore, effectively increases radiative energy input to the Earth's atmosphere. The path of this radiative input is complex. It is redistributed, both vertically and horizontally, by various physical processes, including advection, convection, and diffusion in the atmosphere and ocean.

Figure 18: Qualitative illustration of greenhouse warming. "Present GHE" is the current greenhouse effect from all atmospheric phenomena. "Radiative effect of CO2" is the added greenhouse radiative effect from doubling CO2 without consideration of other atmospheric components. "Hypothesis 1 IPCC" is the hypothetical amplification effect assumed by IPCC. "Hypothesis 2" is the hypothetical moderation effect.

When an increase in CO2 increases the radiative input to the atmosphere, how and in which direction does the atmosphere respond? Hypotheses about this response differ and are schematically shown in Figure 18. Without the water-vapor greenhouse effect, the Earth would be about 14 C cooler (81). The radiative contribution of doubling atmospheric CO2 is minor, but this radiative greenhouse effect is treated quite differently by different climate hypotheses. The hypotheses that the IPCC (82,83) has chosen to adopt predict that the effect of CO2 is amplified by the atmosphere, especially by water vapor, to produce a large temperature increase. Other hypotheses, shown as hypothesis 2, predict the opposite that the atmospheric response will counteract the CO2 increase and result in insignificant changes in global temperature (81,84,85,91,92). The experimental evidence, as described above, favors hypothesis 2. While CO2 has increased substantially, its effect on temperature has been so slight that it has not been experimentally detected.

Figure 19: The radiative greenhouse effect of doubling the concentration of atmospheric CO2 (right bar) as compared with four of the uncertainties in the computer climate models (87,93).

The computer climate models upon which "human-caused global warming" is based have substantial uncertainties and are markedly unreliable. This is not surprising, since the climate is a coupled, non-linear dynamical system. It is very complex. Figure 19 illustrates the difficulties by comparing the radiative CO2 greenhouse effect with correction factors and uncertainties in some of the parameters in the computer climate calculations. Other factors, too, such as the chemical and climatic influence of volcanoes, cannot now be reliably computer modeled.

In effect, an experiment has been performed on the Earth during the past half-century an experiment that includes all of the complex factors and feedback effects that determine the Earth's temperature and climate. Since 1940, hydrocarbon use has risen 6-fold. Yet, this rise has had no effect on the temperature trends, which have continued their cycle of recovery from the Little Ice Age in close correlation with increasing solar activity.

Not only has the global warming hypothesis failed experimental tests, it is theoretically flawed as well. It can reasonably be argued that cooling from negative physical and biological feedbacks to greenhouse gases nullifies the slight initial temperature rise (84,86).

The reasons for this failure of the computer climate models are subjects of scientific debate (87). For example, water vapor is the largest contributor to the overall greenhouse effect (88). It has been suggested that the climate models treat feedbacks from clouds, water vapor, and related hydrology incorrectly (85,89-92).

The global warming hypothesis with respect to CO2 is not based upon the radiative properties of CO2 itself, which is a very weak greenhouse gas. It is based upon a small initial increase in temperature caused by CO2 and a large theoretical amplification of that temperature increase, primarily through increased evaporation of H2O, a strong greenhouse gas. Any comparable temperature increase from another cause would produce the same calculated outcome.

Figure 20: Global atmospheric methane concentration in parts per million between 1982 and 2004 (94).

Thus, the 3,000-year temperature record illustrated in Figure 1 also provides a test of the computer models. The historical temperature record shows that the Earth has previously warmed far more than could be caused by CO2 itself. Since these past warming cycles have not initiated water-vapor-mediated atmospheric warming catastrophes, it is evident that weaker effects from CO2 cannot do so.

Methane is also a minor greenhouse gas. World CH4 levels are, as shown in Figure 20, leveling off. In the U.S. in 2005, 42% of human-produced methane was from hydrocarbon energy production, 28% from waste management, and 30% from agriculture (95). The total amount of CH4 produced from these U.S. sources decreased 7% between 1980 and 2005. Moreover, the record shows that, even while methane was increasing, temperature trends were benign.

The "human-caused global warming" often called the "global warming" hypothesis depends entirely upon computer model-generated scenarios of the future. There are no empirical records that verify either these models or their flawed predictions (96).

Claims (97) of an epidemic of insect-borne diseases, extensive species extinction, catastrophic flooding of Pacific islands, ocean acidification, increased numbers and severities of hurricanes and tornados, and increased human heat deaths from the 0.5 C per century temperature rise are not consistent with actual observations. The "human-caused global warming" hypothesis and the computer calculations that support it are in error. They have no empirical support and are invalidated by numerous observations.


World temperature is controlled by natural phenomena. What steps could mankind take if solar activity or other effects began to shift the Earth toward temperatures too cold or too warm for optimum human life?

First, it would be necessary to determine what temperature humans feel is optimum. It is unlikely that the chosen temperature would be exactly that which we have today. Second, we would be fortunate if natural forces were to make the Earth too warm rather than too cold because we can cool the Earth with relative ease. We have no means by which to warm it. Attempting to warm the Earth with addition of CO2 or to cool the Earth by restrictions of CO2 and hydrocarbon use would, however, be futile. Neither would work.

Inexpensively blocking the sun by means of particles in the upper atmosphere would be effective. S.S. Penner, A.M. Schneider, and E. M. Kennedy have proposed (98) that the exhaust systems of commercial airliners could be tuned in such a way as to eject particulate sun-blocking material into the upper atmosphere. Later, Edward Teller similarly suggested (18) that particles could be injected into the atmosphere in order to reduce solar heating and cool the Earth. Teller estimated a cost of between $500 million and $1 billion per year for between 1 C and 3 C of cooling. Both methods use particles so small that they would be invisible from the Earth.

These methods would be effective and economical in blocking solar radiation and reducing atmospheric and surface temperatures. There are other similar proposals (99). World energy rationing, on the other hand, would not work.

The climate of the Earth is now benign. If temperatures become too warm, this can easily be corrected. If they become too cold, we have no means of response except to maximize nuclear and hydrocarbon energy production and technological advance. This would help humanity adapt and might lead to new mitigation technology.


How high will the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere ultimately rise if mankind continues to increase the use of coal, oil, and natural gas? At ultimate equilibrium with the ocean and other reservoirs there will probably be very little increase. The current rise is a non-equilibrium result of the rate of approach to equilibrium.

One reservoir that would moderate the increase is especially important. Plant life provides a large sink for CO2. Using current knowledge about the increased growth rates of plants and assuming increased CO2 release as compared to current emissions, it has been estimated that atmospheric CO2 levels may rise to about 600 ppm before leveling off. At that level, CO2 absorption by increased Earth biomass is able to absorb about 10 Gt C per year (100). At present, this absorption is estimated to be about 3 Gt C per year (57).

About 30% of this projected rise from 295 to 600 ppm has already taken place, without causing unfavorable climate changes. Moreover, the radiative effects of CO2 are logarithmic (101,102), so more than 40% of any climatic influences have already occurred.

As atmospheric CO2 increases, plant growth rates increase. Also, leaves transpire less and lose less water as CO2 increases, so that plants are able to grow under drier conditions. Animal life, which depends upon plant life for food, increases proportionally.

Figure 21: Standard deviation from the mean of tree ring widths for (a) bristlecone pine, limber pine, and fox tail pine in the Great Basin of California, Nevada, and Arizona and (b) bristlecone pine in Colorado (110). Tree ring widths were averaged in 20-year segments and then normalized so that the means of prior tree growth were zero. The deviations from the means are shown in units of standard deviations of those means.

Figures 21 to 24 show examples of experimentally measured increases in the growth of plants. These examples are representative of a very large research literature on this subject (103-109). As Figure 21 shows, long-lived 1,000- to 2,000-year-old pine trees have shown a sharp increase in growth during the past half-century. Figure 22 shows the 40% increase in the forests of the United States that has taken place since 1950. Much of this increase is due to the increase in atmospheric CO2 that has already occurred. In addition, it has been reported that Amazonian rain forests are increasing their vegetation by about 900 pounds of carbon per acre per year (113), or approximately 2 tons of biomass per acre per year. Trees respond to CO2 fertilization more strongly than do most other plants, but all plants respond to some extent.

Figure 22: Inventories of standing hardwood and softwood timber in the United States compiled in Forest Resources of the United States, 2002, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service (111,112). The linear trend cited in 1998 (1) with an increase of 30% has continued. The increase is now 40%. The amount of U.S. timber is rising almost 1% per year.

Since plant response to CO2 fertilization is nearly linear with respect to CO2 concentration over the range from 300 to 600 ppm, as seen in Figure 23, experimental measurements at different levels of CO2 enrichment can be extrapolated. This has been done in Figure 24 in order to illustrate CO2 growth enhancements calculated for the atmospheric increase of about 88 ppm that has already taken place and those expected from a projected total increase of 305 ppm.

Wheat growth is accelerated by increased atmospheric CO2, especially under dry conditions. Figure 24 shows the response of wheat grown under wet conditions versus that of wheat stressed by lack of water. The underlying data is from open-field experiments. Wheat was grown in the usual way, but the atmospheric CO2 concentrations of circular sections of the fields were increased by arrays of computer-controlled equipment that released CO2 into the air to hold the levels as specified (115,116). Orange and young pine tree growth enhancement (117-119) with two atmospheric CO2 increases that which has already occurred since 1885 and that projected for the next two centuries is also shown. The relative growth enhancement of trees by CO2 diminishes with age. Figure 24 shows young trees.

Figure 23: Summary data from 279 published experiments in which plants of all types were grown under paired stressed (open red circles) and unstressed (closed blue circles) conditions (114). There were 208, 50, and 21 sets at 300, 600, and an average of about 1350 ppm CO2, respectively. The plant mixture in the 279 studies was slightly biased toward plant types that respond less to CO2 fertilization than does the actual global mixture. Therefore, the figure underestimates the expected global response. CO2 enrichment also allows plants to grow in drier regions, further increasing the response.

Figure 23 summarizes 279 experiments in which plants of various types were raised under CO2-enhanced conditions. Plants under stress from less-than-ideal conditions a common occurrence in nature respond more to CO2 fertilization. The selections of species in Figure 23 were biased toward plants that respond less to CO2 fertilization than does the mixture actually covering the Earth, so Figure 23 underestimates the effects of global CO2 enhancement.

Figure 24: Calculated (1,2) growth rate enhancement of wheat, young orange trees, and very young pine trees already taking place as a result of atmospheric enrichment by CO2 from 1885 to 2007 (a), and expected as a result of atmospheric enrichment by CO2 to a level of 600 ppm (b).

Clearly, the green revolution in agriculture has already benefitted from CO2 fertilization, and benefits in the future will be even greater. Animal life is increasing proportionally, as shown by studies of 51 terrestrial (120) and 22 aquatic ecosystems (121). Moreover, as shown by a study of 94 terrestrial ecosystems on all continents except Antarctica (122), species richness biodiversity is more positively correlated with productivity the total quantity of plant life per acre than with anything else.

Atmospheric CO2 is required for life by both plants and animals. It is the sole source of carbon in all of the protein, carbohydrate, fat, and other organic molecules of which living things are constructed.

Plants extract carbon from atmospheric CO2 and are thereby fertilized. Animals obtain their carbon from plants. Without atmospheric CO2, none of the life we see on Earth would exist.

Water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide are the three most important substances that make life possible.

They are surely not environmental pollutants.


The single most important human component in the preservation of the Earth's environment is energy. Industrial conversion of energy into forms that are useful for human activities is the most important aspect of technology. Abundant inexpensive energy is required for the prosperous maintenance of human life and the continued advance of life-enriching technology. People who are prosperous have the wealth required to protect and enhance their natural environment.

Currently, the United States is a net importer of energy as shown in Figure 25. Americans spend about $300 billion per year for imported oil and gas and an additional amount for military expenses related to those imports.

Figure 25: In 2006, the United States obtained 84.9% of its energy from hydrocarbons, 8.2% from nuclear fuels, 2.9% from hydroelectric dams, 2.1% from wood, 0.8% from biofuels, 0.4% from waste, 0.3% from geothermal, and 0.3% from wind and solar radiation. The U.S. uses 21 million barrels of oil per day 27% from OPEC, 17% from Canada and Mexico, 16% from others, and 40% produced in the U.S. (95). The cost of imported oil and gas at $60 per barrel and $7 per 1,000 ft3 in 2007 is about $300 billion per year.

Political calls for a reduction of U.S. hydrocarbon use by 90% (123), thereby eliminating 75% of America's energy supply, are obviously impractical. Nor can this 75% of U.S. energy be replaced by alternative "green" sources. Despite enormous tax subsidies over the past 30 years, green sources still provide only 0.3% of U.S. energy.

Yet, the U.S. clearly cannot continue to be a large net importer of energy without losing its economic and industrial strength and its political independence. It should, instead, be a net exporter of energy.

There are three realistic technological paths to American energy independence increased use of hydrocarbon energy, nuclear energy, or both. There are no climatological impediments to increased use of hydrocarbons, although local environmental effects can and must be accommodated. Nuclear energy is, in fact, less expensive and more environmentally benign than hydrocarbon energy, but it too has been the victim of the politics of fear and claimed disadvantages and dangers that are actually negligible.

For example, the "problem" of high-level "nuclear waste" has been given much attention, but this problem has been politically created by U.S. government barriers to American fuel breeding and reprocessing. Spent nuclear fuel can be recycled into new nuclear fuel. It need not be stored in expensive repositories.

Reactor accidents are also much publicized, but there has never been even one human death associated with an American nuclear reactor incident. By contrast, American dependence on automobiles results in more than 40,000 human deaths per year.

All forms of energy generation, including "green" methods, entail industrial deaths in the mining, manufacture, and transport of resources they require. Nuclear energy requires the smallest amount of such resources (124) and therefore has the lowest risk of deaths.

Estimated relative costs of electrical energy production vary with geographical location and underlying assumptions. Figure 26 shows a recent British study, which is typical. At present, 43% of U.S. energy consumption is used for electricity production.

To be sure, future inventions in energy technology may alter the relative economics of nuclear, hydrocarbon, solar, wind, and other methods of energy generation. These inventions cannot, however, be forced by political fiat, nor can they be wished into existence. Alternatively, "conservation," if practiced so extensively as to be an alternative to hydrocarbon and nuclear power, is merely a politically correct word for "poverty."

The current untenable situation in which the United States is losing $300 billion per year to pay for foreign oil and gas is not the result of failures of government energy production efforts. The U.S. government does not produce energy. Energy is produced by private industry. Why then has energy production thrived abroad while domestic production has stagnated?

This stagnation has been caused by United States government taxation, regulation, and sponsorship of litigation, which has made the U.S. a very unfavorable place to produce energy. In addition, the U.S. government has spent vast sums of tax money subsidizing inferior energy technologies for political purposes.

It is not necessary to discern in advance the best course to follow. Legislative repeal of taxation, regulation, incentives to litigation, and repeal of all subsidies of energy generation industries would stimulate industrial development, wherein competition could then automatically determine the best paths.

Nuclear power is safer, less expensive, and more environmentally benign than hydrocarbon power, so it is probably the better choice for increased energy production. Solid, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels provide, however, many conveniences, and a national infrastructure to use them is already in place. Oil from shale or coal liquefaction is less expensive than crude oil at current prices, but its ongoing production costs are higher than those for already developed oil fields. There is, therefore, an investment risk that crude oil prices could drop so low that liquefaction plants could not compete. Nuclear energy does not have this disadvantage, since the operating costs of nuclear power plants are very low.

Figure 27 illustrates, as an example, one practical and environmentally sound path to U.S. energy independence. At present 19% of U.S. electricity is produced by 104 nuclear power reactors with an average generating output in 2006 of 870 megawatts per reactor, for a total of about 90 GWe (gigawatts) (125). If this were increased by 560 GWe, nuclear power could fill all current U.S. electricity requirements and have 230 GWe left over for export as electricity or as hydrocarbon fuels replaced or manufactured.

Figure 26: Delivered cost per kilowatt hour of electrical energy in Great Britain in 2006, without CO2 controls (126). These estimates include all capital and operational expenses for a period of 50 years. Micro wind or solar are units installed for individual homes.

Thus, rather than a $300 billion trade loss, the U.S. would have a $200 billion trade surplus and installed capacity for future U.S. requirements. Moreover, if heat from additional nuclear reactors were used for coal liquefaction and gasification, the U.S. would not even need to use its oil resources. The U.S. has about 25% of the world's coal reserves. This heat could also liquify biomass, trash, or other sources of hydrocarbons that might eventually prove practical.

Figure 27: Construction of one Palo Verde installation with 10 reactors in each of the 50 states. Energy trade deficit is reversed by $500 billion per year, resulting in a $200 billion annual surplus. Currently, this solution is not possible owing to misguided government policies, regulations, and taxation and to legal maneuvers available to anti-nuclear activists. These impediments should be legislatively repealed.

The Palo Verde nuclear power station near Phoenix, Arizona, was originally intended to have 10 nuclear reactors with a generating capacity of 1,243 megawatts each. As a result of public hysteria caused by false information very similar to the human-caused global warming hysteria being spread today, construction at Palo Verde was stopped with only three operating reactors completed. This installation is sited on 4,000 acres of land and is cooled by waste water from the city of Phoenix, which is a few miles away. An area of 4,000 acres is 6.25 square miles or 2.5 miles square. The power station itself occupies only a small part of this total area.

If just one station like Palo Verde were built in each of the 50 states and each installation included 10 reactors as originally planned for Palo Verde, these plants, operating at the current 90% of design capacity, would produce 560 GWe of electricity. Nuclear technology has advanced substantially since Palo Verde was built, so plants constructed today would be even more reliable and efficient.

Assuming a construction cost of $2.3 billion per 1,200 MWe reactor (127) and 15% economies of scale, the total cost of this entire project would be $1 trillion, or 4 months of the current U.S. federal budget. This is 8% of the annual U.S. gross domestic product. Construction costs could be repaid in just a few years by the capital now spent by the people of the United States for foreign oil and by the change from U.S. import to export of energy.

The 50 nuclear installations might be sited on a population basis. If so, California would have six, while Oregon and Idaho together would have one. In view of the great economic value of these facilities, there would be vigorous competition for them.

In addition to these power plants, the U.S. should build fuel reprocessing capability, so that spent nuclear fuel can be reused. This would lower fuel cost and eliminate the storage of high-level nuclear waste. Fuel for the reactors can be assured for 1,000 years (128) by using both ordinary reactors with high breeding ratios and specific breeder reactors, so that more fuel is produced than consumed.

About 33% of the thermal energy in an ordinary nuclear reactor is converted to electricity. Some new designs are as high as 48%. The heat from a 1,243 MWe reactor can produce 38,000 barrels of coal-derived oil per day (129). With one additional Palo Verde installation in each state for oil production, the yearly output would be at least 7 billion barrels per year with a value, at $60 per barrel, of more than $400 billion per year. This is twice the oil production of Saudi Arabia. Current proven coal reserves of the United States are sufficient to sustain this production for 200 years (128). This liquified coal exceeds the proven oil reserves of the entire world. The reactors could produce gaseous hydrocarbons from coal, too.

The remaining heat from nuclear power plants could warm air or water for use in indoor climate control and other purposes.

Nuclear reactors can also be used to produce hydrogen, instead of oil and gas (130,131). The current cost of production and infrastructure is, however, much higher for hydrogen than for oil and gas. Technological advance reduces cost, but usually not abruptly. A prescient call in 1800 for the world to change from wood to methane would have been impracticably ahead of its time, as may be a call today for an abrupt change from oil and gas to hydrogen. In distinguishing the practical from the futuristic, a free market in energy is absolutely essential.

Surely these are better outcomes than are available through international rationing and taxation of energy as has been recently proposed (82,83,97,123). This nuclear energy example demonstrates that current technology can produce abundant inexpensive energy if it is not politically suppressed.

There need be no vast government program to achieve this goal. It could be reached simply by legislatively removing all taxation, most regulation and litigation, and all subsidies from all forms of energy production in the U.S., thereby allowing the free market to build the most practical mixture of methods of energy generation.

With abundant and inexpensive energy, American industry could be revitalized, and the capital and energy required for further industrial and technological advance could be assured. Also assured would be the continued and increased prosperity of all Americans.

The people of the United States need more low-cost energy, not less. If this energy is produced in the United States, it can not only become a very valuable export, but it can also ensure that American industry remains competitive in world markets and that hoped-for American prosperity continues and grows.

In this hope, Americans are not alone. Across the globe, billions of people in poorer nations are struggling to improve their lives. These people need abundant low-cost energy, which is the currency of technological progress.

In newly developing countries, that energy must come largely from the less technologically complicated hydrocarbon sources. It is a moral imperative that this energy be available. Otherwise, the efforts of these peoples will be in vain, and they will slip backwards into lives of poverty, suffering, and early death.

Energy is the foundation of wealth. Inexpensive energy allows people to do wonderful things. For example, there is concern that it may become difficult to grow sufficient food on the available land. Crops grow more abundantly in a warmer, higher CO2 environment, so this can mitigate future problems that may arise (12).

Energy provides, however, an even better food insurance plan. Energy-intensive hydroponic greenhouses are 2,000 times more productive per unit land area than are modern American farming methods (132). Therefore, if energy is abundant and inexpensive, there is no practical limit to world food production.

Fresh water is also believed to be in short supply. With plentiful inexpensive energy, sea water desalination can provide essentially unlimited supplies of fresh water.

During the past 200 years, human ingenuity in the use of energy has produced many technological miracles. These advances have markedly increased the quality, quantity, and length of human life. Technologists of the 21st century need abundant, inexpensive energy with which to continue this advance.

Were this bright future to be prevented by world energy rationing, the result would be tragic indeed. In addition to human loss, the Earth's environment would be a major victim of such a mistake. Inexpensive energy is essential to environmental health. Prosperous people have the wealth to spare for environmental preservation and enhancement. Poor, impoverished people do not.


There are no experimental data to support the hypothesis that increases in human hydrocarbon use or in atmospheric carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are causing or can be expected to cause unfavorable changes in global temperatures, weather, or landscape. There is no reason to limit human production of CO2, CH4, and other minor greenhouse gases as has been proposed (82,83,97,123).

We also need not worry about environmental calamities even if the current natural warming trend continues. The Earth has been much warmer during the past 3,000 years without catastrophic effects. Warmer weather extends growing seasons and generally improves the habitability of colder regions.

As coal, oil, and natural gas are used to feed and lift from poverty vast numbers of people across the globe, more CO2 will be released into the atmosphere. This will help to maintain and improve the health, longevity, prosperity, and productivity of all people.

The United States and other countries need to produce more energy, not less. The most practical, economical, and environmentally sound methods available are hydrocarbon and nuclear technologies.

Human use of coal, oil, and natural gas has not harmfully warmed the Earth, and the extrapolation of current trends shows that it will not do so in the foreseeable future. The CO2 produced does, however, accelerate the growth rates of plants and also permits plants to grow in drier regions. Animal life, which depends upon plants, also flourishes, and the diversity of plant and animal life is increased.

Human activities are producing part of the rise in CO2 in the atmosphere. Mankind is moving the carbon in coal, oil, and natural gas from below ground to the atmosphere, where it is available for conversion into living things. We are living in an increasingly lush environment of plants and animals as a result of this CO2 increase. Our children will therefore enjoy an Earth with far more plant and animal life than that with which we now are blessed.


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Armstrong, Lowell Todd Armstrong, Glenn M. Armstrong, Melvin B. Armstrong, Robert Emile Arnal, PhD, Dana Arndt, Harold H. Arndt, Ross Harold Arnett, PhD, William S. Arnett, Jerome C. Arnett Jr., Charles Arney, T. Philip Arnhol, PhD, Philip John Arnholt, PhD, R. Arnold, PhD, Charles Arnold, PhD, William Archibald Arnold, PhD, Jack N. Arnold, Robert Arnold Jr., DVM, Marcia L. Arnold, Timothy D. Arnold, Randall W. Arnold, C. Arnold, Charles W. Arnold, Gregory B. Arnold, Edwin L. Arnold, Herbert K. Arnold, David Arnold, Lance L. Arnold, Lester C. Arnwine, James T. Arocho, MD, Sidney O. Arola, Seymour Aronson, PhD, Casper J. Aronson, George V. Aros Chilingarian, PhD, Joseph Bartholomew Arots, PhD, Adrian Arp, PhD, Charles Hammond Arrington, PhD, Dale E. Arrington, PhD, Donald R. Arrington, Clement R. Arrison, Rhea T. Van Arsdall, John V. Artale, James S. Arthur, PhD, Charles G. Artinian, MD, Max Artusy, PhD, Robert Artz, Jaime N. Aruguete, MD, Delano Z. Arvin, PhD, Joseph J. Arx, George J. Asanovich, Charles H. Asbill, Bob J. Ascherl, Willard Van Asdall, PhD, Alvin G. Ash, Michael W. Ashberry, Edward V. Ashburn, Joe E. Ashby, PhD, Randolph Ashby, PhD, Kenny Ashby, Charles R. Ashford, Holt Ashley, PhD, Doyle Allen Ashley, PhD, Warren Cotton Ashley, PhD, A. Ashley, PhD, William M. Ashley, Edward E. Ashley, Maynard B. Ashley, Wayne A. Ashley, Alvin Ashman, Jerome P. Ashman, Philip T. Ashton, Romney A. Ashton, MD, Walter R. Ashwil, Walter R. Ashwill, Jim F. Ashworth, Bob Ashworth, Monroe Ashworth, Robert S. Ashworth, Victor Asirvatham, PhD, Orv B. Askeland, Ann Askew, B. Askildsen, Charles W. Askins, Philip R. Askman, Tom Asmas, PhD, Robert C. Asmus, Erik Aspelin, Winifred Alice Asprey, PhD, Don O. Asquith, PhD, Mike Assad, Andrew P. Assenmacher, Orazio J. Astarita, Jacob F. Asti, Everett L. Astleford, Eugene Roy Astley, R. Lee Aston Esq, PhD, Raymond J. Astor Sr., Otilia J. Asuncion, MD, Charles E. Atchison, James Atchison, Curtis L. Atchley, Robert Aten, PhD, Greg J. Aten, James Athanasion, William J. Atherton, PhD, Michael J. Atherton, PhD, Robert D. Athey Jr., PhD, David C. Atkins, M. Atkins, Larry P. Atkins, Arthur C. Atkins, Larry N. Atkinson, Lynn Atkinson, Matt Atkinson, John P. Atkinson, John R. Atkinson, J. R. Atkinson, Stanley L. Atnipp, Richard Attig, Leonardo D. Attorre, William J. Attwooll, Jerry C. Atwell, Mark Atwood, PhD, Robert C. Atwood, Luben Atzeff, MD, Jerry Y. Au, Lester C. Auble, Darrel D. Auch, James C. Auckland, Walter Auclair, PhD, Daniel J. Aucutt, Bryan Audiffred, William H. Audley, Victor Hugo Auerbach, PhD, Louis A. Auerbach, Keith H. Aufderheide, PhD, William R. Aufricht, Dale A. Augenstein, PhD, Owen H. Auger, Dustin M. Aughenbaugh, Joe Augspurger, PhD, Mike August, James K. August, Brian Augustine, PhD, W. David Augustine, Frederick N. Aukeman, J. Todd Aukerman, C. Mark. Aulick, PhD, Luther Aull, PhD, Neil N. Ault, PhD, Bruce S. Ault, PhD, Kathi A. Aultman, MD, John B. Aultmann Jr., Thomas E. Aumock, Bob J. Aumueller, Henry Spiese Aurand, Richard A. Aurand, Richard Aurisano, PhD, Joeseph D. Aurizio, Brian E. Ausburn, Kenny Ausmus, Kurt L. Austad, Roger J. Austin, PhD, Alfred Ells Austin, PhD, Carl Fulton Austin, PhD, D. Austin, PhD, Del Austin, D. Austin, Michael N. Austin, Paul E. Austin, Robert L. Austin, Harold T. Austin, Ward H. Austin, Lloyd H. Austin, Carlton L. Austin, Edward T. Auth, Donald W. Autio, Amalia R. Auvigne, MD, Andrew B. Avalon, Canan D. Avela, William E. Avera, Mark Averett, Jon R. Averhoff, Frank Averill, PhD, Rosario D. Averion, Philip J. Avery, Donald Avery, Nathan M. Avery, Alex Avery, Kenneth Avicola, Luis A. Avila, Teresita D. Avila, MD, Arthur J. Avila, Joseph Avruch, Theodore C. Awartkruis, PhD, Steven G. Axen, M. Friedman Axler, PhD, William P. Aycock, Walton T. Ayer, Robert C. Ayers Jr., PhD, Bruce D. Ayres, PhD, T. G. Ayres, Dany Ayseur, Alison M. Azar, Max Azevedo, Azizollah Azhdam

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers B

2,950 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Peter R. B, MD, Bryan Baab, Dirk Den Baars, PhD, William J. Babalis, MD, Neil C. Babb, Jerry L. Baber, Gerald V. Babigian, John M. Babli, Christopher J. Bablin, Bill E. Babyak, Ray M. Bacchi, Ronald R. Bach, PhD, Ricardo O. Bach, PhD, Frederick Addison Bacher, Gordon R. Bachlund, Bonnie Jean Wilson Bachman, PhD, Randall L. Bachman, Charles L. Bachman, Bruce E. Bachman, Henry Lee Bachman, Kenneth A. Bachmann, PhD, Kent P. Bachmann, Joseph P. Bacho, Robert J. Bachta, Patrick J. Back, William E. Backes, Alan G. Backman, MD, Charles R. Bacon, PhD, William Dudson Bacon, PhD, Frederic S. Bacon Jr., Mary Bacon, Lloyal O. Bacon, Frank Rider Bacon, Drury L. Bacon, J. Robert Bacon, Robert J. Baczuk, Tanwir A. Badar, Maurice F. Baddour, Jay K. Badenhoop, PhD, Cyril G. Bader, Christian C. Badger, Richard G. Badger, James F. Badgett, T. Dale Badgwell, Gerald E. Baehler, Adrian Donald Baer, PhD, Carl Baer, PhD, Roger L. Baer, Tim Baer, Ralph H. Baer, C. David Baer, Edward A. Baetke, Keith J. Bagarus, Lee R. Bagby, William F. Bagby, Walter J. Bagdon, PhD, A. D. Baggerley, DVM, A. D. Baggerly, DVM, Lester Marchant Baggett, PhD, Dennis D. Baggett, Jay K. Baggs, Jay M. Bagley, PhD, Steve G. Bagley, Joseph Anthony Baglio, PhD, Vincent P. Baglioni, Georgw C. Bagnall, J. Brent Bagshaw, Lcdr Paul Baham, T. Bahill, PhD, A. Terry Bahill, PhD, Andrew T. Bahill, PhD, D. Bahm, Donald R. Bahnfleth, Andre JS Baidins, PhD, Rodger W. Baier, PhD, Henry P. Baier, R. A. Baile, Robert Leroy Bailey, PhD, Matthew P. Bailey, PhD, David George Bailey, PhD, Carl Williams Bailey, PhD, Alan C. Bailey, David A. Bailey, Edmund J. Bailey, Liam P. Bailey, Benton B. Bailey, Ronald M. Bailey, R. V. Bailey, Dana Kavanaugh Bailey, Ed Bailey, James Bailey, Hugh Bailey, John J. Bailey Jr., Lloyd W. Bailey, Jim Bailey, James H. Bailey Jr., Betty L. Bailey, C. Bailey, Dane E. Bailey, R. E. Bailey, Carlos T. Bailey, Ed Bailey, Donald T. Bailey, John A. Bailleu, Robert M. Bailliet, Paul A. Bailly, PhD, Paul A. Bailly, PhD, Paul A. Bailly, PhD, James A. Bain, PhD, Lee J. Bain, PhD, Travis Bainbridge, David Bainer, Edward J. Bair, PhD, Richard C. Bair, Jack R. Baird, PhD, Craig Riska Baird, PhD, Ramon Condie Baird, PhD, Quincey Lamar Baird, PhD, George C. Baird, Thomas H. Baird, James l. Baird, Richard J. Baird, Donald W. Baisch, Dana L. Baites, Andrejs Bajdins, PhD, John L. Bakane, Randall L. Bakel, J. Baker, PhD, Norman F. Baker, PhD, Don Robert Baker, PhD, Mary Ann Baker, PhD, Earl W. Baker, PhD, Harold Nordean Baker, PhD, Louis Baker, PhD, John P. Baker, PhD, Robert D. Baker, PhD, Charles R. Baker, PhD, D. K. Baker, PhD, William Oliver Baker, PhD, Lara H. Baker, PhD, Daniel M. Baker, PhD, A. J. Baker, PhD, Allen J. Baker, PhD, Lee Edward Baker, PhD, Vernon H. Baker, PhD, Robert R. Baker R. Baker, PhD, Robert W. Baker, PhD, Barton Scofield Baker, PhD, Tina L. Baker, Robert Baker, Brooks H. Baker III, Harry R. Baker, Roland E. Baker, W. J. Baker, Theodore Paul Baker, Joseph H. Baker, MD, Randal Baker, Andrew D. Baker, Terry Baker, R. Baker, Leroy E. Baker, Robert J. Baker, Roger P. Baker, Robert L. Baker, Benny H. Baker, Gary E. Baker, Newton C. Baker, Herbert H. Baker, Gilbert Baker, Howard T. Baker, Jeffrey M. Baker, DVM, Benjamin H. Bakerjian, Gilbert B. Bakke, James R. Bakken, Daniel Bakker, George Bakopoulos, Lee A. Balaklaw, MD, Egon Balas, PhD, Jonathan A. Balasa, Francis J. Balash, Brent P. Balcer, Marion John Balcerzak, PhD, Alfred Hudson Balch, PhD, Orville Balcom, W. Loyd Balderson, PhD, W. Lloyd Balderston, PhD, Nicholas N. Baldo Jr., Andrew Ateleo Baldoni, PhD, Leland B. Baldrick, Edgar E. Baldridge, Ransom Leland Baldwin, PhD, Barrett S. Baldwin, PhD, A. Richard Baldwin, PhD, Evart Baldwin, PhD, David P. Baldwin, William M. Baldwin, Nathan S. Baldwin, Carr W. Baldwin, Connie L. Baldwin, Steven J. Baldwin, Larry Bale, Cliff Bale, George Balella, MD, Ferdi M. Baler, John Wayland Bales, PhD, Dale I. Bales, PhD, R. M. Bales, Amir Balfas, Paul F. Balint, P. Balis, Craig Balistrire, Sallie Baliunas, PhD, Brund Balke, MD, George Ball, Leslie Ball, DVM, James A. Ball, Fredrick B. Ball, Eric S. Ball, J. Austin Ball, MD, Frederic M. Ball, Jerry C. Ball, Mark A. Ball, D. Ballal, PhD, Joseph M. Ballantyne, PhD, William Ballard, PhD, Glenn A. Ballard, Ronald C. Ballard, DVM, David W. Ballard, Ollie H. Ballard IV, Harold N. Ballard, Joseph S. Ballassai, Ronald L. Ballast, Arthur Ballato, PhD, B. Balle, MD, Greg Ballengee, Antonio P. Ballestero Jr., Robert Balling, PhD, Walter E. Ballinger, PhD, William L. Ballis, Kent F. Balls, MD, Richard L. Balogh Jr., Martin Balow, Robert C. Balsam Jr., Ashok M. Balsaver, MD, Derek M. Balskin, James Y. Baltar, Evan S. Baltazzi, PhD, Arden Albert Baltensperger, PhD, John S. Baltutis, Cris C. Banaban, Jerome E. Banasik Sr., John J. Banchetti, Lewis Clinton Bancroft, George P. Bancroft, Dan W. Bancroft, Rudolph Neal Band, PhD, Herman William Bandel, PhD, Cathy Bandyk, PhD, Tom Bane, Debendranath Banerjee, PhD, Richard M. Banister, Kernen Banker, Robert D. Bankhead, Attila D. Banki, Seymour George Bankoff, PhD, Richard B. Banks, William R. Banman, Elmer Alexander Bannan, Roger E. Banner, PhD, Ted B. Banner, Lorry T. Bannes, Lloyd Harold Banning, William Warren Bannister, PhD, Peter R. Bannister, William M. Bannister, DVM, David L. Banta, Ronald E. Banuk, Donald E. Banzhaf, MD, James Noel Baptist, PhD, Neil J. Barabas, John Paul Barach, PhD, James A. Baran, PhD, Ronald Barany, PhD, Zot Barazzotto, Kurt L. Barbee, Bill Barbee, Ted Barben, Theodore R. Barben, Art Barber, George Arthur Barber, Donald E. Barber, Anslem H. Barber Jr., Paul Barber, George R. Barber Jr., Ever Barbero, PhD, Gerald L. Barbieri, Paul D. Barbieri, Todd Barbosa, MD, Octavian M. Barbu, Richard A. Barca, Zinovy I. Barch, PhD, James W. Barcikowski, Norman E. Barclay, Brian S. Barcus, Jeffrey D. Barczak, Charleton C. Bard, PhD, Randolph P. Bardini, Robert A. Bardo, Chad J. Bardone, Andrew M. Bardos, Charles Edward Bardsley, PhD, Steven Bardwell, PhD, Stanley O. Barefoot, Morrie Jay Barembaum, Ernest Barenberg, PhD, Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt, PhD, Charles Barenfanger, Fioravante A. Bares, PhD, Mark J. Bareta, Robert F. Barfield, PhD, Thomas Barfknecht, PhD, Eric N. Barger, Lawrence R. Baria, Donald O. Barici, Philip A. Barilla, Robert Barish, PhD, Michael J. Barjaktarovich, O'Gene W. Barkemeyer, Roy Jean Barker, PhD, Horace A. Barker, PhD, LeRoy N. Barker, PhD, Allen Vaughan Barker, PhD, Franklin Brett Barker, PhD, Francis J. Barker, Walter E. Barker Jr., Brent O. Barker, Theodore S. Barker, Eli F. Barker, John E. Barkley, PhD, Ross C. Barkley, Neal Barkley, Barry L. Barkley, Bill Barks, William B. Barksdale, PhD, Alan A. Barksdale, Richard K. Barksdale, R. Michael Barland, MD, Anthony Barlow, PhD, Mary J. Barlow, MD, Steven J. Barlow, Mark Owens Barlow, Alex Barlowen, Douglas D. Barman, Theodore K. Barna, PhD, Earl R. Barnard, David A. Barnard, Larry K. Barnard, Daniel D. Barnard, Tom Barnard, Campbell C. Barnds, Allen L. Barnes, PhD, M. D. Barnes, PhD, Robert F. Barnes, PhD, Richard Barnes, Benny B. Barnes, Durton B. Barnes, Russell H. Barnes, Paul R. Barnes, Albert R. Barnes, Burton B. Barnes, Stephen W. Barnes, Ellis O. Barnes, Ralph M. Barnes, Josh T. Barnes, Rolon Barnes, Lindsey B. Barnes, MD, Larry E. Barnes, DVM, Yeheskel Bar-Ness, PhD, L. Bruce Barnett, PhD, Paul Edward Barnett, PhD, R. C. Barnett, Ralph M. Barnett, Brian F. Barnett, Mike Barnett, William J. Barnett, John Barney, Debra Barngrover, PhD, A. V. Barnhill Jr., Scott A. Barnhill, Robert M. Barnoff, PhD, James Robert Barnum, PhD, Charles J. Baroch, PhD, Charles John Baroczy, Seymour Baron, PhD, Linard T. Baron, Jeremiah A. Barondess, MD, Louis Joseph Barone, Walter Barquist, MD, Samuel A. Barr, Lawrence Dale Barr, Kenneth J. Barr, Douglas W. Barr, Michael J. Barr, Carroll Marlin Barrack, PhD, Stephen S. Barranco, James R. Barrante, PhD, Kenneth H. Barratt, Clem A. Barrere, PhD, Cary N. Barrett, PhD, Kenneth A. Barrett, Wallace H. Barrett, George H. Barrett, Damian G. Barrett, Timothy M. Barrett, MD, Christopher M. Barrett, James E. Barrick, PhD, James P. Barrie, George M. Barrington, PhD, Leland L. Barrington, Bruce M. Barron, Robert H. Barron, MD, Lance R. Barron, Donald J. Barron, Cory W. Barron, Oscar N. Barron, Allen C. Barron, Phillip A. Barros, Thomas D. Barrow, PhD, Wylie W. Barrow Jr., Lawrence J. Barrows, PhD, Paul W. Barrows, PhD, Gary D. Barry, Robert J. Barry, MD, Paul A. Barry, Charles L. Barry, DVM, Benjamin Austin Barry, Samuel M. Barsky, Kenneth A. Bartal, Bonnie L. Bartee, John Bartel, PhD, Timothy W. Bartel, William G. Bartel, Bruce C. Bartels, Douglas G. Bartels, J. H. Barten, Eugene Barth, Walter G. Barth, Jon Barth, Herbert G. Barth, Maria V. Bartha, Jack Bartholmai, MD, Robert F. Bartholomew, MD, Peter J. Barthuly, Don A. Bartick, Benjamin M. Bartilson, Janeth Marie Bartlett, PhD, Bob W. Bartlett, PhD, John Wesley Bartlett, PhD, Howard F. Bartlett, Thomas A. Bartlett, B. Bartley, PhD, Gary Bartley, Mark A. Bartlow, Carol J. Bartnick, PhD, Charles J. Barto Jr., William E. Barton, PhD, Paul Barton, PhD, Richard C. Barton, W. Clyde Barton Jr., Hugh B. Barton, James W. Bartos, Jerry G. Bartos, Robert J. Bartosh Jr., William P. Bartow, David L. Bartsch, Z. E. Bartusch, Patrica W. Bartusik, Don Bartz, Blaine W. Bartz, Ronald Bartzatt, PhD, Edward J. Barvick, Edward J. Barvick, F. R. Barys, David T. Basden, Cecil O. Basenberg, William L. Basham, PhD, Samuel J. Basham Jr., Niles Bashaw, Roland E. Bashore, Mark D. Basile, John E. Basinski, PhD, Richard Basinski, George M. Baskin, Alex Baskous, Steven Craig Bass, PhD, Jonathan Langer Bass, PhD, Steven C. Bass, PhD, John W. Bass, MD, H. Smith Bass, James A. Bass, Haskell H. Bass, MD, Mark J. Bassett, PhD, Alton H. Bassett, PhD, Lonnie G. Bassett, Norris J. Bassett, Acton Bassett, Thomas G. Bassett, Michael A. Bassford, Don Bassler, Rose Ann Bast, PhD, Seyed A. Bastani, PhD, Justin P. Bastian, T. David Bastian, Frank A. Bastidas, Nayan K. Basu, Robert Batay, David George Batchelder, Samuel Burbridge Batdorf, PhD, Robert L. Batdorf, PhD, Richard L. Bate, Steven Bateman, James Bateman, Charles Carpenter Bates, PhD, Lynn Shannon Bates, PhD, Carl H. Bates, PhD, Franklin E. Bates, Earl M. Bates, Bruce E. Bates, Andy H. Batey, PhD, Robert William Batey, Thomas L. Batke, Terry E. Batlalino, Alan P. Batson, PhD, Kevin P. Batt, Stuart L. Battarbee, Albert Batten, PhD, George L. Batten, PhD, Robert Dean Battershell, PhD, Barbara Batterson, Dane G. Battiest, Sam P. Battista, PhD, Joe Battista, Max G. Battle Sr., Jack L. Battle, Kirk Battleson, PhD, Joseph H. Battocletti, PhD, Joseph Clair Batty, PhD, Richard Baubles, E. Baudoin, Edward C. Bauer, PhD, Paul Bauer, PhD, Frederick Bauer, PhD, Armand Bauer, PhD, Frances Brand Bauer, PhD, Carl August Bauer, PhD, Larry G. Bauer, PhD, Martin A. Bauer, Bertrand J. Bauer, Don J. Bauer, Ceo E. Bauer, Thomas Bauer, Milton Bauer, F. Scott Bauer, Wayne Bauer, Kerry E. Bauer, Michael H. Bauer Jr., Mark S. Bauer, Bradley M. Bauer, Barry A. Bauermeister, T. Mack Baugh, Peyton B. Baughan, Joseph E. Baughman, PhD, George L. Baughman, Frederick C. Bauhof, Charles William Bauknight Jr., PhD, Douglas B. Bauling, Kurt Baum, PhD, Joseph H. Baum, PhD, Linda L. Baum, PhD, Eric Baum, PhD, Wolfgang Baum, PhD, Lester F. Baum, Robert A. Baum, John W. Bauman, PhD, Bernard D. Bauman, PhD, Rick Bauman, Robert Bauman, Wolfgang J. Baumann, PhD, Hans D. Baumann, PhD, Norman Paul Baumann, PhD, Roger A. Baumann, Steve Baumann, Frank J. Baumann, Arthur Nicholas Baumann, Lisa L. Baumbach, PhD, Theo C. Baumeister, Max Baumeister, Jim Baumer, PhD, Ralph B. Baumer, Kenneth L. Baumert, PhD, Thomas P. Baumgarth, Eric Paul Baumgartner, A. W. Baumgartner, AZ Baumgartner, W. Z. Baumgartner, David Paul Baumhefner, John E. Baures, Bernard V Illars Baus, PhD, Hans P. Bausch, Peter Bausch, Monte P. Bawden, PhD, Ronald G. Baxley, Henry H. Baxter, Richard W. Bayer, Theodore H. Bayer, Robert L. Bayless Jr., John G. Bayless, Steve Bayless, Fred H. Bayley, Bruce L. Bayley, William H. Bayliff, Robert Baylis, Stephen L. Baylock, Richard C. Baylor, MD, George W. Bayne, Warren J. Bayne, Melvin A. Bayne, James T. Bayot, PhD, Frank L. Bazzanella, Wallace E. Beaber, Buddy A. Beach, Clifton W. Beach, Charles Beach, Dwight Beach Jr., Timothy H. Beacham, Bruce A. Beachnau, DVM, Bobby Joe Beakley, Jack W. Beal, PhD, Mark K. Beal, Mike B. Bealey, Gary Beall, PhD, Herbert Beall, PhD, Paula Thornton Beall, PhD, James M. Beall, Edward W. Beall, Samuel E. Beall Jr., Terry W. Beall, Bobby D. Beall, MD, James F. Beall, Joseph M. Beals, MD, Robert M. Bean, PhD, Brian Bean, Dale E. Bean, Elroy W. Beans, PhD, Shelby R. Bear, Arthur L. Bear, James B. Beard, PhD, Thomas L. Beard, James H. Beardall, Carl L. Beardeh, Scott L. Beardemphil, Henry Joe Bearden, PhD, H. Joe Bearden, PhD, William Boone Beardmore, PhD, Rhett Bearmont, Charles I. Bearse III, Reginald H. Bearsley, Donald Beasley, PhD, J. Donald Beasley, PhD, Wayne D. Beasley, DVM, Wayne Machon Beasley, Daniel E. Beasley, George A. Beasley, E. Beaton, William Beaton, James Monroe Beattie, PhD, Peggy Beatty, Ken L. Beatty, David C. Beaty, David Beaucage, PhD, Edward J. Beauchaine Jr., Weldon H. Beauchamp, PhD, Edward G. Beauchamp, Timothy L. Beauchemin, Robert A. Beaudet, PhD, Haley Beaudry, James H.M. Beaudry, Edward A. Beaumont, Frank V. Beaumont, Wiley F. Beaux, Christine Beavcage, PhD, Dennis E. Beaver, Harold R. Beaver, Ellington McHenry Beavers, PhD, Albert I. Beazer, William Pearson Bebbington, PhD, Paul Becher, PhD, Richard J. Becherer, PhD, Mhamdy H. Bechir, PhD, Tom B. Bechtel, PhD, Horst Huttenhain Bechtel, Bennett E. Bechtol, Benny E. Bechtol, Robert F. Bechtold, Gayle D. Bechtold, Niels John Beck, PhD, N. John Beck, PhD, Boyd R. Beck, PhD, Randall D. Beck, Roy T. Beck, Tom G. Beck, Donald J. Beck, Curtis Beck, Craig A. Beck, Lloyd Beck, David F. Beck, Thomas F. Beck, Bill Beck, Curt B. Beck, Ralph Sherman Becker, PhD, Milton Becker, PhD, Gordon Edward Becker, PhD, Robert P. Becker, PhD, Harry Carroll Becker, PhD, Robert S. Becker, PhD, Randolph Armin Becker, Wilbur E. Becker, John C. Becker 3rd, Carl G. Becker, Louis S. Becker, Don Becker, Harold J. Becker Jr., A. D. Beckerdite, A.D. Beckerdite, Richard C. Beckert, Sidney D. Beckett, PhD, Fred E. Beckett, PhD, Rogers H. Beckham, William H. Beckley, Arnold Orville Beckman, PhD, Joseph A. Beckman, PhD, David Beckner, Merrill W. Beckstead, PhD, Scott Beckstrand, Blake D. Beckstrom, Thomas G. Becnel, Glenn W. Bedell, PhD, Thomas Erwin Bedell, PhD, Terrence M. Bedell, Charles Bedell, Rowland Bedell Jr., David F. Bedey, PhD, Kenneth L. Bedford, PhD, Roy M. Bednarski, Rudolph J. Bednarz, Allan Lloyd Bednowitz, PhD, William Clarence Bedoit, PhD, Norman J. Bedwell, Robert L. Beech, PhD, Curtis M. Beecham, PhD, James P. Beecher, Brian P. Beecken, PhD, Donald W. Beegle, Scott K. Beegle, Harold E. Beegle, Kenneth A. Beegles, Giselle Beeker, Wayne R. Beeks, Robert B. Beelman, PhD, James R. Beene, Cari R. Beenenga, Kenneth E. Beeney, David A. Beerbower, Edward Lee Beeson Jr., PhD, Mark Beget, H. Dale Beggs, PhD, Howard Dale Beggs, PhD, O. Beggs, Matthew A. Beglinger, Nicholas Anthony Begovich, PhD, Francis Joseph Behal, PhD, David B. Behar, MD, Pat Behm, Sheeny Behmard, Albert J. Behn, PhD, Wallace B. Behnke Jr., Richard Behrens, PhD, Donald T. Behrens, MD, Herbert Ernest Behrens, Greg P. Behrens, Greg P. Behrens, John Behun, PhD, Rudi Beichel, Alan R. Beiderman, Ralph J. Beiermeister, Theodore Wiseman Beiler, PhD, Anthony J. Beilman, Arthur B. Beindorff, PhD, Walter Frank Beineke, PhD, Daniel D. Beineke, PhD, Carl Adolph Beiser, PhD, John M. Beitia, Paul Bekarik, Ihor Bekersky, PhD, Andrew H. Bekkala, PhD, Jean E. Beland, PhD, Gary Lavern Beland, PhD, Deanna K. Belanger, Richard J. Belanger, Abdeldjelil Belarbi, PhD, Ralph Belcher, PhD, Curtis M. Belden, Curtis M. Belden, Dan Beldy, William W. Bele, Bob W. Belfit, Alfred J. Beljan, Charles Vester Bell, PhD, Wallace Bell, PhD, Mark R. Bell, PhD, Roger A. Bell, PhD, Thomas G. Bell, PhD, Max Ewart Bell, PhD, Bruce M. Bell, PhD, Stanley C. Bell, PhD, John A. Bell, PhD, Victor Bell, John Bell, Leonard W. Bell, Dee J. Bell, James E. Bell, Robert Bell, C. Allen Bell, James M. Bell, Dwight A. Bell, Stephen W. Bell, George C. Bell, Whitten R. Bell, Howard F. Bell, Jeffrey Bell, Gregory J. Bell, John A. Bellak, John C. Bellamy, PhD, James C. Bellamy, MD, David F. Bellan, James R. Bellenoit, Robert C. Beller, Barbara Belli, PhD, Robert W. Bellin, J. C. Belling, Thomas E. Bellinger, Robert G. Bellinger, DVM, Robert J. Bellino, MD, William A. Bellisle, Thomas E. Bellissimo, Thomas J. Bellon Jr., Wade L. Bellon, Robert A. Bellows, PhD, Glen L. Bellows, Eric Bellows, Robert K. Bellue, Donald P. Bellum, Daniel Thomas Belmont, PhD, Francis J. Belmonte, Erwin Belohoubek, PhD, Aleksandr A. Belotserkovskiy, PhD, Randy Belstad, Thomas H. Belter, Delfin J. Beltran, MD, Lisa A. Beltz, PhD, John F. Beltz, Donald R. Belville, MD, Frederick H. Belz, David E. Bemath, John C. Bemath, Paraskevi Mavridis Bemiller, PhD, James Noble Bemiller, PhD, Paul D. Bemis, John W. Ben, Randy L. Bena, David J. Benard, PhD, John Wilfrid Benard, Armando L. Benavides, Robert D. Benbow, Edward J. Benchik, David J. Bender, PhD, Daniel W. Bender, Dean A. Bender, Gilbert G. Bending, Tiffany Bendorf, Deodatta V. Bendre, MD, Raymond L. Bendure, PhD, Paul F. Bene, John P. Benecke, Marlet H. Benedick, Rettig Benedict, PhD, James Harold Benedict, PhD, James Benegne Jr., MD, David M. Benforado, Ashley Bengali, PhD, Ford Benham, Barry P. Benight, John J. Benincasa, Robert G. Bening, Kurt A. Benirschke, MD, H. W. Benischek, John Benjamin, PhD, James A. Benjamin, PhD, W. G. Benjamin, R. L. Benjamin, Lloyd Benjamin, Istvan S. Benko, William G. Benko, Ronald G. Benneman, Kenneth W. Benner, PhD, David R. Benner, Robert I. Benner, Steve J. Bennet, Harold E. Bennett, PhD, George Bennett, PhD, G. Bennett, PhD, albert G. Bennett, PhD, Gerald William Bennett, PhD, William F. Bennett, PhD, Carroll H. Bennett, Clayton A. Bennett, Henry L. Bennett, Charles D. Bennett, Douglas A. Bennett, William W. Bennett, Thomas C. Bennett, Professor Bennett, Alan Bennett, R. S. Bennett, John A. Bennett, Joseph C. Bennett, Donald W. Bennett, John Bennetts, Denicke Bennor, Sharon Benoit, Faycelo L. Bensaid, Sidney A. Bensen, PhD, Andrew A. Benson, PhD, Sidney W. Benson, PhD, Fred C. Benson, PhD, Alvin Benson, PhD, Herbert H. Benson, MD, John D. Benson, Rober Benson, Cade L. Benson, William Benson, Gordon D. Benson, MD, Harold E. Benson, Robert Lloyd Benson, Ray Bentall*, Kenton E. Bentley, PhD, William R. Bentley, DVM, John Bentley, Jack C. Bentley, Allen William Benton, PhD, Reginald H. Benton, Margaret W. Benton, Philip H. Benton, Kenneth E. Benton, Wesley George Bentrude, PhD, John A. Bentsen, John M. Bentz, MD, Duane R. Bentz, Charles M. Bentzen, Edward J. Benz, MD, Bernard D. Benz, Edward John Benz, Ralph E. Benz, George Benzing, MD, Charles R. Bepler, MD, Santo C. Berasi, John A. Berberet, PhD, E. Paul Bercegeay, PhD, Hugh Berckmueller, Leonidas A. Berdugo, Paul J. Berenson, PhD, Rudy J. Beres, John C. Berg, PhD, Edgar L. Berg, Ronald Berg, Andrew W. Berg, Laurence C. Berg, John W. Bergacker, Louis Bergdahl, James M. Berge, Maximilian Hilmar Bergendahl, PhD, Lev I. Berger, PhD, Jay Manton Berger, PhD, Augustus B. Berger, Otto Berger, Roger Berger, Alan Berger, Brian Berger, MD, T. F. Berger, James R. Berger, David Alan Berges, PhD, Kaspar G. 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Brehove, Robert L. Breidenbaugh, B. M. Breining, Berryman M. Breining, Thomas O. Breitling, Ted Breitmayer, C. H. Breittenfelder, A. C. Breller, Ross J. Bremer, Charles F. Bremigan, Bart J. Bremmer, Harry L. Brendgen, Darwin Brendlinger, William C. Breneman, Alan S. Brengle, Harold Brennan, Sean P. Brennan, John P. Brennan, Michael J. Brennan, MD, William Brennan, Abner Brenner, PhD, Kurt Brenner, Henry W. Brenniman Jr., J. Allen Brent, PhD, William B. Brent, PhD, David K. Brese, Lloyd J. Bresley, Frederick S. Breslin, PhD, Jan Leslie Breslow, John H. Bress, Marcus N. Bressler, Joseph N. Breston, PhD, William M. Bretherton Jr., Manuel Martin Bretscher, PhD, Peter R. Brett, William A. Brett, Randolph Henry Bretton, Harold W. Bretz, PhD, Robert E. Bretz, PhD, Charles W. Bretzman, Andrew J. Breuder, Charles B. Breuer, PhD, Charles B. Brever, PhD, Jerald R. Brevick, PhD, James Brewbaker, PhD, James Brewbaker, PhD, Joseph L. Brewer, PhD, Gregory J. Brewer, PhD, Walter B. Brewer, Michael B. Brewer, Joe E. Brewer, Jeb E. Brewer, Timothy J. Brewer, Ken N. Brewer, Monroe F. Brewer, Richard L. Brewer, Doug Brewer, J. R. Brewer, Herbert L. Brewer, Philip W. Brewer, Robert N. Brey, PhD, Robert N. Brey, Edward J. Breyere, PhD, Edward Breyere, PhD, Darlene Rita Brezinski, PhD, P. L Thibaut Brian, PhD, Pierre Leonce T Brian, PhD, Theodore C. Brice, C. Carroll Brice, Owen P. Bricker III, PhD, Paul P. Bricknell, MD, Greg A. Bridenstine, Alan G. Bridge, PhD, Stephen G. Bridge, John Bridge, Kevin V. Bridge, William J. Bridgeforth, Luther W. Bridges, PhD, Robert M. Bridges, Philip M. Bridges, Lindell C. Bridges, James H. Bridges, Gunnars J. Briedis, Claudia Briell, Mark O. Brien, James A. Brierley, PhD, Corale Louise Brierley, PhD, Corale L. Brierley, PhD, David A. Brierley, James E. Briggs, PhD, Steve Briggs, PhD, Dale Edward Briggs, PhD, W. Briggs, PhD, Robert Briggs, Blaschke Briggs, Jeff Briggs, Mike Briggs, David Briggs, Arthur R. Briggs, Thomas H. Brigham, MD, Robert B. Brigham, Mont J. Bright Jr., Lawrence S. Bright, Steve H. Brigman, Tom P. Brignac, Karen Brignac, Bruce Edwin Briley, PhD, W. R. Briley, PhD, James P. Brill, PhD, Richard Brill, Frank Brimelow, Robert A. Brimmer, MD, Joseph Brinck, Clifton Briner, Allan Briney, MD, Robert P. Bringer, PhD, Lynn H. Bringhurst, Donald F. Brink, PhD, Ed A. Brink, Phil N. Brink, Randall A. Brink, Dean A. Brink, Fred E. Brinker, Tyler Brinker, Edwin C. Brinker, Dean C. Brinkman, Larry K. Brinkman, MD, Larry Brinkman, Alan J. Brinkmann, PhD, Raymond Samuel Brinkmey, PhD, Michael W. Brinkmeyer, James Brinks, PhD, Thomas R. Brinner, PhD, John R. Brinson, James A. Brinton, MD, Richard K. Brinton, Chirs Brioli, R. Brisbin, Anne M. Briscoe, PhD, Mike Briscoe, Doyle G. Briscoe, James A. Briscoe, Philander B. Briscoe, MD, Thomas A. Brisken, Francis M. Brislawn, Niz Brissette, David W. Bristol, Ray O. Bristol, Earl Bristow, Wesley G. Britson, John Oliver Brittain, PhD, Joe P. Brittain, Paul Brittain, Michael Brittan, PhD, Wayne Brittian, Gloria C. Britton, Gloria C. Britton, Ronald A. Britton, Morris L. Britton, MD, Michael W. Britton, Robert Britton, Alfred Carter Broad, PhD, B. J. Broad, Francis Everett Broadbent, PhD, H. Smith Broadbent, PhD, H. Smith Broadbent, PhD, Hyrum Smith Broadbent, PhD, Robert C. Broadbent, Albert Le Broadfoot, PhD, Sue Broadston, Frederick N. Broberg, Paul R. Brochu, E. J. Brock, PhD, George William Brock, Buford L. Brock, Jeffrey D. Brock, Howard M. Brock, James P. Brock, MD, H. Kent Brock, Rainer H. Brocke, PhD, Ernest F. Brockelbank, Edwin C. Brockenbrough, MD, Douglas A. Brockhaus, Jack A. Brockman, Lawrence R. Brockman, John A. Brockwell Sr., Karel M. Broda, Ivor Brodie, PhD, Tammy A. Brodie, DVM, Ronald F. Brodrick, Steven R. Brody, William J. Brody, MD, Russell G. Broecklemann, William J. Broene, F. S. Broerman, Randall A. Broesch, Woody Brofman, PhD, Kevin J. Brogan, PhD, Robert Walter Broge, PhD, Edward C. Broge, PhD, Ronald J. Bromenschenk, Jerome Bromkowski, MD, David Allan Bromley, PhD, Richard K. Bronder, Lawrence E. Bronec, Timothy C. Bronn, Phiilip F. Bronowitz, Charles E. Bronson, Mark Bronson, John D. Bronson, Boyd C. Bronson, John M. Bronstein, PhD, Mark A. Bronston, PhD, John W. Brook, PhD, Hampton Ralph Brooker, PhD, Beth M. Brookhouse, Richard P. Brookman, Lionel H. Brooks, PhD, Robert A. Brooks, PhD, Robert R. Brooks, PhD, James Elwood Brooks, PhD, Kent Brooks, PhD, Dean C. Brooks, James R. Brooks, John Brooks, N. P. Brooks, Bruce C. Brooks, Fred A. Brooks, James S. Brooks, Gordon Brooks, Britt E. Brooks, Royce G. Brooks, Steven D. Brooks, Casey Brooks, James E. Brookshire, Paul Wallace Broome, PhD, Frank Broome, Richard E. Broschat, John R. Brose, W. E. Broshears, Bryan C. Bross, Fred B. Brost, Ronald D. Brost, Charles O. Brostrom, PhD, William F. Brothers Jr., Robert John Brotherton, PhD, John K. Brough, Lawrence U. Brough, Thomas S. Brough, Walter Brouillette, PhD, Paul C. Broun, MD, Matthew Broussard, Francis W. Broussard, Mary J. Broussard, John W. Broviac, MD, Jack F. Browder Jr., Kay Robert Brower, PhD, Thomas Dudley Brower, MD, J. Brower, Allen S. Brower, Rick A. Brower, Robert Alan Brown, PhD, James Melton Brown, PhD, Kenneth Taylor Brown, PhD, James R. Brown, PhD, John M. Brown, PhD, Charles J. Brown Jr., PhD, Bahngrell W. Brown, PhD, David P. Brown, PhD, Herbert Brown, PhD, Arlen Brown, PhD, Gerald Richard Brown, PhD, Richard B. Brown, PhD, Robert E. Brown, PhD, Olen Ray Brown, PhD, Henry S. Brown, PhD, Albert L. Brown, PhD, William M. Brown, PhD, Robert S. Brown, PhD, Lewis F. Brown, PhD, Leonard F. Brown Jr., PhD, Murray Allison Brown, PhD, Robert G. Brown, PhD, Glenn Lamar Brown, PhD, Billings Brown, PhD, Jerry W. Brown, PhD, Elise A. Brown, PhD, Ronald A. Brown, PhD, Alfred L. Brown, Delton L. Brown Jr., Richard E. Brown, MD, Stephen R. Brown, Lansing E. Brown, MD, S. Kent Brown, MD, Will K. 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Brown, Doug L. Brown, J. Paul Brown, Christopher J. Brown, Charles E. Brown, DVM, Jeremy J. Brown, Cornelius Payne Browne, PhD, James L. Browne, Philip T. Browne, MD, D. Brownell, Don Brownfield, Shelby H. Brownfield, Bill D. Browning, Roy T. Browning, Jeff E. Browning, James A. Browning, Jimmy D. Browning, Samuel S. Browser, PhD, Thomas Broyles, John S. Brtis, Burton Dale Brubaker, PhD, Paul Eugene Brubaker, PhD, Peter Brubaker, James Brubaker, Charles Robert Bruce, PhD, Gene Bruce, David Bruce, MD, Dail Bruce, Daniel E. Bruce, David L. Bruce, MD, George H. Bruce, Paul L. Bruce, Sandra Bruce, Linda Bruce-Gerz, Carl W. Bruch, PhD, Gordon W. Bruchner, Kenneth B. Bruckart, Glenn G. Bruckno, Roy S. Brucy, MD, Alex A. Brudno, PhD, Herman M. Bruechner, DVM, Robert L. Brueck, W. George Brueggemann, MD, John J. Bruegging, William Bruenner, Larry W. Bruestle, DVM, Jay B. Bruggeman, Carl Bruice, John J. Brumbaugh, Roger R. Brumbaugh, Tim D. Brumit, MD, Lowell D. Brumley, Douglas B. Brumm, PhD, Don D. Brumm II, Harrison T. Brundage, Allen Brune, Bernard O. Brunegraff, Eugene John Brunelle, Gerald W. Bruner, Paul J. Bruner, Gregory J. Brunetta, Joan Brunfeldt, MD, James A. Bruni, Steve Brunle, Eldon J. Brunner, George A. Brunner, Russell K. Brunner, James R. Brunner, Thomas J. Bruno, PhD, John D. Bruno, PhD, Charles Frank Bruno, PhD, Jacomina A. Bruno, MD, Arthur D. Bruno, Thomas T. Bruns, PhD, Robert F. Bruns, PhD, Lester G. Bruns, PhD, Billy L. Bruns, Kelly W. Bruns, Gerald R. Brunskill, John A. Brunsman, MD, Tim Brunson, Jeffrey W. Brunson, Carl Brunson, Scott A. Brunsvold, Harvey F. Brush, Kenneth K. Brush, DVM, John B. Brush, Eugene S. Brusky, MD, Mark R. Bruss, MD, Donald L. Brust, DVM, John L. Brust, Merlyn Ardel Brusven, PhD, Frederick Vincent Brutcher Jr., PhD, Brett H. Bruton, Paul Brutsman, Richard L. Brutus, DVM, Kenton J. Bruxvoort, Anthony Bruzzese, MD, Ralph Bruzzichesi, Frederick T. Bryan, PhD, David A. Bryan, PhD, Hayes R. Bryan, PhD, Bruce Bryan, A. Bryan, Bobby F. Bryan, Sibley Bryan, Gary G. Bryan, Harry A. Bryan, Howard Bryan, Tom Bryan, John D. Bryan, Scott R. Bryan, Donald G. Bryant, PhD, Barry W. Bryant, PhD, Michael David Bryant, PhD, Ben S. Bryant, PhD, Carrel R. Bryant, Thomas L. Bryant, Nathan B. Bryant, David W. Bryant, John H. Bryant, Thomas L. Bryant, John M. Bryant, Robert William Bryant, Ronald C. Bryenton, Glenn H. Bryner, Reid Allen Bryson, PhD, Charles Bryson, Stephen M. Brzica, MD, Kenneth J. Brzozowski, PhD, Ken Brzozowski, PhD, Gregory J. Brzytwa, Ralph W. Bubeck, MD, Walter T. Bubern, Ralph S. Bucci, Charles B. Bucek, Michael J. Buchan, MD, Thomas S. Buchanan, PhD, John P. Buchanan, PhD, Steven M. Buchanan, Russell Allen Buchanan, James R. Buchanan, MD, Shawn P. Buchanan, Richard L. Buchheit, John H. Buchholz, PhD, Donald H. Buchholz, E. Clark Buchi, Paul O. Buchko, Smil Buchman, Chris R. Buchwald, Robert D. Buchy, Charles M. Buchzik, Carl J. Buck, PhD, Joel W. Buck, Ellen F. Buck, Michael R. Buckheit, DVM, John P. Buckinger, Robert C. Buckingham, MD, Charles G. Buckingham, MD, Lawrence F. Buckland, Tom Buckleitner, Ellis P. Bucklen, Edward Harland Buckley, PhD, Jim E. Buckley, Ronald E. Buckley, Jack B. Buckley, Kenneth D. Bucklin, Arnold R. Buckman, Stuart Buckmaster, Donald Buckner, James S. Bucks, PhD, Gary L. Buckwalter, PhD, Edsel Tony Bucovaz, PhD, Charles D. Bucska, J. Fred Bucy Jr., PhD, Carl J. Buczek, PhD, Perry Buda, Stephen G. Buda, Herbert Budd, PhD, Kevin Buddie, Joseph A. Buder, MD, Wallace Don Budge, PhD, Fred C. Budinger, Travis L. Budlong, Auraam J. Budman, Avraam Budman, Donald R. Buechel, MD, Edwin V. Buehler, PhD, Ronald M. Buehler, Fred W. Bueker, Walter R. Buerger, MD, Mary M. Buerger, Eugene B. Buerke, Brent J. Buescher, PhD, Larry D. Buess, Robert R. Buettell, David J. Bufalo, David A. Buff, Oscar T. Buffalow, Greg Buffington, J. F. Buffington, Philip G. Buffinton, Charles Rogers Buffler, PhD, Sterling Lowe Bugg, Robert J. Bugiada, Victor Buhrke, PhD, Francis P. Buiting, Matt J. Bujewski, Robert Joseph Buker, PhD, Bruce M. Buker, Mark A. Bukhbinder, PhD, Dushan S. Bukvic, Kenneth D. Bulin, Leonard Seth Bull, PhD, C. James Bulla Jr., Ervin Trowbridge Bullard, PhD, Jeffrey W. Bullard, PhD, Daniel E. Bullard, PhD, Paul Buller Jr., Paul L. Buller Jr., Lloyd B. Bullerman, PhD, Stanley F. Bullington, PhD, William Murray Bullis, PhD, Ronald Elvin Bullock, David E. Bullock, Rex G. Bullock, Rich Bullock, John D. Bultman, PhD, J. B. Bummer, Paul Leslie Bunce, MD, Theodore Eugene Bunch, PhD, David William Bunch, PhD, Harry Dean Bunch, PhD, William H. Bunch Jr., John M. Bunch, Wilbur Lyle Bunch, Michael Bundra, Hallie Flowers Bundy, PhD, Stephen D. Bundy, Merle E. Bunker, PhD, Merton W. Bunker Jr., H. Franklin Bunn, Richard W. Bunnell, Mark D. Bunnell, George Jule Buntley, PhD, Martin Bunton, Douglas A. Buol, Eric Buonassisi, Charles B. Buonassisi, Edward J. Buonopane, MD, Kenneth Burbank, PhD, Jacob Burbea, PhD, Thomas J. Burbey, PhD, James H. Burbo, Paul Philip Burbutis, PhD, Larry Burch, Warren Burch, James J. Burchall, PhD, Professor Burchett, PhD, Barry J. Burchett, MD, Donald F. Burchfield, PhD, Richard F. Burchill, Jacob Burckhard, James Burckhard, Sherman K. Burd, Michael D. Burday, Laurie B. Burdeaux, Harvey Worth Burden, PhD, Herbert S. Burden Jr., Joe T. Burden, Robert S. Burdick, Walter W. Burdin, Hugh J. Burford, PhD, Stanley Burg, PhD, Willard Burge, Ivan L. Burgener, Charles Burger, Robert Burger, Rufus T. Burges, Brian Burges, John C. Burgeson, Milton N. Burgess, Michael A. Burgess, David C. Burgess, Roy A. Burgess, Roger C. Burggraf, Justin Burggroff, Herbert A. Burgman, Rollin S. Burhans, Leonard F. Burkart, PhD, James E. Burke, PhD, Richard Lerda Burke, PhD, Edward Walter Burke, PhD, Kim A. Burke, Billy F. Burke, Walter L. Burke, Gary Burke, Marty Burke, Stephen E. Burke, E. A. Burke, Donald Burke, William P. Burke, MD, Martin P. Burke Jr., Amy L. Burke, David T. Burke, Joel G. Burken, PhD, Dean S. Burkett, David M. Burkett, John P. Burkett, John E. Burkhalter, PhD, James H. Burkhalter, PhD, Philip Gary Burkhalter, David S. Burkhalter, Harold Eugene Burkhart, PhD, Richard Burkhart, James F. Burkholder, Ronald T. Burkman, MD, Jeffrey C. Burkman, Lawrence H. Burks, Brad D. Burks, Ralph D. Burks, Ned Burleson, PhD, D. Burleson, PhD, David Richard Burley, PhD, James M. Burlitch, PhD, Jay B. Burner, Jay Bee Burner, George V. Burnet, PhD, James R. Burnett, PhD, J. R. Burnett, PhD, John Nicholas Burnett, PhD, Bryan Burnett, Peter G. Burnett, George F. Burnett, David W. Burnett, Mahlon Admire Burnette III, PhD, Thomas K. Burnham, MD, George H. Burnham, James E. Burnham, Robert B. Burnham, Donald S. Burnley, Robert W. Burnop, Marshall Burns, PhD, Victor W. Burns, PhD, Leslie L. Burns, PhD, Frank Bernard Burns, PhD, Robert David Burns, PhD, Andrew B. Burns, Charles Burns, MD, Lawrence E. Burns, Jerry W. Burns, John R. Burns, John D. Burns, Stanley S. Burns, Richard C. Burnside, MD, Mike Burnson, Philip J. Burnstein, Robert A. Buroker, DVM, William P. Burpeau Jr., Gordon L. Burr, Dennis H. Burr, Cynthia A. Burr, John F. Burr, Steve Burrell, Michael J. Burrell, Jennifer Burrill, James H. Burrill Jr., Joyce Burrill, Loy R. Burris, Joe D. Burroughs, W. F. Burroughs, William C. Burrows, PhD, Richard S. Burrows, PhD, John Frederick Burst, PhD, Eddie C. Burt, PhD, Philip Barnes Burt, PhD, Roger L. Burtner, PhD, Rodney L. Burton, PhD, B. Burton, PhD, Kittridge R. Burton, Samuel R. M. Burton, Vaud A. Burton, MD, Lee C. Burton, Edgar M. Burton Jr., Everett C. Burts, PhD, James Robert Burwell, PhD, John Burwell, Calvin C. Burwell, Richard S. Burwen, Alan G. Burwinkel, MD, Tracee A. Burzycki, Thomas R. Busard, MD, David D. Busath, MD, Arthur B. Busbey, PhD, Donald L. Buscarello, Neal E. Busch, PhD, Neal Busch, PhD, Douglas D. Busch, Francis R. Busch, Wilbur H. Busch, Tom Busch, Inez L. Busch, MD, Edward G. Busch, Rick Buschini, Gary Buser, Charles C. Bush, Robert L. Bush, T. Bush, Harry H. Bush Jr., Russel L. Bush, Roger T. Bush, Edwin F. Bushman, Robert H. Bushnell, PhD, Timothy P. Bushwell Jr., PhD, Robert Busing, Elsworth R. Buskirk, PhD, Duane J. Buss, PhD, David Richard Buss, PhD, John M. Buss, Stanley E. Buss, Robert O. Buss, MD, Daniel H. Buss, Stephen L. Bussa, Gregory Bussell, Ceil Bussiere, Susan Buta, Houston D. Butcher, Mary E. Butchert, James S. Butcofski, MD, Arthur P. Buthod, Mark M. Butier, Philip Alan Butler, PhD, James Lee Butler, PhD, Scott E. Butler, PhD, George B. Butler, PhD, David V. Butler, Clair E. Butler, DVM, Margaret K. Butler, Ronald Butler, Thomas Butler, Jeff N. Butler, Phillip E. Butler, James J. Butler, O. Doyle Butler, Don W. Butler, Dennis L. Butler, Rhendal Butler, Paul M. Butman, Robert C. Buto, Richard S. Butryn, Gary J. Butson, PhD, Stan Butt, Stanley J. Butt, Bruce L. Butterfield, Charles J. Butterick, Thomas Austin Butterworth, PhD, Joe W. Button, Sidney Eugene Buttrill, PhD, Carolyn M. Buttross, Michael A. Butts, Frank L. Butts, DVM, Jake D. Butts, Frank J. Buturla, Ralph O. Butz Jr., Gary S. Buxton, E. B. Buxton, James Albert Buzard, PhD, Eugene C. Bvbee, Ed F. Byars, PhD, Byron R. Byars Jr., Paul D. Bybee Jr., Clinton Bybee, P. Edward Byerly, PhD, R. Lee Byers, PhD, Forrest K. Byers, Richard H. Byers, Valery K. Bykhovsky, PhD, Nelson Byman, Robert E. Bynum, Richard Dowell Byrd, PhD, Richard G. Byrd, MD, Suzanne C. Byrd, Robert C. Byrd, W. D. Byrd, William M. Byrne, PhD, Bernard Byrne, PhD, Joe Byrne, Ken M. Byrne, Michael J. Byrne, Vincent J. Byrne, Christopher I. Byrnes, PhD, John J. Byrnes, MD, Roy Byrom, Barry M. Bywalec

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers C

2,161 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Algyte R. Cabak, Edwin Caballero, Charles R. Cabiac, Domingo E. Cabinum, MD, Mike Cabirac, Edwin Cable, Patricia R. Cabral, Trish Cabral, Frank Cabral Jr., Fernando and Cynthia Caburnay S. Caburnay, MD, John L. Caddell, MD, William P. Cade, Joel T. Cademartori Sr., Fernando Cadena, PhD, Fernando Cadena-C, PhD, C. Cadenhead, PhD, Ralph E. Cadger, MD, Robert Cadieux, Mary M. Cadieux, William Patrick Cadogan, PhD, Warren D. Cadwell, Howard Hamilton Cady, PhD, K. B. Cady, PhD, Stephen A. Cady, Michael S. Cafferty, James E. Caffey, PhD, Raymond J. Caffrey, George Barret Caflisch, PhD, Edward George Caflisch, PhD, Ben Cagle, William S. Cagle, Angelo Cagliostro, Daniel L. Cahalan, PhD, Dan Cahalan, PhD, Edward C. Cahaly, Jerry R. Cahan, Roger Cahill, William M. Cahill, MD, Dennis R. Cahill, David Stephen Cahn, PhD, Garth Arthur Cahoon, PhD, Charles Cain, PhD, Charles E. Cain, PhD, Stephen R. Cain, PhD, Thomas L. Cain, Delver R. Cain, MD, Michael J. Cain, Harry J. Cain III, Curtis W. Caine, Gregory S. Caine, Dennis Caird, J. B. Caird, Dennis J. Cairo ACF, Larry Caisuin, Richard A. Calabrese, Craig R. Calabria, PhD, Leonard J. Calbo, PhD, James Calcamuggio, James L. Calderella, David R. Calderone, Marilee Whitney Caldwell, PhD, Augustus George Caldwell, PhD, Elwood F. Caldwell, PhD, Steven G. Caldwell, PhD, James B. Caldwell, PhD, James P. Caldwell, William T. Caldwell, Richard E. Cale, Daniel E. Caless, Wendell J. Caley Jr., PhD, Robert Ellsworth Calhoo, PhD, Fredrick G. Calhoun, Sabrina R. Calhoun, Joel Calhoun, William M. Calhoun, S. Pittman Calhoun, Brian S. Calhoun, John M. Calhoun, Lawrence A. Caliguiri, MD, Ray L. Calkins, PhD, Fred L. Calkins, Mathhew D. Calkins, Bruce J. Calkins, Brian K. Callagan, Michael J. Callaghan, PhD, Patrick E. Callaghan, MD, David S. Callaghan, Mike Callahan, Mickey J. Callanan, Jay Callaway, Lester H. Callaway, Jon M. Callen, Gene Callens, PhD, John M. Calligeros, Dixon Callihan, PhD, Gary N. Callihan, Allan Dana Callow, PhD, James E. Calloway, PhD, Robert Mac Callum, PhD, Lynn B. Calton, Jeffrey D. Caltrider, Chris Calvert, PhD, David D. Calvert Jr., John D. Calvert, David D. Calvert, Donald D. Calvin, MD, Richardo E. Calvo, PhD, Manual Calzada, Lee Cambre, Marvin E. Camburn, PhD, James B. Camden, PhD, William R. Camerer 3rd, Robert Camero, Christopher P. Cameron, PhD, Roy Eugene Cameron, PhD, John R. Cameron, William L. Cameron, Paul Cameron, Mike Cameron, Charles H. Cameron, J. W. Cameron, Peter K. Camfield, PhD, Anthony E. Camilli, MD, Raymond Cammack, PhD, Terry J. Cammon, Frederick W. Camp, PhD, Frederick W. Camp, PhD, John D. Camp, MD, Ronnie Wayne Camp, Jerry L. Camp, Nicholas A. Campagna Jr., John Campagna, Ernest Edward Campaigne, PhD, Robert J. Campana, John D. Campanella, Joseph Campbell, PhD, John Bryan Campbell, PhD, George Melvin Campbell, PhD, Gerald Allan Campbell, PhD, John Morgan Campbell, PhD, Warren Elwood Campbell, PhD, Robert E. Campbell, Henry W. Campbell, Malcolm D. Campbell, H. D. Campbell, Clifford A. Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell, Frank C. Campbell Jr., Robert E. Campbell, Sidney Campbell, Harry F. Campbell, Douglas J. Campbell, John S. Campbell, Leo V. Campbell, Larry Campbell, Jesse Campbell, Shirley Campbell, Susan B. Campbell, MD, Colin Campbell, MD, Harvey A. Campbell, Lynn D. Campbell, Steve K. Campbell, C. David Campbell, MD, R. L. Campbell, MD, Robert Campbell, Martin J. Campbell, MD, Milton Hugh Campbell, Antonio Mogro Campero, PhD, Nick Campion, Thomas L. Campisi, Robert Campo, PhD, Jose A. Campoamor, Enrico M. Camporesi, MD, Alan A. Camppli, PhD, Carlos A. Camps, Jorge A. Camps, Rayford R. Canada, John Canaday, Paul B. Canale, MD, Marsha A. Canales, Daniel T. Canavan, Richard J. Cancemi, MD, George D. Candella, A. Van Caneghem, MD, Zoe N. Canellakis, PhD, Paul Canevaro, James N. Canfield, Carl M. Canfield, Robert J. Cangelosi, M. Durwood Canham, Robert E. Caniglia, Joseph M. Cannella, MD, John A. Canning, PhD, Thomas F. Canning, Peter Cannon, PhD, Howard Suckling Cannon, PhD, Philip Jan Cannon, PhD, Joe W. Cannon, MD, Arlen E. Cannon, Garry W. Cannon, Julian E. Cannon, Hugh N. Cannon, Harry B. Cannon Jr., Gregory Cannon, Harvey L. Canter, David R. Canterbury, Peter J. Canterino, Daniel James Cantliffe, PhD, Joe A. Cantlon, Ronald J. Cantoni, Ronald E. Cantor, MD, Manfred Cantow, PhD, James Cecil Cantrell, PhD, Herbert L. Cantrill, MD, Walter J. Canzonier, Hengshu Cao, PhD, Martin Capages Jr., PhD, Randy S. Cape, Louis Capellari, Juan J. Capello, MD, Frederic S. Capitosti, Jay Caplan, Frank Caplan, Michael E. Caplis, PhD, Louis J. Capozzoli, PhD, Charles A. Capp Spindt, PhD, Ronald W. Capps, PhD, Andrew J. Capra, Anthony P. Caprioli, Steven Carabello, Bobby L. Caraway, PhD, Donovan C. Carbaugh, PhD, R. S. Carbonara, PhD, Robert S. Carbonara, PhD, Bruce W. Card, Harold E. Carda, Arnold E. Carden, PhD, Patricia D. Carden, PhD, Bryan J. Carder, MD, Thomas D. Carder, Albert J. Cardosa, William Thomas Cardwell, Darrel E. Cardy, Mario Domenico Carelli, PhD, Edward H. Carey, Curtis D. Carey, John Carey, Homer Walter Carhart, PhD, Robert N. Carhart, Donald A. Carignan, George F. Carini, PhD, Frederick Herman Carl Schultz, PhD, Audrey M. Carlan, Harold Edwin Carley, PhD, Richard B. Carley, MD, John J. Carley, E. N. Carlier, Philip H. Carlisle, Scott P. Carlisle, F. L. Carlsen Jr., Timothy J. Carlsen, Gary Carlsen, Eric S. Carlsgaard, George A. Carlson, PhD, Donald E. Carlson, PhD, J. David Carlson, PhD, Edward C. Carlson, PhD, Ralph Carlson, PhD, Frederick Paul Carlson, PhD, Carl E. Carlson, C. E. Carlson, Charles E. Carlson III, William A. Carlson, Earl D. Carlson, David Carlson, Dave Carlson, Garry J. Carlson, Peter R. Carlson, Steve M. Carlson, A. Eugene Carlson, MD, Douglas Carlson, Professor Carlson, Howard L. Carlson, David R. Carlson, Thomas Carlson, Lawrence O. Carlson, Roy F. Carlson, David R. Carlson, MD, Alan Carlton, David C. 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Conlin, Ralph D. Conlon, Paul Kohler Conn, PhD, Stephen W. Conn, Henry P. Conn, Rex B. Conn, MD, Thad F. Connally, MD, Jack D. Connally, MD, James R. Connell, James G. Connell, H. E. Connell Jr., John Joseph Connelly, PhD, Michael S. Connelly, J. J. Connelly, Mark V. Connelly, MD, Charles D. Conner, PhD, Robert H. Conner, MD, Albert Z. Conner, Nancy H. Conner, Fountain E. Conner, Dennis D. Conner, Teresa A. Conner, Garret H. Conner, MD, Claud C. Conners, Mahlon C. Connett, MD, William J. Connick Jr., John Irving Connolly Jr., PhD, P. Connolly, James E. Connor, John M. Connor, Wayne Mo Connor, Bill J. Conovaloff, Eugene Anthony Conrad, PhD, Walter Edmund Conrad, PhD, Roddy Conrad, PhD, Robert J. Conrad, George J. Conrad, Paul W. Conrad, Ralph L. Conrad, Frederick E. Conrad, MD, John F. Conroy, Robert M. Conry, MD, Paul Consroe, PhD, John A. Constance, David Constans, Jesus Constante, Gheorghe M. Constantinescu, PhD, Nelson F. Consumo, Maryann A. Conte, Donald R. Conte, Alberto Convers, MD, Thomas W. Conway, PhD, Kenneth Edward Conway, PhD, James J. Conway, PhD, Daniel M. Conway, Victoria O. Conway, Patrick J. Conway, Bob A. Conway, Kent W. Conway, William E. Conway, John P. Conway, Mary W. Conway, Robert Bigham Cook, PhD, Thomas B. Cook Jr., PhD, Addison G. Cook, PhD, Donald Jack Cook, PhD, Maurice Gayle Cook, PhD, Melvin Alonzo Cook, PhD, Mark Eric Cook, PhD, Frank R. Cook, PhD, George W. Cook, Glenn C. Cook, Karl Cook, Charles C. Cook, James H. Cook, Michael Cook, Henry E. Cook Jr., Robert C. Cook, Alfred A. Cook, Michael C. Cook, Arthur B. Cook, Preston K. Cook, Ann S. Cook, Steven C. Cook, Wendell C. Cook, Douglas H. Cook, Vernon O. Cook, Kenneth Cook, Tanya M. C. Cook, Anson Richard Cooke, PhD, F. N. Cooke, PhD, James Barry Cooke, Willis R. Cooke, Edward F. Cooke, James M. Cooksey, James W. Cooksley, B. M. Cool, PhD, Bingham Mercur Cool, PhD, David F. Coolbaugh, PhD, William Edward Cooley, PhD, William S. Cooley, MD, Denton Arthur Cooley, MD, Daniel F. Cooley, Daniel P. Coolidge, Franklyn K. Coombs, Jack L. Coomer, Marguerite Wilton Coomes, PhD, Lowell L. Coon, Anne M. Cooney, Edward M. Cooney, Harvey L. Coonts, Thomas Cooper, PhD, Robert C. Cooper, PhD, Denise R. Cooper, PhD, Raymond David Cooper, PhD, Robert S. Cooper, PhD, Gordon Cooper, PhD, Ginette J. Cooper, Clarence G. Cooper, MD, Martin Cooper, Ernest B. Cooper, Mark S. Cooper, Emmett M. Cooper, MD, George P. Cooper, Ted L. Cooper, Max E. Cooper, Daniel M. Cooper, Sara J. Cooper, DVM, Jackie B. Cooper, Harry C. Cooper, John C. Cooper, Peter Cooper, Thomas B. Coopwood, MD, David Franklin Cope, PhD, Louis W. Cope, Thomas E. Cope Jr., Kenneth R. Copeland, MD, Dawson M. Copeland, Kenneth R. Copeland, Lois J. Copeland, MD, A. D. Copeland, Harry B. Copelin, Fred A. Copes, PhD, Frederick Albert Copes, PhD, Donald Copinger, John D. Copley, Nicholas N. Coppage, Jules M. Coppel, Robert J. Coppin, Richard H. Coppo, William L. Coppoc, William Sydney Corak, M. Yavuz Corapcioglu, PhD, Gail Rushford Corbett, PhD, Robert B. Corbett, PhD, Horace Corbett, David Corbin, Murray D. Corbin, MD, Kevin Corbin, Albert D. Corbin, Carl Corbit, Rebecca Corbit, Jim Corbit, Reggie A. Corbitt, John Corboy, MD, Eugene Francis Corcoran, PhD, Stephen F. Corcoran, John Corcoran, MD, John J. Corcoran, MD, Charles J. Cordalis, Bruce M. Cordell, PhD, Francis Merritt Cordell, PhD, Alfred R. Cordell, MD, Ronald E. Cordell, MD, David L. Corder, Gordon E. Cordes, Christopher T. Cordle, PhD, Vincent F. Cordova, Chris D. Core, Patrick Core, Eugene Core, John A. Corella, Robert L. Corey, PhD, Wayland Corgill, William P. Corish, Henry E. Corke, PhD, Walter H. Corkern, PhD, Jeffrey A. Corkill, PhD, Kenneth C. Corkum, PhD, John L. Corl, Joe D. Corless, MD, Professor Corley, Leon W. Corley, Jimmie A. Corley, David B. Corman, Frank A. Cormier, William E. Cormier, Russell M. Corn, Russel M. Corn, Graydon F. Corn, Billy D. Cornelius, Robert L. Cornelius, Robert Joseph Cornell, PhD, Robert W. Cornell, PhD, Stephen Watson Cornell, PhD, Samuel Douglas Cornell, PhD, Creighton N. Cornell, John Cornell, Arlen C. Cornett, Dale R. Cornett, DVM, Holley M. Cornette, Neil Cornia, Bahne C. Cornilsen, PhD, Rodney H. Cornish, PhD, Garryd D. Cornish, Linda G. Corns, Roy S. Cornwell, PhD, David George Cornwell, PhD, Nicholas J. Corolis, Cynthia Coron, PhD, Don Corona Jr., Tracy Correa, PhD, Deborah A. Corridon, Thomas Corrigan, PhD, Suzanne L. Corrigan, John Corrigan III, Dennis M. Corrigan, Charles E. Corry, PhD, Wayne T. Corso, George E. Cort, Paul J. Cortesi, Matthew Corulli, Kenneth M. Cory, Michael R. Coryn, Humberto S. Corzo, Neil D. Cos, PhD, Roscoe Roy Cosby Jr., MD, Michael L. Cosgrave, MD, Arthur J. Cosgrove, George J. Cosmides, PhD, Khalid Cossor, Antonio Costa, Eugene Costa, J. Paul Costa, Rebecca B. Costello, PhD, Benjamin Costello, Bernard J. Costello, Mark J. Costello, Steven A. Costello, Peter A. Costisick, John W. Costlow, PhD, Allen Costoff, PhD, Judith Coston, Kevin Cotchen, Wilfred Arthur Cote, PhD, Norm G. Cote, Robert D. Cotell, Charles K. Cothem, Harry Cotrill, Grant Cottam, Richard O. Cottie, Marion Cotton, PhD, William R. Cotton, PhD*, Spencer M. Cotton, Vincent F. Cottone, David G. Cotts, Val Francis Cotty, PhD, Richard L. Coty, Leon Worthington Couch II, PhD, Larry Coudriet, Clifton Couey, Robert W. Coughlin, James R. Coughlin, Rebecca A. Coulsey, Ronald A. Coulson, PhD, Roy E. Coulson, Richard J. Councill, Danny R. Counihan, Marcus L. Countiss, Gary R. Countryman, Galen L. Coupe, George D. Couris, MD, Arnold Court, PhD, William H. Courtney 3rd, PhD, Thomas P. Courtney, Arthur W. Courtney, R. E. Courtney, Andrew K. Courtney, Raymond C. Cousins, PhD, Robert A. Cousins, William G. Cousins, Sylvere Coussement, Ross Couwenhoven, PhD, Thomas R. Couzens, Fred Covelli, Eugene E. Covert, PhD, Chris E. Covert, Clifton E. Covey, Robert E. Covey, Kenneth W. Covey, Robert O. Covington, Robert E. Covington, William Allen Cowan, PhD, C. Michael Cowan, PhD, Carl Cowan, Micheal A. Cowan, Maynard JR Cowan Jr., Brent W. Cowan, George S. Cowan, MD, Daniel Francis Cowan, Tracy Cowan, Kirk D. Cowan, James T. Coward, Jeffrey L. Coward, Ronald Reed Cowden, PhD, John Cowden, William G. Cowdin, Norman J. Cowen, MD, Glenn E. Cowher, Eric W. Cowley, Vincent Frederick Cowling, PhD, John D. Cowlishaw, PhD, Robert S. Cowperthwait, Louis Cox Jr., PhD, Donald J. Cox, PhD, Clifford H. Cox, PhD, George M. Cox, Garland D. Cox, Brian Cox, Daniel L. Cox, Carrol B. Cox, Jack D. Cox, Joe B. Cox, Mike Cox, Lawson G. Cox, MD, Braden S. Cox, Sidney G. Cox, Frederick Russell Cox, Morgan Cox, Norman R. Cox, Michael F. Cox, Cyrus William Cox, Alice D. Cox, MD, Don C. Cox, Jerry D. Cox, Bruce W. Cox, DVM, Leon W. Cox, Dan M. Cox, David L. Cox, Hiram M. Cox, James A. Cox, Edwin Cox, Robert P. Cox, John T. Coxey 3rd, Francis M. Coy, MD, Aaron S. Coyan, Alan L. Coykendall, Forrest E. Coyle, Patrick Ivan Coyne, PhD, James C. Coyne, PhD, Kenneth R. Coyne, Frank Cozzarelli, Michael A. Crabb, Chuck Crabtree, C. H. Cracauer, Dan Crackel, Garnet Roy Craddock, PhD, Sheldon F. Craddock, Cecil J. Craft, Donald K. Craft, Donald K. Craft, John Craft, James E. Craft, Rex R. Craft, Nicholas T. Crafton, Robert L. Cragg, Kent Craghead, John M. Cragin, PhD, Daniel J. Cragin, Terry A. Cragle, Richard A. Crago, Edward Jethro Cragoe Jr., PhD, Kenneth B. Craib, James E. Craig, PhD, Bruce D. Craig, PhD, Richard F. Craig, Don J. Craig, DVM, Dexter Hildreth Craig, John Merrill Craig, Irving M. Craig, Sterling R. Craig, MD, John A. Craig, John P. Craig, MD, R. E. Craigie Jr., Gordon E. Craigo, Donald L. Crain, PhD, Justin H. Crain, Jerry L. Crain, Glenn D. Crain, Donald James Cram, PhD, John A. Cramer, PhD, Howard Ross Cramer, PhD, Eugene N. Cramer, James Cramer, Rex C. Cramer, Richard D. Cramer, Edmund T. Cranch, Walter E. Crandall, PhD, Leroy L. Crandall, Ernest L. Crandall, John R. Crandall, Ronald C. Crane, PhD, Frederick L. Crane, PhD, David C. Crane, PhD, Barry D. Crane, PhD, Lowell R. Crane, Dale E. Crane, Edward A. Crane, Chris L. Craney, PhD, Greg T. Cranham, Elmer M. Cranton, MD, Ely J. Crary, MD, John D. Craven, MD, Warren S. Craven, Ronald W. Craven, Richard A. Craven, James F. Cravens, Lionel W. Craver, PhD, Clara D. Craver, Doyle Craver, Ken Craver, Russell S. Cravey, Thomas V. Cravy, Tom Crawford, PhD, Thomas M. Crawford, PhD, Myron N. Crawford, Dean Crawford, James F. Crawford, Daniel T. Crawford, William Crawford, Carolyn S. Crawford, MD, Jonathan Crawford, Steven P. Crawford, Duane Austin Crawford, Carter D. Crawford, James D. Crawford, Don L. Crawford, Robert Stephen Craxton, PhD, David Craymes, Michael A. Creager, Ron Creamer, Stephen J. Creane, Dale Creasey, David F. Creasy, Buford Creech, Rhonda Creech, Wendell R. Creech, John B. Creeden, Michel W. Creek, Prentice G. Creel, T. C. Creese, Donald W. Creger Sr., Sondra L. Creighton, Richard S. Cremisio, PhD, R. S. Cremisio, PhD, Valerie Voss Crenshaw, Peter J. Crescenzo, Robert J. Cresci, PhD, Anne E. Cress, PhD, C. Raymond Cress, PhD, David R. Cress, Kenneth S. Cressman, Ronald Cresswell, PhD, Tom Creswell, James Creswell, John Edwin Crew, PhD, Phillip O. Crews, PhD, Gregory A. Crews, Bradford R. Crews, Van T. Cribb, Michael J. Cribbins, Richard E. Cribbs, Robert W. Cribbs, James W. Crichton, MD, Donald F. Crie, Peter Crimi, PhD, Dennis M. Crinnion, Arthur D. Crino, Richard G. Crippen, Harry Norma Cripps, PhD, Peter A. Crisi, Joseph Presley Crisler, PhD, George S. Crispin, Thomas Benjamin Criss, PhD, Kurt E. Criss, Marla A. Criss, Marla Criss, Marla A. Criss (Osborne), Robert Crist, Alipio B. Criste, Nicholas G. Cristy, George A. Criswell, Larry G. Criswell, Harold W. Criswell, J. L. Crittenden, Philip G. Crnkovich, Thomas Bernard Croat, PhD, Luanne S. Crockett, George T. Croft, PhD, Michael D. Croft, Jerry Croft, Carl J. Croft, William S. Croft, Dan W. Crofts, Joel B. Cromartie, Dale Scott Cromez, James H. Cronander, Donald C. Cronemeyer, PhD, Ronald P. Cronogue, DVM, R. D. Crooks, Robert Kent Crookston, PhD, Edward D. Crosby, G. Kingman Crosby, Edward Crosby, Eugene E. Crosby, Mac Crosby, James G. Crose, PhD, Ajmes G. Crose, Delton G. Crosier, Thomas J. Crosier, David F. Crosley, Robert Franklin Cross, PhD, Robert F. Cross, PhD, Kevin P. Cross, David G. Cross, MD, William C. Cross, Phillip T. Cross, Dean A. Cross, Don W. Cross, George A. Cross, A. Scott Crossfield, Tom L. Crossman, Kenneth Alan Crossner, PhD, D. B. Crouch, Harvey A. Crouch, David L. Crouse, Stephen Crouse, Robert M. Crout, Deane L. Crow, MD, Kay Crow, Morgan L. Crow, Gene Autrey Crowder, PhD, Brent Crowder, Delmar N. Crowe Jr., David Crowe, Curtis W. Crowe, Donald E. Crowell, Edwin Patrick Crowell, Herbert E. Crowhurst, Alfred John Crowle, PhD, Michael Summers Crowley, PhD, Ronald L. Crowley, John M. Crowley*, D. L. Crowson, David L. Crowson, C. Richard Crowther, PhD, Robert Hamblett Crowther, Lloyd R. Crowther, Frank Cutshaw Croxton, PhD, Frank R. Crua, Richard Cruce, William J. Cruice, Michael Cruickshank, PhD, Carroll M. Crull, Duane Crum, PhD, Ralph G. Crum, PhD, Edward Hibbert Crum, PhD, Glenn Crumb, PhD, Harry A. Crumbling, Warren B. Crummett, PhD, David B. Crump FACS, Jesse F. Crump, E. L. Crump, Eligio D. Cruz Jr., Chris Cruz, Richard Lee Cryberg, PhD, Robert D. Cryer, Billy Crynes, Tihamer Zoltan Csaky, MD, Gabriel Tibor Csanady, PhD, Andrew A. Cserny, PhD, Dezso L. Csizmadia, Alan L. Csontos, Zoltan Csukonyi, Tom E. Ctvrtnicek, Jose R. Cuarta Jr., W. D. Cubbedge, William B. Cubbedge, Professor Cubre, Matteo A. Cucchiara, Donald C. Cuccia, MD, James J. Cudahy, Jerry Ferdinand Cuderman, PhD, Donald Cudmore, Donald F. Cue, Donald A. Cuervo, Alfred G. Cuffe, Hongjuan Cui, PhD, Larry D. Culberson, PhD, Samuel F. Culberson, John Robert Culbert, Verne L. Culbertson, William K. Culbreth, Marsha L. Culbreth, John J. Culhane, Chris A. Cull, Charles C. Cullari, Arthur G. Cullati, PhD, William Craig Cullen, PhD, William M. Cullen, Stephen L. Cullen, John S. Cullen, Donald M. Culler, Floyd Leroy Culler, Peter A. Culley, A. S. Cullick, PhD, Harry Cullinan, PhD, John Cullom, Murl F. Culp, Robert D. Culver, Ray Culver, Peter M. Cumbie, PhD, Peter L. Cumerford, Reid M. Cuming, David Cummings, PhD*, John Cummings, Russell E. Cummings, Richard A. Cummings, Bradford C. Cummings, Donald E. Cummings, Richard Williamson Cummins, PhD, Kenneth D. Cummins, Richard A. Cundiff, Tom Cundiff, Robert A. Cuneo, Wolney C. Cunha, Edoardo S. Cuniberti, Robert P. Cunkelman, Lawrence E. Cunnick, John Hicdford Cunniff, Gregory N. Cunniff, John E. Cunningham, PhD, Howard Cunningham, PhD, R. Walter Cunningham, PhD, Joseph A. Cunningham, MD, David C. Cunningham, A. Cunningham, Ralph L. Cunningham, Daniel J. Cunningham III, Robert William Cunny, Ronald E. Cunzenheim, Michael A. Cuocolo Jr., J. William Cupp, PhD, Gary Monroe Cupp, Gene L. Curen, Harvey D. Curet, Thomas Curin, PhD, Peter A. Curka, MD, Frederick D. Curkeet, Clarence L. Curl, Thomas John Curphey, PhD, Walter E. Currah, John T. Curran, Francis M. Curran, Ira B. Current, James L. Current, William S. Currie, Bruce A. Currie, Tom P. Currie, William Wesley Currier, PhD, Edwin L. Currier, Robert L. Curruthers Jr., Thomas Fortsen Curry, PhD, William Hirst Curry, PhD, Peter J. Curry, Harold B. Curry, Janet C. Curry, Bobby L. Curry, Gene Curry, Timmy F. Curry, Ricky E. Curry, Frazier Curt, MD, Maria A. Curtin, PhD, Stanley R. Curtis, Dewayne D. Curtis, Walter E. Curtis, Detlef K. Curtis, Damon R. Curtis, Fred W. Curtis Jr., Merlyn Curtis, Rankin A. Curtis, Stuart C. Curtis, M. L. Curtis, John W. Curtis, Jan Curtis, Chopin Cusachs, PhD, Louis Chopin Cusachs, PhD, Joseph A. Cusack, Charles E. Cusack Jr., Rosario E. Cushera, Bendit Cushman-Roisin, PhD, Kenneth H. Cusick, Donald F. Cuskelly, Michael S. Cuskelly, Herman C. Custard, PhD, Steven R. Custer, Mary J. Custer, John M. Cuthbert, Leonard Samuel Cutler, PhD, Ken E. Cutler, Robert C. Cutone, James R. Cutre, Stanley E. Cutrer, Theodore Wayne Cutshall, PhD, Alan Cutting, J. F. Cuttino, PhD, Charles Eugene Cutts, PhD, James M. Cutts, James M. Cutts, Aaron T. Cvar, George B. Cvijanovich, PhD, Robert C. Cyman, Burt L. St. Cyr, Walter J. Czagas, Joseph M. Czajka, Darisuz Czarkowski, PhD, Alan G. Czarkowski, John J. Czarniecki, James M. Czarnik, Lawrence B. Czech, Rita Czek, Thomas P. Czepiel, PhD, Donald W. Czubiak, Shannon Czysz

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers D

1,464 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Hugo C. da Silva, PhD, John W. Dabbs, PhD, George Clement Dacey, PhD, Dalcio Kisling Dacol, PhD, Steve L. Dacus, Frank J. Dadam, John A. Dady, George F. Daebeler, Jaak J. K. Daemen, PhD, Calvin Daetwyler, PhD, William J. Daffron, R. Dafoe, Allen F. Dageforde, Clark J. Daggs, Charles H. Daggs Jr., Himatlal B. Dagli, Vincent F. D'Agostino, Daniel P. Dague, Harry Martin Dahl, PhD, Roy E. Dahl, PhD, H. Douglas Dahl, PhD, Lowell C. Dahl, Gregory A. Dahlen, MD, Dirk A. Dahlgren, PhD, Duane C. Dahlgren, Robert S. Dahlin, PhD, Donald Albert Dahlstrom, PhD, Russell A. Dahlstrom, Donald D. Dahlstrom, MD, Kenneth R. Dahlstrom, Werner J. Dahm, PhD, Barton Eugene Dahneke, PhD, Raymond C. Daigh, Mark R. Daigle, Peter C. Daigle, Russell E. Dailey, W. V. Dailey, Jonathan H. Daines, MD, James Thomas Dakin, PhD, Alfred Dakrig, James Frederick Dalby, PhD, John Irvin Dale III, PhD, Thomas A. Dale, Anthony A. Dale, Tony Dale, James J. Dale, Glenn Hilburn Dale, Dennis J. Daleiden, Joseph S. D'Aleo, Richard Daley, PhD, Cameron H. Daley, James P. Daley, James M. Daley, William C. Daley, Joseph W. Dalley, PhD, John C. Dallman, PhD, Jesse Leroy Dally, PhD, John J. Dalnoky, Raphael D'Alonzo, PhD, Robert F. Dalpiaz, Carl W. Dalrymple, George F. Dalrymple, Charles Dalton, PhD, Harry P. Dalton, PhD, Lloyd R. Dalton, Jon P. Dalton, William Dalton, Ruth M. Dalton, MD, Michael Daly, PhD, Robert L. Daly, Kevin M. Daly, Paul D. Daly, Eugene J. Daly, Michael Daly, James U. Daly, Thomas J. Dalzell, Philip G. Damask, Heinz H. Damberger, PhD, Anthony D. D'Ambrosio, Hubert A. Dame, Theo C. Damen, Richard Aasen Damerow, PhD, Geoffrey Z. Damewood, Valeria Damiae, PhD, Marvin V. Damm, PhD, Henry J. Dammeyer, Dwight Hills Damon, PhD*, George Damon, PhD, Edward George Damon, PhD, Robert Arthur Damon, PhD, Patricia Ann D'Amore, PhD, Edward Dana, Jerome Samuel Danburg, PhD, James F. Dancho, Balkrishna S. Dandekar, PhD, Bao D. Dang, Rocco N. Dangelo, Andrew W. Dangelo, Richard M. Dangelo, Adam S. Daniec, Charles Dwelle Daniel, PhD, Walter E. Daniel, PhD, Thomas W. Daniel Sr., Madge C. Daniel, William E. Daniel, Ernest F. Daniel, MD, Frank N. Daniel, Wayne E. Daniel, Charles A. Daniel, Stephen R. Daniel, Scott Daniel, Anders P. Daniels, PhD, Jerry Daniels, PhD, Jess Donald Daniels, PhD, Warren Daniels, Anne F. Daniels, Charlie E. Daniels, James R. Daniels, Fred J. Daniels Jr., Wayne Daniels, Ned R. Daniels, Heather M. Daniels, Roy W. Danielsen, John T. Danielson, PhD, Richard John Danke, PhD, D. Dankel, Henry D. Dankenbring, Edwin M. Danks, Henry W. Danley, William M. Danley, Eugene F. Dannecker, William R. Dannels, Professor Dannenberg, PhD, Jerry Danni, Raisfeld I. Danse, S. Dantiki, PhD, Victro M. Danushevsky, PhD, Paul R. Danyluk, Matthew A. Danza, Morris Juda Danzig, PhD, Moh Daoud, Zafar I. Dar, DVM, Fred Darady, Joseph Branch Darby Jr., PhD, Nicholas Darby, PhD, Ronald Darby, PhD, Joe E. Darby, Colgate W. Darden, PhD, Joe S. Darden, Frank Darden, Leo G. Darian, Jayant J. Darji, Jean H. Darling, MD, Eugene Merrill Darling Jr., Forrester B. Darling, Ray L. Darling Jr., David H. Darling, MD, Ralph E. Darling, DVM, Henry T. Darlington, Albert N. Darlington, Gary L. Darnsteadt, Russ C. Darr, Bradley Darr, Rodney C. Darrah, Michael J. Darre, PhD, Eugene A. Darrow, Jose Joaquim Darruda, PhD, Joseph E. Darsey, L. R. Dartez Jr., Robert Darveaux, PhD, Dean Daryani, Kaz Darzinskis, Hriday Das, PhD, Jagdish C. Das, Baldev B. Das, MD, Ellen S. Dashefsky, DVM, Marie E. Dasher, Edward Daskam, Harold Datfield, Renato O. Dato, Tony Dau, Clarence Theodore Daub, PhD, Wes R. Daub, Charles R. Daub, Phillip D. Dauben, Pierre H. Dauby, PhD, Robert F. Dauer, Roger A. Daugherty, Shawn P. Daugherty, Thonet Charles Daughine, William E. Dauksch, Arthur A. Daush, Bruce R. Dausman, Dennis J. Dautreuil, Rodnoosh R. Davari, Lee Losee Davenport, PhD, Thomas L. Davenport, PhD, Charlie R. Davenport, Marion E. Davenport, Howard C. Davenport, Jay C. Davenport, J. Marshall Davenport, George F. Davenport, Gregory W. Daves, Donald J. David, PhD, Moses M. David, PhD, Edward Emil David Jr., PhD, Jeff David, Julian Davidson, PhD, Lynn Blair Davidson, PhD, Donald Davidson, PhD, James M. Davidson, PhD, David G. Davidson, DVM, James H. Davidson, Kenton T. Davidson, Donald D. Davidson, Clayton L. Davidson, W. H. Davidson, MD, Cecil W. Davidson, Thomas Davidson, Mark A. Davidson, Don Davidson, Edward J. Davies, PhD, Harold William Davies, PhD, Chad Davies, PhD, Julian Anthony Davies, PhD, D. K. Davies, PhD, Emlyn B. Davies, PhD, William Davies, Kim B. Davies, Harold Davies, Frank W. Davies, Donald Echard Davis, PhD, Bruce W. Davis, PhD, Larry Alan Davis, PhD, John A. Davis Jr., PhD, Duanne M. Davis, PhD, Duane M. Davis, PhD, Shelley C. Davis, PhD, Harry Davis, PhD, James A. Davis, PhD, William Robert Davis, PhD, Thomas A. Davis, PhD, Herbert T. Davis, PhD, Raymond Davis, PhD, Francis Davis, PhD, Wallace Davis Jr., PhD, Montie G. Davis, PhD, Frances M. Davis, PhD, Wendell Davis, PhD, Joseph R. Davis, PhD, Robert Elliott Davis, PhD, Dick Davis, PhD, Gene Davis, Wilfred J. Davis, Allen S. Davis, James Ed Davis, Lester W. Davis, H. Turia Davis, Lawrence W. Davis, MD, James P. Davis, Harriette Davis, W. Kenneth Davis*, Daryl W. Davis, James L. Davis, Janice R. Davis, Abie C. Davis, Paul F. Davis, Kent R. Davis, Ralph Anderson Davis, Brent Davis, Don Davis, Sandra Davis, Nigel L. Davis, Warren B. Davis, Dana E. Davis, William F. Davis, John R. Davis Jr., Brian D. Davis, James H. Davis, MD, Mark Davis, Herbert G. Davis, Michael J. Davis, Kirk C. Davis, Mark Davis, Annita Davis, Theodore R. Davis, Donald J. Davis, D. K. Davis, Alfred Davis, James F. Davis, Leland P. Davis, Philip E. Davis, John Siv Davis, MD, William C. Davis, William H. Davis, Bruce E. Davison, Michael Davison, Murray Daw, PhD, James F. Dawe, DVM, Douglas A. Dawes, Barry G. Dawkins, DVM, Bonnie Dawley, Arthur Donovan Dawson, PhD, H. R. Dawson, PhD, Don F. Dawson, Harry F. Dawson, Robert C. Dawson, Harry H. Dawson, William W. Dawson, Dale E. Dawson, Wyatt W. Dawson Jr., Mike Dawson, Tom Dawson, Frank Robert Dax, Michael J. Day, PhD, William H. Day, PhD, Noorbibi K. Day, PhD, Reuben Alexander Day, PhD, Donal Forest Day, PhD, Robert D. Day, PhD, Ivana P. Day, PhD, Harry G. Day, Leroy Edward Day, Paul Day, Mike P. Day, D. M. Day, Charles Day, Daniel M. Dayton, Duke Dayton, William Daywitt, Albert Dazzo, Stephen Dazzo, Juan C. De Cardenas, Gilber De Cicco, Paul J. de Fries, Charles F. De Ganahl, Alain de La Chapelle, MD, Francisco Homero De La Moneda, PhD, Raul J. De Los Reyes, MD, Angelo De Min, H. A. De Mirjian, Eugene De Rose, PhD, James W. De Ruiter, Nixon de Tamowsky CSP, Anthony C. De Vuono, PhD, Frederik Willem De Wette, PhD, Gary M. De Winkle, David A. G. Deacon, PhD, John M. Deacon, Willett C. Deady, JoAnn Deakin, Stuart Deakin, Tom E. Deakin, Forest C. Deal Jr., PhD, Mark E. Deal, John A. Deal, David Lee Dean, PhD, Nathan W. Dean, PhD, Sheldon W. Dean Jr., PhD, Warren Edgell Dean, PhD, Charles W. Dean, Douglas L. Dean, Robert H. Dean, Lyndon L. Dean, David J. Dean, Ronald K. Dean, Robert J. Dean, MD, Robert E. Dean, John R. Dean, William D. Dean, Douglas A. Dean, Frederick H. Dean, Stanley Deans, PhD, Donald Deardorff, PhD, Charles W. Dearmon, Roy F. Dearmore, MD, Edward E. Deason, Michael L. Deason, DVM, James D. Deatherage, Philip M. Deatherage, MD, Bobby Charles Deaton, PhD, James H. Deaver, PhD, Roger J. Debaker, B. D. Debaryshe, Gerald A. Debeau, John W. Deberard, Joseph Deblassio, PhD, David R. Debo, H. M. DeBoe, Frank Deboer, PhD, Edward Dale Deboer, Charles Deboisblanc, Francis E. Debons, PhD, Daniel B. Debra, PhD, Robert E. DeBrecht, Tom V. Debrock, Ronald J. Debruin, Peter George Debrunner, PhD, Robert Joseph Debs, PhD, Ronald W. Decamp, Kenneth A. Decarolis, MD, Dennis B. Decator, Nancy E. Dechant, Mark E. DeCheck, Anthony A. Dechiara, Samuel J. 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Donovan, PhD, Sandra Steranka Donovan, PhD, Kiernan O. Donovan, Terry W. Donze, Gerald R. Dooher, MD, Thomas P. Dooley, PhD, David L. Dooley, Mark C. Dooley, Robert F. Doolittle, PhD, Barbara B. Doonan, PhD, Harold E. Doorenbos, PhD, Mathilda Doorley, Alejandro M. Dopico, PhD, Billie G. Dopstauf, Frederick G. Doran, MD, Timothy B. D'Orazio, PhD, Timothy J. Dore, David C. Doreo, Patrick Dorgan, Kelly A. Doria, Charles P. Dorian, Guy H. Dority, PhD, Lowell C. Dorius, DVM, Nicholas M. Dorko, DVM, Jerome P. Dorlac, Bernhardt L. Dorman, PhD, Kenneth J. Dormer, PhD, Donald E. Dorney, C. Nelson Dorny, PhD, Wesley C. Dorothy, Ronald J. Dorovi, Weldon B. Dorris, Larry Dorris, John Dorsey, PhD, John B. Dorsey, Nirunjan K. Doshi, Eric Doskocil, PhD, Robert R. Dossett, William F. Dost Jr., Milos A. Dostal, PhD, William R. Dotson, Robert S. Dotson, Frank A. Dottore, Keith L. Doty, PhD, Robert W. Doty, PhD, W. D'Orville Doty, PhD, Daniel A. Doty, Leslie J. Doty, Nancy M. 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Duet, Loring Duff, John C. Duffey, William T. Duffy, PhD, Valerie B. Duffy, PhD, David R. Duffy, Terrance W. Duffy, Carl D. Dufner, Gene E. Dufoe, K. H. Dufrane, Edward T. Dugan, PhD, LeRoy Dugan, PhD, Marie Dugan, Sherman Dugan, Thomas A. Dugan, Doyle J. Dugan, Richard E. Dugan, Raymond J. Dugandzic, Paul N. Duggan, Jonathan DuHamel, Terry M. Duhon, Harold R. Duke, PhD, Genet Duke, PhD, Rod Duke, Donald T. Duke, William W. Duke, MD, Taylor Duke, Peter Paul Dukes, PhD, Gary Rinehart Dukes, PhD, David W. Dukes, Marilyn Duke-Woodside, MD, John Dulchinos, Norwood F. Dulin, William O. Dulling, William J. Dulude, Herbert M. Dumas, Thomas L. Dumler, Thomas E. Dumm, Robert L. Dumond, Alan Ronald Dump, Paul J. Dumser, Thomas J. Dumull, B. B. Dunagan, Samuel M. Dunaway Jr., Philip Gordon Dunbar, PhD, Samuel D. Dunbar, Charles Lee Duncan, PhD, Dean D. Duncan, PhD, Paul M. Duncan, C. M. Duncan III, Peter L. Duncanson, Raynor Duncombe, PhD, L. Jean Dunegan, MD, Lawrence A. Dunegan, MD, James M. Dunford, William S. Dunford, MD, Henry H. Dunham, PhD, Scott A. Dunham, Arnold N. Dunham, Warren Dunkel, James G. Dunkelberg, Charles F. Dunkl, PhD, Henry Francis Dunlap, PhD, H. F. Dunlap, PhD, John G. Dunlap, Duane F. Dunlap, Thomas G. Dunlap, David P. Dunlap, Cleo Dunlap, Roy L. Dunlap, Johnny L. Dunlap, R. C. Dunlap Jr., James A. Dunlop, Russell F. Dunn, PhD, Jim Dunn, PhD, Wade H. Dunn, PhD, Kevin M. Dunn, PhD, James R. Dunn, PhD, James R. Dunn, Raymond J. Dunn, Harold Dunn, Robert G. Dunn Jr., Donald C. Dunn, Larry Dunn, Linwood B. Dunn, Dale E. Dunn, Francis P. Dunn, James F. Dunn, Neil M. Dunn, MD, Michael J. Dunn, George Dunnavan, Leo P. Dunne, Nora E. Dunnell, R. E. Dunnells, James L. Dunnie, John Ray Dunning, PhD, Kenneth Laverne Dunning, PhD, Thomas G. Dunning, Wayne D. Dunshee, Donald John Duoziak, PhD, Roland R. Dupere, James D. Duppstadt, Donald B. Dupre, PhD, Henry J. Dupre, MD, William A. Dupree, Harry E. Duprey, Sidney J. Dupuy III, MD, Steven Jon Duranceau, PhD, William N. Durand, Thomas D. Durand, John R. Durant, MD, Frederick C. Durant III, John J. Durante, John Durbetaki, Dermot J. Durcan, John W. Duren, Jack D. Duren, Jack M. Durfee, Gregory A. Durffent, Scott N. Durgin, Marcus Durham, PhD, J. Durham, Lee G. Durham, MD, Travis K. Durham, James H. Durham, Mary A. Durick, Jamese Durig, PhD, John Durig, D. Durkee, PhD, Robin K. Durkee, Gordon B. Durnbaugh, Michael W. Durner, Paul G. Durr, James A. Durr, Sajiad H. Durrani, PhD, Sher M. Durrani, Mark W. Durrell, Jed E. Durrenberger, J. E. Durrenberger, Ray R. Durrett, MD, Henry W. Durrwachter, Kevin D. Durs, Dennis J. Duryea, John B. Duryea, Mark R. Dusbabek, Martin C. Dusel, Richard A. Dusenbery, PhD, Benny R. Dusenbery, James A. Dusenbury, Reginald W. Dusing, MD, William T. Dusterdick, Sophie A. Dutch, Allen L. Dutt, Professor Dutta, PhD, Chizuko M. Dutta, PhD, John A. Dutton, Ronald R. Dutton, Roger W. Dutton, D. Dutton, Granville Dutton, Julie A. Duty, PhD, Leonard A. Duval, James G. Duvall III, PhD, A. J. Duvall, James R. Duvall, Victor E. Duvall, Paul B. Duvall, Neil T. DuVernay, J. F. Duvivier, PhD, Jean Fernard Duvivier, Ernest John Duwell, PhD, James Philip Dux, PhD, Roger L. Duyne, PhD, W. P. Duyvesteyn, PhD, Arthur H. Dvinoff, PhD, Assaf J. Dvir, George J. Dvorak, PhD, Frank Arthur Dvorak, PhD, Thomas A. Dvorak, Harold Fisher Dvorak, Isaac Dvoretzky, PhD, Jack Dvorkin, PhD, Dushan Dvornik, PhD, Judith M. Dvorsky, Jeffrey L. Dwiggins, Fred P. Dwight, Julian Jonathan Dwornik, PhD, Francis Gerard Dwyer, PhD, Paul Dwyer, John D. Dwyer, MD, Michael Dwyer, Alan C. Dyar, Z'Bigniew W'Ladyslaw Dybczak, PhD, Clifford Dean Dybing, PhD, David L. Dye, PhD, Denzel Leroy Dyer, PhD, Walter R. Dyer, PhD, Lawrence D. Dyer, PhD, George O. Dyer, Steven Dyer, Robert L. Dyer, A. F. Dyer, Stephen M. Dyer, DVM, Owen W. Dykema, Lawrence G. Dykers, James P. Dykes, C. Dykstra, PhD, J. Robert Dynes, PhD, Freeman John Dyson, T. Dzik, PhD, Philip J. Dziuk, PhD, John C. Dzurino

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Thomas W. E Jr., Joseph Jackson Eachus, PhD, Robert John Eagan, PhD, J. T. Eagen, Joe R. Eagleman, PhD, Donald G. Eagling, Bertram E. Eakin, PhD, Wayne F. Eakins, Ted Earle, James B. Earle, O. Keener Earle, Harold W. Earle, Russell E. Earle, Thomas Earles, Fred N. Earll, PhD, R. C. Earlougher Jr., PhD, R. C. Earlougher, Eugene F. Earp, Jimmy P. Easley, Francis J. Eason, MD, Hamel B. Eason, MD, Amy E. Eason, James R. Eason, Douglas A. East, PhD, Donald R. East, Tim E. Eastep, Eliot Knights Easterbrook, PhD, W. S. Easterling, PhD, Eric G. Easterling, Richard L. Easterwood, John T. Eastlick, Andrew L. Eastman, A. T. Easton, Robert H. Easton, Dwight Buchanan Easty, PhD, Philip Eugene Eaton, PhD, Thomas E. Eaton, PhD, Bruce P. Eaton, George W. Eaton Jr., John R. Eaton, James H. Eaton, Beecher C. Eaves, Earl A. Ebach, PhD, Gordon Eballardyce, Jared C. Ebbing, Kenneth K. Ebel, Dennis M. Eben, William E. Eberhardt, Donovan A. Eberle, Arthur C. Eberle, Gary Eberly, John R. Ebersberger, MD, H. Eberspacher, Jae Ebert, Richard J. Ebert, Floyd S. Eberts, PhD, Donald P. Ebright, Lawrence Thornton Eby, PhD, Charles J. Eby, PhD, Eric B. Eby, Bernard Ecanow, PhD, Charles Ecanow, PhD, Anita Eccles, Donald Eccleshall, PhD, Dana A. Echter, Richard Eck, Alieta Eck, MD, Joseph D. Eckard Jr., PhD, Donald D. Ecker, Teresa Ecker, Stanley R. Eckert, MD, Michael T. Eckert, Robert S. Eckles, Charles Eckman, Donald E. Eckmann, Jeffrey D. Eckstein, Paul F. Eckstein, Constantino Economos, PhD, James P. Edasery, PhD, Dale P. Eddy, Carrie M. Eddy, Dominic Gardiner Bowlin Edelen, PhD, Tom M. Edelman, Fred Edelman, Richard Carl Eden, PhD, W. Kent Eden, Jim Edgar, Charles K. Edge, PhD, Janes M. Edgecombe, William R. Edgel, PhD, Robert Flint Edgerton, PhD, Steve S. Edgerton, John M. Edgington, Don H. Edington, Allen Ray Edison, George Robert Edlin, PhD, James J. Edmier, Paul Edmiston, PhD, Dean Stockett Edmonds Jr., PhD, Harvey Lee Edmonds Jr., PhD, George F. Edmonds Jr., Stephen W. Edmondson, MD, Ronald K. Edquist, Peter J. Edquist, DVM, Paul R. Edris, Allan C. Edson, Dennis Dean Edwall, John A. Edward, Lay Edward Jr., J. Gordon Edwards, PhD, Eugene H. Edwards, PhD, David F. Edwards, PhD, Wilson R. Edwards, Robert L. Edwards, William R. Edwards, Julie A. Edwards, Marvin E. Edwards Jr., Charlie R. Edwards, Ronald L. Edwards, Charles N. Edwards, Brian Edwards, Joseph F. Edwards, Charles Edwards, Jozef W. Eerkens, PhD, Leo T. Effenberger, Maurice R. Egan, PhD, Howard L. Egan, PhD, Maurice R. Egan, PhD, Thomas B. Egan, Weldon T. Egan, MD, Martin D. Egan, Paul H. Egbers, Robert Egbers, Darryl J. Egbert, William Frederick Egelhoff, PhD, Jason Egelston, John Egenholf, PhD, Kenneth J. Eger, PhD, Carl Thomas Egger, PhD, James P. Egger, William C. Eggers, Donald A. Eggert, PhD, Peter Egli, Richard Egly, PhD, John P. Ehlen, Jeffrey A. Ehler, Kenneth Warren Ehlers, PhD, Keith Ehlert, Christine Ehlig-Economides, PhD, Steven M. Ehlinger, Warren R. Ehrhardt, C. D. Ehrhardt Jr., William D. Ehringer, PhD, Howard George Ehrlich, PhD, Paul Ewing Ehrlich, PhD, Robert Ehrlich, PhD, I. Robert Ehrlich, PhD, H. Paul Ehrlich, PhD, Linda L. Ehrlich, Saundra M. Ehrlich, Dion R. Ehrlich, Walter Eich, Robert E. Eichblatt, Robert Leslie Eichelberger, PhD, William H. Eichelberger, Peter B. Eichelberger, P. Eichenberger, Val L. Eichenlaub, PhD, Herbert H. Eichhorn, PhD, Jacob Eichhorn, PhD, Peter M. Eick, Donald I. Eidemiller, PhD, D. I. Eidemiller, PhD, Donald R. Eidemiller, Gerald I. Eidenberg, Geral Eidenberg, Edwin George Eigel Jr., PhD, Barry R. Eikmann, Dean L. Eiland, Keith W. Eilers, Douglas F. Eilerston, Gary L. Eilrich, PhD, Dean W. Einspahr, PhD, Kurt F. Eise, Paul J. Eisele, PhD, Herbert Louis Eiselstein, H. Richard Eisenbeis, PhD, William Anthony Eisenhardt Jr., PhD, George Eisenman, Esther B. Eisenstein, MD, George L. Eitel, David Eitman, Professor Ejire, PhD, Dedi Ekasa, Darrel Lee Eklund, PhD, Wayne G. Eklund, Jokomo A. Ekpaha-Mensah, PhD, James G. Ekstrand, J. David Ekstrum, Guindy Mahmoud Ismail El, PhD, Jack Gordon Elam, PhD, Kevin S. Elam, Dennis Eland, Richard Edward Elden, Robert L. Elder, Kenneth M. Eldred, David A. Eldredge Jr., Klaus Emil Eldridge, PhD, Stephen G. Eldridge, Bill F. Eldridge, Jack G. Elen, PhD, Jack R. Elenbaas, James Eley, PhD, Gabriel A. Elgavish, PhD, Rotem Elgavish, Tricia Elgavish, Stephen D. Elgin, MD, Sam Elhoe, Wm C. Elhoff, Cindy Eliahu, PhD, Uri Eliahu, Shalom K. Eliahu, Kendrick R. Eliar, PhD, Luis R. Elias, PhD, Hans George Elias, PhD, Thomas G. Elias, MD, Abdalla M. Elias, Emil Elinsky, John C. Elkin, Michael John Elkind, Rush E. Elkins, PhD, James Elkins, Bert V. Elkins, Lloyd E. Elkins Sr., Jesse G. Ellard, Chris S. Ellefson, Henry J. Ellenbast Jr., William J. Ellenberger, Richard I. Ellenbogen, MD, Arthur L. Eller, PhD, Sylvan D. Eller, Richard W. Eller, MD, Joseph A. Ellerbrock, David E. Ellermann, DVM, James H. Elleson, Michael J. Elli, Jules K. Ellingboe, Howard Lyman Ellinwood, PhD, M. Edmund Ellion, PhD, Douglas G. Elliot, PhD, D. Elliott, PhD, Bruce L. Elliott, PhD, Alice Elliott, PhD, Alice E. Elliott, PhD, Howard Clyde Elliott, PhD, Robert D. Elliott, David F. Elliott, John O. Elliott, Gary L. Elliott, Norma S. Elliott Jr., William H. Elliott Jr., W. S. Elliott, Lloyd S. Elliott, Rodger L. Elliott, Mark H. Elliott, John G. Elliott Jr., Robert W. Ellis, PhD, Paul John Ellis, PhD*, David Allen Ellis, PhD, Richard J. Ellis, PhD, Everett L. Ellis, PhD, Arthur F. Ellis, Scott Ellis, Gary M. Ellis, Frampton Ellis, James O. Ellis Sr., Andrew E. Ellis, Duane F. Ellis, Frank E. Ellis, MD, Robert S. Ellis, MD, Edison M. Ellis, Robert L. Ellis, Walter H. Ellis, David A. Ellis, James L. Ellis, William Theodore Ellison, PhD, Jim E. Ellison, Donald R. Ellison, Grover C. Ellisor, Simon Ellomary, MD, Hugh Ellsaesser, PhD, James C. Ellsworth, K. Donald Ellsworth, Don C. Ellsworth, Kevin L. Elm, Rodney Elmore, Rodney D. Elmore, Stanley M. Elmore, MD, Sandy Elms, Andy Elms, David A. Elrod, PhD, John Elsen, Shaker H. El-Sherbini, PhD, Ismat E. El-Souki, MD, R. Elswick, PhD, Lamont Eltinge, PhD, David J. Elton, PhD, Howard P. Elton, G. W. Elvernum, Sherif Elwakil, PhD, Frederick H. Elwell, Thomas C. Elwell, William K. Elwood, PhD, Gary M. Emanuel, George F. Emch, Edward Mortimer Emer, PhD, Donald Warren Emerich, PhD, Fred M. Emerich, DVM, George Emerle, Frank E. Emery, PhD, Louis Emery, PhD, Philip H. Emery Jr., PhD, Franklin T. Emery, PhD, Philip Anthony Emery, Cedric B. Emery, MD, Edgar G. H. Emery, Matt Emison, Thomas W. Emly, William G. Emmerling, John L. Emmerson, PhD, Calvin W. Emmerson, Thomas J. Emory, Richard F. Emslander, MD, Thomas H. Emsley, Jim L. End, Robert C. Ender, Gordon H. Enderle, Youichi Endo, PhD, Terry L. Endress, Nick Endrizzi, DVM, Norman Harry Enenstein, PhD, John W. Eng., PhD, Rodger K. Engebrethson, Adolph M. Engebretson, PhD, A. M. Engebretson, PhD, Mark Engebretson, William A. Engel, Richard J. Engel, Barry E. Engel, John J. Engel, MD, Ron J. Engel, Robert L. Engelbach, William J. Engelhard, Albert George Engelhardt, PhD, Raymond Engelke, PhD, Charles Edward Engelke, PhD, Alvin L. Engelke, Ron A. Engelken, DVM, L. R. Engelking, PhD, Franz Engelmann, PhD, Richard H. Engelmann, Edi K. Engeln, John E. Engelsted, PhD, Douglas M. Engh, MD, Wrms Engineering, John M. England, Gary L. England, Steve R. England, DVM, Newton England Jr., Glen B. Engle, Harold M. Engle, W. Engle, Larry R. Engle, Donald D. Engle, Mike S. Engle, Jack L. Engleman, Leon R. Engler, Charles F. Engles, Kenneth C. English, Robert W. English, John R. English, Arthur E. Englund, Grant A. Engstrom, David Engwall, PhD, Gerard J. Enigk, T. Enloe, Jack H. Enloe, David M. Enloe, Blair J. Enman, John Joseph Ennever, Robert J. Ennings Heinsohn, PhD, John Enns, PhD, Sarah Eno, PhD, Richard C. Enoch, James W. Enochs Jr., Richard A. Enos, Franklin Enrest, Dennis W. Enright, MD, Nancy Enright, Leonard E. Ensminger, PhD, Dale Ensminger, James E. Enstrom, PhD, Roger Charles Entringer, PhD, Lawson P. Entwhistle, Richard C. Entwistle, Bruce Enyeart, Professor Enyeart, J. Michael Enyedy, Jack F. Epley, Gilbert K. Eppich, Jay M. Eppink, Jeffrey F. Eppink, Richard A. Eppler, PhD, Thomas L. Eppler, PhD, Russ Eppright, PhD, George Epps, J. Michael Epps, Frederick B. Epstein, PhD, Seymour Epstein, PhD, Robert Allan Erb, PhD, James L. Erb, John K. Erbacher, PhD, Douglas J. Erbeck, PhD, William A. Erby, PhD, Dennis A. Erdman, George E. Erdman, Mark S. Erdman, Robert H. Erdmann, John F. Erdmann, Norman T. Erekson, PhD, Robert D. Erhardt Jr., Wallace J. Erichsen, Rick L. Ericksen, Nils C. Ericksen, Duane G. Erickson, PhD, John Gerhard Erickson, PhD, Harold P. Erickson, PhD, Richard R. Erickson, PhD, Jerry A. Erickson, PhD, Karl L. Erickson, PhD, Alfred A. Erickson, MD, Alexander Erickson, Larry R. Erickson, Curt Erickson, Al Erickson, Don J. Erickson, Richard N. Erickson, Joshua A. Erickson, Andy C. Erickson, Ted Erickson, Alvin J. Erickson Jr., Dale L. Erickson, DVM, Roger Erickstad, Roger Eriekson, Klaas Eriks, PhD, Jack A. Eriksen, John A. Eriksen, Jay Erikson, PhD, Jan Erikson, PhD, Mary Jane Erikson, Myriam R. Eriksson, Lars Eriksson, Carl Eriksson, Christine Erkkila, Paul McKillop Erlandson, PhD, Eric P. Erlanson, Martin J. Erne, George Ernst, PhD, F. H. Ernst Jr., MD, Charles M. Ernst, Paul Herman Ernst Meijer, PhD, Michael B. Erp, Richard F. Erpelding PC, PhD, Jeff H. Erquiaga, PhD, James Lorenzo Erskine, PhD, James E. Erskine, Christopher Erskine, Peggy R. Erskine, Robert H. Erskine, Michael J. Ertel, Paul S. Ervin, Laurie N. Ervin, Thomas M. Erwin, M. Frank Erwin, R. W. Erwin, Don R. Erwin, Brian D. Erxlebon, Ed Escallon, Louis James Esch, PhD, John T. Eschbaugh, Theodore Walter Esders, PhD, Brenda Eskelson, Levent Eskicakit, Rudy Eskra, Rudolph Eskra, Michael J. Eslick, John G. Esock 3rd, Rodney L. Eson, Ralph H. Espach, William R. Espander, PhD, E. Esparza, Lee M. Espelan, MD, Edward Bowman Espenshade, PhD, Ramon L. Espino, PhD, George Esquer, Terry Ess, Robert H. Essenhigh, PhD, John R. Esser, Alvin Essig, MD, Gustave Alfred Essig, Professor Estalote, PhD, Neal C. Estand, James Estep, PhD, Daniel Esterline, PhD, John H. Estes, PhD, Ronald L. Estes, Kenneth Eric Estes, Edward R. Estes Jr., Frances C. Esteve, Juliette A. Estevez, Jimmie L. Estill, Norman Frederick Estrin, PhD, Joseph J. Estwanik, MD, John J. Etchart, DVM, David P. Ethier, Charles P. Etling, Shanonn E. Etter, I. Nolan Etters, PhD, Bruce V. Ettling, PhD, Samuel E. Eubank, Kerry Eubanks, Steven P. Eudaly, Robert H. Eustis, PhD, William Henry Eustis, PhD, John R. Eustis, De James J. Evanoff, Clyde Edsel Evans, PhD, Marjorie W. Evans, PhD, Charles Andrew Evans, PhD, Albert Edwin Evans, PhD, Leonard Evans, PhD, Ralph Aiken Evans, PhD, Howard Edward Evans, PhD, Ben Edward Evans, PhD, Claudia T. Evans, PhD, David Hunden Evans, PhD, George W. Evans, Charles R. Evans, Daniel J. Evans, Ralph L. Evans, W. E. Evans, R. Evans, Roger W. Evans, MD, William Evans, Bradley Evans, MD, Marshall L. Evans, Glen A. Evans, Craig R. Evans, MD, George H. Evans, Beverly A. Evans, Kenneth R. Evans, James A. Evans, Charles R. Evans, Creed M. Evans, James Evans, MD, Thomas Walter Evans, Philip L. Evans, Charles B. Evavns, L. C. Evbers, Harmon Edwin Eveland, PhD, H. E. Eveland, PhD, Phyllis B. Eveleth, PhD, Thomas M. Even, F. Monte Evens, PhD, William Russell Everett, PhD, Ronald Everett, PhD, A. Gordon Everett, PhD, Robert W. Everett, PhD, Timsey L. Everett, Dale Everett, James Legrand Everett, Woodrow W. Everett, Keith A. Everett, Robert H. Everett, Robert Everett, Martin Edward Everhard, PhD, Donald Lough Everhart, PhD, John O. Everhart, Craig T. Evers, PhD, Craig T. Evers, PhD, Norm R. Every, Abraham Eviatar, MD, John M. Evjen, PhD, James M. Eways, Dabney M. Ewin, MD, Henry P. Ewing, PhD, Thomas C. Ewing, Ted H. Eyde, Richard Eyler, Eugene Henderson Eyster, PhD

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers F

1,120 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Brian K. Fabel, Clinton Faber, Herman A. Fabert Jr., Michael William Fabian, PhD, Thomas John Fabish, PhD, W. J. Fabish, Edward A. Fabrici, Leonard J. Facciani, Gary D. Facemyer, H. Facey, Joan H. Facey, Martin Fackler FACS, MD, James P. Fadden, Alexander Fadeev, PhD, William A. Fader, MD, Atir Fadhli, PhD, Eugene C. Fadler, Thomas Alan Fadner Sr., PhD, David M. Faehnle, David S. Fafarman, Joseph P. Fagan Jr., David Richard Fagerburg, PhD, Robert S. Fagerness, Dennis E. Fagerstone, Pamel F. Faggert, K. Marshall Fagin, Jack J. Fahey, Elizabeth W. Fahl, PhD, Gary A. Fahl, F. R. Fahland, Paul M. Fahlsing, Susan J. Fahlsing, Mostafa A. Fahmy, PhD, Fred W. Fahner, Stephen R. Fahnestock, PhD, Eric R. Fahnoe, William O. Fahrenbruck, Craig Fahrenburg, PhD, Carl Fahrenkrug, PhD, Carl Fahrenkrugh, Peter W. Failla, Thomas G. Fails, John C. Fair, PhD, James R. Fair, PhD, David R. Fair, Michael Fairbourne, Larry E. Fairbrother III, Jack Fairchild, PhD, Ken Paul Fairchild, Wayne Reynolds Faircloth, PhD, Raymond M. Fairfield, Frank G. Falco, Joe Falcone, PhD, Dennis A. Falgout, PhD, Alan L. Falk, Arthur C. Falkler, Clay E. Falkner, James L. Fallert, George Fallet, Steven L. Fallon, John B. Fallon, Peter M. Fallon, MD, Russell J. Fallon, Eric E. Fallstrom, Leonard S. Falsone, Daniel J. Faltermeier, Henry S. Famy, Howard Fan, PhD, Billy Don Fanbien, PhD, Donald Fancher, PhD, Robert E. Fankhauser, Ken Fann, David W. Fansler, Don J. Fanslow, PhD, Robert S. Fant, Amedeo Alexander Fantini, PhD, Steve Fanto, MD, Mark W. Fantozzi, Earl L. Farabaugh, Timothy Farage, Scott D. Farash, Phillip A. Farber, PhD, T. Farber, Michael A. Farge, Wells D. Fargo, Miguel A. Faria Jr., MD, Earl T. Faria Jr., Joseph A. Farinelli, Anthony L. Farinola, Robert H. Fariss, PhD, Marc W. Fariss, PhD, Robert L. Fark, Jim O. Farley, Charles Farley, Michael G. Farley, Lynda R. Farley, John M. Farley, Stanley D. Farlin, PhD, Clayton C. Farlow, Bruce Farlwald, Allan George Farman, PhD, W. Michael Farmer, PhD, Robert Farmer, Frank K. Farmer, Clarance S. Farmer, Ron Farmer, Gary Farmer, Mike Farmer, Gregory Farmer, B. L. Farmer, MD, Kenneth K. Farmer, Ollie J. Farnam, William S. Farneman, Frank Farnham, Milo M. Farnham, MD, Mark E. Farnham, MD, William Farnham, Christopher J. Farnie, Wells E. Farnsworth, PhD, Marjorie Whyte Farnsworth, PhD, Robert L. Farnsworth, Robert C. Faro, PhD, Michael Farona, PhD, Robert J. Farquharson, Charles H. Farr, PhD, Emory W. Farr, Gregory L. Farr, Pauline Farr, Jim Farr, MD, S. D. Farrar, David E. Farrell, PhD, Charles Farrell, PhD, Robert P. Farrell, William J. Farrell, MD, Eugene Patrick Farrell, Gregory A. Farrell, P. A. Farrell, Elnora A. Farrell, MD, David Farrell, Jason P. Farren, Jeff Farrer, PhD, William D. Farrington, Thomas Farrior, Richard J. Farris, PhD, Billie R. Farris, William Joseph Farrissey Jr., PhD, Royal T. Farrow, Donald D. Farshing, PhD, David G. Farthing, PhD, Robert William Farwell, PhD, George W. Farwell, PhD, David N. Fashimpaur, Raymond G. Fasiczka, PhD, Michael L. Fasnacht, Gerald N. Fassell, Arlo Wade Fast, PhD, James P. Fast, Clarence Robert Fast, Michael A. Faten, Dennis C. Fater, PhD, William F. Fathauer, MD, Charles Raymond Faulders, PhD, Mike D. Faulkenberry, David Faulkinberry, Alva R. Faulkner, Homer David Fausch, PhD, Maria Anna Faust, PhD, Claude Marie Faust, PhD, Ernest H. Faust Jr., Donald C. Faust, MD, Dennis A. Faust, Jerry W. Faust, S. R. Faust Jr., Ralph A. Favale, MD, Anthony John Favale, Felix Favorite, PhD, John R. Favorite, Carl H. Favre, Sherwood Luther Fawcett, PhD, Robert O. Fay, PhD, James K. Fayard, Karl C. Fazekas, MD, Raymond J. Fazzio, Paul D. Fear, James T. Fearnside, Gene Richard Feaster, PhD, Donald Featherman, Frank Hunter Featherston, PhD, C. Featherston, Donald P. Featherstone, Thomas V. Febbo, Roger Fedde, PhD, Henry A. Feddern, PhD, Jay M. Feder, MD, Jeanene L. Feder, Enrico Thomas Federighi, PhD, Leonid Z. Fedner, James Love Fedrick, PhD, A. N. Feelem, John C. Feeley, PhD, James F. Feeman, PhD, Robert D. Feeney, PhD, Daniel A. Feeney, DVM, Wayne D. Fegely, Charles E. Fegley 3rd, Charles J. Fehlig, Juergen A. Fehr, David A. Fehr, Mitchel D. Fehr, Duane D. Fehringer, Gary Z. Fehrmann, John D. Feichtner, PhD, Norman G. Feige, J. Roberto Feige, Abraham S. Feigenbaum, PhD, Merlin Feikert, Tom Feil, Michael B. Feil, Harvey L. Fein, PhD, Matthew Fein, George Feinbaum, MD, Paul M. Feinberg, PhD, Robert Feingold, Louis Feinstein, PhD, Jeff S. Feinstein, Robert Feisel, Eugene P. Feist, David M. Feit, Robert J. Felbinger, Walter C. Feld, Stuart R. Felde, Betty B. Feldman, Jean F. Feldman, DVM, Hank Feldstein, PhD, Leonard Samuel Feldt, PhD, Martin Felicita, W. Dale Felix, PhD, Thomas Felkai, David M. Felkner, Joe T. Fell, Keith Fellbaum, Archie D. Fellenzer Jr., David Feller, PhD, D. Feller, PhD, William John Felmlee, W. O. Felsman, Ronald L. Felsted, PhD, Mary K. Felsted, Gerald C. Felt, MD, John James Felten, PhD, V. Robert Feltin, Lorie M. Felton, Dean R. Felton, Charles P. Felton, MD, Zdenek F. Fencl, Steve Fenderson, Frederick P. Fendt, Robert Fenech, John B. Fenger, MD, Michael L. Fenger, Frederic L. Fenier, David Clarke Fenimore, PhD, Robert William Fenn, PhD, Edward L. Fennell, John L. Fennelly, John C. Fenoglio, Paul Roderick Fenske, PhD, V. Hayes Fenstermacher, Ronald W. Fenstermaker, Felix West Fenter, PhD, Donald Fenton, PhD, John W. Fenton II, PhD, Michael D. Fenton, PhD, John W. Fenton, Robert B. Fenwick, PhD, Imre M. Fenyes, MD, David L. Feray, Steven E. Ferdon, WJ Fergerson, Richard K. Fergin, PhD, Andrew J. Fergus, Donald N. Fergusen, Robert Fergusen, David B. Ferguson, PhD, Kenneth Edmund Ferguson, PhD, Courtney S. Ferguson, PhD, Rodney G. Ferguson, Chester G. Ferguson, MD, Linn D. Ferguson, Emmett B. Ferguson, MD, Roger Ferguson, D. Bryan Ferguson, John Ferguson, Howard Ferguson, Kenneth P. Ferguson, Herman White Ferguson, Albert B. Ferguson, MD, Dave D. Ferguson, Keith Ferguson, Joseph L. Ferguson, Robert B. Ferguson, Patrick J. Ferland, Richard L. Ferm, PhD, Louis R. Fermelia, Arthur Thomas Fernald, PhD, John H. Fernandes, PhD, James H. Fernandes, Verno Fernandez, PhD, Larry Fernandez, Rene Fernandez, Louis G. Fernbaugh, Eric V. Fernstrom, Michael W. Ferralli, PhD, Dino J. Ferralli, Steve Ferraro, William James Ferrell, PhD, Charles M. Ferrell, John M. Ferrell, MD, G. Ferrer, PhD, Karen Ferrer, PhD, Jorge M. Ferrer, Aldo Ferretti, PhD, Clinton S. Ferris Jr., PhD, Virginia Rogers Ferris, PhD, Craig Ferris, Robert J. Ferry, PhD, James W. Ferry, Stephen L. Ferry, Marion S. Ferszt, MD, William P. Fertall, William M. Fesenmaier, Brent Feske, PhD, William Andrew Fessler, PhD, Dale A. Fester, Paul A. Feszel, MD, Robert Henry Fetner, PhD, Eugene M. Fetner, Thomas H. Fett, Charles J. Fette, Brandon M. Fetterly, PhD, Edward Mackay Fettes, PhD, Kenneth G. Fettig, Kenneth A. Feucht, PhD, Robert M. Feuss, H. Richard Fevold, PhD, Mark E. Fey, John A. Feyk, Fred F. Feyling, Maj Virgil F. Ficarra, MD, Herbert John Fick, Carl L. Fick, Bruce Ficken, Robert H. Fickies, Joseph Fidley, PhD, Richard J. Fidsihum, Conrad William De Fiebre, PhD, Kenneth J. Fiedler, Thomas G. Field, PhD, Jack Field, PhD, Cyrus West Field, PhD, Ray A. Field, PhD, Mason D. Field, MD, Sam Field, Byron Dustin Field, Bradley J. Field, David E. Field, Scot N. Field, James Rodney Field, MD, Henry T. Fielding, Douglas Fields, PhD, William J. Fields, Franklin E. Fields, Carl E. Fielland, James R. Fienup, PhD, Joshua A. Fierer, MD, John Fierke, Dale H. Fietz, Donald L. Fife, Paul L. Figel, Tim Figgie, William Gutierrez Figueroa, MD, Rex N. Figy, MD, Harold D. Fikes, Anthony Salvatore Filandro, Roy H. Filby, PhD, Theodore H. Filer, PhD, Alexandra T. Filer, Tom Filesi, Daniel J. Filicicchia, Terence M. Filipiak, Terence M. Filiplak, Marion F. Filippone, Greg Filkovski, Albert J. Fill, Warren V. Filley, Mark Filowitz, PhD, Carmen Fimiani, PhD, Charles Richard Finch, PhD, R. D. Finch, PhD, David C. Finch, David F. Finch, Norton E. Fincher, Donald F. Fincher, Gary L. Findley, PhD, William E. Findley, Professor Findorff, Robert Findorff, D. Findorff, Quay G. Finefrock, Martin Finerty Jr., Alvin W. Finestone, MD, Robert D. Finfrock, Ronald L. Finger, James B. Fink, PhD, Joanne K. Fink, PhD, John Bergeman Fink, PhD, Richard P. Fink, Michael Fink, Reinald Guy Finke, PhD, Barney W. Finkel, MD, Burl M. Finkelstein, PhD, Paul Finkelstein, PhD, Joanna Finkelstein, Jerry Finkelstein, Theodore C. Finkemeier, Robert E. Finken, Robert G. Finkenaur, Charles W. Finkl Jr., PhD, Morris Dale Finkner, PhD, Peter Stevenson Finlay, PhD, James W. Finlay, MD, Rex G. Finley, Patricia Ann Finn, PhD, John Martin Finn, PhD, Frances M. Finn, PhD, Dennis C. Finn, William E. Finne, David Ray Finnell, Leonard W. Finnell, John C. Finneran Jr., Donald W. Finney Jr., Frederick T. Finnigan, Carl V. Finocchiaro, James Fiordalisi, PhD, William Louis Firestone, PhD, Ross Francis Firestone, PhD, David Allan Firmage, D. Allan Firmage, Harlan Irwin Firminger, MD, M. Firpo, Melvin William First, PhD, Arnold G. Fisch, Bryant C. Fischback, Stuart C. Fischbeck, David Fischel, PhD, Dwayne F. Fischer, PhD, Eugene Charles Fischer, PhD, Leon Fischer, PhD, Patrick Carl Fischer, PhD, Roland C. Fischer, Robyn Fischer, Joseph W. Fischer, MD, Grahme P. Fischer, Robert P. Fischer, Grace Mae Fischer, David C. Fischetti, John Fischley, Steve Fiscor, Bruce Fiscus, Ira B. Fiscus, Ferol F. Fish, PhD, Wayne W. Fish, PhD, G. L. Fish, Raymond F. Fish, Elson Fish, Gordon H. Fish, Roger W. Fish, J. W. Fishback II, Gerald R. Fishe, Ken W. Fishel, William G. Fisher, PhD, Kathleen Mary Flynn Fisher, PhD, George H. Fisher, PhD, Philip C. Fisher, PhD, John Berton Fisher, PhD, Douglas A. Fisher, PhD, Donald Fisher, Russell L. Fisher, MD, Charles H. Fisher, MD, John C. Fisher, William R. Fisher, MD, Reed Edward Fisher, William B. Fisher, MD, Edward W. Fisher, Fred Fisher, Stephen D. Fisher, Lee H. Fisher, MD, T. Burnet Fisher, Robert D. Fisher, MD, John I. Fisher, James Fisher, Martin C. Fisher, Richard Harding Fisher, MD, Arthur F. Fishkin, PhD, William M. Fishman, PhD, Lanny Fisk, PhD, John D. Fisk, MD, Glenn D. Fisseler, Jeremy W. Fitch, Richard A. Fitch, David C. Fitch, William W. Fitchett Jr., Wade L. Fite, PhD, Edward L. Fitezmeyer Jr., Don E. Fitts, Travis G. Fitts Jr., J. Ed Fitzgerald, PhD, Maurice E. Fitzgerald, PhD, Robert T. Fitzgerald, MD, Gregory N. Fitzgerald, Mark R. Fitzgerald, MD, Trevor Fitzgerald, Peter A. Fitzgerald, Marlon R. Fitzgerlad, Thomas P. Fitzmaurice, William J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, James L. Fitzpatrick, Donna Fitzpatrick, Hugh Michael Fitzpatrick, John W. Fitzpatrick, Nancy Deloye Fitzroy, James W. Fitzsimmons, MD, Delbert Dale Fix, PhD, Henry J. Fix, Richard H. Fixler, Richard H. Fixott, Loren W. Fizzard, Klaus Werner Flach, PhD, Werner E. Flacke, MD, Lavern J. Flage, MD, Robert F. Flagg, PhD, John Ferard Flagg, PhD, Emalee G. Flaherty, MD, Carl W. Flammer, Bruce Flanders, PhD, Gary A. Flandro, PhD, Michael J. Flanigan, David L. Flannery, PhD, Raymond J. Flasck, MD, Adrian Ede Flatt, PhD, C. D. Flatt, Eugene Flaumenhaft, PhD, Eugene Flaumenhaft, PhD, Stephen Wayne Flax, PhD, Russell W. Flax, Wolfgang H. Fleck, Eugene L. Fleeman, R. M. Fleig, Henry P. Fleischer, Horacio S. Fleischman, MD, Charles W. Fleischmann, PhD, Lewis W. Fleischmann, Alison A. Fleming, PhD, K. Fleming, PhD, Bruce Ingram Fleming, PhD, Julius Fleming, Peter A. Fleming, MD, Clarence W. Fleming, Fred F. Fleming Jr., Harry Fleming, Donald E. Fleming, Joseph H. Flesher, Jeffrey S. Flesher, Alvin R. Flesher, John Edward Fletcher, PhD, Thomas H. Fletcher, PhD, Donald R. Fletcher, Carolyn R. Fletcher, DVM, Dean G. Fletcher, James L. Fletcher Jr., James R. Fletcher Jr., Raymond E. Fletcher, Scott J. Fletcher, Oren S. Fletcher, William J. Flick, Stuart Flicker, Robert Flicker, Carl E. Flinkstrom, John L. Flint, William T. Flis, Richard Kirby Flitcraft II, M. R. Flitcraft, James L. Flocik, John R. Floden, Harold W. Flood, Tommie E. Flora, Jose Flores, PhD, Richard J. Flores, John A. Flores, Dagne Lu Florine, PhD, Leon Walter Florschuet, PhD, Nancy Flournoy, PhD, Robert Wilson Flournoy, PhD, Terrence F. Flower, William H. Flowers, PhD, G. Craig Flowers, PhD, Daniel Fort Flowers, PhD, G. Flowers, PhD, Donald H. Flowers, David Flowers, Joseph Calvin Floyd, PhD, Paul H. Floyd, John C. Floyd, Monroe H. Floyd, Jay E. Floyd, Lowell R. Flud, Ken Flurchick, PhD, David A. Flusche, Jack Fly, Melton L. Fly, John Flynn, Timothy A. Focht, Anthony Foderaro, PhD, George E. Fodor, PhD, Edward Gotthard Foehr, PhD, John D. Foell, Gary R. Foerster, Richard E. Foerster, Gerald W. Foess, PhD, Michael A. Fogarty, Steven T. Fogel, MD, Irving M. Fogel, Peter John Fogg, PhD, Paul C. Fogle, James H. Fogleman, MD, Timothy Fohl, PhD, Eugene J. Fohr, Robert Rodney Foil, PhD, James L. Folcik, William M. Foley, PhD, Jeffrey Y. Foley, Jay E. Foley, Thomas P. Foley, James F. Foley, Peter J. Foley, Aileen M. Foley, John E. Folk, PhD, Robert E. Folker, Jay Ernest Folkert, PhD, John H. Folliott, Paul D. Folse, Charles T. Folsom, MD, Eldon Leroy Foltz, MD, David C. Foltz, Paul V. Fonnesbeck, PhD, Candido F. Font, Marc F. Fontaine, PhD, James S. Fontaine Jr., Darryl Fontaine, MD, Martin M. Fontenot, Herman J. Fonteyne, Robert Young Foos, DVM, W. Darrell Foote, PhD, Wilford Darrell Foote, PhD, Michael J. Foote, Anderson M. Foote 3rd, Roger A. Foote, K. Randy Foote, R. S. Foote, Jack G. Foote, Robert S. Foote, Michael Shepard Forbes, PhD, Allan L. Forbes, MD, Robert T. Forbes, Phillip Forbes, Dale Force, Branka P. Ford, PhD, Thomas Aven Ford, PhD, Dwain Ford, PhD, Clarence Q. Ford, PhD, Robert F. Ford, PhD, J. Ford, PhD, George E. Ford, PhD, Roger G. Ford, PhD, Jon R. Ford, William R. Ford, MD, Donald P. Ford, MD, George H. Ford, Kenneth B. Ford, William R. Forder, James Lynn Fordham, Edmund H. Fording Jr., Samuel W. Fordyce, Steve Fordyce, Jane A. Fore, William F. Foreman, Gary L. Foreman, John W. Foreman, Edward Forest, PhD, Robert T. Forest, Paul L. Forester, Marcial D. Forester, James M. Forgotson, PhD, Mary R. Forintos, William M. Forman, John Forman, Eugene Joseph Fornefeld, PhD, Bill E. Forney, Albert J. Forney, Charles J. Forquer, Richard E. Forrest, DVM, R. C. Forrester 3rd, PhD, William R. Forrester, Bobby Forrester, Gary E. Forristall, Robert R. Forsberg, Eric N. Forsberg, Ingemar Bjorn Forsblad, PhD, Harold K. Forsen, PhD, David Wallace Forslund, PhD, Marion Edwin Forsman, PhD, Denis Forster, PhD, Michael J. Forster, PhD, John C. Forster, Clifford J. Forster, John Wiley Forsyth, PhD, Richard Hamilton Forsythe, PhD, Dennis Martin Forsythe, PhD, Mark A. Forte, Walter R. Fortner, Mark B. Fosberg, DVM, Joseph E. Foss, Brandon A. Foss, Dennis Fost, PhD, Robert John Foster, PhD, Irving S. Foster, PhD, Fess Foster, PhD, Mac Foster, PhD, Helen L. Foster, PhD, Edwin P. Foster, PhD, Gerald Foster, PhD, Walter E. Foster, PhD, Donald Myers Foster, PhD, A. Gerald Foster, PhD, Norman Charles Foster, PhD, D. R E M Foster, PhD, Philip C. Foster, John A. Foster, Norman G. Foster, Rob Foster, Robert G. Foster, Randall C. Foster, Robert Middleton Foster, MD, James L. Foster Jr., C. R. Foster, Randall R. Foster, J. S. Foster, Daniel P. Foty, PhD, Daniel Foty, Doyle F. Fouquet, Henry E. Fourcade, MD, Raymond A. Fournelle, PhD, George E. Fournier, Don Fournier, Douglas J. Fouts, PhD, Gene P. Fouts, Thomas L. Fowke, Elliott J. Fowkes, PhD, Frank Cavan Fowler, PhD, Eric Beaumont Fowler, PhD, Mark Fowler, Gary D. Fowler Jr., Carl A. Fowler, Christopher H. Fowler, Leon L. Fowler, John Greg Fowler, Mike Fowler, Louis H. Fowler, Grant Robert Fowles, PhD, Deon T. 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Frank, Charles E. Frank, Michael Frank, MD, R. S. Frank, Anne Frank, Donald A. Frank, MD, Lowell Frank, Steve Frankamp, Gordon R. Franke, PhD, Richard M. Franke, Rebecca Franke, George E. Franke, Milton C. Franke, Julian Myron Frankenberg, PhD, William Frankl, MD, Maynard K. Franklin, Rudolph M. Franklin, Myles A. Franklin, Julian R. Franklin, Dorothea Zucker Franklin, MD, James M. Franklin, Norbert W. Franklin, David E. Franklin, Homer Franklin Jr., Bill Franklin, Neal Edward Franks, PhD, Larry D. Franks, Andrew P. Franks, Ronald D. Franks, Edwin R. Franks, MD, William E. Franswick, Martin S. Frant, PhD, Douglas Frantz, Andrew Gibson Frantz, MD, Bruce Frantz, Warren L. Franz, PhD, Gunter Norbert Franz, PhD, Melvin H. Franzen, Peter M. Franzese, Daniel W. Frascella, PhD, Lewis G. Frasch, Margaret Shirley Fraser, PhD, Donald M. Fraser, MD, Harry D. Frasher, Joseph C. Fratantoni, Arnold C. Frautnick, Anthony D. Frawley, PhD, Nile Nelson Frawley, PhD, Frank E. Frawley Jr., R. Thomas Frazee, James W. Frazell, Charles W. Frazell, Marshall Everett Frazer, PhD, S. Frazier, PhD, Stephen Earl Frazier, PhD, Randy E. Frazier, James E. Frazier, William R. Frazier, Don W. Frazier, Richard R. Frazier, George E. Frazier, Vincent I. Frazzini, Andrew M. Freborg, Andrew W. Frech, Richard J. Frechette, August R. Freda, PhD, E. L. Freddolino, Robert C. Frederich, Karen S. Frederich, Raymond Frederici, Lloyd R. Frederick, PhD, Robert S. Frederick, PhD, Ryan D. Frederick, David M. Frederick, DVM, Richard C. Frederick, MD, Glenn C. Frederick, Daniel Frederick, Henry E. Fredericks, Arnold E. Fredericksen, Chris Frederickson, PhD, Bernard. A. Free, Allan L. Freedy, Max Freeland, PhD, Reese L. Freeland, Wallace L. Freeman, PhD, Walter J. Freeman, MD, Matt J. Freeman, Reola L. Freeman, William E. Freeman, Al A. Freeman, Ernest Robert Freeman, Jack C. Freeman, Johnny A. Freeman, Burlin E. Freeze, Walter Frederick Freibeage, PhD, Walter Freiberge, PhD, Anton Freihofner, Thomas V. Freiley, Emil J. Freireich, James Harold Freisheim, PhD, Daniel S. Freitas, Stephen M. Fremgen, Benjamin D. Fremming, Benjamin Dweitt Fremming, Benjamin D. Fremming, Kenneth W. French, PhD, Samuel E. French, PhD, Kenneth A. French, PhD, William S. French, PhD, Jeffrey W. French, Scott French, L. L. French, Melvin Frenzel, David C. Fresch, Michael Frese, PhD, George M. Frese, Donley D. Freshwater, Roman D. Fresnedo, PhD, Melchior Freund*, Donald Nelson Frey, PhD, Dean R. Frey, James L. Frey, MD, Robert L. Frey Sr., Professor Frey, Wilfred Lawson Freyberger, Robert Edsel Friar, PhD, Billy W. Friar, PhD, Carlos Wayne Frick, Arthur Lee Fricke, PhD, Edwin Francis Fricke, PhD, Arthur L. Fricke, PhD, Tim F. Friday, Marion T. Friday, John Albert Fridy, PhD, H. Friedemann, Gilbert Friedenreich, Gilbert Friedenreich, Hanna Friedenstein, Jim Friederick, Alfred E. Friedl, Joe Friedlander, Miriam F. Friedlander, MD, Larry S. Friedline, Raymond Friedman, PhD, Peter Friedman, PhD, Gerald M. Friedman, PhD, Herbert Friedman, PhD, Serena M. Friedman, MD, Melvin Friedman, Pete G. Friedman, Joes R. Friedman, Herbert C. Friedmann, PhD, Jerry F. Friedner, Inge Friedrich, MD, Gary S. Friehauf, S. Scott Frielander, Dale J. Friemoth, Gary W. Friend, Andrew R. Frierdich, Dwayne T. Friesen, PhD, Profeesor Friess, Hilda K. Frigic, Charles Richard Frink, PhD*, Robert O. Frink, Walter L. Frisbie, H. Howard Frisinger, PhD, Thomas W. Fritchek, Earl E. Fritcher, Harry Kier Fritchman, PhD, William R. Fritsch, J. M. Fritschy, Gerald E. Fritts, Wesley Fritz, PhD, Karl J. Fritz, PhD, George M. Fritz, Alfred Keith Fritzsche, PhD, Charles W. Frobese, Dan C. Frodge, Herman F. Froeb, MD, Gerhard J. Frohlich, PhD, Francis R. Frola, Ron Frola, Herbert Farley Frolander, PhD, Norm Froman, Charles W. Fromen, David Fromson, PhD, U. George Frondorf, H. Robert Froning, PhD, Glenn Wesley Froning, Roger J. Froslie, Arthur Atwater Frost, PhD, John E. Frost, PhD, Richard L. Frost, PhD, Charles W. Frost, Wade J. Frost, L. W. Frowbridge, PhD, S. W. Fruehling, Charles M. Fruey, David H. Fruhling, Si Frumkin, Charles Fry, PhD, Meredith W. Fry, Eric Fry, Ronald S. Fry, Bret A. Fry, William K. Fry, Keith Frye, PhD, James H. Frye, MD, Charles S. Frye, C. Sherman Frye, Wilton B. Fryer, Frank D. Fryer, George Fryzelka, Philip L. Fuchs, PhD, Maryann C. Fuchs, Alfred E. Fuchs, Rodney G. Fuchs, Robert F. Fudali, PhD, Ralph Fudge, Michael L. Fudge, Higinio J. Fuentes, Paul F. Fuglevand, Robert Fugrer, Clark H. Fuhlage, Frederick A. Fuhrman, PhD, Robert Alexander Fuhrman, Paul Fuierer, PhD, Masanobu R. Fujioka, Suzanne M. Fujita, Norihiko Fukuta, PhD, Dale E. Fulcher, Roland Charles Fulde, PhD, Wm. Terry Fuldner, Robert S. Fulghum, PhD, Forst Donald Fuller, PhD, Ed D. Fuller, Willard P. Fuller Jr., Roger D. Fuller, Elisha J. Fuller, Julie Fuller, Thomas R. Fuller, Charles L. Fuller, Ron Fuller, Charles S. Fullgraf, PhD, Gary Fullington, Robert Louis Fullman, PhD, Charles V. Fulmer, PhD, Michael S. Fulp, Robert B. Fulton, PhD, Robert Watt Fulton, PhD, George P. Fulton, Bob W. Fulton, Dennis Light Funck, PhD, Aaron E. Fundich, Shun Chong Fung, PhD, Stephen L. Funk, William R. Funk, Stephen E. Funkhauser, S. Funkhouser, PhD, Nelson M. Funkhouser, Lawrence W. Funkhouser, Lyle E. Funkhouser, Rene G. Fuog, Harold R. Fuquay, Francis S. Furbish, PhD, Alan D. Fure, Lloyd C. Furer, PhD, Joseph T. Furey, Terry L. Furgiuele, Clark W. Furlong, Herbert J. Furman, Robert Howard Furman, MD, Joseph E. Furman, MD, Thomas C. Furnas, PhD, David William Furnas, MD, Blair O. Furner, Charles P. Furney Jr., Richard T. Furr, MD, Samuel T. Furr, James B. Furrh Jr., Gabriel C. Fusco, PhD, Dionel Fuselier, Nelson Fuson, PhD, Ronald M. Fussell, Floyd Fusselman, Dennis J. Fuster, Mary Feltner Futrell, PhD, John F. Fuzek, PhD

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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1,594 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Steven Alexander Gaal, PhD, P. S. Gaal, PhD, Peter Gaal, George Gabanski, George Gabanski, Sabit Gabay, PhD, Irwin M. Gabay, MD, Fletcher Gabbard, PhD, F. Gabbard, PhD, Connie Gabel, PhD, Richard A. Gabel, PhD, Ron Gabel, Ronald M. Gabel, Morris L. Gabel, John W. Gabelman, PhD, William A. Gabig, Robert Earl Gabler, Jerry D. Gabriel, John C. Gabriel, Michael T. Gabrik Jr., Leo H. Gabro, Michael E. Gaddis, Dean E. Gaddy, Frank L. Gaddy, Charles Gades, Jim Gadwood, Richard A. Gaebel, Theodore H. Gaeddert Jr., Neil A. Gaeta, Lanelle Guyton Gafford, PhD, John Gaffrey, Frederick Worthington Gage, Steven R. Gage, James R. Gage, Richard A. Gaggioli, PhD, Richard A. Gagglioli, PhD, John Gagliano, L. John Gagliardi, PhD, Joe Gagliardi, Lorenzo A. Gaglio, Christopher P. Gagne, Thomas R. Gagnier, Robert A. Gahl, Arnold R. Gahlinger, A. Gahr, PhD, Wayne R. Gahwiller, Gilbert O. Gaines, Tinsley Powell Gaines, Will Gaines, MD, John Gaither, Bruce E. Gaither, Douglas Gaither, George Gal, PhD, Maria I. Galaiko, Louis Galan, Gustavo E. Galante, MD, Eugene H. Galanter, PhD, Thomas R. Galassi, John R. Galat, Joseph W. Galate, Robert G. Galazin, Quentin Galbraith, R. Gale, PhD, Harold Walter Gale, PhD, Roy M. Gale, Charles O. Gale, Joseph Galeb, PhD, John C. Galen, William George Galetto, PhD, Louis M. Galie, Chrisitna A. Galindo, Donald Alan Gall, PhD, Stanley A. Gall, MD, John H. Galla, MD, Heather Gallacher, PhD, James A. Gallagher, PhD, Joan S. Gallagher, PhD, John Gallagher, PhD, Frank P. Gallagher, Gregory W. Gallagher, Donald L. Gallaher, A. Ronald Gallant, PhD, Robert M. Gallen, Peter E. Galli, Richard D. Galli, Paul Galli Jr., John P. Gallien, Charles O. Gallina, PhD, Roger W. Gallington, PhD, Anthony Gallo, Franics M. Gallo, Darrell L. Gallop, PhD, Ethan Charles Galloway, PhD, Bob S. Galloway, Charles R. Galloway, William A. Gallus Jr., PhD, William A. Gallus, Yakob V. Galperin, PhD, Boris Galperin, PhD, Richard E. Galpin, Anthony J. Galterio, Patrick S. Galuska, Pat Galuska, Marcus J. Galvan, Gary L. Galyardt, Kurt Gamara, PhD, David Gambal, PhD, Rosa M. Gambier, PhD, Harold D. Gambill, MD, James J. Gambino, B. M. Gamble, Michael L. Gamblin, Mario R. Gamboa, Ornald L. Gambrell, Gerard C. Gambs, Theo H. Gammel, Kurt E. Gamnra, PhD, Bernard William Gamson, PhD, Luis A. Ganaja, Perry S. Ganas, PhD, Donald J. Gandenberger, Harendra Sakarlal Gandhi, PhD, Shirish M. Gandhi, Charles L. Gandy, Harvey M. Gandy, Daniel G. Ganey, A. K. Ganguly, PhD, Mary Carol Gannon, PhD, Joseph E. Gannon, Dennis S. Gannon, Stephen J. Ganocy, Carl Ganseivity, Clark W. Gant, Roy E. Gant, Joseph E. Gantz, Bobby R. Ganus, Tony S. Gaoiran, Richard J. Garbacik, Scott Garbarino, Carl W. Garbe, Richard Hammerle Garber, PhD, Floyd Wayne Garber, PhD, Allen J. Garber, S. Paul Garber, Monique M. Garbowicz, William Lee Garbrecht, PhD*, George F. Garcelon, Alejandro Garcia, PhD, Rafael Garcia, PhD, Hector D. Garcia, PhD, Celso-Ramon Garcia, MD, Gerard G. Garcia, C. M. Garcia, Don Gard, PhD, Paul W. Gard Jr., Paul W. Gard Jr., Wayne Scott Gardner, PhD, Edward E. Gardner, PhD, Homer J. Gardner, Harry E. Gardner Jr., Richmond Gardner, Kent Gardner, Clifton A. Gardner Jr., Tony G. Gardner, Thomas L. Gardner, Paul D. Gardner, Tom A. Gardner, Cheryl L. Gardner, Ernest B. Gardon, PhD, Ernest B. Gardow, PhD, D. Garett, Walter Garey, PhD, Jack Garfinkel, Jerry Gargulak, PhD, Fred S. Garia, Joseph F. Garibotti, PhD, Ronald F. Gariepy, PhD, Donald M. Garland, MD, Sudhakar R. Garlapati, MD, Roland E. Garlinghouse, Clyde H. Garman, Donald D. Garman, Robert Harper Garmezy, Ronald Gene Garmon, PhD, Norman E. Garner, PhD, Lynn E. Garner, PhD, Hessle Filmore Garner, PhD, Jay M. Garner, Andrew J. Garner, Carl C. Garner, Robt J. Garner, H. Richard Garner, Harry Richard Garner, Charles R. Garner, R. Dale Garner, Paul H. Garnier, Albert S. Garofalo, Albert S. Garofalo, Jeanette M. Garr, PhD, James Garretson, Ted D. Garretson, Thomas M. Garrett, PhD, Alfred J. Garrett, PhD, Henry B. Garrett Jr., Charles J. Garrett, David W. Garrett, Jonathan C. Garrett, Ri Garrett, Jennifer J. Garrett, Claude H. Garrett, Norman A. Garrison, PhD, Robert Gene Garrison, PhD, William H. Garrison, Don L. Garrison, Daniel L. Garrison, Watson M. Garrison, Ronald L. Garrison, Daniel S. Garriss, Jose R. Garrote, MD, Larry Joe Garside, John Eric Garst, PhD, J. C. Garth, PhD, Thomas D. Gartin, MD, Geoffrey W. Gartner Jr., P. R. Garver, MD, Robert Vernon Garver, Daniel L. Garver, Dan L. Garver, Frederick Garver Jr., David J. Garvey, PhD, Justine Spring Garvey, PhD, Marjorie A. Garvey, William F. Garvin, Todd Garvin, Douglas L. Garwood, PhD, Robert J. Gary, R. Gary, Eduardo Gasca, J. W. Gasch, Jerrie W. Gasch, Gary John Gasche, PhD, Herbert G. Gascon, James C. Gaskell, Nicholas D. Gaspar, Harvey L. Gaspar, MD, George Gasper, PhD, Mark P. Gasque, George Hiram Gass, PhD, Jerry H. Gass, Jay B. Gassel, Raymond F. Gasser, PhD, Ron Gasser, Robert C. Gassert, Edward William Gassie, PhD, Robert W. Gassin, Robert H. Gassner, Barry Gassner, R. H. Gassner, Bob Gassner CNS, Carolyn J. Gaston, PhD, Robert S. Gaston, A. D. Gate, Paul C. Gate, Joseph M. Gately, Robert F. Gately, Gerald Otis Gates, PhD, Thomas C. Gates, MD, Frederick Gates, George L. Gates, Charles F. Gates, Lawrence K. Gates, MD, Richard L. Gates, Howard B. Gates, Thea B. Gates, DVM, Stephen L. Gates, John Frederick Gates Clark, PhD, G. R. Gathers, PhD, Thomas R. Gatliffe, Anthony Roger Gatti, PhD, John Gatti, James R. Gattis, John J. Gaughan, Eugene R. Gaughran, PhD, Godfrey R. Gauld, Donald W. Gauntlett, Raymond E. Gaus, Phillips L. Gausewitz, MD, Carl Gausewitz, David M. Gausman, Nancy K. Gautier, PhD, Steven D. Gavazza, PhD, John F. Gaver, Stephen Jerome Gawarecki, PhD, Fred M. Gawecki, MD, Ron Gawer, Ray A. Gawlik, Henry T. Gawrylowicz, Richard L. Gay, PhD, David E. Gay, Lewis G. Gay, Jackson Gilbert Gay, S. Parkes Gay Jr., Herbert Y. Gayle, Al Gaylord, Dave Gaylord, Joseph Gaynor, PhD, James Gaynor, Michael J. Gaynor, Rick D. Gdanski, PhD, Roy Lee Gealer, PhD, Bill A. Gearhart, William A. Geary, PhD, William C. Geary, Jolene K. Geary, Douglas M. Gebbie, MD, Donald Gebbie, Arthur Gebean, Bob J. Gebert, LeRoy Gebhardt, PhD, W. Welman Gebhart, Steve Geci, Dale Gedcke, PhD, Robert L. Geddes, M. R. Gedge, Anthony F. Gee, William E. Gee, R. Geerey, PhD, Stephen A. Geers Jr., Richard L. Geesey, PhD, Albert L. Geetter, MD, David Geeza, Colvin V. Gegg, PhD, Alexander Salim Geha, Roland P. Gehman, Walter B. Geho, PhD, W. Blair Geho, Dennis Gehri, PhD, Robert Frank Gehrig, PhD, James J. Gehrig, Perry J. Gehring, PhD, Edward F. Gehringer, PhD, John C. Geib, Thomas L. Geib, MD, Paul Jerome Geiger, PhD, Gordon H. Geiger, PhD, James E. Geiger, John Geiger, Richard B. Geiger, Leon H. Geil, William J. Geimeier, MD, Philip A. Geis, PhD, Dick A. Geis, MD, Charles E. Geisel, Doyle Geiselman, PhD, Larry W. Geisler, William F. Geisler, Gunther Richard Geiss, PhD, Paul G. Geiss, MD, Roger W. Geiss, MD, Russell F. Geisser, William T. Geissinger, MD, Paul Robert Geissler, PhD, Elton W. Geist, James G. Geistfeld, PhD, Geoffrey C. Geisz, Karl R. Geitner, Robert Charles Geitz, PhD, Daniel F. Geldermann, Barbara Geldner, MD, Herbert Leo Gelernter, PhD, Grantland W. Gelette, Paul J. Gelger, PhD, Celine Gelinas, PhD, Edmund A. Geller, MD, Michael Gelotte, Charles Gelwall, Mike Gemmell, William M. Gemmell, Evelyn M. Gemperle, Joseph M. Genco, PhD, Michael S. Genewick, R. Genge, Nick Genis, Alfonso R. Gennaro, PhD, Professor Gennaro, PhD, George T. Genneken, Alan A. Genosi, Richard J. Genova, Lawrence D. Gent Jr., Ronald L. Genter, William O. Gentry, PhD, Charles Gentry, Joseph C. Gentry, Jerauld Gentry, Joyce A. Gentry, Thomas Edward Geoghegan, PhD, George S. Georgalis, Boyd A. George, PhD, Daryl D. George, PhD, Raymond S. George, PhD, Robert B. George, Timothy Gordon George, Dale M. George, Charles J. George, Vlasios Georgian, PhD, Alexander A. Georgiev, PhD, Angelos S. Georgopoulos, Gerard Geppert, Larry Gerahiau, Robert E. Gerald, MD, Gary Gerardi, PhD, Michael L. Gerber, Milo P. Gerber, MD, George C. Gerber, Eugene Jordan Gerberg, PhD, Reinhold A. Gerbsch, PhD, F. Jay Gerchow, Jerome J. Gerda, James C. Gerdeen, PhD, Ronald E. Gerdeman, A. Martin Gerdes, PhD, Greg Gerdes, Thomas G. Gerding, PhD, Larry Gerdom, PhD, Istvan B. Gereben, J. P. Gergen, PhD, Robert R. Gerger, Glen C. Gerhard, PhD, Earl Robert Gerhard, PhD, J. Calvin Gerhard, George William Gerhardt, PhD, Phillip Gerhart, PhD, Henry Dietrich Gerhold, PhD, Walter M. Gerhold, MD, T. C. Gerhold, Michael Gerkin, Ulrich H. Gerlach, PhD, Norbert Gerlach, George S. Gerlach, Richard Paul Germann, PhD, Donald R. Germann, MD, Frank Germann, Raymond P. Germann, Andre A. Gerner, James P. Gerner, Peter John Gerone, PhD, Cynthia A. Gerow, PhD, Lawrence C. Gerow, Edward T. Gerry, PhD, Renee T. Gerry, Glenn R. Gersch, Kenneth H. Gersege, Anne A. Gershon, MD, Elliot L. Gershtein, Paul R. Gerst, Mark Gerstein, PhD, Eric Gerstenberger, Joseph C. Gerstner, Damian J. Gerstner, Eric B. Gertner, Jonathan Gertz, Robert P. Gervais, MD, Joseph Edmund Gervay, PhD, Richard J. Geshay, Thomas E. Gesick, John W. Gesink, PhD, Mark G. Gessel, Edward C. Gessert, Katherine J. Getchell, Wayne J. Getchell, Mark W. Getscher, George J. Getty, John E. Getz, Forrest E. Getzen, PhD, Robert L. Geyer, PhD, Frederick S. Gezella, Alex Gezzy, Camillo Ghiron, PhD, Richard G. Ghiselin, Mohamed Mansour Ghoneim, MD, Frederick W. Giacobbe, PhD, Lawrence J. Giacoletto, PhD, R. L. Giacomazzi, David P. Gianettino, Theodore A. Giannechini, Richard L. Giannelli, Umberto Ferdinando Gianola, PhD, Wayne Gibbons, PhD, Larry V. Gibbons, PhD, Louis Charles Gibbons, PhD, William P. Gibbons, MD, W. P. Gibbons, MD, George F. Gibbons, Clarence Joseph Gibbs, PhD, John W. Gibbs, Joseph P. Gibbs, Douglas O. Gibbs, Elizabeth L. Gibbs, Randy Gibbs, Gordon A. Gibbs, Reed Gibby, PhD, A. Reed Gibby, PhD, Harry F. Giberson, Kernon M. Gibes, Thomas George Gibian, PhD, Warren C. Gibson, PhD, Michael J. Gibson, PhD, Lee B. Gibson, PhD, Daniel M. Gibson, PhD, George R. Gibson, PhD, Thomas A. Gibson, MD, Ronald C. Gibson, Jerry D. Gibson, David F. Gibson, Gerald W. Gibson, Donald G. Gibson, Bobby W. Gibson, Henry Lee Giclas, PhD, Delbert V. Giddings, Peter F. Giddings, Paul N. Gidlund, Ken Giebe, Anne M. Giedlinski, Leo Giegzelmann, Frederic Arthur Giere, PhD, Byron J. Gierhart, Kurt R. Gies, James W. Gieselmann, John M. Giesey, Thomas E. Giffels, William A. Giffhorn, Walter Charles Giffin, PhD, Jonathan Gifford, PhD, Donald C. Gifford, Hugh W. Gifford, Fred Giflow, Adolf J. Giger, PhD, Dominick R. Giglini, Timothy P. Gilberg, Chris Gilbert, PhD, William H. Gilbert, PhD, Michael D. Gilbert, PhD, Dewayne Everett Gilbert, PhD, Larry L. Gilbert, MD, Paul T. Gilbert, Lyman F. Gilbert Sr., Brian W. Gilbert, Peter Gilbert, Warren D. Gilbert, B. J. Gilbert, Gray T. Gilbert, Gerry Gilbert, Joel Gilbert, Lawrence J. Gilbert, Garrell Gilbert, Stephen Warner Gilby, PhD, W. Allen Gilchrist Jr., PhD, William H. Gilchrist, Roger R. Giler, James Giles, PhD, Robert T. Giles, Melvin E. Giles, John Giles, Charles Burroughs Gill, PhD, C. Burroughs Gill, PhD, William W. Gill, PhD, Donald K. Gill, Tony Gill, Mellor A. Gill, Amarjit S. Gill, Leland E. Gillan, Alan D. Gillan, Leland E. Gillan, Rick J. Gillan, Michael S. Gillan, Jimmy D. Gillard, Mary Ann Gillbert, Robert Gillcrist, Susan Gillen, Wm. R. Gillen, Daniel Gillen, Joseph W. Gillen, Thomas D. Gillespie, PhD, C. M. Gillespie, PhD, Claude Milton Gillespie, PhD, Robert Gillespie, PhD, William N. Gillespie, Paul A. Gillespie, Jack D. Gillespie, Jeff Gillespie, Bob Gillespie, Gary Gillespie, MD, Harry K. Gillespie, MD, William Harry Gillespie, Jack Gillespie, Lawrence B. Gillett, PhD, Benjamin A. Gillette, Richard C. Gillette, Nicholas W. Gillham, PhD, Trauvis H. Gillham, John H. Gilliam, MD, Thomas R. Gilliam, Tom Gilliam, Edward R. Gillie, George Thomas Gillies, PhD, George A. Gillies, PhD, Bruce B. Gillies, T. J. Gilligan, PhD, Elizabeth H. Gillikin, Sherwyn R. Gilliland, Robert J. Gilliland, John H. Gilliland, June Gillin, Howard D. Gillin, Thomas E. Gillingham, PhD, Peter P. Gillis, PhD, Donald Wood Gillmore, PhD, Jacques Gilloteaux, PhD, James M. Gills, James R. Gilman, Charles M. Gilman, David L. Gilmer, Ernest Rich Gilmont, PhD, John R. Gilmore, PhD, Mike Gilmore, William Gilmore Jr., Steven P. Gilmore, DVM, Y. H. Gilmore, John H. Gilmore, Clarence F. Gilmore, Paul C. Gilmour, PhD, John S. Gilpin, DVM, Dale P. Gilson, Tim Gilson, Homer F. Gilzow, George A. Gimber, Richard Joel Gimpelson, MD, Thon T. Gin, PhD, Susan K. Gingrich, H. Scott Gingrich, Kenneth J. Ginnard, Jeffrey D. Ginnvan, Mark Ginoling, Dezdemona M. Ginosian, Merrill Stuart Ginsburg, PhD, Helen S. Ginzburg, Fred Gioglio, Steven D. Gioiosa, Thomas H. Giordano, PhD, Joseph A. Giordano, MD, Eric Giosa, Ernie Giovannnitti, Georgina Gipson, Jon M. Girard, W. J. Girdwood, Marvin G. Girod, MD, William F. Girouard, PhD, W. E. Girton, Bobby G. Gish, John Gishpert, Melvin H. Gitlitz, PhD, Albert M. Giudice, Ronald E. Giuntini, PhD, Silvio A. Giusti, James A. Given, Roy L. Givens, Norbert S. Gizinski, MD, Stephen Glacy, MD, Johanna M. Glacy-Araos, Dain S. Glad, Paul L. Glader, Eugene Gladfelter, PhD, Richard E. Gladziszewski, Horst E. Glagowski, George R. Glance, Peter Glanz, PhD, Sivert Herth Glarum, PhD, Homer Hopson Glascock II, PhD, Dan L. Glasgow, Walter Glasgow, Doug J. Glaspey, Marvin R. Glass Jr., William Glass, Jerome E. Glass, Gordon C. Glass, Ronald N. Glass, Werner B. Glass, Bryan Glass, DVM, William A. Glass, Robert W. Glasscock, M. Glasser, Stephen M. Glatt, Frederick G. Glatter, MD, George Isaac Glauberman, PhD, June Glavin, Thomas Glaze, Travis W. Glaze, Dan Glazier, Edward Hinsdale Gleason Jr., PhD, Dan G. Gleason, Hartley C. Gleason, Robert A. Gleason, Dan Gleaves, DVM, David L. Gleaves, DVM, Robert Hamor Gledhill, PhD, Thomas Alexander Gleeson, PhD, Robert W. Gleeson, John P. Gleiter, Anatol A. Glen, MD, Bertis Lamon Glenn, PhD, John H. Glenn, David A. Glenn, Charles G. Glenn, Donald W. Glenn, James N. Glenn, MD, Clifford Glenn, Roy Glenn, Renee V. Glennan, Earl T. Glenwright, Kent J. Glesener, John D. Glesmann, James S. Glessner, John J. Gleysteen, MD, Robert L. Glick, PhD, Hugh S. Glidewell, DVM, John Glissmeyer, Barbara W. Glockson, PhD, John B. Glode, George Gloeckler, PhD, Christine Gloeckler, Christine Gloeckler, John W. Glomb, PhD, Walter Thomas Gloor, PhD, Douglas J. Glorie, Constance Glover, PhD, Daniel Glover, PhD, Mark E. Glover, PhD, Robert A. Glover, William D. Glover, Dale P. Glover, Lucinda H. Glover, Robert R. Glovna, Julie Glowacki, PhD, Earnest Frederick Gloyna, PhD, Bradley A. Gloystein, DVM, Vladimir M. 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Goins, Maria Nelly Golarz de Bourne, PhD, Louis D. Gold, PhD, Stephen Gold, PhD, Leslie I. Gold, PhD, Myra A. Gold, Larry O. Goldbeck, MD, Alfred Goldberg, PhD, Eugene P. Goldberg, PhD, Malcolm Goldberg, PhD, Roger L. Golden, Brian J. Golden, DVM, Michael H. Golden, Charles Goldenzopf, PhD, Ronald B. Goldfarb, PhD, Alan S. Goldfarb, PhD, Steven D. Goldfien, Alan Goldfien, Rodney L. Goldhahn, Randy Golding, PhD, William T. Golding, Kenneth J. Goldkamp, Terry Jack Goldman, PhD, Bruce Goldman, Edward R. Goldmann, Lionel Solomon Goldring, PhD, Fred L. Goldsberry, PhD, Gary J. Goldsberry, John Paul Goldsborough, PhD, Victor W. Goldschmidt, PhD, Michelle Goldschneider, PhD, Jeff M. Goldsmith, Robert I. Goldsmith, MD, Norman E. Goldstein, PhD, Edward B. Goldstein, PhD, Theodore Philip Goldstein, PhD, Yitzhak Goldstein, Lewis W. Goldstein, Patrick Goldstrand, PhD, Patrick Goldsworthy, PhD, Walter J. Goldsworthy, Richard Goldthwait, PhD, R. K. Golemon, Earl S. Golightly, Jonathan M. 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Gordon, Scott Gordon, Scott D. Gordon, Robert B. Gordon, Clifford M. Gordon, Stuart Gordon, Scott D. Gordon, Edward F. Gordon, Nelson G. Gordy, Willis Gore, PhD, John W. Gore Jr., Donald Gorgei, Heinz August Gorges, PhD, John R. Gorham, PhD, D. Gorham, PhD, Gio Batta Gori, PhD, Cheryl Goris, Edward A. Gorka, Robert C. Gorman, Henry B. Gorman, Paul Gorman, Owen P. Gormley, Gary J. Gorsalitz, Donald B. Gorshing, Joseph Gorsic, PhD, Waldemar Gorski, PhD, Stephen R. Gorsuch, Paul L. Gorsuch, MD, Howard Gorsuch, Alfred F. Gort, Theodore B. Gortemoller Jr., Gary R. Gosdin, Keith E. Gosling, Chris D. Gosling, R. W. Gosper Jr., Wilbur Hummon Goss, PhD, George Robert Goss, PhD, G. Robert Goss, PhD, Quentin L. Goss, John Ray Goss, Clifford D. Goss, Darrell L. Goss, Mark H. Gosselin, David Gossett, Lee M. Gossick, David G. Gossman, Albert J. Gotch, PhD, John W. Goth, Norman E. Goth, Zech Gotham, Larry F. Gotham, Nicholas W. Gothard, Samuel P. Gotoff, MD, Henry Gotsch, C. Thomas Gott, PhD, George Gott, Nicholas J. Gotten, MD, Charles F. Gottlieb, PhD, Martin S. Gottlieb, Marcus S. Gottlieb, D. F. Gottron, Donald F. Gottron, Charles E. Gottschalk, Walter Carl Gottschall, PhD, John Gottschling, Scarlette Z. Gotwals, DVM, Paul Gouck, Hans D. Gougar, PhD, Gary L. Gough, Steven D. Goughnor, R. Robert Goughnour, PhD, Thomas L. Gould, PhD, Gordon Gould, PhD, Laurence Gould, PhD, Walter L. Gould, PhD, Robert George Gould, Ronald J. Gould, Karl Gould, Gerald Geza Gould, William M. Gould, MD, Robert B. Gould*, Robert J. Gouldie, Alan B. Goulet, Todor K. Gounev, PhD, Robert D. Gourlay, Darrell Gourley, James T. Gourzis, PhD, S. William Gouse, PhD, Nicolas Goutchkoff, E. J. Gouvier, Edward John Gouvier Jr., Edward J. Gouvier, Robert J. Governski, Charles Thomas Govin Jr., Kin A. Gowey, Arthur Goyne, MD, Bill Grabb, Hans C. Graber, PhD, David G. Grabiel, Lawrence I. Grable, C. Grabowski, Harald Grabowsky, Robert D. Grace, Alice L. Grace, Joseph C. Graciana, Lawrence F. Gradwell, Ben G. Grady, PhD, Tommy Grady, Mathew O. Grady, John L. Grady, MD, William P. Graebel, PhD, Richard W. Graeme, Gary Graeser, James P. Graf, Robert G. Graf, Fred L. Graf, Jamieson Graf, Christian M. Graf, Bob Graf, G. Robert Graf, John Graf, Leroy D. Graff, George Stephen Graff, Kerry M. Gragg, Gary C. Graham, PhD, Dee McDonald Graham, PhD, Walter Waverly Graham, PhD, Robert J. Graham, PhD, Harold P. Graham, PhD, Daniel C. Graham, Howard E. Graham, Bob Graham, Jim Graham, Michael W. Graham, Sutton L. Graham, S. Graham, Jon Graham, Charles Richard Graham, MD, Seldon B. Graham Jr., Marie M. Graham, MD, Bill D. Graham, Irwin Patton Graham, John C. Graham, Joseph W. Grahame, Douglas Grahn, PhD, Robert E. Gramera, PhD, Richard G. Grammens, Otto G. Gramp, Jerome J. Gramsammer, Alphonse Peter Granatek, Curtis E. Granberry, Clark A. Granger, PhD, Martha S. Granger, MD, Alex T. Granik, PhD, Robert S. Granlund, Vincent J. Granowicz, Nicholas John Grant, PhD, Norman Howard Grant, PhD, Arvid P. Grant, PhD, Jerry Grant, Lee B. Grant Jr., MD, Lewis O. Grant, F. R. Grant, Steven R. Grant, Jeffrey E. Grant, R. R. Grant, Milton J. Grant II, Ashby A. Grantham, Kenneth Donald Granzow, Tom R. Grass, Bruce Howard Grasser, Jurgen Michael Grasshoff, PhD, Steven Grassl, PhD, M. R. Grate, MD, Frank Grate, John B. Gratzek, PhD, John B. Gratzek, PhD, Wayne P. Grau, Kenneth Graues, John E. Grauman Jr., William F. Grauten, Lawrence Grauvogel, Douglas D. Graver, Walter L. Graves, Wayne C. Graves, Chester W. Graves, Harvey W. Graves, Mary S. Graves, DVM, Robert J. Graves, Gregory Graves, Leonard M. Graves, Kenton J. Graviss, PhD, Bruce William Gray, PhD, William M. Gray, PhD, Vincent R. Gray, PhD, James S. Gray, PhD, Kevin J. Gray, PhD, D. Gray, PhD, Michael Gray, PhD, George A. Gray, PhD, Robert C. Gray, Steven R. Gray, Robert M. Gray, Brian L. Gray, Ted R. Gray, Norman W. Gray, Lewis L. Gray, John F. Gray, Lucy M. Gray, Mark A. Gray, Jerry J. Gray, Thomas B. Gray, Richard E. Gray, Ronald D. Gray, Ted W. Gray, William W. Gray, Gordon H. Gray, Joe C. Gray, Kim W. Graybill, Lauren H. Grayson, MD, Frank D. Graziano, PhD, Eric Greager, Gerald T. Greak, Lloyd Grearson, Randolph K. Greaves, Kent A. Grebing, Michael G. Grecco, Claudius A. Greco, Michael N. Greeley, Joseph M. Green, PhD, Leon Green Jr., PhD, George F. Green, PhD, Geraldine Green, PhD, Martin Laurence Green, PhD, Saul Green, PhD, Hue T. Green, Russell H. Green Jr., Willie H. Green, Jerry Green, Howard Green, MD, Marvin L. Green, Max Green, Patricia A. Green, J. D. Green, Bobby L. Green, Hubert G. Green, MD, Tom F. Green, Andrew Green, Taylor C. Green, Arthur R. Green, John W. Green, Milton Green, Steve R. Green, John P. Greenaway, William H. Greenberg, Charles R. Greene, PhD, George Linden Greene, PhD, George M. Greene ll, PhD, Don M. Greene, PhD, Donald M. Greene, PhD, Marvin I. Greene, David C. Greene, John J. Greene, Vance Greene, Harold Greenfield, PhD, Eugene Willis Greenfield, PhD, Charles August Greenhall, PhD, James Greenhaw, MD, Edward C. Greenhood, Gerald Alan Greenhous, PhD, Anton C. Greenland, PhD, Miles G. Greenland, John Edward Greenleaf, PhD, Donald R. Greenlee, Dick Greenly, William M. Greenslade, Jeffrey Greenspoon, MD, Reynold Greenstone, Jack D. Greenwade, Deborah C. Greenwall, MD, Howard E. Greenwell, Garrison W. Greenwood, PhD, Henry V. Greenwood, Ronald H. Greenwood, B. Marcum Greenwood, Donald L. Greer, PhD, John E. Greer Jr., William T. Greer, Gregory Greer, David Steven Greer, MD, Ralph D. Greer, Gary C. Greer, Fred L. Greer, MD, K. Greer, James E. Greer, D. W. Greger, Mike Greger, Howard M. Greger, David Henry Gregg, PhD, Charles Thornton Gregg, PhD, Donald J. Gregg, Charles W. Gregg, David Gregg, James B. Gregg, Dane W. Gregg, Frank E. Gregor, J. T. Gregor, David Tony Gregorich, PhD, James D. Gregory, Thomas J. Gregory, Claude W. Gregory, Troy Gregory, Robert B. Gregory, Ted M. Gregson, Joseph R. Greig, PhD, Richard C. Greig, Paul Greiman, Gregg T. Greiner, DVM, Everette D. Greinke, Gennady H. Grek, Mary Ann Grelinger, Mary A. Grelinger, N. E. Grell, Clifton E. Gremillion, Kurt L. Gremmler, Frank E. Gren, Richard Grenne, Bert L. Grenville, Susan S. Grenzebach, Dick Greonly, Kurt G. Greske, David M. Gresko, David L. Gress, PhD, David R. Gress, James J. Gress, Richard A. Gress, John T. Gressette, Peter Michael Gresshoff, Linda M. Gressitt, Francis J. Greytok, Gordon W. Gribble, PhD, Alfred Griebling, John D. Grier, Donald K. Grierson, George Alexander Gries, PhD, Michael J. Gries, Ray H. Griesbach, Don Griese, Mike Griese, Daniel R. Grieser, Edward Griest, PhD, Norman J. Griest, Doreen V. Grieve, R. Howard Griffen, Brian S. Griffen, Travis Barton Griffin, PhD, James Edward Griffin, PhD, M. Griffin, PhD, Joseph W. Griffin Jr., PhD, Reginald M. Griffin, PhD, Lawrence G. Griffin, Rogert D. Griffin, Donald N. Griffin, James K. Griffin, Clayton Houstoun Griffin, Edward Lawrence Griffin, Harold Lee Griffin, Douglas Griffin, DVM, Leland Griffin, Tim A. Griffin, Carlton W. Griffin, I. Vincent Griffin, Billy D. Griffin, Jean Griffin, J. Tyler Griffin, Edwin N. Griffin, Paul P. Griffin, MD, Glen Griffin, MD, Lynn M. Griffin, Linda Griffith, PhD, Virgil Vernon Griffith, PhD, Walter M. Griffith Jr., PhD, Paul G. Griffith, PhD, James A. Griffith, MD, Steven H. Griffith, Evan L. Griffith, Brandon Griffith, Ben O. Griffith, DVM, M. Shan Griffith, Robert W. Griffith, B. W. Griffith Jr., Durward R. Griffith, Roy S. Griffiths, PhD, Tom Griffiths, W. R. Griffitts, PhD, Thomas J. Grifka, MD, Reid Grigg, PhD, Frederic C. Grigg, William E. Griggs, Edward Griggs, Mihail I. Grigore, Mark Grigsby, PhD, Edward M. Grigsby, Otto Grill, Karl P. Grill, MD, Ramon S. Grillo, PhD, Francis A. Grillot Jr., James I. Grillot, Donald Wilburn Grimes, PhD, Leclair Roger Grimes, Gordon E. Grimes, Edward T. Grimes, MD, Louis John Grimm, PhD, Barbara Grimm, Martin J. Grimm Jr., Chester F. Grimsley, Rosa Grinberg, PhD, Teddy Hodge Grindstaff, PhD, Eugene W. Griner, Alex Gringauz, PhD, Jim T. Grinnan, Tom U. Grinslade, Ricahrd T. Grinstead, William B. Grinter, Mario A. Grippi, Ernest E. Grisdale, Richard S. Grisham, MD, Strother Grisham, Richard G. Grisky, PhD, Raymond L. Grismer, Robert Dwight Grisso, PhD, Norman C. Griswold, PhD, Ray Griswold, Arthur N. Griswold, DVM, A. G. Griswold, Donald L. Griswold Jr., Fredrick Grizmala, Ronald E. Groer, Charles Groff, Paul K. Grogger, PhD, Alfred W. Grohe, Jonathan M. Grohsman, Sidney Grollman, PhD, Sigmund Grollman, PhD, Steven Gronemeyer, PhD, Herb W. Gronomeyer, Ralph B. Groome, Thomas Albin Grooms, PhD, Stephen J. Grooters, Percy J. Gros Jr., Percy C. Gros, Alan B. Grosbach, Steven L. Grose, William C. Grosel, Joseph F. Gross, PhD, Alan B. Gross, DVM, Michael P. Gross, Fred J. Gross, Robert E. Gross, MD, William G. Gross, Morton Grosser, PhD, William F. Grosser, Leo C. Grosser, Paul J. Grosskreuz, Bernardo F. Grossling, PhD, Eugene L. Grossman, Herbert Grossman, Ronald R. Grost, Ronald Grost, Fred Grosz, PhD, Frank Grote, Fred R. Grote, Barney Groten, PhD, Lenhart T. Grothe, Morris Paul Grotheer, PhD, Henry M> Grotta, PhD, Leonard Charles Grotz, PhD, Timoth Grotzinger, William C. Groutas, PhD, Don J. Grove, PhD, C. Edward Grove, PhD, Erling JR Grovenstein Jr., PhD, James J. Grovenstein, James Robb Grover, PhD, Frank R. Groves Jr., PhD, Fred H. Groves, PhD, Timothy R. Groves, PhD, Larry R. Groves, William S. Groves, Richard W. Grow, PhD, James B. Grow, Andrew P. Grow, John T. Growney, MD, Terry Grubaugh, Pamela Grubaugh-Littig, Shannon Grubb, S. D. Grubb, Joseph S. Grubbs, Dane Gruben, Gerry Gruber, PhD, Eugene E. Gruber, PhD, Carl L. Gruber, PhD, Gerald William Gruber, PhD, G. W. Gruber, PhD, Alfred Gruber, David P. Gruber, Johathan R. Gruchala, Eric Gruenler, Geza Gruenwald, PhD, Raymond H. Gruetert, Jay S. Grumbling, Mike A. Grundvig, Reed H. Grundy, William J. Grunenwald, Paul W. Gruner, HH Grunger, MD, Robert M. Gruninger, Michael Gruntman, PhD, Mike Gruntman, PhD, Ross R. Grunwald, PhD, Joseph C. Gruss, Frank C. Gruszynski, Douglas A. Gruver, Paul M. Gruzensky, PhD, Frederic C. Gryckiewicz, Ivan Grymov, Bruce B. Grynbaum, MD*, Harold Julian Gryting, PhD, Louis E. Grzesiek, Robert F. Guardino, A. M. Guarino, PhD, Michael R. Guarino Sr., Nicholas J. Guarino, Gavin G. Guarino, John E. Guarnieri, Y. Guberer, PhD, Ross L. Gubka, Terry Guckes, PhD, Ernest A. Gudath, C. J. Gudim, Robert J. Guditis, Richard Austin Gudmundsen, PhD, Johnnie F. Guelker, Frederick Peter Guengerich, PhD, H. Guenterberg, Elaine Guenther, Robert F. Guenther, Cnelson Guerriere, MD, Gary Guerrieri, Jacques P. Guertin, PhD, Gareth E. Guest, PhD, Thomas F. Guetzloff, PhD, Yann G. Guezennec, PhD, Charles G. Guffey, PhD, Eugene P. Gugel, Heinrich W. Guggenheiher Sc D, PhD, Heinrich Walter Guggenheimer, PhD, Paul F. Gugliotta, PhD, Robert O. Guhl, Harold A. Guice, Joseph W. Guida, Michael A. Guida, James G. Guider, John O. Guido, MD, Roland J. Guidry Jr., Paul E. Guidry, Albert Guilford, Bruce P. Guilliams, Stephen N. Guillot, David C. Guinn, Michel B. Guinn, Lawrence E. Gulberg, PhD, Peter H. Guldberg, Professor Guldenzopf, PhD, Mustafa Guldu, Cloyd Dake Gull, Carl P. Gulla, Jean R. Gullahorn, Harvey Gullicks, PhD, Sam Gullickson, Charles W. Gullikson, PhD, C. W. Gullikson, PhD, J. Arvis Gully, PhD, Arnold J. Gully, Mark T. Gully, Rand A. Gulvas, Don R. Gum, Kenneth H. Gum, Gordon E. Gumble, Vajira K. Gunawardana, William G. Gunderman, William F. Gunderson, Darryl E. Gunderson, Richard R. Gundry, James A. Gundry, Kathleen J. Gundy, Michael E. Gunger, Wallace K. Gunnells, Robert Charles Gunness, PhD, Leslie A. Gunter, Hans Heinrich Gunth, PhD, Wolfgang H H Gunther, PhD, Riji R. Guo, Raj K. Gupta, PhD, Ram S. Gupta, PhD, Lachhman D. Gupta, Krishan G. Gupta, MD, Alankar Gupta, Atul A. Gupte, Robert F. Gurchiek, Earl S. Gurley, Susan Gurney, M. S. Gurney, Andrew F. Guschwan, MD, Ropert E. Gusciora, Robert J. Gussmann, Lyle A. Gust, Philip Felix Gustafson, PhD, Lewis B. Gustafson, PhD, Dwight F. Gustafson, Kermit M. Gustafson, Kenneth A. Gustafson, Walter Wilhelm Gustav Lwowsk, PhD, Eugene V. Gustavson, Robert J. Gustin, William A. Gustin, David Lawrence Gustine, PhD, Stuart S. Gut, DVM, Richard E. Guth, Donald T. Guthrie, Joseph A. Gutierrez, Alberto F. Gutierrez, Daniel A. Gutknecht, Phillip W. Gutmann, Gerald Edward Gutowski, PhD, Ronald G. Gutru, R. G. Gutru, Steven L. Gutsche, Alvin Guttag, Michael D. Gutterres, Paul B. Gutting, Berwin A. Guttormsen, Ronald Gutwiller, Kelleen M. Gutzmann, Jeng Yih Guu, PhD, Necip Guven, PhD, Frank W. Guy, PhD, John V. Guy-Bray, PhD, James Guyker, PhD, William C. Guyker, Allan Guymon, PhD, Michael A. Guz, George J. Guzauskas, Freddie G. Gwin, Joseph M. Gwinn, James T. Gwinn, Geza Leslie Gyorey, PhD, Thomas J. Gyorog

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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Bjorn N. Haaberg, Gottfried Haacke, PhD, Robert E. Haag, Ronald L. Haaland, PhD, John G. Haan, Robert A. Haapala, Donald Haas, Joe M. Haas, Merrill Wilber Haas, M. Craig Haase, Mutaz Habal, PhD, Stephen A. Habener, Herald A. Habenicht, Robert Morton Haber, PhD, George J. Haberman, Donald B. Habersberger, Daniel Habib, PhD, Benjamin C. Hablutzel, John A. Habrle, Ara Hacetoglu, Ross A. Hackel, George Hacken, PhD, Kevin Hackenbruch, David Solomon Hacker, PhD, Robert M. Hackett, PhD, Earl T. Hackett Jr., Earl R. Hackett, Brian T. Hackett, Jacqueline Hackett, Ronald D. Hackett, Earl Hacking, David B. Hackman, PhD, Richard S. Hackman, Glenn Alfred Hackwell, PhD, Larry G. Hada, Daniel G. Hadacek, DVM, Andree H. Hadden, Kenneth Doyle Hadeen, PhD, Elard L. Haden, Rooney Neal Hader, D. Haderli, Lloyd Conn Haderlie, PhD, Albert Felix Hadermann, PhD, Peter P. Hadfalvi, Stephanos S. Hadjiyannis, Lawrence N. Hadley, PhD*, Brian L. Hadley, Richard Frederick Hadley, Paul S. Hadorn, PhD, Frank A. Hadsell, PhD, Pablo Hadzeriga Jr., Pablo Hadzeriga, Jeffrey M. Haeberlin, Henry A. Haefele, Ron Haeffer, William C. Haefner, DVM, Charlie Haener, Carl W. Haeseler, PhD, Don C. Haeske, Walter Haeussermann, PhD, Anton F. Haffer, Larry Haffey, John Haffner, Christopher T. Haffner, Robert L. Haffner, Joseph H. Hafkenschiel, MD, Erich L. Hafner, PhD, R. C. Hafner, Frederick R. Hafner, Mark Hagadone, PhD, Richard P. Hagan, PhD, James J. Hagan, PhD, Stephen F. Hagan, MD, Gary J. Hagan, James A. Hagans, PhD, Robert Hage, Richard H. Hagedorn, G. Richard Hagee, PhD, George Richard Hagee, William Carl Hagel, PhD, R. M. Hagen, PhD, Oskar Hagen, PhD, Cecil W. Hagen, Arno K. Hagenlocher, PhD, Ronald J. Hager Jr., Thomas J. Hager, Jack W. Hager, Ismail B. Haggag, PhD, Jeffrey S. Haggard, Paul F. Haggard, Henry E. Haggard, C. Troy Haggard, Donald R. Hagge, James T. Haggerty, MD, Chuck R. Haggett, Hashem Haghani, Richard B. Hagle, DVM, James E. Hagley, Robert A. Hagn, Gerow Richard Hagstrom, PhD, W. Richard Hahman, William R. Hahman, Robert Simspon Hahn, PhD, Cathryn E. Hahn, Gregory A. Hahn, Warren A. Hahn, Theodore W. Hahn, MD, W. Hahn, Douglas C. Hahn, Richard David Hahn, MD, Russell H. Hahn, Wayne A. Hahne, Edward H. Hahne, Wayne M. Haidle, John D. Haien, Pierre Vahe Haig, MD, James A. Haigh, John A. Haiko, Robert E. Hails, Albert Haim, PhD, Gerhard Haimberger, Forest E. Haines, PhD, Duane E. Haines, PhD, Thomas Haines, PhD, John E. Haines Jr., David W. Haines, MD, Myron E. Haines, Stephen W. Haines, Anthony Haines, Delilah B. Hainey, Leroy M. Hair, David A. Hair, Benjamin F. Hajek, PhD, Ben F. Hajek, PhD, Ray J. Hajek, Samir N. Haji, PhD, Albert C. Hajny, Reino Hakala, PhD, William D. Hake, Mary B. Hakim, Arnold Hakkila, PhD, Eero Arnold Hakkila, PhD, Oussama Halabi, Werner B. Halbeck, Quinlan Halbeisen, Michel Thomas Halbouty, PhD, Thomas K. Haldas, Charles W. Haldeman III, PhD, M. H. Halderson, Marlund E. Hale, PhD, Martha L. Hale, PhD, Mike Hale, PhD, Francis A. Hale, Gary Dnnis Halepeska, Douglas K. Hales, James L. Hales, Frank C. Halestead, Richard L. Haley, PhD, Ted D. Haley, R. A. Haley, Harold B. Haley, MD, Thomas G. Halfast, John P. Halferty, Paul F. Halfpenny, Kenneth Lynn Hall, PhD, Charles Virdus Hall, PhD, John R. Hall, PhD, Timothy A. Hall, PhD, Charles Ainsley Hall, PhD, Judd Lewis Hall, PhD, Douglas Lee Hall, PhD, R. W. Hall Jr., PhD, Nathan Albert Hall, PhD, Richard C. Hall, Sylvia C. Hall, Robert J. Hall, Michael J. Hall, Charles W. Hall, Ken Hall, Wesley H. Hall, MD, William T. Hall, MD, Johnnie E. Hall, Eugene W. Hall, MD, David R. Hall, Norm Hall, G. P. Hall, Joseph L. Hall, Kent Hall, Rick Hall, Phillip M. Hall, William H. Hall, DVM, Alvin V. Hall, Frank J. Hall Jr., Robert C. Hall, MD, Jared Hall, Rebecca Hall, Billy R. Hall, Gary R. Hall, George Hall, Tommy G. Hall, John Hall, Brian J. Hall, Brian Hall, Falinda F. Hall, Robert Halladay, John F. Hallahan, Daniel P. Haller, Harold D. Haller, Christian L. Haller, Jeff Hallerman, Sigvard Hallgren, Christy N. Hallien, Otto Hallier, Bruce A. Hallila, John H. Hallman, PhD, Donal W. Halloran, Albert A. Halls, PhD, Raymond M. Halonen, Timothy J. Halopoff, Herbert H. Halperin, Martin B. Halpern, PhD, Joseph Halpern, PhD, William Halpern, PhD, Robert T. Halpin, Kevin Halstead, Matthew R. Halter, John Emil Halver, PhD, Robert D. Halverstadt, Robert L. Halvorsen, Barry Halvorsen, R. L. Halvorson, Lee Edward Ham, Kenneth R. Ham, MD, John C. Hamaker, PhD, Daniel J. Haman, Frank C. Hamann, George J. Hambalgo, MD, William W. Hambleton, PhD, Arthur Hamburgen, Ronald O. Hamburger, Harry Hamburger, MD, Edward E. Hamel, PhD, James V. Hamel, PhD, Erwin F. Hamel, Justin Charles Hamer, PhD, Allan Hametta, MD, Saheed Hamid, Brenton M. Hamil, PhD, William A. Hamill, Don D. Hamilton, PhD, Warren B. Hamilton, PhD, Stanley K. Hamilton, PhD, Priscilla O. Hamilton, PhD, James W. Hamilton, PhD, Gordon Andrew Hamilton, PhD, Robert Hamilton, PhD, Robert Hamilton, PhD, Thomas M. Hamilton, PhD, Homer R. Hamilton, PhD, Matt J. Hamilton, Darryl J. Hamilton, Professor Hamilton, Mark A. Hamilton, Ralph E. Hamilton, V. A. Hamilton, Bruce S. Hamilton, Howard L. Hamilton, DVM, Dixie G. Hamilton, MD, Stephen L. Hamilton, Gordon S. Hamilton, Kent W. Hamlin, Justin Hamlin, Gary C. Hamm, W. Allen Hammack, Robert M. Hammaker, PhD, Douglas K. Hammann, John V. Hamme, PhD, Harold T. Hammel, PhD, David Hammel, James M. Hammell, Donald F. Hammer, Matthew M. Hammer, Harold Elmore Hammerstrom, PhD, James F. Hammill, MD, Bruce Dupree Hammock, PhD, Paul Ellsworth Hammond, PhD, Raymond E. Hammond, Thomas G. Hammond Jr., Raymond E. Hammond, Jack A. Hammond, Charles Edward Hamner, PhD, Larry D. Hamner, Scott Hamon, John C. Hampe, Scott E. Hampel, Andrew W. Hampf, Linda C. Hamphill, Adrian J. Hampshire, Richard Hampton, PhD, John K. Hampton, PhD, Philip Hampton, Charles Edward Hamrin Jr., PhD, M. Wayne Hamson, PhD, Marvin A. Hamstead, PhD, Suleiman M. Hamway, Zhihua Han, PhD, W. Han, Joe John Hanan, PhD, C. J. Hanan, Abraham S. Hananel, PhD, Howard W. Hanawalt, Anthony James Hance, PhD, David Hancek, Diane K. Hancock, PhD, Taylor Hancock, Ray A. Hancock, M. Hancock, Lewis F. Hancock, Bill A. Hancock, Professor Hand, PhD, David A. Hand, John W. Hand Sr., Julie J. Hand, Robert F. Hand, Robert W. Handford, Lawrence Handley, PhD, James W. Handley, Arthur L. Handman, Stanley E. Handman, Bernold M. Handon, Jeffrey V. Handorf, Perry T. Handziak, Sultan Haneed, PhD, Eugene Hanegan, N. Bruce Hanes, PhD, John W. Hanes, John Haney, MD, David E. Haney, James G. Haney, Daniel F. Hang, Sunil P. Hangal, PhD, Peter Hangarter, Ray A. Hango, Leonid Hanin, PhD, Wilbur Leason Hankey Jr., PhD, Jerry E. Hankey, Dale L. Hankins, William Hankins, Barry Hankins, Leon Dudley Hankoff, MD, Richard W Ylie Hanks, PhD, Robert William Hanks, PhD, Jerry T. Hanks, Dallas Hanks, Gerald M. Hanley, Kevin Joseph Hanley, James T. Hanlon, PhD, Donald L. Hanlon Jr., James Hanlon, Bill M. Hann, George Charles Hann, Arthur D. Hanna, PhD, Bruce E. Hanna, Thomas L. Hanna, DVM, Jeff Hanna, Robert B. Hanna, Susan K. Hannaman, John J. Hannan, DVM, R. W. Hannemann, Martin J. Hanninen, Dean A. Hanquist, Edward Hanrahan, PhD, Allan G. Hanretta, MD, Samuel Leroy Hansard, PhD, W. Dan Hansel, Joann Brown Hansen, PhD, Peder M. Hansen, PhD, Robert Clinton Hansen, PhD, Evan Hansen, PhD, John P. Hansen, PhD, Steve Hansen, PhD, Daniel L. Hansen, PhD, James Hansen, PhD, R. Thomas Hansen, PhD, Warren K. Hansen, Ethlyn A. Hansen, L. J. Hansen, Barry J. Hansen, Chris E. Hansen, Lowell H. Hansen, MD, Mark E. Hansen, MD, D. E. Hansen, E. M. Hansen, Ronald A. Hansen, Stephen Hansen, George E. Hansen, Christian M. Hansen, Robin Hansen, Douglas B. Hansen, MD, Hugh T. Hansen, Judd A. Hansen, Darrell G. Hansen, Wayne R. Hansen, Robert H. Hansen, Rowland Curtis Hansford, Reid R. Hanson, PhD, A. O. Hanson, PhD, Marvin Wayne Hanson, PhD, Lloyd K. Hanson, James C. Hanson, Richard Hanson, Sergius N. Hanson, Carl D. Hanson, Gerald H. Hanson, Robert N. Hanson, Daniel L. Hanson, Steven Hanson, Willis Dale Hanson, Lowell C. Hanson, Harry R. Hanson, Bill H. Hanson, James C. Hansz, E. W. Hanszen, Donald C. Hanto, Charles Hantzis, I. Hapij, PhD, John R. Haponski, Lawrence R. Happ, William Happer, PhD, Michael L. Haraczy, Nicholas Konstan Harakas, PhD, Richard A. Haralson, Michael P. Harasym, John Warvelle Harbaugh, PhD, Allan Wilson Harbaugh, PhD, Bob C. Harbert, Kevin G. Harbin, DVM, Robert K. Harbour, Gordon Charles Hard, PhD, N. J. Hard, PhD, Stephen D. Hard, DVM, Robert Hard, Richard C. Hard, MD, James Edward Hardcastle, PhD, Charles Hardebeck, MD, Harry C. Hardee, PhD, T. Harder, PhD, Harold Cecil Harder, PhD, Ralph Harder, MD, Roger Wehe Harder, James Hardesty, John A. Hardgrove, Raymond J. Hardiman, Clyde D. Hardin, William B. Hardin, MD, Carey F. Hardin, Glenn L. Hardin, Thomas W. Harding, PhD, James Lombard Harding, PhD, Thomas D. Harding, Lawrence R. Harding, John R. Harding, William H. Harding, Andrew T. Harding, Henry W. Harding Jr., Mary K. Harding, Mervyn Gilbert Hardinge, PhD, Byron C. Hardinge, Elwood Hardman, Edgar Erwin Hardy, PhD, Henry Reginald Hardy, PhD, Vernon E. Hardy, William Hardy, Sandra Hardy, Barry A. Hardy, Bryant J. Hardy, Robert E. Hardy, Hugh W. Hardy, Larry R. Hardy, P. L. Hardy Jr., Robin C. Hardy, James E. Hardzinski, Cliff Hare, Danny L. Hare, Gerald R. Hare, W. Henry Harelson, George Bigelow Hares, PhD, Jesse W. Hargis Jr., O. W. Hargrove, Mary W. Hargrove, Mark F. Harjes, Robert Ian Harker, PhD, Kenneth A. Harkewicz, PhD, Wendell N. Harkey, Caryl P. Harkins, PhD, Richard A. Harkins, Richard Harkins, Thomas J. Harkins, Ronald Scott Harland, Henry E. Harling, Henry Gilbert Harlow, Ronald O. Harma, Charles M. Harman, PhD, Stewart T. Harman, Christopher Harman, Steven Harmath, George E. Harmening, DVM, Wayne A. Harmening, Daniel E. Harmeyer, Terry W. Harmon, PhD, Jeffrey L. Harmon, PhD, Roger N. Harmon, W. T. Harmon, Mary L. Harmon, Charles E. Harmon, Scott I. Harmon, John Harmonson, William Otto Harms, PhD, Jerome Scott Harms, PhD, Professor Eric Harms, Eric A. Harms, Elsie L. Harms, Timothy A. Harmsen, David W. Harned, Grant Hopkins Harnest, PhD, Robert B. Harnoff, Paul Michael Harnsberger, Ralph K. Haroldson, Jordan Harp, Ronald Harp, Laddie J. Harp, Dean O. Harper, PhD, B. Harper, PhD, John Harper, Kevin J. Harper, John Harper, John E. Harper, Joseph J. Harper, Kenneth E. Harper, MD, Herbert E. Harper, Tim Harper, Ted N. Harper, Wilkes B. Harper, Helen Harper, Col. E.G. Harper, Henry S. Harper, Lynn Harper, Stephen T. Harpham, Michael A. Harpold, PhD, David Harpster, PhD, Charles D. Harr, PhD, Clarence C. Harrey Jr., David Harriman, Bryan J. Harrington, Bruce W. Harrington, Brian Harrington, Dean Butler Harrington, Floyd A. Harrington, Heather Harrington, Daniel K. Harris, PhD, Deverle Porter Harris, PhD, S. P. Harris, PhD, Joseph Belknap Harris, PhD, Roswell A. Harris, PhD, B. L. Harris, PhD, Benjamin L. Harris, PhD, Joe Harris, PhD, Richard A. Harris, PhD, Donald R. Harris, PhD, John A. Harris, PhD, Ben Gerald Harris, PhD, Franklin S. Harris Jr., PhD, Gregory A. Harris, Ellen Harris, Kent Harris, Rita D. Harris, Tyler Harris, MD, Robert O. Harris, Edward R. Harris, Keith H. Harris, Arthur B. Harris, Bruce V. Harris, Kenneth Harris, B. Harris, James Edward Harris, Bernard C. Harris, Steven H. Harris, Floyd T. Harris, Bruce Harris, Ramon P. Harris, Eric W. Harris, Don Harris, Dennis Harris, Jimmy D. Harris, L. Harris, William E. Harris, Billy W. Harris, John C. Harris, David C. Harris, Ellis D. Harris, Ronald L. Harris, Russell S. Harris Jr., Stanley Harris, MD, Leon Harris, Joseph G. Harrison, PhD, John David Harrison, PhD, Ben Harrison, PhD, Greg A. Harrison, PhD, Ernest A. Harrison, PhD, Don E. Harrison, PhD, Robin Harrison, Burton Harrison, Marvin Eugene Harrison, Kevin D. Harrison, Gary G. Harrison, Earl Ray Harrison Jr., MD, Clark D. Harrison, Jim L. Harrison, Mathew R. Harrison, Francis L. Harrison, John J. Harrity Jr., William A. Harrity, MD, Heath Harrower, Robert A. Harrower, Paul J. Harry, James P. Harsh, Philip T. Harsha, PhD, T. W. Harshall, Elbert Nelson Harshman, PhD, Raymond K. Hart, PhD, Michael H. Hart, PhD, James B. Hart, Pam C. Hart, Melissa Hart, Randall E. Hart, Sylvan Hart, Delmer L. Hart, George R. Hart, Maxwell M. Hart, Paul Robert Hart, Brian T. Harten, Robert Duane Harter, PhD, Lynn J. Harter, Clark Hartford, Elmer Otto Hartig, PhD, Richard L. Hartine, Hermen Hartjens, Lumbert U. Hartle, Richard E. Hartle, MD, Robert Hartley, Robert A. Hartley, MD, Hetzal Hartley, John Louis Hartman, PhD, M. G. Hartman, Darrell W. Hartman, Maurice Hartman, Maurice G. Hartman, Albert Hartman, E. Frederick Hartman, Louis W. Hartman, William W. Hartman, Richard W. Hartmann, PhD, George L. Hartmann, William H. Hartmann, MD, Edward L. Hartmann, William L. Hartrick, Glenn A. Hartsell, James M. Hartshorne, Douglas R. Hartsock, Robert R. Hartsough, Ronald F. Hartung, John F. Hartwell, Charles M. Hartwell, Peter Hartwick, Nicholas L. Hartwig, PhD, Nathan L. Hartwig, PhD, Scott E. Hartwig, Eldert Hartwig Jr., Charles R. Hartzell, PhD, W. P. Hartzell, Dan E. Hartzell, Jonathan Hartzler, PhD, Geoffrey O. Hartzler, Meredith P. Harvan, Ted F. Harvey, PhD, Albert D. Harvey 3rd, PhD, Clifford Harvey, PhD, F. Reese Harvey, PhD, Kenneth C. Harvey, PhD, David B. Harvey, W. L. Harvey, Jack L. Harvey, Kim L. Harvey, Charles R. Harvey, Meldrum J. Harvey, Robert E. Harvey, John P. Harville, PhD, Ed Harwell, Richard Harwood, PhD, William H. Harwood, PhD, Thomas R. Harwood, MD, Syed M. Hasan, Dieter F. Haschke, John A. Hasdal, PhD, William Louis Hase, PhD, Hans Hasen, Irwin O. Hasenwinkle, Darr Hashempour, PhD, Hashaliza M. Hashim, Kirk Hashimoto, Richard E. Haskell, PhD, Roger Haskell, PhD, C. N. Haskell, Steven R. Haskin, Caryl Haskins, PhD*, Alden G. Haskins, Jiri Haskovec, PhD, William Joshua Haslem, Jill Hasling, Joseph J. Hasper, James Ronald Hass, PhD, Frederick C. Hass, PhD, Robert D. Hass, MD, Donald D. Hass, Jay Hassell, PhD, Floyd N. Hasselrlis, Bruce D. Hassen, Steven J. Hassett, Scott E. Hassett, John Michael Hassler, Kirk Hastings, Reese P. Hastings, Jeff Hastings, Turner Elilah Hasty, PhD, William B. Hataway, Ronald R. Hatch, Roger Conant Hatch, Charles S. Hatch, Tim Hatch, Herbert J. Hatcher, PhD, Charles N. Hatcher, Larry W. Hatcher, Michael K. Hatem, Dennis R. Hatfield, Eric W. Hatfield, Peter L. Hatgelakas, George Hathaway, PhD, William H. Hathaway, Paul L. Hathaway, Coleman E. Hatherly, Alson E. Hatheway, Charles L. Hattaway, Rav P. Hattenbach, Christpher N. Hatton, Yuichi B. Hattori, L. Hatzilambrou, PhD, Niki Hatzilambrou, PhD, Mark Hatzilambrou, Aaron Haubner, PhD, Niels B. Haubold, Robert Rice Haubrich, PhD, Thomas W. Hauch, MD, Francis Hauf, Charles B. Hauf, James N. Hauff, Arthur J. Haug, PhD, John C. Haugen, Harry T. Haugen, MD, J. Hauger, PhD, Ken Haught, PhD, Philip R. Haught, Kenneth E. Haughton, PhD, S. Mark Haugland, Andrew F. Haumesser, Charles M. Hauptman, William D. Hausel, W. Dan Hausel, Ray L. Hauser, PhD, Victor LaVern Hauser, PhD, Donald G. Hauser, John E. Hauser, MD, Consuelo M. Hauser, Maximilian E. Hauser, Hans Hauser, Stephen G. Hauser, Wayne Haushnecht, Rudolph H. Hausler, PhD, Rudolf M. Hausler, PhD, Robert F. Hausman Jr., PhD, Arthur Herbert Hausman, Alfred H. Hausrath, PhD, Warrnen M. Haussler, Gerald D. Hauxwell, PhD, Peter Havanac, Helga Francis Havas, PhD, Walter B. Havekorst, Dexter Stearns Haven, William W. Havens Jr., PhD, Robert Havens, James W. Havens, Arthur B. Havens, Gerald B. Havenstein, PhD, Stuart Havenstrite, Paul W. Haverkos, K. Havernor, PhD, Gregory J. Havers, Anton J. Havlik, PhD, Charles M. Havlik, John H. Havron, Roger M. Hawk, PhD, Frank C. Hawk, PhD, G. Wayne Hawk, Thomas J. Hawk, MD, Richard J. Hawkanson, Timothy M. Hawkes, Robert L. Hawkins, PhD, Michael D. Hawkins, Kerry M. Hawkins, Philip J. Hawkins, Y. Hawkins, William K. Hawkins, Dean J. Hawkinson, DVM, V. R. Hawks Sr., Mike C. Hawks, Charles C. Hawley, PhD, John W. Hawley, Brice C. Hawley, Dwight Haworth, PhD, Russell Haworth, Robert Hawthorne, Professor Haycox, Howard Hayden, PhD, Dale R. Hayden Sr., Ralph E. Hayden, Douglas B. Hayden, Leland E. Hayden, U. P. Hayduk, Fred Hayduk, Edward F. Haye, Douglas G. Hayes, PhD, Michael E. Hayes, PhD, Dennis B. Hayes, PhD, Daniel P. Hayes, PhD, Robert M. Hayes, PhD, James L. Hayes, Bill J. Hayes, Michael E. Hayes, Ralph L. Hayes, John A. Hayes, Bruce A. Hayes, Earnest M. Hayes, Anthony V. Hayes, Robert E. Hayes, Ralph Hayes, R. W. Hayes, Robert M. Hayhurst, Creed Haymond, Carl H. Hayn, PhD, Charles D. Haynes, PhD, Frank L. Haynes, PhD, Henry William Haynes Jr., PhD, William E. Haynes, Beth Haynes, MD, William D. Haynes, Clay E. Haynes, John Lenneis Haynes, Grover C. Haynes, Richard D. Haynes, James O. Haynes, Clay E. Haynes, Eugene D. Haynie, DVM, James T. Hays, PhD, Kendall Hays, James E. Hays, J. Ross Hays, Gordon W. Hayslip Jr., Paul E. Hazelman, George L. Hazelton, R. Nichols Hazelwood, PhD, John F. Hazen, William G. Hazen, Gregory S. Hazlett, Darrell R. Hazlewood, Stephen M. Hazlewood, Thomas D. Hazzard, Miao-Xiang He, MD, James Leslie Heaberlin, Earl Larry Heacock, Kenneth Heacock, Ronald Alan Head, PhD, Dean Head, Eugene C. Head Jr., Harold E. Headlee, Douglas H. Headley, Klyne Headley, Sean M. Headrick, Harold Franklin Heady, PhD, David L. Heald, PhD, Donald J. Healy, PhD, Philip F. Healy, Albert Heaney, PhD, James C. Heap, John Heard, Charles Jackson Hearn, PhD, John B. Hearn, MD, Jane K. Hearn, F. Terry Hearne, Robert S. Hearon, Robert J. Heaston, PhD, Jenifer Heath, PhD, James Edward Heath, PhD, Maxine S. Heath, PhD, James Eugene Heath, DVM, M. W. Heath Jr., Stephen D. Heath, Robert Bruce Heath, DVM, Milton W. Heath Jr., Leo A. Heath, Ralph C. Heath, George L. Heath, Forrest Dale Heath, Milton Heath Jr., Lowell H. Heaton, Dale G. Heaton, Louis W. Heaton, James E. Heavner, PhD, George M. Hebbard, James P. Hebbard, James B. Hebel, Norman L. Heberer, Dwight H. Heberer, Sylvester B. Heberlig, Phillip C. Hebert, Eugene J. Hebert, Bobby D. Hebert, Scott J. Hecht, Jonathan Daniel Heck, PhD, Paul S. Heck, Donald B. Heckenlively, PhD, Art L. Hecker, PhD, Donald Hecker, George B. Heckler, John Heckman, PhD, Rita W. Heckrotte, David L. Hedberg, MD, Kenneth F. Hedden, PhD, Gregory Dexter Hedden, PhD, Robert E. Hedden, George E. Heddy III, James H. Hedges, PhD, Solomon R. Hedges, Edward M. Hedgpeth, MD, Bobbie Hediger, David Robert Hedin, PhD, Dennis R. Hedke, William H. Hedley, PhD, Richard Warren Hedlund, PhD, Todd Hedlund, Harold Gilman Hedrick, PhD, Ross Melvin Hedrick, PhD, Larry E. Hedrick, Boyd R. Hedrick Jr., Ira Grant Hedrick, Neil Hedrick, Luther W. Hedspeth, Walter A. Hedzik, David R. Heebner, William M. Heerdt, Dale Heermann, PhD, John M. Heermans, Carl John Heffelfinger, PhD, Roy W. Heffner, Richard E. Heffner, Lee Opert Heflinger, PhD, John A. Hefti, Erv Hegedus, James J. Heger, Frank C. Heggli, John B. Hegsted, Mihaela Hegstrom, Glenn R. Heidbreder, PhD, Lawrence C. Heidemann, Stan F. Heidemann, James Heidenreich, James B. Heikkinen, Kevin G. Heil, Roger Heiland, William Joseph Heilman, PhD, Daniel J. Heilman, Paul K. Heilstedt, Donald L. Heim, Joseph Mark Heimerl, PhD, Richard Charles Heimsch, PhD, Bill K. Heinbaugh, Walter N. Heine, Edward H. Heineman, Stanley O. Heinemann, Brian E. Heinfeld, Tommy G. Heinrich, David F. Heinrich, Walter E. Heinrichs Jr., W. E. Heinrichs Jr., Robert J. Heintz Jr., Leonard Heiny, Bettina Heinz, PhD, William Daniel Heinze, PhD, Richard L. Heinze, Norman H. Heinze, James R. Heinze, Peter J. Heinze, Mark B. Heironimus, William D. Heise, Paul E. Heise, J. Heisey, Charles Gladstone Heisig, PhD, Ralph A. Heising, MD, Wesley E. Heisley, Ron Heisner, Larry D. Heisserer, Roger Heitland, Robert H. Heitmanek, John A. Heitmann, PhD, Mark Heitz, PhD, William B. Heitzman, Albert K. Heitzmann, Leslie V. Hekkers, Ed W. Hekman, Jerry W. Helander, James Raymond Helbert, PhD, J. Raymond Helbert, PhD, Thomas J. Helbing, Robert W. Helbing, Stephen C. Helbing Sr., Duane Helderlein, David Helfand, Jerry Helfand, Paul E. Helfer, Cecil Helfgott, PhD, Roy J. Helfinstine, Donald J. Helfrecht, Philip Helfrich, PhD, James F. Helle, Marvin W. Heller, PhD, George W. Heller, Roger A. Heller, James B. Heller, Henry Hellmers, PhD, Philip D. Hellreich, MD, Ronald A. Hellstern, PhD, Richard B. Hellstrom, Harold R. Hellstrom, MD, Langley Roberts Hellwig, PhD, Denise M. Helm, Donald C. Helm, Roger W. Helm, Stephen A. Helmberger, William F. Helmick, Carl N. Helmick Jr., Neil R. Helming, Robert E. Helmkamp, PhD, Robert L. Helmling, MD, Mike D. Helmlinger, Ron Helms, Bobby Helms, Joseph B. Helms, DVM, Maher L. Helmy, John W. Helphrey, E. Helrogt, William D. Helton, Bill D. Helton, Patricia A. Helvenston, PhD, William C. Helvey, E. Helvoqt, Robert P. Helwick, John F. Helwig, Raymond G. Hemann, Glenn R. Hemann Jr., Frederick B. Hembrough, PhD, Courtney C. Hemenway, F. R. Hemeon, James C. Hemeyer, Frank Heming, PhD, Robert Virgil Hemm, PhD, Kenneth J. Hemmelgarn, William J. Hemmerle, PhD, Philip B. Hemmig, Bruce C. Hemming, PhD, Thomas S. Hemphill, Klaus H. Hemsath, PhD, J. Hemstreet, PhD, Charles A. Hen, Charles H. Henager, John P. Henaghan, Steve D. Hencey, John E. Hench, PhD, Ronald Hencin, PhD, James R. Hendershot, David E. Henderson, PhD, James Brooke Henderson, PhD, Dale B. Henderson, PhD, Gerald J. Henderson, PhD, Lavell Merl Henderson, PhD, H. G. Henderson, PhD, Robert L. Henderson, Francis M. Henderson, MD, Kenneth P. Henderson, Phil W. Henderson, Daniel F. Henderson, Raymond L. Henderson, Ralph L. Henderson, Jeannine L. Henderson, Stephen J. Henderson, Julian C. Henderson, MD, Jerry S. Henderson, Vinson D. Henderson, Stuart W. Henderson, James C. Henderson, Loren L. Henderson, Douglas J. Henderson, Robert J. Henderson, Frank D. Henderson, Gary W. Henderson, Michael R. Henderson, Roger L. Henderson, Richard G. Hendl, PhD, Edwin Hendler, PhD, Alan K. Hendra, MD, Curtis E. Hendrick, John B. Hendricks, PhD, Deloy G. Hendricks, PhD, Robert S. Hendricks, Charles J. Hendricks, Stanley M. Hendricks II, Wayne A. Hendricksen, Lester E. Hendrickson, PhD, Alfred Hendrickson, Tom A. Hendrickson, Clark E. Hendrickson, R. Dahl Hendrickson, Ronald J. Hendrickson, John P. Hendrickson, Herbert Edward Hendriks, PhD, Jozef Hendriks, J. N. Hendrix, MD, Dennis L. Hendrix, Alfred J. Hendron Jr., PhD, Malcolm Hendry, PhD, Shawn Heneghan, PhD, Owen A. Heng, PhD, Erwin M. Hengst Jr., Raymond P. Henkel, PhD, Charles S. Henkel, PhD, Phillip S. Henkel, MD, Philip S. Henkel, William R. Henkle Jr., Ernest J. Henley, PhD, Joseph E. Henn, Hugh M. Henneberry, Carol E. Henneman, MD, Brian G. Henneman, Joseph Hennessey, Brian B. Hennessey, Jim Hennessy, Andrew L. Henni, Henry W. Hennigan, Jeffrey J. Henniger, William R. Henning, PhD, Lester Allan Henning, Gary L. Hennings, Gustav J. Henrich, Ken Henrichsen, PhD, Ken A. Henrichsen, DVM, Tara Henrichsen, Ryan Henrichsen, James O. Henrie, Carl H. Henriksen, Donald M. Henrikson, MD, Thomas W. Henry, PhD, Jonathan Henry, PhD, Richard Henry, PhD, Raymond L. Henry, PhD, Zachary Adolphus Henry, PhD, William Henry Jr., William B. Henry, MD, Regina C. Henry, William J. Henry, Paul M. Henry, Thomas P. Henry, Gregory W. Henry, Rudolph W. Hensel, Terry L. Henshaw, Steven C. Henslee, Paul E. Hensley, Wiley Hix Henson, PhD, Anna Miriam Morgan Henson, PhD, M. M. Henson, PhD, Marty C. Henson, Michael Henson, Walter J. Henson, James F. Hentges, PhD, Ronald D. Hentz, Karl P. Hentz, David Henzig, G. C. Hepburn Jr., David S. Hepler, Neal Hepner, Al Hepp, PhD, R. R. Heppe, Malcolm Hepworth, PhD, John A. Herb, PhD, Stephen R. Herbel, John Frederick Herber, PhD, Teddy T. Herbert, PhD, G. Herbert, Gary A. Herbert, Roger P. Herbert, Jonh F. Herbig, John F. Herbig Jr., Noel Martin Herbst, John J. Herbst, MD, Stevens Herbst, Hans Heinrich Wolfgang Herda, PhD, John Key Herdklotz, PhD, Lloyd Emerson Herdle, PhD, Bruce J. Herdrich, Charles Edward Heredendoff III, PhD, Lyle G. Hereth, William Lee Hergenrother, PhD, Don D. Herigstad, Carl K. Herkstroeter, Donlad Herlew Jr., PhD, David J. Herlihy, Arthur A. Herm, PhD, Ronald C. Herman, PhD, Roger Myers Herman, PhD, Edward P. Herman, MD, Elvin Eugene Herman, Phillip D. Herman, Edward Robert Hermann, PhD, Timothy L. Hermann, Robert W. 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Huie, Bradley Eugene Huitema, PhD, James A. Huizinga, DVM, Raymond P. Hull, Paul Hull, Roger J. Hull, Bruce Lansing Hull, DVM, John H. Hull, Ronald Hull, John Laurence Hull, Augustine Hull, Calvin T. Hulls, MD, John Kenneth Hulm, PhD, Charles R. Hulquist, MD, Robert C. Hulse, Ronald E. Hulsey, David Hulslander, John L. Hult, PhD, Joseph W. Hultberg, Kurt Hulteen, Eric A. Hulteen, Frank Hultgren, PhD, David M. Human, Carl D. Humbarger, DVM, Arthur Scott Hume, PhD, Erne Hume, Philip Wilson Humer, PhD, Frederick O. Humke, Harold Judson Humm, PhD, Charles A. Hummel, Allan S. Humpherys, William E. Humphrey, PhD, Ray Eicken Humphrey, PhD, Jeffrey E. Humphrey, PhD, Robert B. Humphrey, Brian Humphrey, John Humphrey, William D. Humphrey, Cathi D. Humphries, PhD, William C. Humphries, W. Houston Humphries, John Gower Hundley, PhD, Joe Hundley, Joseph W. Hundley Jr., Chih-Cheng Hung, PhD, Lester M. Hunkele lll, C. R. Hunkins, Steven J. Hunn, E. L. Hunsaker, Ernest L. Hunsaker, Robert G. Hunsperger, PhD, Robert D. Hunsucker, PhD, John P. Hunt, PhD, Everett Clair Hunt, PhD, Kenneth L. Hunt Jr., George C. Hunt, Mack W. Hunt, Gary Hunt, Sean P. Hunt, Roy E. Hunt, Hubert B. Hunt, Douglas Hunt, Philip R. Hunt, DVM, Dale L. Hunt, Cecill Hunt Jr., Lee McCaa Hunt, William H. Hunten, Arvel Hatch Hunter, PhD, Ray Hunter, Hassel E. Hunter, Charles L. Hunter, William J. Hunter, Jamie Hunter, Hugh F. Hunter, Donald W. Hunter, Steve A. Hunter, Hassell E. Hunter, J. Poulson Hunter, MD, Thomas C. Hunter, May Anne Hunter, Frank D. Huntley, Lawrence R. Huntoon, PhD, Albert H. Huntoon, Rodney William Hunziker, PhD, Charles C. Huppert, PhD, Brad L. Hupy, James R. Hurd, Richard Hurd Jr., MD, Michael D. Hurd, John O. Hurd, Jack A. Hurlbert, Francis X. Hurley, PhD, Edward T. Hurley, G. William Hurley, David L. Hursh, Harold R. Hurst, PhD, Randy Hurst, Leland L. Hurst, Ronald L. Hurt, Randall L. Hurt, Douglass M. Hurt, J. David Hurt, Charles W. Hurter, William John Husa Jr., PhD, Shakir Husain, PhD, Mark D. Huschke, Luverne A. Husen, Michael C. Husinko, Glen E. Huskey, PhD, Ira B. Husky, MD, Samir Hussamy, PhD, Frank Hussey, Vivian K. Hussey, John L. Hussey, MD, Jerome Gerhardt Hust, Robert E. Husted, Donald Husted, Keith Arthur Huston, PhD, Robert B. Huston, John H. Huston, John T. Huston, Michael D. Huston, Jason S. Hustus, Andrew Huszczuk, PhD, Eric J. Hutchens, John G. Hutchens, Craig Hutchens, MD, Paul Henry Hutcheson, PhD, David Hutcheson, PhD, William C. Hutcheson, DVM, Lee Hutchins, William R. Hutchins, William Hutchins, R. W. Hutchinson, PhD, Robert L. Hutchinson, PhD, James H. Hutchinson, PhD, George Keating Hutchinson, PhD, Gary L. Hutchinson, Darrell A. Hutchinson, Harvey L. Hutchinson, E. S. Hutchison, Victor E. Hutchison, J. J. Huth III, Al J. Hutko, W. E. Hutley, Carl M. Hutson, James B. Hutt Jr., Bradley J. Huttenhoff, Stephen A. Hutti, Francis Hutto, PhD, Scotty M. Hutto, John M. Hutto, MD, James C. Hutton, Reinhold J. Hutz, PhD, John F. Hutzenlaub, PhD, James Hyat, Eric R. Hyatt, PhD, Alan W. Hyatt, PhD, John Anthony Hyatt, PhD, Kenneth Hyatt, James H. Hyatt, Walter E. Hyde, Dean A. Hyde, Bradley G. Hyde, Monte Lee Hyder, PhD, Michael B. Hydorn, PhD, Peter P. Hydrean, PhD, Richard M. Hydzik, Carly H. Hyland, Erik J. Hyland, David Peter Hylander, John Walter Hylin, PhD, E. Carl Hylin, PhD, Ralph Hylinski, MD, James M. Hylko, David Hylton, William E. Hymans, PhD, Arnold Gene Hyndman, PhD, Steven J. Hynek, Bradley S. Hynes, K. Hyun, PhD, Donald V. Hyzer

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers I

173 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Umberto C. Iacuaniello, Samuel J. Iarg, Michael John Iatropoulos, PhD, Gerald B. Iba, MD, Mike Ibarguen, Terrence L. Ibbs, Lyndon C. Ibele, Icko JR Iben Jr., PhD, Ahmed A. Ibrahim, Mark D. Ibsen, Kenneth D. Ibsen, R. D. Ice, PhD, Rodney D. Ice, PhD, Sherwood B. Idso, Andre M. Iezzi, Donald J. Ifshin, Mac Igbal, Harold B. Igdaloff, John M. Igelman, Alex Ignatiev, PhD, Eugene Ignelzi, D. Igou, PhD, Donald K. Igou, PhD, Marvin H. Ihnen, Charles Albert Ihrke, PhD, Robert Mitsuru Ikeda, PhD, Piloo Eruchshaw Ilavia, Douglas K. Iles, Bruce E. Ilgen, DVM, Nick Iliadis, Gregory J. Ilko, Marvin L. Illingsworth, PhD, Phillip M. Iloff Jr., PhD, Richard Ilson, A. Rauf Imam, PhD, Anthony L. Imbembo, MD, John R. Imel, Brian J. Imel, Duane Imhoff, Jeffrey A. Imhoff, Vincent J. Imhoff, Walter L. Imm, Bruce Imsdahl, Paul E. Ina, Rosario Indelicato, Anton Louis Inderbitzen, PhD, Tony Indriolo, D. Ingalls, Donald D. Ingalls, James Ingamells, PhD, Karl Uno Ingard, PhD, Uno Ingard, PhD, Walter Herndon Inge, PhD, Bradley Ingebrethsen, PhD, Basil J. Ingemi, MD, Kenneth T. Ingham, William L. Ingle, George William Ingle, Lisa Funkhouser Ingle, Cecil M. Inglehart, Raymond Ingles, Criton George S. Inglessis, PhD, Cecil W. Ingmire, DVM, Nicholas A. Ingoglia, PhD, Raymond W. Ingold, Rodney H. Ingraham, PhD, J. Charles Ingraham, PhD, Alvin Richard Ingram, PhD, Lawrence L. Ingram, Stephen L. Ingram Sr., Jeffrey Ingram, Alfred Ingulli, Donald J. Inman, Ronald S. Inman, Charles G. Inman, William Beveridge Innes, PhD, John Edwin Innes, PhD, Patricia A. Innis, Mitio Inokuti, PhD, Kaoru Inouye, Shabana Insaf, PhD, Shahid Insaf, MD, Peter D. Inskip, Robert Hiteshew Insley, Lucy Ionas, Albert M. Iosue, PhD, Arshad Iqbal, Mehraboon S. Irani, MD, Victor D. Irby, PhD, Robert E. Irelan, Herbert O. Ireland, PhD, Roar L. Irgens, Robert J. Irish, David C. Irish, Larry A. Irons, Steven K. Irvin, G. W. Irvin, David Irvin, Scott R. Irvine, James Bosworth Irvine, William W. Irving, A. M. Irving, John David Irwin, PhD, Philip George Irwin, PhD, Dodge Irwin, Donald A. Irwin, Terry E. Irwin II, Patricia A. Irwin, Richard W. Irwin, John B. Irwin, MD, James M. Irwin, Jerry K. Irwin, Charles F. Irwin, MD, R. V. Irwin, Erich Isaac, PhD, Ronald H. Isaac, PhD, Gideon Isaac, Gideon E. Isaac, Milton S. Isaacson, Gary J. Isaak, Merlyn Isaak, Ronald D. Isackson, MD, George Isajiw, MD, Sheldon Erwin Isakoff, PhD, Martin Isaks, PhD, Terri Isakson, Johnny R. Isbell, Dan Isbell, E. Burke Isbell, Gerald William Iseler, PhD, Donald G. Iselin, Don L. Isenberg, PhD, Robert Isensee, PhD, Gary Ishikawa, Byron M. Ishkanian, Mir Nazrul Islam, PhD, Donald Richard Isleib, PhD, George Ismael, Farouk T. Ismail, PhD, Zafar A. Ismail, PhD, Guindy Mahmoud Ismail El, PhD, Rosemary B. Ison, Larry Israel, Gordon A. Israelson, Kenneth K. Issacson, Asaad Istephan, PhD, E. William Itell, John F. Itnyre, MD, Max Ito, PhD, Olga Ivanilova, PhD, Walter F. Ivanjack, Anthony D. Ivankovich, PhD, James Ivers, F. K. Iverson, Cary Iverson, Jerome M. Iverson, Lindsay C. Ives, King H. Ives, James A. Ives ll, John B. Ivey, Robert M. Ivey, James W. Ivey, Donathan M. Ivey, Turner W. Ivey Sr., Edwin Harry Ivey, Jerry W. Ivie, Cleon L. Ivy, David Ivy, Valentin M. Izraelev, PhD, Kenneth M. Izumi, PhD, Robert A. Izydore, PhD, Patrick Thomas Izzo, PhD, Teodore F. Izzo

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers J

708 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Michelle L. Jablons, Judy Jacklich, Claude A. Jackman, R. Jackman, Dale S. Jacknow, Gerald Jacknow, MD, Robert B. Jacko, PhD, Donald C. Jacks, Harold Jackson, PhD, K. A. Jackson, PhD, Warren B. Jackson, PhD, Stewart A. Jackson, PhD, Harold Leonard Jackson, PhD, Bill G. Jackson, PhD, Roscoe G. Jackson II, PhD, Lyman D. Jackson, Robert A. Jackson, DVM, Kingbury Jackson, Bruce Jackson, Bruce Jackson, Manly L. Jackson, Harry A. Jackson, Bruce G. Jackson, MD, J. G. Jackson III, Thomas W. Jackson, MD, Dabney C. Jackson, Michael D. Jackson, MD, Ralph E. Jackson, Thomas R. Jackson, Charlie M. Jackson Jr., Hank Z. Jackson Jr., J.A. Jackson, Joseph P. Jackson, Wade Jackson, Charles E. Jackson, Jeral Jackson, William Jackson, Nichole Jackson, James R. Jackson, Scott L. Jackson, George R. Jackson, Kyle Jackson, Carl T. Jackson, Rick L. Jackson, William Howard Jaco, PhD, Doyle J. Jaco, James Jacob, PhD, David I. Jacob, John W. Jacob, William John Jacober, PhD, William M. Jacobi, PhD, Thomas J. Jacobi, George Thomas Jacobi, M. L. Jacobs, PhD, Francis Albin Jacobs, PhD, J. C. Jacobs, PhD, Lois Jean Jacobs, PhD, Sharon Jacobs, Wes S. Jacobs, James G. Jacobs, Lenard Jacobs, Bruce Jacobs, Richard G. Jacobs, Hobart L. Jacobs, Theodore G. Jacobs, George D. Jacobs, Roy P. Jacobs, Garry H. Jacobs, John E. Jacobsen, Kermit Jacobsen, Jay M. Jacobsmeyer, Jerome S. Jacobsmeyer, Albert H. Jacobson Jr., PhD, Jimmy Joe Jacobson, PhD, Fred J. Jacobson, Leslie J. Jacobson, Michael E. Jacobson, Byron E. Jacobson, Wayne D. Jacobson, Glen O. Jacobson, Irven Allan Jacobson, Kenneth D. Jacoby, John W. Jacox, Donald F. Jacques, PhD, Jim J. Jacques, Robert B. Jacques, Neal M. Jacques, Jules Jacquin, Ralph R. Jaeger, PhD, Michael T. Jaekels, MD, Holger M. Jaenisch, PhD, Bahram A. Jafari, PhD, Mordecai J. Jaffe, PhD, Johan Jaffe, PhD, William Julian Jaffe, PhD, Donald Jaffe, PhD, Stephen B. Jaffe, Syed I. Jafri, Vidyasagar Jagadam, Kenneth Irwin Jagel, PhD, Ray Jaglowski, Albert A. Jagnow, Mark Jagnow, Paul G. Jagnow, David H. Jagnow, Kenneth S. Jago, Arnold Jagt, David E. Jahn, George A. Jahnigen, C. C. Jakimowicz, James J. Jaklitsch, Paul C. Jakob, Eva Vavrousek Jakuba, PhD, Paul J. Jakubicki, Marek Jakubowski, PhD, Alexander A. Jakubowycz, MD, Richard J. Jambor, Richard J. Jambor, David Eugene James, PhD, Virgil E. James, PhD, Douglas E. James, H. S. James, Clifford H. James, Daryl N. James, Dennis R. James, Jerry James, Shadrach James, MD, John E. James, Calvin R. James, Everett Williams Jameson Jr., PhD, Jesse C. Jameson, Chet H. Jameson Jr., Patrick H. Jameson, Leon U. Jameton, Robert R. Jamieson, Homer C. Jamison, PhD, King W. Jamison, PhD, Sherwin W. Jamison, Robert E. Jamison, MD, Will B. Jamison, Harwin B. Jamison, MD, Robert W. Jamplis, MD, Jeffrey Janakus, Lynn M. Janas, PhD, Jiri Janata, PhD, Jiri Janata, PhD, Kenneth S. Jancaitis, PhD, Thomas Jancic, Mark Jancin, Vladislav J. Jandasek, John A. Jane Sr., PhD, Donald J. Janes, Clarence W. Janes, Larry Jang, PhD, Frederick J. Janger, Cole Janick, Borek Janik, PhD, Norman C. Janke, PhD, Ken M. Janke, Marilyn R. Janke, MD, Edward S. Jankowski, Paul R. Jann, Daniel J. Janney, Dan Janney, Robert Janowitz, Dennis C. Jans, Gustav Richard Jansen, PhD, Duane A. Jansen, George J. Jansen, Blair F. Janson, PhD, Maximo J. Jante Jr., Jonathan Janus, PhD, John C. Janus, David Japikse, PhD, John C. Jaquess, Samuel E. Jaquinta, Rupert Jarboe, George Jarden, MD, Kevin L. Jardine, Richard P. Jares, F. Jarka, Frank Henry Jarke, Robert H. Jarman, MD, Karen C. Jaroch, Kenneth E. Jarosz, W. W. Jarowey, Herbert F. Jarrell, PhD, Kenneth Jarrell, Neldon Lynn Jarvis, PhD, John H. Jarvis, MD, Clifford S. Jarvis, James J. Jarvis, Douglas Jasek, Rodney Jasmer, Andrew John Jason, PhD, Karen F. Jass, Mark T. Jaster, Robert Jastrow, PhD*, John P. Jastrzembski, John A. Jaszczak, PhD, August Wilhelm Jaussi, PhD, Lynn Jaussi, Akshay Javeri, Stanley J. Jaworski, Aloysius A. Jaworski, Seymour Jaye, David E. Jeal, MD, Buford R. Jean, PhD, Charles St. Jean, DVM, Kuan-The Jeang, PhD, Robert L. Jeanmaire, William F. Jebb, Theresa Jeevanjee, PhD, Ryan M. Jefferis, Keith Bartlett Jefferts, PhD, K. B. Jefferts, PhD, Lawrence R. Jeffery, Lisa A. Jeffrey, Edward A. Jeffreys, Thomas T. Jeffries III, George W. Jeffs, Hugh Jeffus, PhD, Joe A. Jehn, Max Jellinek, PhD, Michael Jellison, Gerald G. Jelly, DVM, William W. Jemison Jr., Joseph Victor Jemski, PhD, Jean Jenderlco, William J. Jendzio, Leo B. Jenkins, PhD, Veronon Kelly Jenkins, PhD, Mary E. Jenkins, MD, Sean Jenkins, Jack D. Jenkins, David E. Jenkins, Hanley F. Jenkins, MD, Roger D. Jenkins, MD, William C. Jenkins, Hugh F. Jenkins, Samuel M. Jenkins 3rd, Carol C. Jenkins, Max F. Jenne, Vincent Francis Jennemann, PhD, Richard G. Jenness, Paul A. Jennings, PhD, Alfred S. Jennings, PhD, S. Tonebraker Jennings, PhD, Edwin B. Jennings, David Jennings, Pete D. Jennings, Frederick A. Jennings, Terry L. Jennings, Donald K. Jennings, Don Jennings, Jack H. Jennings, James Jennison, Yih-Chyun Jenq, PhD, Al J. Jenquin, Wayne Henry Jens, PhD, Gerard M. Jensen, PhD, Clayton Everett Jensen, PhD, Arthur Seigfried Jensen, PhD, LeeAnn Jensen, PhD, Timothy Berg Jensen, PhD, Thomas E. Jensen, PhD, Marcus Martin Jensen, PhD, Creighton Randall Jensen, PhD, Harry E. Jensen, Robert M. Jensen, Paul E. Jensen, Eivind B. Jensen, Glenn Jensen, Randolph A. Jensen, Dale R. Jensen, George A. Jensen, Raymond W. Jensen, Stanley M. Jensen, Randall D. Jensen, MD, Walter P. Jensen Jr., Leland V. Jensen, Layne D. Jensen, Brian Jensen, L. Carl Jensen, Dale R. Jensen, Anchor D. Jensen, Roy J. Jensen, Denzel Jenson, PhD, George A. Jenson, Norman E. Jentz, Ronald L. Jepsen, Stewart C. Jepson, Peter Jerabek, Marc Z. Jeric, PhD, Anthony E. Jernigan, David R. Jernigan, Mark Jerussi, JM Jeryin, Guy C. Jeske, Herbert C. Jessen, Elliot E. Jessen, William A. Jesser, PhD, Joseph H. Jessop, James D. Jessup, Bill E. Jessup, Guy E. Jester, PhD, William A. Jester, PhD, Penelope Jester, James W. Jeter Jr., PhD, Howard R. Jeter, Edwin N. Jett, Tedd H. Jett, George G. Jetter, Robert P. Jeub, Wayne H. Jeus, PhD, C. Thomas Jewell, MD, Vinton H. Jewell, Ralph Jewett, Dale P. Jewett, Michael W. Jezercak, PhD, Benjamin L. Jezovnik, Chueng R. Ji, PhD, Henry Louis Jicha Jr., PhD, Nicolai A. Jigalin, Luis E. Jimenez, PhD, Scott Jimmerson, M. Jin, PhD, Karel Jindrak, PhD, Roger E. Jinkins, MD, Robert M. Jirgal, Zoenek Vaclav Jizba, PhD, Charles S. Joanedis, Janard J. Jobes, Thomas J. Jobin, Elaine L. Jocobson, PhD, Richard L. Jodry, PhD, Amos E. Joe, Stanley W. Joehlin, Professor Joerz, Eileen D. Johann, PhD, Virgil Ivancich Johannes, PhD, Robert Johannes, PhD, Mary A. Johanning, PhD, Timothy J. Johans, H. William Johansen, PhD, Emil S. Johansen, Niles W. Johanson, Craig A. Johanson, MD, Stephen Johanson, Knut A. Johanson Jr., Karl Richardq Johansson, PhD, Sune Johansson, Donald Ralph Johhnson, PhD, Carl T. A. Johnk, PhD, B. Johnke, Dennis M. Johns, PhD, Donald R. Johns, L. P. Johns, Spurgeon S. Johns, Daryl T. Johns, Kendall B. Johnson, PhD, Frederic Allan Johnson, PhD, Erik Johnson, PhD, Bryce W. Johnson, PhD, H. A. Johnson, PhD, William R. Johnson, PhD, Duane Johnson, PhD, Gerald W. Johnson, PhD, Horace Richard Johnson, PhD, Robert Britten Johnson, PhD, Blane L. Johnson, PhD, Donal Dabell Johnson, PhD, James Robert Johnson, PhD, Robert H. Johnson, PhD, James B. Johnson, PhD, Kent R. Johnson, PhD, Milton Raymond Johnson, PhD, Glenn Richard Johnson, PhD, Irving Johnson, PhD, Leland R. Johnson, PhD, Ray Edwin Johnson, PhD, Adrian Earl Johnson Jr., PhD, Robert V. Johnson, PhD, James W. Johnson, PhD, Richard Dean Johnson, PhD, Carl N. Johnson, PhD, Leo Francis Johnson, PhD, Francis Johnson, PhD, Ronald Gene Johnson, PhD, Robert Oscar Johnson, PhD, Harlin Dee Johnson, PhD, Terrance Johnson, PhD, M. W. Johnson, PhD, Alan W. Johnson, PhD, Melvin Walter Johnson, PhD, Philip N. Johnson, PhD, Duane J. Johnson, PhD, Stuart G. Johnson, PhD, Fred Lowery Johnson, PhD, Arlo F. Johnson, PhD, Todd Johnson, PhD, Owen W. Johnson, PhD, Charles Minor Johnson, PhD, Robert S. Johnson, PhD, Donald Curtis Johnson, PhD, William Everett Johnson, PhD, Monroe H. Johnson, Frank Junior Johnson, David C. Johnson, MD, G. E. Johnson, Bertram G. Johnson, Steven M. Johnson, MD, Theodore R. Johnson, P. Johnson, William P. Johnson, Walter F. Johnson, Mark A. Johnson, Raymond E. Johnson, Jim Johnson, Richard R. Johnson, Clinton B. Johnson, Curtis L. Johnson, Thomas L. Johnson, Abe W. Johnson, Michael S. Johnson, Walter E. Johnson, M. S. Johnson, Robert C. Johnson, T. Johnson, Anthony Johnson, David A. Johnson, Gerald B. Johnson, Charles W. Johnson, H. C. Johnson, J. William Johnson, MD, Ben S. Johnson, James L. Johnson, DVM, Mark Johnson, Rodney B. Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, Wyatt Johnson, Omar M. Johnson, DVM, Thomas J. Johnson, Alan W. Johnson, Richard B. Johnson, Laurence N. Johnson, Gordon E. Johnson, Gerald E. Johnson, James S. Johnson, Scott Johnson, Peter F. Johnson, Robert G. Johnson, MD, Ken L. Johnson, Horton A. Johnson, MD, Lars R. Johnson, William E. Johnson, Wendell Johnson, Terry E. Johnson, Karl J. Johnson, Dale Johnson, Robert M. Johnson, Dennis V. Johnson, Howard R. Johnson, MD, Raynard J. Johnson, Earl F. Johnson, Thomas P. Johnson, Delmer R. Johnson, Paul D. Johnson, Doug Johnson, Jeffrey L. Johnson, Charles W. Johnson, MD, Ronald M. Johnson, Eric W. Johnson, Eldred D. Johnson, Archie C. Johnson, Terrell K. Johnson, Frederick S. Johnson, L. R. Johnson, Harold B. Johnsson III, Lawrence Harding Johnston, PhD, William P. Johnston, PhD, H. Dee Johnston, PhD, Harlin D. Johnston, PhD, William Dwight Johnston, PhD, Marshall C. Johnston, PhD, La Verne Albert Johnston, PhD, Stephen Albert Johnston, PhD, Daniel Johnston, PhD, Marshal C. Johnston, PhD, Sheridan Johnston, PhD, S. Johnston, PhD, David Johnston, George M. Johnston, Frederick W. Johnston Jr., Howard D. Johnston, Gerald S. Johnston, George Johnston, Scott R. Johnston, Fre T. Johnston, Matt Johnston, Bill Johnston, Bonnie Johnston, William R. Johnston, D. W. Johnston, Stephan E. Johnston, John William Johnstone Jr., Harold E. Johnstone, MD, Helen S. Johnstone, MD, John G. Johnstone, James P. Jollay, John Eric Jolley, PhD, Von D. Jolley, PhD, Steve D. Jolly, PhD, Kenneth L. Jonas, Gordon Jonas, Kevin W. Jonas, Robert W. Jonasen, Percy C. Jonat, MD, Wright H. Jonathan, DVM, Viliam Jonec, PhD, Rajinder S. Joneja, Charlie E. Jones, PhD, Charles Jones, PhD, Taylor B. Jones, PhD, Claris Eugene Jones Jr., PhD, Merrill Jones, PhD, Louise Hinrichsen Jones, PhD, R. H. Jones, PhD, Roy Carl Jones, PhD, Alan Richard Jones, PhD, John Lloyd Jones, PhD, Jack E. Jones, PhD, H. M. Jones, PhD, Frank Norton Jones, PhD, Wesley Morris Jones, PhD, Robert A. Jones, PhD, Andrew E. Jones, PhD, David H. Jones, PhD, Edwin R. Jones, PhD, Richard A. Jones, PhD, Bill Jones, PhD, Robert E. Jones, PhD, James Ogden Jones, PhD, Merrell Robert Jones, PhD, Kay H. Jones, PhD, Wilber C. Jones, PhD, Steven K. Jones, Edward T. Jones, Egerton G. Jones, Robert E. Jones, Kyle B. Jones, Edgar J. Jones, Paul D. Jones, Alan B. Jones, Christopher H. Jones, G. R. Jones, Paul C. Jones, Marcia Jones, Barbara C. Jones, MD, Claude D. Jones, Dick L. Jones, James K. Jones, MD, E. C. Jones, Lawrence L. Jones, James J. Jones, Les Jones, Ken A. Jones, John D. Jones, John Jones, William H. Jones, Harry B. Jones, Emmet Jones, Alan D. Jones, Johnny E. Jones, Christopher W. Jones, John P. Jones, Melvin C. Jones, Friedlen B. Jones, MD, A. D. Jones, Dick Jones, Don Jones, Ralph S. Jones, Hadley H. Jones, Richard Patterson Jones, Roger F. Jones, Jay H. Jones, DVM, Larry S. Jones, Granby Jones, Ray P. Jones, James T. Jones, B. C. Jones, Mitchell Jones, Walter V. Jones, Wellington H. Jones, Gerald L. Jones, Richard D. Jones, Oliver Jones, Robert F. Jones, MD, George S. Jones, R. W. Jonesen, Pete Jonghbloed, George F. Jonke, Peter E. Jonker, John Jonkman, Richard W. Joos, PhD, Billy J. Joplin, Richard Charles Jordan, PhD, Charles Jordan, PhD, Edward Daniel Jordan, PhD, Duane P. Jordan, PhD, L. Jordan, Douglas L. Jordan, Paul A. Jordan, MD, Thomas E. Jordan, Robert Kenneth Jordan, Henry S. Jordan, MD, Frank E. Jordan, MD, Jonathan D. Jordan, Gary Jordan, James R. Jorden, Rex E. Jorgensen, Royce A. Jorgensen, Richard D. Jorgenson, PhD, Larry Josbeno, Peter D. Joseph, PhD, David Joseph, PhD, Stanley Robert Joseph, PhD, Edward Joseph, MD, Raymond P. Joseph, Bernard William Joseph, Daniel J. Joseph, Pisica H. Joseph, Lyman C. Josephs III, Edward Samuel Josephson, PhD, Richard L. Joslin, Miroslawa Josowicz, PhD, Thomas L. T. Jossem, David Jowett, PhD, Robert S. Joy, Jenri B. Joyaux, Jim Joyce, Ronald F. Joyce, Edwin A. Joyce Jr., Patrick A. Joyce, Donald G. Joyce, MD, Blaine R. Joyce, Pat Joyce, Jack B. Joyce, Donald Joye, PhD, Michael J. Joyner, PhD, Phillip A. Jozwiak, Macario G. Juanola, Edward P. Jucevic, William Jud, Paul G. Judas, R. E. Juday, PhD*, Victor R. Judd, George F. Jude, Joseph Malcahi Judge, PhD, Joseph F. Judkins, PhD, R. M. Judy, C. R. Judy, Richard D. Juel, MD, Richard L. Jueschke, Ray L. Jukkola, Robert H. Julian, Daniel R. Juliano, PhD, John Juliano, H. Julich, Hiram Paul Julien, PhD, H. P. Julien, PhD, Frederick J. Julyan, PhD, Rodger A. Jump, Eric J. Jumper, PhD, Carl D. Jumper, John Andrew Jung, PhD, Eric Jungermann, PhD, Cynthia K. Jungman, DVM, William A. Junk, PhD, Michael Lee Junker, PhD, M. L. Junker, PhD, D. Junker, PhD, Thomas J. Junker, James E. Junkin, Steven R. Junod, Bruce B. Junor, Terence B. Jupp, Walter J. Jurasinski, Herbert C. Jurgeleit, MD, Paul F. Jurgensen, MD, Richard A. Jurgensen, Paul Jurik, John M. Jurist, PhD, Liutas K. Jurkis, Joseph Jurlina, Leonard Juros, Liutas K. Jurskis, George W. Jury, Brian J. Just, PhD, Donald J. Just, Stephen A. Justham, PhD, James Horace Justice, PhD, George T. Justice, James H. Justice, Robert J. Justice, J. Justiss Jr., Peter V. Juvan, MD, Richard Spalding Juvet, PhD

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers K

1,495 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Kathy A. Kaake, Matti Kaarnakari, Richard J. Kabat, Robert Kabel, PhD, Richard Harvey Kabel, George J. Kacek, Karl Kachadoorian, Raymond F. Kaczynski, T. Theodore Kadota, PhD, Dennis D. Kaegi, Charles E. Kaempen, PhD, Gerald L. Kaes, Robert W. Kafka, PhD, Morton R. Kagan, PhD, Michael Z. Kagan, PhD, Thomas R. Kagarise, George C. Kagcer, PhD, Jack J. Kahgan, Paul Kahgan, MD, Richard L. Kahler, Richard Lee. Kahler, MD, Jon P. Kahler, Joe Kahm, Charles Kahn, Joan D. Kailey, Fritz E. Kain, John E. Kaindl, Joseph A. Kaiser, PhD, Dale C. Kaiser, MD, Martin J. Kaiser, Kirk K. Kaiser, MD, Hugh D. Kaiser, Dean M. Kaja, Antone J. Kajs, William W. Kakel, Joh R. Kalafut, Robert A. Kalasinsky, Robert O. Kalbach, PhD, Calvin D. Kalbach, Hemendra A. Kalbamna, Frank P. Kalberer, Klem Kalberer, Dimitar Kalchev, Antoine Kaldany, MD, John M. Kalec, MD, Norman Wayne Kalenda, PhD, Donald Kaley, David Kalil, Michael G. Kalinowski, John W. Kalinowski, Doris Kalita, Frank E. Kalivoda Jr., Thomas R. Kalk, Robert John Kallal, PhD, Jeremy M. Kallenbach, PhD, Loren D. Kaller, PhD, David A. Kallin, James B. Kalloch, Lisa V. Kalman, PhD, Beth Kalmes, Mitchell M. Kalos, Moses K. Kaloustian, PhD, Robert J. Kalscheur, Ronald P. Kaltenbaugh, Harold Kalter, PhD, Brian D. Kaluzny, Margaret A. Kaluzny, Richard J. Kalvaitis, Jitendra V. Kalyani, Salma B. Kamal, PhD, Medhat H. Kamal, PhD, Martin D. Kamen, PhD*, William W. Kaminer, Matthew S. Kaminske, Victor V. Kaminski, PhD, Manfred Stephan Kaminsky, PhD, Mark P. Kaminsky, PhD, Elisabeth M. Kaminsky, MD, Karl Philip Kammann Jr., PhD, John Kammermeyer, PhD, Alan A. Kamp, Robert M. Kamp, Andrew J. Kampe, James M. Kampfer, Fred Kampmans, F. Kamsler, Ronald R. Kamyniski, Antony Kanakkanatt, PhD, Joseph M. Kanamueller, PhD, Stanley Martin Kanarowski, Walter Reilly Kane, PhD, William T. Kane, PhD, Raymond C. Kane Jr., Bernard J. Kane, Earl J. Kane, William J. Kane, MD, Walter T. Kane, Sarath C. Kanekal, PhD, Thomas Motomi Kaneko, PhD, Noel Andrew Patrick Kane-Maguise, PhD, Sergei L. Kanevsky, Ho H. Kang, PhD, Ramanuja Chara Kannan, Thomas A. Kanneman, PhD, Arnold F. Kansteiner, PhD, Benjamin H. Kantack, PhD, Harvey Sherwin Kantor, MD, Stanley F. Kantor, Arthur Robert Kantrowitz, PhD, Paul Thomas Kantz, PhD, James Herbert Kanzelmeyer, PhD, Mark S. Kapelke, Norman G. Kapko, Justin M. Kapla, Edward Lynn Kaplan, PhD, Alvin A. Kaplan, Hillel R. Kaplan, Gerson N. Kaplan, MD, Naum M. Kaplan, Joe Kaplen, M. Kapolka, PhD, Judith A. Kapp, PhD, George A. Kappenhagen, David W. Kapple, Frank D. Kapps, MD, George Kapusta, PhD, Larry Kapustka, PhD, Gabor Karadi, PhD, A. J. Karalis, Norman E. Karam, Eugene J. Karandy, MD, Francis Warren Karasek, PhD, Robert Karasik, W. B. Karcher, Guido George Karcher, William J. Kardash Sr., Mario George Karfakis, PhD, Delmar W. Karger, Harold E. Karges, Alexander A. Kargilis, Munawar Karim, PhD, Sid Karin, PhD, Richard D. Karkkainen, Olgerts L. 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Krafft, PhD, William R. Krafft, E. H. Krafft, Professor Kraft, PhD, Christopher Columbus Kraft Jr., PhD, Richard Kraft, Walter H. Kraft, P. Krag, PhD, Peter W. Krag, PhD, Paul M. Krail, PhD, Jerry Kraim, Stanley Krainin, John J. Krajewski, PhD, Deborah J. Krajicek, Keith Krake, Stephen G. Kramar, Roman J. Kramarsic, PhD, Norbert E. Kramer, PhD, Gary R. Kramer, PhD, Gordon Kramer, Donald R. Kramer, Kenyon K. Kramer, MD, Kenneth Kramer, John M. Kramer, Ralph H. Kramer, Drew A. Kramer, Jeffrey G. Kramer, Douglas J. Kramm, James E. Krampe, John F. Krampien, David E. Kranbuehl, PhD, Jerrod N. Krancler, Karl Walter Krantz, PhD, George G. Krapfel, Paul Krapivsky, PhD, Melvin W. Kraschnewski, Jan Krason, Tom J. Krasovec, Clyde Harding Kratochvil, PhD, Howard R. Kratz, PhD, Garry D. Kraus, David J. Krause, PhD, Lois B. Krause, PhD, George Krauss, PhD, Robert W. Krauss, PhD, Lee E. Krauth, Joseph Henry Kravitz, PhD, Lawrence C. Kravitz, PhD, James J. Krawchuk, Arthur A. Krawetz, PhD, Dennis A. Krawietz, Robert F. Kraye, John Krc Jr., M. F. Krch, M. Fred Krch, Lawrence Krebaum, PhD, William F. Krebethe, MD, William H. Krebs, Clarence R. Krebs, Christopher P. Krebs, K. Kreckel, John Belshaw Kreer, PhD, Henry C. Kreide, Eric Russell Kreidler, PhD, Julius Peter Kreier, PhD, John Gene Kreifeldt, PhD, Mark L. Kreinbihl, Ron Kreis, PhD, Henry G. Kreis, Steven Kreisman, William J. Kreiss, PhD, Ruth E. Kreiss, MD, Richard Kremer, PhD, Frederick William Kremkau, PhD, Thurman R. Kremser Sr., PhD, Peter A. Krenkel, PhD, William B. Krenz, Michael S. Krepky, Carl George Krespan, PhD, Lance Whitaker Kress, PhD, Robert W. Kress, Rodger L. Kret, Robert W. Kretzler, Robert E. Kreutzer Jr., Charles R. Kreuz, Warren C. Kreye, PhD, Joseph Z. Krezandski, PhD, Robert E. Kribal, PhD, David A. Kribs, Victor Kriechbaum, Daniel R. Krieg, PhD, Arthur F. Krieg, MD, Edward A. Kriege, Kenneth W. Kriesel, Roy Krill, Jacqueline Krim, PhD, Scott Kriner, Elbert V. Kring, PhD, Palaniappa Krishnan, PhD, Istvan M. Krisko, PhD, Jacob K. Krispin, PhD, Joseph F. Krispin, Matthew P. Kriss, Kevin Krist, PhD, James G. Krist, Magne Kristiansen, PhD, Louis G. Kristjanson, Steve Kristoff, PhD, Mark S. Kristy, E. Kriva, Professor Krivak, Boris B. Krivopal, PhD, George James Kriz, PhD, Frank G. Kriz, William G. Krochta, PhD, William Joseph Kroenke, PhD, Lillian A. Kroenke, Wasley Sven Krogdahl, PhD, Larry A. Kroger, PhD, Gary Krogstad, Douglas H. Krohn, Edward F. Krohn, Joseph F. Kroker, Gary S. Krol, Fred J. Kroll, Arthur T. Kroll, Leonard J. Krombein, James C. Kromer, Gerald E. Kron, PhD, Lester H. Krone 3d, Paul H. Kronfield, Stephen Kronholm, MD, Roger Lee Kroosma, PhD, John Led Kropp, PhD, Tim C. Kropp, Julius Richard Kroschewsky, PhD, William R. Kroskob, James W. Kross, John M. Krouse, MD, John R. Krouse, Robert K. Krout, Donald M. Krtanjek, Philip M. Krueger, PhD, Peter George Krueger, PhD, Steven T. Krueger, Loren L. Krueger, Burke B. Krueger, Thomas A. Krueger, James D. Krueger, MD, Eddwin H. Krug, Keith Krugh, Geddy J. Krul, MD, Jack K. Krum, PhD, Glenn L. Krum, Ann Marie Krumenacker, Jerry Krumlik, MD, R. H. Krumme, Paul H. Krumrine, PhD, Eric M. Krupacs, Gai Krupenkin, William M. Kruple, E. C. Krupp, PhD, David J. Krupp, David J. Krus, PhD, Lorin Ronald Krusberg, PhD, Walter Hillis Kruschwitz, PhD, Peter M. Kruse, Oliver M. Kruse, James R. Krusling, Joseph T. Krussel, Charles Marion Krutchen, PhD, Harvey A. Krygier, MD, Kenneth F. Krzyzaniak, Tsu-Kung Ku, Joe E. Kub Jr., Kenneth S. Kube, MD, Karen Sidwell Kubena, PhD, David J. Kubicek, Paul Kubicek, Edward P. Kubiske, Regis W. Kubit, W. Kubitsihel, MD, Donald Gene Kubler, PhD, Mitsuru Kubota, PhD, Stephen A. Kubow, PhD, Frederick Read Kuc, PhD, Alexander Kucher, Moyses Kuchnir, PhD, Louis Kuchnir, MD, David L. Kuck, Thomas H. Kuckertz, PhD, James Edgar Kuder, PhD, Marc S. Kudla, Antonin J. Kudrna, Richard S. Kuebler, MD, Donald Kuehl, Adelheid R. Kuehnle, PhD, Richard E. Kuelske, Paul Kuenstler, PhD, Stanley E. Kuenstler, Ann D. Kuenstling, Donald E. Kuenzi, MD, George Kugler, PhD, Eugene James Kuhajek, PhD, Moira Kuhl, Charles R. Kuhlman, Michael S. Kuhlmann, John E. Kuhn, PhD, Raymond Eugene Kuhn, PhD, Janice Oseth Kuhn, PhD, Peter Mouat Kuhn, PhD, John G. Kuhn, Daniel O. Kuhn, Lowell L. Kuhn, Bernard J. Kuhn, Scott Kuhn, Gerald Kuhn, Carl W. Kuhnen Jr., Garth Kuhnhein, Kenneth A. Kuiken, PhD, Stephan T. Kujawa, PhD, Andrew Kujawiak, Casimir A. Kukielka, Frank I. Kuklinski, Andrei Kukushkin, Mathew H. Kulawiec, Gerard J. Kulbieda, Andrew G. Kulchar, Eugene M. Kulesza, Valentina R. Kulick, PhD, James Kulick, Kenneth K. Kulik, Arun D. Kulkarni, PhD, Francis R. Kull, James E. Kullberg, Rudolph K. Kulling, PhD, Dale D. Kulm, Dennis J. Kulondra, PhD, W. R. Kulutachek, MD, Amarendhra M. Kumar, PhD, Nipha Kumar, Jeff Kumer, Kenneth W. Kummerfeld, Robert F. Kumpf, Irving B. Kun, Ihor A. Kunasz, PhD, Joseph Kunc, PhD, Stanley P. Kuncaitis, Guy Kuncir, John S. Kundrat, MD, Samar K. Kundu, PhD, David W. Kuneman, Edgar V. Kunkel, Robert W. Kunkle, PhD, Gordon Kuntz, PhD, Harold Russell Kunz, PhD, H. Russell Kunz, PhD, Thomas Henry Kunz, PhD, Professor Kunz, PhD, Willard D. Kunz, George William Kunze, PhD, Walter E. Kunze, Jing-Wen Kuo, PhD, Peter T. Kuo, MD, Frederick L. Kuonen, Joseph M. Kuphal, Sean T. Kuplean, Gary Kupp, Scott T. Kupper, Joseph M. Kupper, James Richard Kuppers, PhD, Edward P. Kurdziel, Stephen J. Kuritz, PhD, Robert John Kurland, PhD, Barry Kurth, Norman R. Kurtycz, Peter Kurtz, PhD, Vicent E. Kurtz, PhD, David W. Kurtz, PhD, Martin D. Kurtz, Max Kurtz, Henry Kurusz, Theodore W. Kury, PhD, William C. Kuryla, PhD, M. Kurz, PhD, Frank Turner Kurzweg, MD, Peter Kusel, PhD, Steven B. Kushnick, Paul Kutler, PhD, Leon J. Kutner, PhD, Leonard G. Kutney, Joseph D. Kutschka, Glenn H. Kutz, Chris E. Kuyatt, PhD, Charles R. Kuykendall, Bogdan Ognjan Kuzmanovic, PhD, Andrew J. Kuzmission, Robert W. Kwiatkowski, Wo Kong Kwok, PhD, Tung-Sing Kwong, Edward G. Kyle, Ludmila K. Kyn, Lydiane Kyte

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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1,486 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Harry C. La Bonde Jr., Peter La Celle, PhD, Timothy La Farge, PhD, James La Fleur, Christopher La Rosa, John W. Labadie, PhD, Kenneth M. Labas, Ronnie Labaume, Frank Michael Labianca, PhD, Melvin Labitt, David E. Labo, Peter Labosky, PhD, Mitchell J. LaBuda, PhD, R. G. Lacallade, Leonard L. Lacaze, Walter W. Lace, Paul L. Lacelle, PhD, John J. Lacey Jr., Tom Lacey, J. Michael Lacey, Paul Albert Lachance, PhD, Gary W. Lachappelle, Robert J. Lacher, PhD, Rosemary Lacher, Joann Lachut, W. Jack Lackey, PhD, Martin R. Lackoff, PhD, Sanford Lacks, PhD, James Walter Lacksonen, PhD, Alexander O. Lacsamana, Charles A. Lacugna, Willard C. Lacy, PhD, Sterling S. Lacy, Charles T. Lacy Sr., Conrad M. Ladd, Kurt D. Ladendorf, Edward R. Lady, PhD, Joseph Thomas Laemmle, PhD, Franklin Laemmlen, PhD, William E. Lafache, James R. Lafevers, PhD, John M. Lafferty Jr., Robert J. Laffin, PhD, Louis D. Laflamme, Lorin G. Lafoe, John P. Lafollette, Eugene C. Laford, PhD, Evan Dean Laganis, PhD, Bruce Lagasse, Charles Lager, Charles F. Lagergren, Thomas J. Laginess, Kenneth Lagrand, Thomas W. LaGrelius, Bobby D. Lagrone, John M. Lagrone, David H. Lah, Jerry P. Lahmers, DVM, John Lahoud, Russell J. Lahut, Jai L. Lai, PhD, John F. Laidig, Richard Laidlaw, PhD, Milton Laikin, Robert E. Laine, William E. Laing, William A. Laing, Peter L. Laino, MD, Alan Van Lair, PhD, Myron D. Lair, Cleve Watrous Laird, PhD, Michael A. Laird, Michael L. Laird, Dusan J. Lajda, PhD, James L. Lake, John W. Lake, William B. Laker, Bernard P. Lakus, Jaynarayan H. Lala, PhD, Lynn Lalko, PhD, Michael J. Lally, Jerry T. Laman, Stephen A. Lamanna, Donald L. Lamar, PhD, Willem Lamartine Lamar, Jeffrey J. Lamarca Sr., Robert A. Lamarre, Donald Roy Lamb, PhD, Donald Joseph Lamb, PhD, Allen B. Lamb, Henry J. Lamb, Bruce L. Lamb, DVM, Jeffrey C. Lamb, Roger W. Lamb, Jan B. Lamb, George W. Lamb, Paris Lee Lambdin, PhD, Jerry Roy Lambert, PhD, Ron R. Lambert, John P. Lambert, Richard A. Lambey, Andrew Lambie, Edward W. Lambing Jr., Donald H. Lambing, Robert J. Lambird, John P. Lambooy, PhD, Burt Lamborn, Burton B. Lamborn, Richard W. Lambrecht Jr., George W. Lambrott, Roger O. Lambson, PhD, Robert A. Lame, Norman J. Lammers, PhD, Leo J. Lammers, Joseph E. Lammon, DVM, Trevor G. Lamond, PhD, Robert LaMontagne, PhD, Philip Elmer Lamoreaux, W. E. Lamoreaux, David L. Lamp, Dale J. Lampton, Don LaMunyon, PhD, Michael C. Lamure, S. S. Lan, Vicki A. Lancaster, PhD, Dale B. Lancaster, PhD, Lionel C. Lancaster, Paul Lancaster, G. D. Lancaster, Malcolm Lancaster, MD, Albert L. Land, Ronald E. Land, Roland J. Land, H. D. Landahl, PhD, William M. Landau, MD, Richard John Landberg, PhD, Richard Leon Lander, PhD, William K. Lander, Richard A. Lander, Stacy O. Landers, David E. Landers, Brownell W. Landes, Elmer W. Landess, DVM, S. Landeur, William Charles Landgraf, PhD, Scott A. Landgraf, Jerome B. Lando, PhD, Frank L. Landon, Michael M. Landon, Charles S. Landram, PhD, Ricky M. Landreneau, DVM, Bruce Landreth, John R. Landreth, John R. Landreth, J. A. Landrum, William R. Landrum, William G. Landry, Archie Landry, L. Landry, Ronald J. Landry, Malcolm Daniel Lane, PhD, R. L. Lane, PhD, Richard L. Lane, PhD, Robt Lane, PhD, Carl Leaton Lane, PhD, Robert Lane, PhD, F. Lane, George L. Lane, B. Edward Lane, Brian Lane, Michael Lane, C. Elaine Lane, MD, James C. Lane, Scott Lane, Alis C. Lane, DVM, Clifford Lane, Robert B. Lane, Edwin Lane, Debbie Laney, Harold H. Lang, PhD, C. M. Lang, PhD, Ivan M. Lang, PhD, Conrad Marvin Lang, PhD, Darrell W. Lang, MD, Ronald A. Lang, George P. Lang, Newton L. Lang, William R. Lang, Charles J. Lang, Gregory A. Langan, Thomas H. Lange, PhD, Robert Carl Lange, PhD, Charles Ford Lange, PhD, Stephen S. Lange, Arthur L. Lange, Robert B. Lange, Richard C. Lange, George R. Lange, Professor Langeland, PhD, Albert U. Langenegger, Ralph Louis Langenheim, PhD, Arthur M. Langer, PhD, Robert L. Langerhans, Paul B. Langford, PhD, Paul J. Langford, Stephen R. Langford, Normal L. Langham, Richard R. Langhoff, Gerald B. Langille, PhD, Rolf H. Langland, PhD, Philip G. Langley, PhD, Robert Charles Langley, John M. Langloss, PhD, Carl G. Langner, PhD, Peter H. Langsjoen, Hans A. Langsjoen, MD, David J. Langston, Willis E. Lanier, Richard L. Lanier, DVM, Mark Lankford, H. Norbert Lanners, PhD, Ralph Lanni, Richard M. Lannin, Edward Lanser, William D. Lansford, Elma Lanterman, PhD, Ward J. Lantier, Thomas Lee Lantz, William E. Lanyon, Geoffrey R. Lanza, Frank Lanzafame, PhD, Joseph M. Lanzafame, PhD, Peter Lanzetta, PhD, George R. LaPerle, Gerald J. Lapeyre, PhD, Gary G. Lapid, MD, Evelyn P. Lapin, PhD, John L. Lapish, Thomas J. Laplaca, PhD, Dennis J. Lapoint, PhD, James J. Laporte, Richard G. Laprairie, Robert A. Lapuk, Vince L. Lara, Kurt A. Larcher, James F. Lardner, Andre G. Lareau, James G. Lareau, Lisa W. Larios, Robert F. Lark, Thomas S. Larko, Norbert D. Larky, John P. Larocco, William E. LaRoche, John LaRochelle, PhD, David F. Larochelle, MD, Bruce E. Larock, PhD, Seymour Larock, Phillip Laroe, Judd Larowe, MD, Signa Larralde, PhD, Vernon L. Larrowe, PhD, Henry Larrucea, Robert Larsell, JoAnne Larsen, PhD, Eric R. Larsen, PhD, Tom B. Larsen, PhD, Eric Larsen, PhD, Lloyd Larsen, PhD, Robert Paul Larsen, PhD, Calvert T. Larsen, PhD, Howland Aikens Larsen, PhD, David L. Larsen, William E. Larsen, Greg A. Larsen, Larry L. Larsen, Stephen L. Larsen, Elisabeth Larsen, Wayne K. Larsen, Dale G. Larsen, Carl S. Larson, PhD, Wayne O. Larson, PhD, Bruce Linder Larson, PhD, Charles Conrad Larson, PhD, Robert Larson, PhD, Ronald Larson, PhD, Ron Larson, PhD, Philip Rodney Larson, PhD, Russell C. Larson, Harry T. Larson, Byron W. Larson, Roy E. Larson, John Larson, Reginald Einar Larson, Mark Larson, Dana E. Larson, Ernest T. Larson, Kenneth Larson, Elisabeth Larson, Ashley V. Larson, Dwight L. Larson, MD, Bryan C. Larson, Donald E. Larson, Don Larson, Jeffrey G. Larson, David L. Larson, MD, Jon LaRue, PhD, John H. Lary, MD, L. Lasagna, MD, Robert E. Lasater, Reginald M. Lasater, Stanley B. Lasday, Joseph Lasecki, Roderick M. Lashelle, DVM, Keith F. Lashway, Lawrence B. Laskoskie, E. E. Laskowski, Jack Samuel Lasky, PhD, Bill Lee Lasley, PhD, Ralph F. Lasley, John Clifford Lasnetske, Edwin D. Lasseter, Andrew Lasslo, PhD, Michael G. Last, Stanley J. Laster, PhD, Eric J. Lastowka, William S. Laszlo, Alan R. Latham, PhD, James A. Latham, Allen Latham, Benny L. Latham, Harold M. Lathrop, DVM, John C. Lathrop, Gail Latimer, Pierre Richard Latour, PhD, Robert P. Lattimer, PhD, Wayne A. Lattin, MD, Laurence Lattman, PhD, Jason Lau, Duane E. Lau, William H. Laub, Anthony Lauck, James Bishop Laudenslager, PhD, Charles E. Lauderdale, Dennis A. Lauer, Robert J. Lauer, Lloyd H. Lauerman, PhD, Robert J. Laufer, PhD, Walter A. Laufer, Ruth C. Laugal, James W. Laughlin, Garry E. Laughlin, Paul H. Laughlin, MD, William R. Laughlin, David D. Laughlin, Dickey L. Laughlin, James H. Laughon, Kenneth E. Laughrey, Natasha Lauinoric, Dallas D. Laumbach, PhD, William E. Laupus, MD, Kenneth M. Laura, Robert L. Laurence, PhD, Jim Lauria, Archibald M. Laurie, A. M. Laurie, Arbhiadl M. Laurie, Mike Lauriente, PhD, Linda E. Lautenbach, Mark T. Lautenschlager, Thomas J. Lauterio, PhD, Robert A. Lavache, Michael J. Lavallee, William F. Lavecchia, Thomas E. Lavenda, Bob J. Lavender, Jerome M. Lavine, PhD, Leo R. Lavinka, Daniel G. Laviolette, Gilbert R. Lavoie, PhD, Marcel Elphege LaVoie, PhD, Albert Giles Law, PhD, Charles E. Law, MD, Gordon Fyfe Law, Delman Law, James H.L. Lawler, PhD, Bill Lawler, David Lawler, Joethel T. Lawler, D. John L Lawless Jr., PhD, John John Lawless Jr., PhD, Harold B. Lawley, Peter P. Lawlor, MD, Layle Lawrence, PhD, William H. Lawrence, Brian K. Lawrence, Walter E. Lawrence, Elbert D. Lawrence, MD, Philip Linwood Lawrence, Joseph D. Lawrence, Donald K. Lawrenz, Eugene J. Lawrie, Joel S. Lawson, PhD, Kent P. Lawson, PhD, Noel A. Lawson, Edward B. Lawson, Leroy D. Lawson, Richard L. Lawson, Gerald W. Lawson, David Lawson, Edwin H. Lawson, MD, Michael A. Lawson, Richard Lawson, Robert W. Lawson, Bill Lawson, Royce E. Lawson Jr., Clifton E. Lawson, Tim M. Lawton, Bill R. Lawver, John F. Lawyer, Jeffrey C. Lawyer, Douglas M. Lay, PhD, Steven Lay, PhD, William Anthony Laycock, PhD, Charles E. Layne, Daryl E. Layne, Edward J. Lays, Thomas W. Layton, PhD, Grant H. Layton, Marsha A. Layton, Robert E. Layton Jr., Norman Lazaroff, PhD, Paul D. Lazay, PhD, Peter K. Lazdins, PhD, Gerry V. Lazzareschi, MD, Wayne Adair Lea, PhD, Suzanne M. Lea, PhD, James L. Leach, PhD, Frank W. Leach, Marisa S. Leach, Hugh J. Leach, Lawrence E. Leach, William D. Leachman, William F. Leahy, PhD, Julie Leahy, David F. Leake, William D. Leake, Robert W. Leake, Lewis A. Leake, Richard D. Leamer, PhD, James B. Lear, Charles Lear, R. Douglas Learmon, Ralph John Leary, PhD, Joseph P. Leaser, MD, Gerald Roger Leather, PhD, Brent Leatherman, Joanne H. Leatherwood, Tommy Leavelle, PhD, Floyd L. Leavelle, PhD, Paul Matthew Leavy, Paul W. Lebarron, Dennis R. Lebbin, PhD, Jacob M. Lebeaux, PhD, J. M. Lebeaux, PhD, Roland Lebel, PhD, David C. Leber, MD, Bruce W. Leberecht, James F. Lebiedz, Jozef Lebiedzik, PhD, Lynn L. Leblanc, PhD, Louis Leblanc, George R. Lebo, PhD, Rebel J. Leboeuf, Stephen J. Lebrie, PhD, Kennon M. Lebsack, Jean-Pierre Leburton, PhD, Robert J. Lecat, PhD, Bill Lech, Lawrence M. Lechko, James A. Lechner, PhD, Richard V. Lechowich, PhD, Matthew A. Lechowicz, Scott A. Lechtenberg, Andre Leclair, PhD, Gregory L. LeClaire, Richard R. Lecompte, Joseph E. Ledbetter, PhD, Harvey Don Ledbetter, PhD, John K. Ledbetter, Thomas K. Ledbetter, Girvis E. Ledbetter, Robert S. Ledendecker, Bob L. Lederer, MD, Thomas H. Ledford, PhD, Richard A. Ledford, PhD, Bill Ledford, Frank F. Ledford, Louis A. Ledoux, George J. LeDuc, Min L. Lee, PhD, Bum S. Lee, PhD, Long Chi Lee, PhD, Frank X. Lee, PhD, Brian W. Lee, PhD, William Orvid Lee, PhD, Donald D. Lee, PhD, Burtrand Insung Lee, PhD, Paul D. Lee, PhD, James Norman Lee, PhD, Paul Lee, PhD, Harry R. Lee, Harold D. Lee, William K. Lee, DVM, Kai Y. Lee, Bryan D. Lee, Philip R. Lee, Keun W. Lee, Arthur C. Lee, DVM, Do B. Lee, Charles Lee, Timothy A. Lee, Grief C. Lee, Clarence E. Lee, Charles H. Lee, Bob Lee, Wayne E. Lee, Michael T. Lee, DVM, J. T. Lee, Mark P. Lee, Larry H. Lee, MD, Karl E. Lee, Larry E. Lee, Steve W. Lee, DVM, Richard F. Lee, Daniel V. Lee, Harry A. Lee, Lindsey D. Lee, David J. Lee, Davin R. Lee, D. M. Lee, Kuo Hom Lee Hsu, PhD, John W. Leech, PhD, H. William Leech, PhD, Clark D. Leedy, PhD, Carl B. Leedy, John p. Leedy, James Lewis Leef, PhD, Russell E. Leek, Steven B. Leeland, Howard R. Leeper, Marjorie B. Leerabhandh, PhD, Robert H. Leerhoff, Franklin E. Lees, Keith E. Leese, Kenneth M. Leet, PhD, James Frederick Leetch, PhD, Richard Leeth, Bob Lefelar, Robert Lefelar, Robert Allen Lefever, PhD, John C. Leffingwell, PhD, Harry A. Leffingwell, John D. Leffler, John P. Leffler, E. J. Leffler, Kevin Lefler, Victor E. Leftwich, Bruce Legan, PhD, Ruben C. Legaspi, MD, Gail Legate, Harold Legate, Gil L. Legate, N. A. Legatos, Leo V. Legg, Thomas H. Legg, Robert B. Leggett, Armistead M. Leggett, Edward F. Leh, Ruw W. Lehde, Donald R. Lehman, PhD, Paul H. Lehman, PhD, William C. Lehman, MD, Walter Lehman, Ernest K. Lehman, Mike Lehman, August Ferdinand Lehman, Joseph M. Lehman, Ronald G. Lehman, Richard K. Lehman, Herwig Lehmann, PhD, Elroy Paul Lehmann, PhD, William L. Lehmann, PhD, James N. Lehmann, E. K. Lehmann, Ernest K. Lehmann, Barbara T. Lehmann, William Lehmanu, William Lehmaun, Randolph S. Lehn, Gregory E. Lehn, Robert F. Lehnen, Kenneth B. Lehner, Randy W. Lehnhoff, Jay H. Lehr, PhD, Harry J. Lehr, Nathaniel S. Lehrman, MD, David Leibman, Dennis M. Leibold, Irving Leibson, PhD, John Leicester, Richard Leicht, Roger D. Leick, Michael G. Leidich, Edward T. Leidigh, Richard Leidlein, Mark Leifer, MD, John P. Leifer, Algrid G. Leiga, PhD, Leslie Leigh, Joseph M. Leimkuhler, John Lein, Jennifer B. Leinart, Richard O. Leinbach, Troy J. Leingay, Jerry S. Leininger, John M. Leinonen, Robert B. Leinster, Joshua M. Leise, PhD, Leon D. Leishman, James C. Leisk, David Leiss, Daniel Leiss, Jon Leist, Richard B. Leisure, George W. Leisz, John C. Leite, Bernard J. Leite, Paul W. Leithart, Gordon F. Leitner, Stanley L. Leitsch, Carl F. Leitten Jr., Victoria Mary Leitz, PhD, Ronald J. Lejman, Charles Leland, Craig Lello, DVM, Daniel D. Lelong, Dan LeMay, Paul B. Lemens, Michael L. Leming, PhD, Vernon L. Leming, John H. Lemke, PhD, F. Lemke, PhD, Eric Lemke, Richard W. Lemke, Terry L. Lemley, PhD, Robert E. Lemmon, PhD, Andrew Z. Lemnios, PhD, Leslie Roy Lemon, W. L. Lemon, Robert W. Lemon, David V. Lemone, PhD, Ron Lenaker, Andrew Lenard, PhD, A. Lenard, PhD, Roger X. Lenard, James D. Lenardson, George W. Leney, John A. Lengel Jr., Mary A. Lenkay, MD, Lary R. Lenke, Don H. Lenker, Dean J. Lennard, Stan Lennard, MD, Jim W. Lennen, Ralph Lennerth, Wendell L. Leno, John Lenora, PhD, Ronald S. Lenox, PhD, Gary A. Lensch, Billy K. Lenser, MD, Geoffrey Lenters, PhD, Stephen Lentz, PhD, Gary Lynn Lentz, PhD, Robert Lentz, Carl Lentz, MD, Roland E. Lentz, Stephen K. Lentz, Robert C. Lentzner, MD, Peter E. Lenz, Lawrence L. Leoise Ii, Kenneth Allen Leon, PhD, Philip B. Leon, Leonard Leon, Roland D. Leon, Dennis J. Leonard, PhD, Richard D. Leonard, John W. Leonard, Samuel A. Leonard, Thomas M. Leonard, W. Leonard, Albert O. Leonard, Thomas J. Leonard, MD, Richard J. Leonard, John A. Leonatti, Joseph W. Leone, Mario Leone, Joseph Leonelli, PhD, Bruno Leonelli, Thomas E. Leonik, Arkadii I. Leonov, PhD, Arkady I. Leonuso, PhD, Bohumir Lepeska, PhD, Donald E. Lepic, Tom C. Lepley, Peter C. LePort, MD, Terrence A. Leppellere, Gregory S. Leppert, PhD, Dennis Leppin, George W. Leroux, Paul G. Leroy, David M. Lesak, Jaime Aquiles Lescarboura, PhD, Larry A. Lesch, John F. Lescher, Richard E. Lesher, James D. Lesikar, PhD, Jim Leslie, Robert L. Lessley, James L. Lessman, Howard Lessoff, Robert W. Lester, Max M. Lester Jr., E. C. Lester, Gregory Scott Lester, Lionel E. Lester, James P. Lester, MD, Alfred Letcher, Nelson J. Letourneau, PhD, Donald A. Letourneau, Guy L. Letourneau, Gary R. Letsinger, Donald W. Lett, Steven K. Lett, Michael A. Leuck, Hans E. Leumann, Benjamin Shuet Kin Leung, PhD, Herbert August Leupold, PhD, Fred E. Leupp, M. Leutwyler, Donn W. Leva, Frederick C. Levantrosser, Thuston C. LeVay, Richard D. Levere, MD, Ronald G. Leverich, Terrence G. Leverich, Lamberto A. Leveriza, Stanley M. Levers, Walter Frederick Leverton, PhD, Allan L. Levey, Mark Levi, PhD, Robert Ernest Le Levier, PhD, Ron L. Levin, PhD, S. Benedict Levin, PhD, Robert E. Levin, PhD, Gilbert V. Levin, PhD, Stewart A. Levin, PhD, Samuel Levin, Yuri Levin, Karen N. Levin, Marc S. Levin, Howard Bernard Levine, PhD, Arnold David Levine, PhD, Philip I. Levine, Syd H. Levine, Linda J. Levine, Jane R. Levine, Howard L. Levingston, David W. Levinson, PhD, William A. Levinson, PhD, Stanley H. Levinson, PhD, Sidney B. Levinson, Carl R. Leviseur, MD, Louis I. Leviticus, PhD, Roger E. Levoy, DVM, Herbert August Levpold, PhD, J. V. Levy, PhD, Stanley S. Levy, PhD, Richard H. Levy, PhD, Seymour H. Levy, Phil Levy, J. Levy, Robert Murdoch Lewert, PhD, Michael D. Lewes, Thomas F. Lewicki, Kenneth W. Lewin, Hal Lewis, PhD, William P. Lewis, PhD, Leroy Crawford Lewis, PhD, Lawrence T. Lewis, PhD, Gordon Depew Lewis, PhD, Harold W. Lewis, PhD, Peter A. Lewis, PhD, John A. Lewis, PhD, Edward Lewis, PhD, Russell J. Lewis, PhD, Catherine Lewis, PhD, Lawrence Guy Lewis, PhD, Scott B. Lewis, PhD, David W. Lewis, PhD, Milton Lewis, PhD, Foy K. Lewis, George R. Lewis, Barbara B. Lewis, Edward L. Lewis, MD, Steven R. Lewis, Ted E. Lewis, George W. Lewis, MD, Hudnall J. Lewis, MD, Yvonne E. Lewis, D. Lewis, R. Lewis, Pamela A. Lewis, Robert Lewis, Phillip E. Lewis, Verna M. Lewis, Peter E. Lewis, Dayton A. Lewis Jr., Robert J. Lex, Robert P. Leyden, Alexander D. Leyderman, PhD, Ruth L. Leyse, PhD, David Leyshon, Jacek K. Leznicki, PhD, Shing T. Li, PhD, Huilin Li, PhD, Chia-yu Li, PhD, Yong J. Li, PhD, Wei Li, Emanuel Y. Li, MD, Thomas T. Liao, Hang Ming Liaw, PhD, Robert D. Libby, James J. Licari, PhD, Cathy Licata, Antonio S. Licata, MD, Frank Licha, Frank L. Lichousky, David L. Licht, Irwin A. Lichtman, PhD, Thomas Lick, PhD, Stephen Liddle, PhD, Charles George Liddle, William T. Liddle, Donald K. Lidster, MD, Mark A. Liebe PD, PhD, Kurt D. Liebe, James H. Lieber, Timothy E. Lien, John Lien, Thomas E. Lieser, Kap Lieu, Gabriel Lifschitz, James A. Liggett, PhD, James A. Liggett', PhD, Kenneth L. Light, David W. Light, L. Charles Lightfoot, Curt Lightle, Fred H. Lightner, Michael L. Lightstone, PhD, Kermit L. Likes, Don J. Likwartz, Barry J. Liles, PhD, Peter E. Liley, PhD, Semon M. Lilienfeld, MD, Jon L. Liljequist, Robert E. Liljestrand, Wayne P. Lill Jr., Mark D. Lillegard, Jay Lilley, Charles L. Lilly, Rebecca A. Lim, PhD, Alex Lim, Ronald H. Limbach, Richard B. Liming, Jon Limke, PhD, Steven C. Limke, Jingyu Lin, PhD, James C. Lin, PhD, Ray O. Linaweaver, Arthur Charles Lind, PhD, Wilton Howard Lind, Philip D. Lindahl, Kim R. Lindbery, W. J. Lindblad, Philip V. Lindblade, Robert O. Lindblom, PhD, Bruce A. Lindblom, O. Victor Lindelow, John F. Lindeman, MD, Charles G. Lindeman, Donald H. Lindeman, Merlin D. Lindemann, PhD, William C. Lindemann, PhD, R. Lindemann, PhD, Robert B. Lindemann, Charles J. Lindemann II, Henry Robert Linden, PhD, Gerald S. Lindenmoen, Max W. Linder, MD, Jay T. Lindholm, Charles Alexander Lindley, PhD, Robert R. Lindner, Peter F. Lindquist, PhD, William Tenney Lindsay, PhD, Laurence Lindsay, Bruce G. Lindsey, PhD, Keith R. Lindsley, Robert Lindstrom, Richard S. Lindzen, PhD, Urban Joseph Linehan, PhD, Roy W. Linenberg, Leo C. Linesch, Milton Joshua Linevsky, PhD, David R. Lingenfelter, Wayne B. Lingle, Wesley Earl Lingren, PhD, Jesse B. Lininger, Peter K. Link, PhD, Bernard Albert Link, PhD, William C. Link, MD, John B. Link, Garry N. Link, Donna J. Link, Cecil H. Link, John J. Linker, Kurt O. Linn, PhD, Donald Linn, PhD, Robert K. Linn, Jeff M. Linn, DVM, Andrew J. Lino, Ralph Linsker, PhD, Paul H. Linstrom, Darrell Linthacum, PhD, John C. Linton, Jeffrey D. Linville, Frank Linville Jr., Anthony Pasquale Lioi, PhD, Glenn Liolios, Hal Lion, Dennis Liotta, PhD, Jerome L. Lipin, MD, William G. Lipke, PhD, David E. Lipkin, MD, Jack Lipman, Eugene G. Lipnicky, Stuart J. Lipoff, Bryan L. Lipp, Wayne W. Lippincott, Arthur L. Lippman, MD, Richard E. Lippoth, Lenny W. Lipscomb, Clarence D. Lipscombe Iii, PhD, Wayman Lipsey, Jay Lipson, Michael Forrester Lipton, PhD, Arnold A. Lipton, MD, Merrill I. Lipton, MD, Emil Patrick Lira, PhD, Adam Lis, PhD, Clayton Lee Liscom, Dulcie Lishness, Robert W. Lisle, MD, William E. Liss, Ellen Kern Lissant, PhD, Kenneth Jordan Lissant, PhD, Kurt R. List, Mark D. Lister, PhD, Bruce A. Lister, Jim Litchfield, Arthur C. Litheredge, David Litowsky, MD, Mitchell Litt, PhD, Robert L. Little, PhD, William Little, PhD, Jack E. Little, PhD, Winston Woodard Little Jr., PhD, Donald L. Little, Kenneth J. Little, G. D. Little Jr., Larry E. Little, Frank K. Little, John E. Littlefield, Daniel W. Litwhiler, PhD, Tim A. Litz, Baw-Lin Liu, PhD, W. M. Liu, PhD, Fred Liu, PhD, Derong Liu, PhD, Qian Liu, PhD, Chian Liu, PhD, Henry Liu, PhD, Hung-Wen (Ben) Liu, PhD, John Liutkis, PhD, John Liutkus, PhD, Noel W. Lively, Robert S. Livingston, PhD, Robert Simpson Livingston, PhD, Thomas O. Livingston, George A. Livingston, Richard G. Livingston, William H. Livingston, Georgetta S. Livingstone, PhD, Alan B. Livingstone, Ed Liwerant, John M. Lix, Josep G. Llaurado, MD, Raul A. Llerena, Jonathon P. Llewellyn, Clement M. Llewellyn Jr., Stephen R. Lloyd, PhD, James R. Lloyd, PhD, Vern Lloyd, Alan Lloyd, Harold W. Lloyd Jr., Harold R. Lloyd, Davie L. Lloyd, Sheldon G. Lloyd, David M. Lloyd, Barry H. Lloyd, Thomas W. Lloyd, Ligia B. Lluria, Janet M. Lo, DVM, Verl B. Lobb, James R. Lobb, Fred P. Lobban, Gene M. Lobrecht, Salvadore J. Locascio, PhD, S. J. Locascio, PhD, Emil P. Loch, Gregory R. Lochen, Charles H. Lochmuller, PhD, Donald M. Lochner, PhD, Edward T. Lock, Michael C. Lock, Harry G. Lockaby, Royce Zeno Lockart, PhD, Krystyna Kopaczyk Locke, PhD, Clyde R. Locke, MD, Shane A. Locke, Raymond Kenneth Locke, A. Locke, William Lockett Jr., Richard F. Lockey, James B. Lockhart, Paul Lockhart Jr., Brent Lockhart, Robert M. Lockhart, Thomas J. Lockhart, William R. Locklear, Travis W. Locklear, MD, David A. Lockmeyer, Timothy A. Lockwood, PhD, Dwight N. Lockwood, Daniel C. Lockwood, Paul L. Lockwood, Kenton M. Loda, Willem Lodder, PhD, Eric Lodewijk, Eric Lodewyk, James E. Lodge, Steve Loduca, PhD, David Loduca, Alfred R. Loeblich III, PhD, Bruce A. Loeppke, Robert Gustav Loewy, PhD, George O. Lof, PhD, Dave Lofe, Robert Loffredo, PhD, Charles W. Lofft, Leo J. Lofland, MD, Ernest E. Loft, R. Loftfield, Richard A. Loftis, Larry K. Lofton, R. H. Lofton, MD, John T. Loftus, Mark Logan, MD, Henry R. Logan, John P. Logan, Robert J. Logan, Thomas L. Logan, Jerry L. Logan, Robert S. Logan, Roger A. Logeson, Charles B. Loggie, James D. Loghry, Susan Logsdon, Joseph Carl Logue, Francis M. Logullo, PhD, Nicolas Logvinoff Jr., MD, Edward M. Lohman, Douglas E. Lohmeyer, Lewis S. Lohr, Donald O. Lohr, G. M. Loiacono, John H. Lok, H. Y. Loken, PhD, Stanley Jerome Lokken, PhD, H. William Lollar, David M. Lolley, MD, Julian H. Lombard, PhD, Armand """A.J.""" Lombard, Gabriel G. Lombardi, PhD, Leonard V. Lombardi, PhD, Crispino E. Lombardi, Rosario Joseph Lombardo, PhD, Paul S. Lombardo, DVM, William L. Lomerson, PhD, Andrew Lonard, PhD, Carlos A. Londono, Robert Ahlberg Loney, PhD, Justin T. Long, PhD, William E. Long, PhD, R. W. Long, PhD, William Henry Long, PhD, Donlin Martin Long, PhD, Daryl C. Long, PhD, John R. Long, PhD, Bruce Long, PhD, Edward R. Long, PhD, Erwin L. Long, Walter Long, MD, James M. Long lll, MD, Allen Long, MD, Joyce M. Long, James D. Long, Neville S. Long, Howard F. Long, James A. Long, Earl Ellsworth Long, Arthur L. Long, William E. Long, Morgan J. Long, DVM, Wyne R. Long, Roland V. Long, Lawrence E. Long, Bryan H. Long, Gerald W. Longanecker, Robert L. Longardner, Henry R. Longcrier, John B. Longenecker, PhD, Dennis D. Longhorn, W. Warren Longley, PhD, William W. Longley Jr., PhD, H. Jerry Longley, PhD, Vance Longley, Kenneth C. Longley, Martin Shelling Longmire, PhD, Ian S. Longmuir, Daniel Sidney Longnecke, James Longo, Daniel Longo, Anna K. Longobardo, Paul Alan Longwell, PhD, Ruskin Longworth, PhD, David Loninotti, Robert L. Loofbourow, Guy J. Lookabaugh, Jerome J. Looker, PhD, Clay A. Loomis, Robert W. Loomis, J. S. Loomis Jr., John S. Loomis Jr., Jean E. Loonam, PhD, John Looney, Donald F. Looney, Hendricus G. Loos, PhD, Herb Lopatka, Ronald L. Loper, Alfredo M. Lopez, PhD, Gabriel P. Lopez, PhD, Albert F. Lopez, William Farrand Loranger, PhD, Mark Lord, Richard K. Lordo, Thomas A. Loredo, Don D. Lorenc, Janet A. Lorenz, PhD, Donald H. Lorenz, PhD, David Lorenz, MD, Mark G. Lorenz, William F. Lorenz, Ronald J. Lorenz, Jerry A. Lorenzen, PhD, Robert F. Lorenzen, MD, David A. Lorenzen, David Lorenzen, MD, David Lorge, Richard B. Loring, Steven Paul Lorton, PhD, Larry Lortscher, Robert S. Lorusso, John V. Loscheider, Robert A. Loscher, H. M. Losee, Kyle W. Loseke, John B. Loser, Brad M. Losey, Edward Thomas Losin, PhD, Jeff S. Lospinoso, Mark J. Losset, Dale R. Lostetter, Dan C. Lostoski, Peter F. Lott, PhD, Frank H. Lott, H. C. Lott Jr., Paul Albert Lottes, PhD, Stuart Loucks, L. Richard Louden, PhD, Doug Loudin, Martha Loughlin, Gerard A. Loughran, Lawrence Hua Hsien Louis, PhD, Allan R. Louiselle, Rodney R. Louke, C. Barton Loundagin, Jerry Loupee, Julio G. Loureiro, Robert Irving Louttit, PhD, Jerry A. Louviere, MD, Harlie M. Love, John A. Love, George E. Love, Sadler Love, Lyle G. Love, Michael Love, Ralph W. Love, Richard M. Love, Michael E. Lovejoy, C. James Lovelace, PhD, Robert W. Lovelace, Radon B. Loveland, James L. Loveland, Don L. Loveless, Bernard W. Lovell, PhD, Harold Lemuel Lovell, PhD, John E. Lovell, Ben A. Lovell, Dale D. Lovely, Jeffery D. Loven, Richard G. Loverne, Gordon Lovestrand, Cole Lovett, PhD, John Robert Lovett, PhD, Bruce P. Lovett, MD, Wayne T. Lovett, James A. Lovett, James S. Lovick, DVM, James Loving, Robert F. Loving, Jan Lovy, PhD, Gary L. Low, Delwyn J. Low, William R. Low III, John Lowbridge, PhD, Barrie B. Lowe, Judith K. Lowe, MD, Albert W. Lowe, Forrest G. Lowe, F. Lowe, Herbert F. Lowe, Glen R. Lowe, Robert M. Lowe, Umass Lowell, PhD, Mark Lowell, PhD, Douglas E. Lowenhaupt, J. Lowenstein, PhD, G. A. Lowerts, PhD, John D. Lowery, Henry E. Lowey, Alvin Lowi Jr., PhD, Thomas Lowinger, PhD, Charles S. Lown, Holly E. Lownes, John J. Lowney, Charles B. Lowrey, PhD, Maurice H. Lowrey, Allen Lowrie, Gerald J. Lowry, PhD, Sylvia B. Lowry, Donald F. Lowry, Justin Lowry, Jerald Frank Lowry, Howard W. Lowy, MD, Samuel E. Loy 3rd, Sam E. Loy III, Allen Loy, MD, Robert W. Loyd, D. Mark Loyd, Ramon G. Lozano, MD, John F. Lozowski, John Kuew Hsiung Lu, PhD, Paul S. Lu, Marvin Lubbers, Brian Lubbert, Alan H. Lubell, Martin S. Lubell, Philip J. Lubensky, Michael D. Lubin, PhD, Steven A. Lubinski, Anthony G. Lubowe, PhD, Linda C. Lucas, PhD, William R. Lucas, PhD, Walter S. Lucas, Phillip Lucas, Kathleen M. Lucas, Kenneth A. Lucas, MD, Hugh H. Lucas, Robert C. Lucas, Dale R. Lucas, Timothy W. Lucas, David N. Lucas, Donald Hurrell Lucast, PhD, Peter J. Lucchesi, PhD, Louis A. Lucchetti, William Glenn Luce, PhD, John W. Luce, Professor Lucelari, PhD, Frank Lucenta, David L. Lucht, Raymond K. Luci, Samuel R. Lucia, John J. Luciani, Theodore M. Lucidi, Gerald Luck, Michael W. Luck, T. D. Luckey, PhD, George W. Luckey, PhD, Frederick J. Luckey, Denise G. Luckhurst, Brian Luckianow, Scott T. Luckiesh, Robert B. Ludden, Kenneth Ludeke, PhD, Frank L. Ludeman, Roger J. Ludlam, Richard R. Ludlam, Bobby R. Ludlum, Mark Ludwig, PhD, Claus Berthold Ludwig, PhD, Oliver G. Ludwig, PhD, Daniel D. Ludwig, PhD, H. Ludwig, S. J. Ludwig, Mark J. Ludwig, Dennis E. Ludwig, C. T. Ludwig, Gerald S. Ludwig, Wm. P. Ludwig, Ralph Edward Luebs, PhD, Lilburn H. Lueck, Frederick E. Lueck, Mike Lueck, F.E. Lueck, Spomenka M. Luedi, Rita M. Luedke, Lawrence H. Luehr, Donald R. Lueking, PhD, Robert Luetje, Kenneth Luff, Gene S. Luff, Donald L. Luffell, Philip E. Luft, PhD, C. Luger, Scott E. Lugibihl, Caroline N. Luhta, Frank L. Luisi, Gordon D. Luk, Carl Andrew Lukach, PhD, Mariann Lukan, Ronald J. Lukas, PhD, Thomas J. Lukas, PhD, Robert A. Luke, PhD, Forest V. Luke, Henry C. Luke, Richard Luke, Randolph M. Luke, Raymond J. Lukens, PhD, Larry Lukens, PhD, Ronald A. Lukert, MD, Robert M. Lukes, PhD, Paul Lumos, Richard Lumpkin, PhD, Rufus Lumry, PhD, William Watt Lumsden, PhD, Wilburn L. Luna, Robert A. Lunceford, Douglas E. Lund, PhD, Mark Wylie Lund, PhD, Melvin Robert Lund, MD, J. Lund, John Lauren Lundberg, PhD, Dennis L. Lundberg, PhD, Richard E. Lundberg, Steven H. Lunde, R. Kent Lundergan, Robert F. Lundin, PhD, Walter F. Lundin, Jorgen V. Lunding, Theodore R. Lundquist, PhD, James H. Lundy Jr., James W. Lundy, M. David Luneau, Pamela G. Lung, Frank P. Lunn III, R Dwayne Lunsford, PhD, Jesse Lunsford, Brenda Lunsford, Owen Raynal Lunt, PhD, Richard G. Lunzer, MD, Gordon F. Lupien, MD, Luigi Lupinacci, John Henry Lupinski, PhD, Anthony Lupo, PhD, Mark J. Lupo, PhD, William Hamilton Lupton, PhD, J. W. Luquire, PhD, Peter J. Lusardi, Charles P. Lush, Channing Harden Lushbough, PhD, Glenn R. Lussky, W. C. Lust, Carol J. Lusty, PhD, Arthur P. Luthy, Dwight E. Lutsko, Alvin L. Luttrell, Arthur Lutz, David S. Lutz, George W. Luxbacher, PhD, Harold Richard Luxenberg, PhD, Arthur Lyall, Alvin Higgins Lybeck, Randal W. Lycans, Carl Lyday "Col, USAF(RET)", Travis O. Lyday, Warren M. Lydecker, John R. Lydic, Sidney John Lyford, PhD, Scott Lyle, Leah Lyle, Thomas L. Lyle, Leon Lyles, PhD, W. R. Lyman, Rodney G. Lyn, PhD, John P. Lynam, Patrick B. Lynam, Keith D. Lynch, PhD, John J. Lynch, PhD, Dennis Lynch, Neil P. Lynch, Thomas Elwin Lynch, Bernard J. Lynch, Roland H. Lynch, James R. Lynch, Francis M. Lynch, Michael S. Lynch, Ashby B. Lynch Jr., Donald E. Lynd, Clarence Roger Lynds, PhD, James E. Lyne, PhD, Victoria S. Lyon, DVM, Charles S. Lyon, William Southern Lyon, Joseph L. Lyon, Harold Lyons, PhD, Kevin G. Lyons, Gerald Lyons, Margaret J. Lyons, James I. Lyons, Robert S. Lyss, MD, Mark R. Lytell Jr., Farrel Wayne Lytle, Robert Leonard Lytton, PhD, Richard W. Lytton, MD

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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2,791 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Robert P. Ma, PhD, Tso-Ping Ma, PhD, Mel G. Maalouf, E. Jerome Maas, PhD, Jenner Maas, DVM, Martin Maassen, Wilfred J. Mabee, Richard E. Mabie, Everett L. Mabry, Monte D. Mabry, Mike S. Mabry, Robert L. Maby Jr., Robert S. Mac Alister, Dick J. Macadams, Terry L. Macalady, William Macalla, Mac Macalla, Brian W. Macarthur, PhD, Mike S. Macartney, Charles B. Macaul, Russell W. Maccabe, Howard Maccabee, PhD, Robert N. MacCallum PE, PhD, Paul Macchi, MD, Richard E. Macchi, James J. Macci, George Butterick Maccollom, PhD, Alexander Daniel MacDonald, PhD, Digby D. MacDonald, PhD, David V. MacDonald, Robert D. Macdonald, James MacDonald, Brian MacDonald, Robert S. Macdonald, Bruce MacDonald, Thomas G. MacDonald, MD, A. MacDonald, Michael J. MacDonald, Richard Macdougal, P. MacDougall, PhD, John Fraser Macdowell, John W. Mace, MD, Charles E. Mace, Elbert F. Macfadden Jr., MD, Allan Macfarland, Michael A. Macfarlane, Robert A. MacFarlane, James D. MacGibbon, MD, John R. MacGregor, MD, John F. Macgregor, MD, Marc Machbitz, William G. Machell, J. Machen, Robert J. Macher, Mario A. Machicao, Thomas J. Machin, Tommy J. Machin, Paul Machmeier, PhD, Alexander E. Macias, Alex L. MacInnis, John D. Mack, Sarah R. Mack, Charles L. Mack Jr., Lawrence A. Mack, John B. Mack, Roy P. Mackal, PhD, Bruce C. Macke, Franklin F. Mackenzie, Peter Mackenzie, Douglas Mackenzie, MD, Henry James Mackey, PhD, John C. Mackey, John C. Mackey, Patrick E. Mackey, Jay Mackie, Frederick Mackie, George J. Mackinaw, James B. Macknight, Donald S. Macko, PhD, Harry Michael Macksey, PhD, William G. Maclaren Jr., PhD, John C. Maclay, Lee M. Maclean, John Maclennan, Theodore S. Macleod, Jerry MacLoughlin, PhD, Joseph Edward MacMillan, PhD, Logan T. MacMillan, Robert K. Macmillan, John Henry MacMillan, JoAnn D. MacMillan, MD, John Henry MacMillian, Douglas J. MacNeil, PhD, Edward H. Macomber, Orville E. Macomber, William Charles MacQuown, PhD, Alfred Urquhart MacRae, PhD, Robert A. Macrae, Robert A. MacRae, James A. Macrill, MD, Kirk A. Macumber, Patrick K. Macy, Peter L. Madaffari, David A. Madden, Cecil G. Madden, Robert E. Madden, MD, Robert E. Madden, Michael T. Madden, Don Madden, William E. Maddex, Robert K. Maddock, John F. Maddox, MD, Franklin D. Maddox, Scott E. Maddox, Steve D. Maddox, James M. Maddry, Duane E. Maddux, Randall N. Maddux, Hulon Madeley, PhD, Neil S. Madeley, Jack T. Madeley, Charles Lavern Mader, PhD, Robert W. Madey, PhD, James E. Madget II, Arvind J. Madhani, PhD, Ronald B. Madison, PhD, A. Madison, John T. Madl, Michael A. Madonna, Kenneth Olaf Madsen, PhD, Rodney K. Madsen, Raymond A. Madson, Robert E. Mady, William C. Maehl, John M. Maerker, PhD, Akhilesh Maewal, PhD, Frank Maga, Robert L. Magann, Charle Aram Magarian, James G. Magazino, Quirico R. Magbojos, MD, Jules J. Magda, PhD, Wiliam Thomas Magee, PhD, Michael W. Magee, John L. Magee*, Thomas Magee, Carl W. Magee, Kenneth R. Magee, John J. Magee, Ronald Magel, Hans F. Mager, Dillon L. Magers, Robert E. Magers, Dannys Maggard, Kent W. Maggert, Edward Thomas Maggio, PhD, B. Maghami, Elwin A. Magill, Tom Alan Magness, PhD, Richard Magno, PhD, Alexander B. Magnus Jr., Allen H. Magnuson, PhD, James Magnuson, Edward F. Magnusson, Rick D. Magstadt, John F. Maguire, PhD, Jeffrey Maguire, Charles E. Maguire, D. E. Maguire, John S. Magyar, Greg J. Magyera, Chandra P. Mahadass, Leathem Mahaffey, PhD, L. T. Mahaffey, Gregory H. Mahairas, MD, Om Prakash Mahajan, PhD, Kent I. Mahan, PhD, James Mahannah, Thomas M. Mahany, PhD, Richard Mahard, PhD, William T. Mahavier, PhD, William Mahavier, PhD, George F. Mahe, Robert Maher, PhD, John Philip Maher, Joseph M. Maher, Salah E. Mahmoud, Ingo G. Mahn, PhD, Jeffrey Mahn, Guenther H. Mahn, Michael W. Mahoney, Thomas P. Mahoney, Dave N. Mahony, Frank Mahuta Jr., PhD, Thomas H. Maichak, Leo R. Maier, PhD, Robert A. Maier, Walter P. Maiersperger, Michael F. Maikowski, Bruce H. Mailey, David J. Mailhot, Hug David Maille, PhD, Carleton A. Maine, Robert Maines, Jay Maioli, Robert Dixon Mair, PhD, Raymond C. Mairson, Ray C. Mairson, Charles F. Maitland, Philip W. Majerus, Adeeb Bassili Makar, PhD, Edward W. Maki, Eugene R. Maki, James D. Maki, Albert C. Malacarne, Richard L. Malafa, Martin D. Malahy, Eric L. Malaker, MD, Jeffrey E. Malan, John B. Malcolm, J. Malcom, Alan T. Male, PhD, Robert C. Maleeny, Joseph D. Malek, George Joseph Maler, Edward F. Maleszewski, Douglas J. Malewicki, Richard Maley, Scott Maley, Michael A. Malgeri, Anthony L. Malgieri, Peter E. M'Algume, Jeffrey B. Malick, PhD, Jim G. Malik, PhD, Lewis R. Malinak, PhD, Calvin Malinka, Eugene Malinowksi, PhD, Edmund R. Malinowski, PhD, John Malivuk, Ernest W. Malkewitz, Irving Malkin, David H. Mallalieu, Francis M. Mallee, PhD, Douglas W. Mallenby, PhD, James Leighton Maller, PhD, Randall L. Maller, William Robert Mallett, PhD, Vincent T. Mallette, Joseph D. Malley, PhD, James Jo Malley, PhD, Albert J. Mallinckrodt, PhD, James D. Mallorey, Bob Mallory, PhD, Frank Bryant Mallory, PhD, Meredith Mallory Jr., MD, J. C. Mallurkey, Norman Malm, PhD, Keith N. Malmedal, David E. Malmquist, Creighton Paul Malone, PhD, Jerome J. Malone Jr., Harold J. Malone, MD, Edmund M. Malone, Bob Malone, William H. Malone, Kenneth Long Maloney, PhD, John P. Maloney, PhD, Tom Maloney, Leo J. Maloney, Patricia A. Maloney, Timothy M. Maloney, Glenn Maloney, Stephen C. Maloney, George E. Maloof, MD, Robert F. Malouf, Leszek L. Malowanski, Bob Malowf, Joseph T. Maloy, PhD, Robert E. Malpass, Neil A. Malpiede, Robert Arthur Malstrom, PhD, Carole J. Maltby, PhD, Joe H. Maltby, DVM, Carl Maltese, MD, Lancing P. Malusky, PhD, Gary M. Malvin, PhD, Steven J. Mamerow, MD, Eugene H. Man, PhD, Enrico R. Manaay, Frederick J. Managhan, Jesse R. Manalo, I. R. Manasco, Andrew E. Mance, MD, Nikola A. Manchev, Gregory J. Mancini, PhD, Dorinda Mancini, Harold R. Mancusi-Ungaro Jr., MD, Naga Bhushan Mandava, PhD, Richard H. Mandel Jr., Robert J. Mandel, MD, Isaak Mandelbaum, Howard Mandelbaum, G. S. Mander, James M. Mandera, Peter A. Mandics, PhD, Nelson L. Mandley, Nicholas J. Mandonas, Sharad V. Mane, Lucia Manea, Paul Allen Manera, PhD, David J. Maness, Stephen W. Manetto, John L. Maneval, James Manfreda, Samuel John Manganello, Baldev Singh Mangat, PhD, Phillip Warren Mange, PhD, Kenneth A. Mangelson, PhD, Lawrence Raymond Mangen, William Muir Manger, PhD, Kent M. Mangold, Carl W. Mangus, Robert A. Manhart, PhD, Robert Audley Manhart, PhD, T. A. Manhart, Swarnambal Mani, Robert C. Mania, PhD, George J. Manik, Kristeen Maniscalco, Phillip Gordon Manke, PhD, Louis J. Mankowski, John H. Manley, PhD, Anna M. Manley, Harold J. Manley, Warren O. Manley, J. D. Manley, John D. Manley 4th, Jethro Oates Manly, PhD, Donald G. Manly, PhD, Nancy Robbins Mann, PhD, Christian John Mann, PhD, Ronald A. Mann, PhD, William Robert Mann, PhD, Joseph Bird Mann, PhD, Kenneth Gerard Mann, PhD, Frank C. Mann, C. David Mann, George L. 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Morton, Willard Morton, Don R. Morton, Susan R. Morton, Wayne Morton, T. R. Morton, David L. Morton, Thomas E. Morton, John Jacob Mortvedt, PhD, William R. Mosby, John P. Moschello, MD, Joe W. Moschler Jr., Dennis Moseler, Harry Edward Moseley, PhD, Brad Moseley, Professor Moseley, Thomas C. Moseley, Stewart Wayne Moser, Ron R. Moser, Charle E. Mosgrave, Melvyn Wayne Mosher, PhD, Loren Cameron Mosher, PhD, Gary E. Mosher, Harold Mosher, H. David Mosier, MD, David A. Mosig, Thomas E. Moskal, PhD, Lester R. Moskowitz, PhD, Vladimir K. Moskver, MD, Saeid Moslehpour, PhD, John Ross Mosley, PhD, James H. Moss, Seaborn T. Moss, MD, Steven Moss, Fred Moss, DVM, Steven W. Moss, Kenneth W. Moss, Parks D. Moss, Edward G. Moss, Kenneth L. Moss, Michael T. Moss, Lonnie E. Moss, Jane E. Mossberg, Pual W. Mossey, Malcolm Mossman, Ronald J. Mosso, F. Ksh Mostofi, MD, Timothy B. Mostowy, Karl W. Mote, Ora M. Moten, Jack Edward Mott, PhD, James L. Mottet, Bob Mottice, Henry Thomas Motz, PhD, Lloyd Motz, PhD, Alfred R. Motzkus, Gordon Moughon, MD, Peter Roy Mould, PhD, Peter V. Moulder, Gail F. Moulton Jr., Arthur B. Moulton, Eldridge Milford Mount, PhD, Eldridge M. Mount Iii, PhD, Paul Mount II, William H. Mount, Michael G. Mount, Jerry E. Mount, MD, Roger B. Mourich, John R. Mow, Joel E. Mowatt, R. Mowell, Gary M. Mower, Glenn L. Mower, Kevin M. Mowery, John D. Mowery, Daniel H. Mowrey, PhD, Charles F. Mowry, Lance T. Moxey, DVM, Calvin Lyle Moyer, PhD, Larry R. Moyer, Wayne E. Moyer, Jeffery L. Moyer, Faith E. Moyer, Lee W. Mozes, PhD, Walter J. Mozgala, Charles L. Mraz, Joseph Mraz, Barbara Mroczkowski, PhD, Walter A. Mroziak, Helmut Mrozik, PhD, Richard C. Much, Rosa M. C. Muchovej, PhD, Gordon Mark Muchow, PhD, Thomas J. Mueller, PhD, George E. Mueller, PhD, Jerome Robert Mueller, William L. Mueller, Bill L. Mueller, Don L. Mueller, Joseph J. Mueller, Dave Mueller, Wayne K. Mueller, Joseph F. Mueller, Dan L. Mueller, William B. Mueller, Carl Mueller, Philip M. Muellier, Sig Muessig, PhD, Siegfried Joseph Muessig, PhD, Michael J. Mufson, MD, Robert Zeno Muggli, PhD, Clifford Mugnier, F. Allen Muhl, James R. Muhm, Barry B. Muhoberac, PhD, Vincent U. Muirhead, Vernon B. Muirhead, Juan A. Mujica, MD, J. Mishtu A Mukerjee, Debasish Mukherjee, PhD, Shakir P. Mukhi, MD, Vivekanand Mukhopadhyay, PhD, V. Mukhopadhyay, PhD, Michael C. Mulbarger, Butch Mulcahey, J. Mulcahey, Francis Mulcahy, PhD, George F. Mulcahy, Thomas G. Mulcavage, Charles Lee Mulchi, PhD, Michael C. Mulder, PhD, Charles Norment Muldrow Jr., PhD, David O. Mulgrew, Evart E. Mulholland, Ralph D. Mulhollen, Fred R. Mulker, Bertram S. Mullan, MD, Robert L. Mullen, PhD, Kenneth I. Mullen, Thomas U. Mullen Jr., Jim Mullen, Christopher B. Mullen, James C. Mullen, Mark P. Mullen, James Alan Mullendore, PhD, Arthur Wayne Mullendore, John Muller, PhD, Karl F. Muller, PhD, L. Frederic Muller, John T. Muller, Justus A. Muller, Herman E. Muller, L. Muller, Stephen K. Muller, Ragnwald Muller, John Mulligan, John F. Mulligan, Richard F. Mullin, Paul E. Mullinax, Fitzhugh Y. Mullins, John E. Mullins, Kary B. Mullis, PhD, Mark B. Mullonbach, Harold W. Mulvany, Dennis Mulvey, PhD, Robert C. Mumby, MD, David L. Mumford, MD, Douglas V. Mumm, Stanley A. Mumma, PhD, Jeffrey S. Mumma, Mark C. Mummert, PhD, Duane Mummett, T. Munasinge, PhD, Donald D. Muncy, Sarah M. Mundy, David V. Mungcal, MD, Jeff K. Munger, Gerald E. Munier, John Irvin Munn, PhD, David Munn, PhD, John D. Munno, Edward A. Munns, Dan J. Muno, Michael E. Munoz, Philip C. Munro, PhD, Charles Munsch, Rodney D. Munsell, DVM, Albert G. Munson, PhD, Darrell Eugene Munson, PhD, Jack G. Munson, Ronald E. Munson, David M. Munson, Richard August Muntean, PhD, Alan E. Munter, E. A. Munyan, MD, Emil M. Murad, Akira Murakami, Shyam Prasad Murarka, PhD, Earl Wesley Murbach, PhD, Craig Brian Murchison, PhD, Pamela W. Murchison, PhD, Robert L. Murdoch, Henry W. Murdoch, Grant R. Murdoch, Fendi R. Murdock, PhD, Archie Lee Murdock, PhD, Stephen K. Murdock, Robert Murdock, MD, Roy K. Murdock, Edward S. Murduck, PhD, George Murgel, PhD, George Murgel, PhD, Richard C. Murgittroyd, Karl Muriby, Vincent U. Murihead, Clifford John Murino, PhD, Michael M. Murkes, PhD, Wayne K. Murphey, PhD, Robert Stafford Murphey, PhD, John R. Murphey Jr., Jeanne Murphy, PhD, Sean Murphy, PhD, Alexander James Murphy, PhD, John F. Murphy, PhD, John Cornelius Murphy, PhD, Sean T. Murphy, PhD, Charles H. Murphy, PhD, Daniel B. Murphy, PhD, William James Murphy, PhD, Wayne K. Murphy, PhD, Kenneth L. Murphy, PhD, Gary L. Murphy, Emmett J. Murphy, Kelly J. Murphy, William Parry Murphy, MD, Jack P. Murphy, MD, Jamie Murphy, Michael F. Murphy, MD, Lawrence Eugene Murr, PhD, Frank Murray, PhD, Francis Joseph Murray, PhD, Haydn Herbert Murray, PhD, Raymond L. Murray, PhD, Peter J. Murray, PhD, Bruce Murray, Richard L. Murray, Raymond Harold Murray, MD, Orin L. Murray, Glenn Murray, James W. Murray, Clarence Murray Jr., Lee J. Murray, Larry T. Murray, James Thomas Murrell, PhD, Hannah Murrell, Julian M. Murrin, John D. Murry, X. J. Musacchia, PhD, Joseph A. Musci, Joel Muse Jr., PhD, Michael G. Muse, Harold E. Musgrove, Robert J. Musgrove, Daniel M. Musher, MD, Rafael I. Mushkat, Rafael Mushkat, Luba Mushkat, Steven R. Musial II, James R. Musick, PhD, Ralph G. Musick Jr., Jack Thompson Musick, Donald Louis Musinski, PhD, Scott H. Muskopf, Dale W. Musolf, Randall L. Musselman, PhD, R. Musselman, PhD, James G. Musser, Glenn A. Musser, Harry C. Mussman, PhD, Bobbie G. Musson, Adil Mustafa, Frank A. Musto, Rocco J. Musumeche, Stuart Creighton Mut, Wesley F. Muthig, Bruce V. Mutter, PhD, Peter C. Mutty, Bichara B. Muvdi, PhD, Jay Muza, PhD, Walter F. Muzacz, Thomas J. Muzik, PhD, Jan Mycielski, PhD, John P. Mycroft, PhD, Willard G. Myers, PhD, Ronald Fenner Myers, PhD, Leslie A. Myers, PhD, Lyle Leslie Myers, PhD, Earl Eugene Myers, PhD, George M. Myers, PhD, Albert F. Myers, Dale D. Myers, Burt S. Myers, MD, Mark T. Myers, Karl W. Myers, Joseph K. Myers, Lynn J. Myers, DVM, Scott Myers, Marvin Myers, Chrisy M. Myers, DVM, Sam A. Myers, Glenn L. Myers, John D. Myers, Clifford A. Myers, Gerald B. Myers, Ralph W. Myers, Daniel A. Myerson, MD, Michael J. Myhre, MD, Ernest M. Myhren, Donald L. Mykkanen, PhD, Harry E. Myles, Victor L. Mylroie, Don R. Myrick, Larry K. Myrick, Victor L. Myroie, Duane R. Myron, PhD, Donald L. Myrup, Glen Myska, Norbert Raymond Myslins, PhD, Joseph O. Myslinski, Charles H. Myslinsky

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers N

625 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Misac Nabighian, PhD, Robert E. Nabours, PhD, Larry D. Nace, Richard R. Nadalin, Michael J. Nadeau, Norman A. Nadel, Paula Nadell, Edward M. Nadgorny, PhD, Robert F. Naegele, PhD, Danny Naegle, Carl M. Naehritz Jr., Robert F. Nagaj, Champa Nagappa, PhD, Harry E. Nagel, Harry E. Nagle, Fred W. Nagle Jr., Ross E. Nagner, Yoshio Nago, James Nagode, Jay F. Nagori, Mark L. Nagurka, PhD, Kenneth A. Nagy, PhD, Joseph Nagyvary, PhD, Yervant M. Nahabedian, Michael L. Nahrwold, Zane Elvin Naibert, PhD, Yathi Naidu, PhD, William L. Nail, B. J. Nailon, Gangadharan V. M. Nair, PhD, Sonia Najjar, PhD, Takuro S. Nakae, Glenn M. Nakaguchi, Dennis B. Nakamoto, Romen M. Nakhtigal, Ray Nalepka, John Dennis Nalewaja, PhD, Peter Nalle, Julian Nalley, Sang Boo Nam, PhD, Jerome Nicholas Namy, PhD, John L. Nanak Jr., M. Nance, Roy A. Nance, Robert K. Nance, Howard L. Nance, Michael L. Nance, Robert J. Nankee, Richard F. Nanna, David Ledbetter Nanney, PhD, Donna L. Naples, PhD, Cynthia Y. Naples, PhD, David Naples, Michael J. Napoliello, MD, Mark R. Napolitan, Gordon E. Napp, Thomas F. Nappi, Kenneth P. Naquin, Vivek Narayanan, PhD, John Christopher Nardi, John T. Nardone, Bhaskara R. Narra, MD, Richard M. Narske, PhD, Eric Nary, A. Naselow, PhD, Ruth Naser, Cliff R. Naser, J. Greg Nash, PhD, Franklin Richard Nash, PhD, Harry C. Nash, PhD, Clinton Brooks Nash, PhD, Robert Nash, Roland W. Nash, MD, Roger Donald Nass, John Nasser, Joseph J. Natarelli, Roger P. Natzke, PhD, Gene O. Naugle, DVM, Raymond Naumann, Phil Naunann, Errol S. Navata Sr., Richard C. Navratil, Michael Nawrocki, Edward G. Nawy, PhD, Marcus A. Naylor Jr., PhD, J. Timothy Naylor, Daniel J. Naze, Ronald O. Neaffer, PhD, Daniel Neal, PhD, Victor Thomas Neal, PhD, Wade L. Neal, Billy J. Neal, Steven L. Neal, MD, George D. Neale, Dave Neale, Richard Neate, James K. Neathery, PhD, John D. Nebel, Kenneth H. Nebel, John E. Nebergall, Daniel W. Nebert, John Neblett, MD, Herman A. Nebrig Jr., Glen Ray Needham, PhD, William J. Needham, Karen M. Needham, Percy L. Neel, PhD, Thomas H. Neel, Joe C. Neeley, Grey L. Neely Jr., Frank H. Neely, Dana Neely, Roy H. Neer, John Neerhout Jr., Terry T. Neering, Michael L. Neeser, Hugh M. Neeson, Stuart Edmund Neff, PhD, John Neff, Merlin Neff Jr., MD, Joseph J. Neff, Robert A. Neff, Kenneth E. Neff, John P. Neglia CHMM, Leland K. Neher, PhD, James Warwick Nehls, PhD, Amy L. Nehls, Thomas C. Nehrbas, Myron P. Nehrebecki, Jarda D. Nehybka, Lance Neiberger, Thomas C. Neil, PhD, Kenneth R. Neil, John Henry Neiler, PhD, Gary R. Neithammer, Hesam O. Nekooasl, James H. Nelland, Robert Overman Nellums, George E. Nelms, PhD, David J. Nelsen, Charles A. Nelson, PhD, Richard Douglas Nelson, PhD, Loren D. Nelson, PhD, John Nelson, PhD, Burke E. Nelson Sr., PhD, Burke E. Nelson, PhD, Charles A. Nelson, PhD, David Michael Nelson, PhD, James Arly Nelson, PhD, Michael G. Nelson, PhD, Frank Nelson, Victor Nelson, Lorin M. Nelson, Robert L. Nelson, Donald G. Nelson, Thomas A. Nelson, Al L. Nelson, Toby S. Nelson, Larry K. Nelson, David L. Nelson, Donald K. Nelson, Leon R. Nelson, Dale D. Nelson, Keith Nelson, Jan G. Nelson, Kenneth W. Nelson, G. Barry Nelson, Richard D. Nelson, A. Carl Nelson Jr., R. T. Nelson, Owen N. Nelson, R. William Nelson, Genne M. Nelson, Sven Nelson, Stephen Nelson, Jeremy A. Nelson, Richard Lloyd Nelson, J. Robert Nelson, Mart D. Nelson, Scott R. Nelson, David L. Nelson, Ronald G. Nelson, John J. Nelson, Manfred R. Nelson, MD, Pamela Nelson, Kenneth W. Nelson, Carolyn R. Nelson, MD, Bud D. Nelson, Charles L. Nelson, Errol Nelson, Jay C. Nelson, Elwyn F. Nelson, David M. Nelson, Jeffrey O. Nelson, Judith E. Nelson, Professor Nelson, Charles E. Nemir, John T. Nenni, Jerry E. Nenoon, Robert Nerbun, PhD, Robert R. Nersasian, PhD, Paul Nesbeda, PhD, Billy C. Nesbett, MD, Bruce H. Nesbit, Carl C. Nesbitt, PhD, Wayne W. Nesbitt, George D. Nesbitt, MD, A. David Nesbitt, Neal M. Nesbitt, R. B. Nesbitt, Stanley Nesheim, Dan R. Neskora, PhD, Edward S. Ness, PhD, Joel K. Ness, PhD, Valmer H. Ness, Randal Ness, Sherry L. Nesswenum, MD, Nicolas G. Nesteruk, Arthur Hobart Nethercot, PhD, Lowell Edwin Netherton, PhD, Arthur Nethery, PhD, Daniel Anthony Netzel, PhD, Hugo D. Neubauer Jr., Daniel P. Neubauer, Bradley G. Neubert, DVM, Joseph Navin Neucere, Steven H. Neucks, MD, James F. Neuenschwandor, Harold Neufeld, MD, Wendell Neugebauer, Joachim Peter Neumann, PhD, Sylvia M. Neumann, DVM, Temple W. Neumann, Walter P. Neumann 2nd, William N. Neumann, Manfred E. Neumann, Harry J. Neumiller Jr., PhD, Robert W. Neuschaeffer, Roger C. Neuscheler, Donald E. Neuschwander, James E. Neustaedter, Keith A. Neustel, Edward F. Neuzil, PhD, Richard William Neuzil, Frank M. Nevarez, Robert E. Nevett 3rd, Phillip E. Neveu, Michael E. Nevill, James Ryan Neville, PhD, J. Ryan Neville, PhD, William J. Neville, George F. Nevin, Daniel B. Nevin, D. Bruce Nevin, Paul Nevins, Doug W. New, Roman N. Newald, Paul M. Newberne, PhD, Sydney I. Newburg, Jesse V. Newburn, Martin Newcomb, PhD, Howard E. Newcomb, Jerry S. Newcomb, Waldo Newcomesz, Roger Newell, PhD, John T. Newell, PhD, Stanley D. Newell, Richard E. Newell, Jesse R. Newell, McFadden A. Newell, Richard W. Newell, Arthur W. Newett, John M. Newey, Jean-Jaques Newey, Marlyn Newhouse, PhD, Russell D. Newhouse, R. Newhouse, John B. Newkirk, Robert H. Newll, David A. Newman, PhD, Charles H. Newman, PhD, Rogers J. Newman, PhD, Simon L. Newman, PhD, Brett Newman, PhD, Phil W. Newman, John Newman, Thomas Newman, Carl S. Newman, Conrad E. Newman, Mark A. Newman, Robert M. Newman, Nancy Newman, DVM, Darrell Francis Newman, Mark A. Newman, Richard S. Newrock, PhD, Bernard D. Newsom, PhD, H. Newsom, PhD, William A. Newsome, MD, James M. Newton, Theresa Newton, DVM, Joseph P. Newton, Isaac A. Newton, MD, Joe D. Newton, Frederick C. Newton, MD, W. A. Newton, Charles C. Ney, Jerome C. Neyer, Kerwin Ng, K. D. Ngo, PhD, Thuan V. Nguyen, PhD, James Nhool, PhD, Walter F. Nicaise, PhD, Liz Niccum, Sidney B. Nice, Edward S. Nicholls, MD, Bill H. Nicholls, Grady B. Nichols, PhD, Richard A. Nichols, PhD, George Starr Nichols, PhD, Kenneth E. Nichols, PhD, Roberta J. Nichols, PhD, John Nichols, PhD, Chester Nichols, PhD, Lee Lockhead Nichols, PhD, Davis Betz Nichols, PhD, Jack C. Nichols, MD, Mark E. Nichols, David S. Nichols, Thomas W. Nichols, Marcella G. Nichols, James R. Nichols, Clark Nichols, Jackson Nichols, Donald R. Nichols, Hans P. Nichols, Thomas Nichols, Harold W. Nichols, C. E. Nichols, Richard E. Nichols, MD, Clifford E. Nichols, James R. Nichols, Eugene Haines Nicholson, PhD*, Richard E. Nicholson, MD, Kathleen M. Nicholson, R. E. Nicholson, MD, George D. Nickas, PhD, Gregg Nickel, Robert L. Nickell Jr., Mathew L. Nickels, MD, Robert Fletcher Nickerson, PhD, Kenneth W. Nickerson, Kenneth W. Nickerson, Richard Nickerson, MD, Thomas Nickerson, John Nicklow, PhD, Michael J. Nicol, Marvin L. Nicola, MD, Paula W. Nicola, Albert H. Niden, MD, Dennis A. Nie, John A. Niebauer, Jim Niebaum, James Niebaum, Alvin E. Nieder, Tom F. Niedzialek, Gabriel P. Niedziela, Edmund Luke Niedzielski, PhD, R. Nieffenegger, Carl William Niekamp, PhD, John Merle Nielsen, PhD, Donald R. Nielsen, PhD, Ronald A. Nielsen, David R. Nielsen, MD, Kurt Nielsen, Gilbert O. Nielsen, Preston L. Nielsen, Jonathan H. Nielsen, Alan H. Nielsen, Darrell M. Nielsen, Barry C. Nielsen, Dennis M. Nielsen, Richard L. Nielson, PhD, Paul D. Nielson, MD, Ronald D. Nielson, MD, Harry D. Niemczyk, PhD, John A. Niemeyer, Alfred Otto Niemi, PhD, Mark Niemiec, Alan J. Niemira, Larry A. Niemond, Nyal L. Niemuth, Frec C. Nienaber, Fred C. Nienaber, Richard Nieporent, PhD, Rodulfo C. Niere, Joseph A. Nieroski, David T. Nies, Edward Niespodziany, PhD, Walter R. Niessen, James M. Nieters, Edwawrd A. Nieto, Danta L. Nieva, Billy W. Nievar, Herbert Nicholas Nigg, PhD, Charles Henry Nightingale, PhD, James E. Nightingale, Kevin F. Nigon, DVM, John V. Nigro, Samuel Nigro, MD, Henry Nikkel, Margaret M. Niklas, Despina I. Nikolova, Thomas George Nilan, PhD, Jim B. Nile, Lyle W. Nilson, Soottid Nimitsilpa, Thomas L. Nimsic, Harmon Nine, PhD, Harman S. Nine, PhD, Harmon D. Nine, Danny E. Niner, Richard M. Ninesteel, John Tse Tso Ning, PhD, Billy G. Nippert, Donald A. Nirschl, David L. Nirschl, DVM, William Nisbet, Edward G. Nisbett, Edward G. Nisbett, Kazunori Nishioka, Gordon Dean Niswender, PhD, James A. Nitsch, James L. Nitzschke, J. Nix, Robert O. Nixon, PhD, Elray S. Nixon, PhD, Gilbert A. Nixon, Ray A. Nixon, Larry Nixon, Larry L. Nixon, James W. Nixon, MD, Paul Robert Nixon, Prince M. Niyyar, George Niznik, PhD, Christopher P. Nizzi, John C. Nobel, MD, John D. Noble, PhD, Donald W. Noble, William E. Noble, MD, Richard E. Noble, Marion D. Noble, Kerry M. Noble, C. Nobles, Mark A. Noblett, Jeffrey J. Nodorft, Stephen R. Noe, MD, Errol C. Noel, PhD, Michael L. Noel, Raymond L. Noel, Theodore N. Noel, Michael J. Noesen, Jim Noffsinger, PhD, Ella Mae Noffsinger, James C. Nofziger, PhD, Daniel Nogales, PhD, Edward J. Nolan, PhD, Charles C. Nolan, James Nolan, Martin R. Nolan, Thomas E. Nolan, Thomas J. Nolan, Wayland E. Noland, PhD, Lasalle L. Nolin, Leo A. Noll, PhD, Jack Noll, Michael Nollet, James A. Nollet, Duane A. Nollsch, Bertram Nolte, PhD, Cliff Nolte, Richard Nolthenius, PhD, Hallan Costello Noltimier, PhD, Henry Frederick Nolting, Eugene L. Nooker, Carole M. Noon, Joseph F. Noon, Frank R. Nora, Jack D. Norberg, David B. Norby, Philip A. Norby, Paul J. Nord, PhD, Peter J. Nord, PhD, Matt R. Nord, Carroll Raymond Norden, PhD, Mark J. Norden, Eric A. Nordhausen, Ivan Conrad Nordin, PhD, J. Nordin, Gary Nordlander, Jim T. Nordlund, Edwin Clyde Nordquist, Carl H. Nordstrand, C. L. Nordstrom, Kenneth Nordtvedt, PhD, John D. Norgard, PhD, H. A. Noring, Randy Noriyaki, R. A. Norling, Michael L. Norman, PhD, Brent C. Norman, MD, Richard Daviess Norman, Wayne J. Norman, Gregg A. Norman, Sherman Berdeen Nornes, PhD, William G. Norrie, Pamela Norris, PhD, John L. Norris, Stephen N. Norris, Ronelle C. Norris, Albert Stanley Norris, MD, Tim L. Norris, Hughie C. Norris, Billy N. Norris, Edward David North, PhD, E. D. North, PhD, Richard B. North, MD, Douglas F. North, L. D. Northcott, Dexter B. Northrop, PhD, Peggy A. Northrop, Clyde John Marshall Northrup, PhD, Scott H. Northrup, PhD, Tharold E. Northup, Lilburn Lafayette Norton, PhD, William T. Norton, PhD, S. J. Norton, PhD, David C. Norton, Robert Norton, Bob Norton, Doug Norton, Michael W. Norton, Gregory J. Nortz, John E. Norvell, PhD, H. Scott Norville, PhD, Charles Arthur Norwood, PhD, Susan J. Norwood, Sidney L. Norwood, B. G. Norwood, MD, Thomas E. Noseworthy, Clinton B. Nosh, PhD, James Noss, Albert Notary, Robert J. Noteboom, Robert Nothdurft, PhD, D. B. Nothdurft, Julian Nott, Jerry J. Notte, James P. Novacek, Raymond Francis Novak, PhD, Raymond F. Novak, PhD, Darwin A. Novak Jr., PhD, A. Novak, PhD, Robert C. Novak, Edward F. Novak, Gary Novak, Bruce W. Novark, MD, William J. Novick, PhD, James Alan Novitsky, PhD, J. D. Novotny, Gerald Novotny, Robert A. Novy, PhD, Donald E. Novy, Henry C. Nowail, Ferdinard J. Nowak, Lynn E. Nowak, Jerzy Nowakowski, PhD, Maya M. Nowakowski, Edward A. Nowatzki, PhD, Wesley Raymond Nowell, PhD, Stanley J. Nowicki, Shirley E. Nowicki, R. L. Nowlin, Gary P. Noyes, PhD, Jack D. Noyes, DVM, Nicholas J. Nucci, Joe Allen Nuckolls, Laurence M. Nuelle, Maurice Joseph Nugent Jr., PhD, Leonard James Nugent, PhD, Carlos G. Nugent, Lee Nugent, Edmond L. Nugent, Erwin R. Null, Alan H. Numbers, William R. Nummy, PhD, Richard R. Nunez, Robert B. Nungester, James K. Nunn, Ann T. Nunnemaker, Samuel G. Nunnemeker, Amos M. Nur, PhD, Joseph A. Nussbaum, Jack H. Nuszbaum, Hugh Nutley, PhD, Wells E. Nutt, Frank Q. Nuttall, PhD, Dale Nuttall, William E. Nutter, PhD, Roy Sterling Nutter, PhD, Carl E. Nuzman, George A. Nyamekye, PhD, Richard P. Nyberg, Gary Nydegger, Verda Nye, Sylvanus W. Nye, MD, Ronnie L. Nye, DVM, Chris M. Nyikos, Van Nyman, Thomas Nyman, James Eugene Nymann, PhD, Richard Allen Nyquist, PhD, Hubert J. Nyser, Rocky Nystom, Michael Nystrom, Timothy K. Nytra

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers O

441 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Lester C. Oakes, James J. Oakes, Edward L. Oakes, David O. Oakeson, Robert Quincy Oaks Jr., PhD, Michael J. Oard, Michael J. Oard, Robert L. Oatley, Victor D. Obadiah, Susan R. Obaditch, Deborah O'Bannon, PhD, Gerald O'Bannon, PhD, Richard Dale Obarr, PhD, Douglas K. Obeck, DVM, Richard C. Obee, Harry Alvin Oberhelman, Theodore M. Oberlander, PhD, Donald Oberleas, PhD, Elmer J. Obermeyer, Hayward B. Oblad, PhD, Rafael H. Obregon, Daniel J. Obrien, PhD, James J. O'Brien, PhD, Thomas W. O'Brien, PhD, Tom O'Brien, PhD, Dale O'Brien, MD, Brian O'Brien, Robert L. O'Brien, Allan O'Brien, MD, Mark J. O'Brien, E. J. O'Brien, David Claude O'Bryant, John C. Ocallahan, PhD, John Lewis Occolowitz, T. F. Ochab, George S. Ochsner, John D. Ochsner, Richard L. O'Connell, Matthew F. O'Connell, Ronald R. O'Connell, Daniel J. O'Connor, Richard O'Connor, T. A. O'Connor SC, MD, Liang S. Ocy, PhD, Dennis O. Odea, Mark A. Odell, Robt D. Odell, R. D. Odell, Robert D. O'Dell, J. Oden, PhD, Arlo L. Oden*, Ron Oden, Frederick Kirk Odencrantz, PhD, Frederic C. Oder, PhD, Charles J. Odgers, Robert Odien, PhD, Herbert A. Odle, George O. P. O'Doherty, PhD, Charles B. Odom, MD, Orin L. Odonel, Edward E. O'Donnell, PhD, Robert T. O'Donnell, Michael H. O'Donnell, Vencil E. O'Donnell, Dominick Odorizzi, Michal Odyniec, PhD, Leroy T. Oehler, Le R. Oehler, Richard W. Oehler Jr., David Oehler, Randy Oehling, Walter G. Oehlkers, John D. Oeltman, Carl O. Oelze, Hans Oesau, Elvert E. Oest, PhD, Laurence B. Oeth, Robert A. Oetjen, PhD, Charles Patrick Ofarrel, PhD, Jacob J. Offenberger, MD, Randy M. Offenberger, David Q. Offutt, PhD, Marvin Loren Oftedahl, PhD, Bernard C. Ogarek, Calvin M. Ogburn, Lynn Ogden, MD, Duncan G. Ogden, Winston Stowell Ogilvy, PhD, Naomi Neil Ogimachi, PhD, N. Neil Ogimachi, PhD, Pearl Rexford Ogle, PhD, H. M. Ogle, Kenneth C. Ogle, Richard B. Oglesby, MD, Kenneth D. Oglesby, John H. Ognibene, Walter K. Ogorek, J. Ogren, PhD, David J. Ogren, D. John Ogren, Sakir S. Oguz, Joon C. Oh, Norbert W. Ohara, PhD, J. W. O'Hara, PhD, Robert T. Ohea, Franklin T. Ohgi, Stanley Miles Ohlberg, PhD, Ernest L. Ohle, PhD, Eldon L. Ohlen, Kurt N. Ohlinger, PhD, Ralph L. Ohlmeier, Kent A. Ohlson, Edward A. Ohm, PhD, William Ohm, Jack M. Ohmart, William Ohmstede, Bernard X. Ohnemus, David P. Ohrmundt, Stephen Oivanki, Tonis Oja, PhD, George Ojdrovich, K. Okafor, PhD, Kevin Charles O'Kane, PhD, Nathan O. Okia, PhD, Arthur F. Okuno, John Olashuk, Steven Emil Olbrich, PhD, Robert E. Old, Richard Oldack, Fred B. Oldham, George A. Oldham, Arnold N. Oldre, MD, Andrew Oldroyd, PhD, Fredric C. Olds, Jerry C. Olds, Daniel R. Olds, Leonard Olds, Thomas O'Leapy Jr., Edward A. Oleata, Roger D. Oleeman, PhD, Stanley P. Oleksy, MD*, Kenneth R. Olen, PhD, Vilma E. Oleri, Stanley P. Olesky, MD, Wm S. Oleyar, August J. Olinger, Edward Eugene Oliphant, PhD, Enrique A. Olivas, PhD, Andre Olivas, Donald C. Oliveau, MD, Kelly Hoyet Oliver, PhD, Donald B. Oliver, PhD, Richard C. Oliver, PhD, Lawrence Oliver, PhD, William P. Oliver, PhD, Thomas K. Oliver, PhD, Byron L. Oliver, Francis Oliver, MD, Roy R. Oliver, Bernie D. Oliver, Horace G. Oliver Jr., David A. Oliver, Dom W. Oliver, Arnold W. Oliver, M. G. Oliver, E. Jerry Oliveras, Louis P. Olivere, Kenneth L. Olivier, PhD, Philip D. Olivier, PhD, J. F. Olivier, Donald A. Olivier, Roger Dean Olleman, Earl D. Ollila, Bernard J. O'Loughlin, PhD, Daniel Olsen, PhD, Farrel John Olsen, PhD, Curtis R. Olsen, PhD, Brent Olsen, Ronald V. Olsen, Oluf E. Olsen, Ray E. Olsen, Larry S. Olsen, Ludmica Olshan, Alexander Olshan, Mark G. Olson, PhD, Edwin A. Olson, PhD, Randy Olson, PhD, Carl Olson, Jan B. Olson, Norval E. Olson, Lewis E. Olson, Robert J. Olson, Eric Olson, Mark J. Olson, Duane A. Olson, Leonard G. Olson, James R. Olson, Gregory L. Olson, Loren K. Olson, Stanley J. Olson, Christopher E. Olson, MD, Dale C. Olson, Merrill H. Olson, Ted Olson, Bertel O. Olson, Ray Andrew Olsson, MD, Dexter A. Olsson, James Oltmans II, Victor C. Oltrogge, Kevin D. Olwell, PhD, Robert W. Olwine, MD, Rosalie Omahony, PhD, Austin S. Omalley, Robert Milton Oman, PhD, Michael P. O'Mara, MD, Thomas E. O'Mara, Willard D. Ommert, DVM, Gary Wilson Omodt, PhD, Carlos A. Omphroy, MD, Andrew M. Ondish, Joanne M. Ondrako, PhD, Frank I. Ondrovik, DVM, Dean S. Oneal, Russell O'Neal, PhD, Ryan D. O'Neal, Don O'Neal, Adrain P. O'Neal, Joe R. O'Neal, Albert E. O'Neall, Michele O'Neil, William Dennis Oneill, PhD, George Franci O'Neill, PhD, Donald E. O'Neill, Timothy C. O'Neill, Steven P. O'Neill, Robert E. O'Neill, Marshall F. Onellion, PhD, Ronald R. Oneto, Charles L. Oney, Richard A. Onken, Anatoli Onopchenko, PhD, Charles S. Opalek, Lee B. Opatowsky, PhD, Gene F. Opdyke, Joseph Wendell Opie, PhD, Edward Scott Oplinger, PhD, Peg Opolski, Philip H. Oppenheim, MD, William L. Oppenheim, Gary L. Oppliger, PhD, Erik A. Opstad, John J. Oram, PhD, Jonathan M. Oram, Dino F. Oranges, Rolf O. Orchard, Roger P. Orcutt, PhD, Steve Orcutt, Stephen A. Orcutt, John Allyn Ord, Anthony M. Ordile, Anthony Ordile, Fernando Ore, PhD, Curtis H. Orear, Errol Glen Orebaugh, PhD, Paul M. Orecchia, MD, Gerald J. Orehostky, John A. Oren, Robert I. Orenstein, David R. Orfant, Richard C. Organ, Jane M. Orient, MD, Mahmoud M. Oriqat, William Orlandi, Johathan H. Orloff, PhD, S. J. Orloski, J. Orloski, Robert J. Ormesher, Charles Ormsby, PhD, Walter Clayton Ormsby, PhD, Cornel G. Ormsby, Harold A. Orndorff, James F. Orofino, James T. O'Rourke, PhD, Michael J. O'Rourke, PhD, Brian P. O'Rourke, Demetrius George Orphands, PhD, Gus G. Orphanides, PhD, Donald Orr, Thomas E. Orr, William V. Orr, Andrew A. Orr, David A. Orser, Ernest Vinicio Orsi, PhD, Michael T. Orsillo, Donald H. Ort, J. Dale Ortego, PhD, William Albert Orth, PhD, William C. Orthwein, PhD, Apolonio M. Ortiguera, William F. Ortloff, Harold R. Ortman, Terry L. Ortner, Paul J. Ortwerth, PhD, Hans I. Orup, MD, William D. Orville, PhD, Gary Orvis, James E. Orwig, Emil A. Osberg, Herbert Osborn, PhD, John Robert Osborn, PhD, James Osborn, Professor Osborn, Harold Osborn, James Wilbur Osborn, Brian M. Osborn, Paul W. Osborne, PhD, Raymond L. Osborne Jr., MD, Robert D. Osborne, Tom J. Osborne Jr., William J. Osborne, Alfred M. Osborne, W. E. Osborne, Paul C. Oscanyan, PhD, Stephen S. Osder, Bert Osen, Zofia M. Oshea, MD, Robert C. O'Shields, Professor Oskoorouchi, PhD, James E. Oslund, Jeffrey Oslund, Maurice J. Osman, Richard H. Osman, Joseph T. Osmanski, Matthew J. Ossi, Wendall K. Osteen, PhD, Mitchell M. Osteen, James R. Oster, MD, C. M. Oster, Charles Lamar Osterberg, PhD, John P. Osterberg, Charles Osterbury, PhD, Hans Walter Osterhoudt, PhD, George F. Osterhout, Robert R. Osterhout, Dave Osterhout, Al B. Osterhues, William T. Osterloh, PhD, David P. Osterlund, Robert Osthues, Dan A. Ostlind, PhD, Joseph C. Ostrander, John Harold Ostrom, PhD, Peter P. Ostrowski, PhD, Prosper Ostrowski, Theodore O. Osucha, Douglas K. Osugi, Osamudiamen M. Otabor, Arnold Otchin, Robert Otham, T. O'Toole, PhD, Edward T. O'toole, PhD, Joseph M. O'Toole, Haruko Otoshi, Gary M. Otremba, Wayne Robert Ott, PhD, Leo E. Ott, PhD, Bernie Ott, Steve Ott, Carl W. Ott, Richard C. Otterbein, William Joseph Otting, PhD, Michael J. Otto, PhD, William M. Otto, Jack M. Otto, Oswald L. Ottolia, James R. Ottomans II, Professor Otu, PhD, William L. Otwell, Augustua C. Ouano, PhD, Carroll Oubre, PhD, Frank B. Oudkirk, Kevin D. Ours, Steve H. Ousley, MD, Mark A. Ousnamer, G. Out, PhD, Susan B. Ouzts, Jacques Ovadia, PhD, Gary Ovans, Charlotte Ovechka, PhD, Robert G. Ovellette, John W. Overall Jr., Joseph R. Overbay Jr., Lanny M. Overby, Donald R. Overdorf, Donald S. Overend, MD, Albert Overhauser, PhD, Rufus M. Overlander, Gerald G. Overly, F. A. Overly, Joseph C. Overmann, David K. Overmier, Robert Franklin Overmyer, Mock Overton, Willis M. Overton IV, Scott C. Overton, J. David Overton, Terence Cunliffe Owen, PhD, James Robert Owen, PhD, Donald E. Owen, PhD, Scott A. Owen, Dennis Owen, Jerry M. Owen, William E. Owen, Bill G. Owen, Donald F. Owen, Richard Owen, Prentice R. Owen, Jerry Owen, Fredric Newell Owens, PhD, Thomas W. Owens, William W. Owens, Willard G. Owens, Brent W. Owens, Joseph L. Owens, MD, John S. Owens, Robert J. Owens, Mark Owens, William C. Owens, Joseph E. Owensby, Addison Davis Owings, PhD, R. M. Ownesby, MD, Gordon Squires Oxborrow, Thomas D. Oxley, Marvin L. Oxley, Professor Oyelola, PhD, Henry Yoshio Ozaki, PhD, Jim L. Ozbun, PhD, James Oziomek, PhD, Dennis D. Ozman, David Ozsvath, PhD, T. M. Ozymy

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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Thomas L. Paas, J. Pace, PhD, Glenda B. Pace, John Pace, Virgeon A. Pace, Wesley Emory Pace, Gilbert E. Pacey, PhD, Jorge A. Pacheco, Ralph S. Pacini, MD, Kazimiera J L Paciorek, PhD, Robert Pack, PhD, Karle Sanborn Packard, C. Subah Packer, PhD, Dale R. Paczkowski, Thomas J. Padden, PhD, Richard Milton Paddison, Susan Paddock, David R. Paddock, Jack Paden, Paul O. Padgett, Sally Bulpitt Padhi, PhD, Lorenzo M. Padilla, Jeffry Padin, PhD, Karur R. Padmanabhan, PhD, Fred Paetofe, Murali Krishna Pagala, PhD, Alfred Horton Pagano, PhD, David Sanborne Page, PhD, Seaver T. Page, MD, Michael L. Page, Edward C. Page, Teresa W. Page, Gary Page, Carey P. Page, M. Robert Paglee, Joseph R. Pagnozzi, Edward H. Pahl, David Paik, Carl F. Painter, PhD, John H. Painter, PhD, Ruth Painter, Coburn Robbins Painter, Lorn C. Painter, Jim F. Pairitz, Donald G. Paish, MD, William G. Palace, George A. Paleos, Felice Charles Palermo, Robert R. Palik, Edward Palkovic, Richard Walter Palladino, Lowell L. Palm, Christopher R. Palma, PhD, Karl J. Palmberg, MD, Jay Palmer, PhD, T. T. Palmer, PhD, Timothy T. Palmer, PhD, Bruce Robert Palmer, PhD, Vincent Palmer, PhD, John D. Palmer, PhD, Jerry M. Palmer, Thomas Palmer, Ralph Lee Palmer, M. M. Palmer, Richard Palmer, R. Palmer, Lawrence G. Palmer, Muriel Signe Palmgren, PhD, Jim R. Palmore, John Charles Palmquist, PhD, Robert E. Palmquist, John Michael Palms, PhD, Anthony D. Palombo, Frank Patrick Palopoli, PhD, William Pals, DVM, Bob J. Palte, Robert T. Palumbo, Tom T. Paluso, Shambhu A. Pai Panandiker, Cherri Pancake, PhD, Gyan Shanker Pande, PhD, Virendra N. Pandey, PhD, Patrick E. Pandolfi, Ganesh P. Pandya, MD, Professor Panebianco, Louis A. Panek, PhD, Richard E. Panek, Daniel W. Pangburn, Giorgio Pannella, PhD, Salvatore R. Pansino, PhD, Arthur J. Pansze Jr., PhD, Dana M. Pantano, PhD, John A. Pantelis, Sergio R. Panunzio, Stephen A. Pany, Jack S. Panzer, Gabriel J. Paoletti, Francis Rudolph Paolini, PhD, Frank R. Paolini, PhD, Patrick J. Di Paolo, Robert C. Paoluccio, Laurine J. Papa, Pat A. Papa, Charles A. Papacostas, PhD, Spyridon G. Papadopoulos, Charles Herach Papas, PhD, Andreas M. Papas, PhD, Laura Z. Papazian, MD, Marvin C. Papenfuss, PhD, Joseph M. Papenfuss, PhD, Steven P. Pappajohn, Michael L. Pappas, Nicholas J. Pappas, MD, Spiro J. Pappas, James M. Pappas, William C. Pappathopoulos, Sastry V. Pappu, PhD, Lawrence D. Papsidero, PhD, Charles J. Papuchis, Ronald E. Paque, PhD, Leonard Parad, Donald H. Parcel, Georges Pardo, PhD, William M. Pardue, Howell W. Pardue, Manuel Paredes, B. K. Parekh, PhD, Marie J. Parenteau, Robert Paret, MD, Andrew M. Paretti, Shashikant V. Parikh, Hemant Bhupendra Parikh, Edward Parilis, PhD, Edward James Parish, PhD, Richard Parish, PhD, Robert P. Parisi, Robert E. Park, PhD, Chanseok Park, PhD, Robert Lynn Park, PhD, James Lemuel Park, PhD, Hyunjaz Park, PhD, Charles L. Park, MD, Robert B. Park, Melissa M. Park, William Park, Gerald M. Park, Cyril Parkanyi, PhD, Wayne Parke, Norman F. Parker, PhD, Calvin Alfred Parker, PhD, Ben H. Parker Jr., PhD, Pierce D. Parker, PhD, Eugene N. Parker, PhD, Bert M. Parker, PhD, Jerald Parker, PhD, Donald Parker, PhD, Sidney G. Parker, PhD, H. William Parker, PhD, Nina Parker, PhD, Kenneth D. Parker, Theodore C. Parker, David W. Parker, Dennis L. Parker, Ted Parker, John M. Parker, Anthony T. Parker, Les Parker, James C. Parker, Richard S. Parker, James D. Parker, DVM, Randy C. Parker, Kyle Parker PG, Richard A. Parker, Jack Parker, Henry L. Parker, George W. Parker, Thomas G. Parker, David J. Parker, Wanda J. Parker, Billy Y. Parker, DVM, Raymond G. Parker, Michael D. Parker, Thomas Parker, Robert Parkhurst, PhD, R. M. Parkhurst, Harold R. Parkinson, Malcolm F. Parkman, Lloyd M. Parks, PhD, James Parks, Arthur Parks Sr., H. L. Parks, Gary L. Parks, Frederick L. Parks, Fred L. Parks, David B. Parks, Merton B. Parlier, Edward M. Parma, Charles S. Parmenter, PhD, Sheldon C. Parmer, Robert O. Parmley, Lowell Carr Parode, Albert C. Parr, PhD, James Floyd Parr, PhD, W. M. Parr, Charles H. Parr, Neil F. Parrett, Dale Wayne Parrish, PhD, K. W. Parrish, J. Parrish, Stephen Laurent Parrott, PhD, Christopher M. Parry, PhD, Robert Walter Parry, PhD, Forest Parry, H. D. Parry, Marshall E. Parry, Zohreh Parsa, PhD, A. Paterno Parsi, PhD, Michael L. Parsons, PhD, W. N. Parsons, PhD, Clinton Parsons, PhD, David H. Parsons, Marshall F. Parsons, Alice B. Parsons, Donald A. Parsons, MD, Stuart Parsons, William L. Partain, PhD, Richard E. Partch, PhD, Clifford R. Parten, PhD, Jerry A. Partridge, PhD, Chester Partridge, C. R. Partridge, Blakeslee A. Partridge, Stan P. Parvanian, Robert A. Pascal, PhD, Ralph Edward Pasceri, PhD, Joseph A. Paschall, Robert William Pasco, PhD, Richard L. Pase, Gary Pashaian, David Frank Paskausky, PhD, Thomas Joseph Pasko, Thomas Paskowski, Kenneth Pass, PhD, Richard S. Passamaneck, PhD, Marvin P. Pastel, PhD, Arvid Pasto, PhD, Sergio Pastor, Mark R. Pastore, Angelo A. Pastorino, Robert Patarcity, Edward W. Patchell Jr., Stanley J. Patchet, PhD, Charlie Patchett, Michell S. Pate, Vernon L. Pate, H. Richard Pate, James Wynford Pate, MD, William M. Pate, Roderick J. Patefield, Harini Patel, PhD, Pradeep V. Patel, PhD, Kirit Patel, Natu C. Patel, Kirt S. Patel, MD, Bhupendra C. Patel, Mangal Patel, Bharat K. Patel, MD, Mina G. Patel, MD, James M. Paterson, PhD, John H. Paterson, Margaret D. Patin, Christopher J. Patitsas, MD, Geraldine C. Patman, Raymond A. Patnode, Guy R. Paton, James Holton Patric, Wesley Clare Patrick, PhD, William R. Patrick, Bernard Patrick, MD, Sandra Patrick, Richard G. Patrick, Marcia L. Patrick, MD, Charles M. Patsch, Peter A. Pattee, PhD, Frank M. Pattee, Gaylord Penrod Patten, PhD, Brian Patten, PhD, Everett R. Patten, Donald Patten, James Howard Patterson, PhD, Calvin C. Patterson, PhD, Wayne R. Patterson, PhD, Wilbur I. Patterson, PhD, Harvey G. Patterson, Brenda J. Patterson, Alec M. Patterson, Garland D. Patterson, Aida Patterson, Clinton P. Patterson, Malcolm Patterson, Timothy A. Patterson, Joseph Gilbert Patterson, Bernard L. Patterson, MD, Orus F. Patterson III, Randy Patterson, Gilbert W. Patterson, Gregory J. Patterson, R. Dean Patterson, Billy Patterson, Ben M. Patterson Jr., James C. Patterson, Sharon Patterson, Don R. Patterson, Robert W. Patterson, Jeff D. Patterson, Kerry B. Patterson, Henry B. Patterson, Ian J. Patterson, Gary A. Patterson, Ralph E. Patterson III, PhD, Charles J. Patti, Donald R. Pattie, George D. Pattillo, Dean Pattison, James Winton Patton, PhD, Richard Patton, PhD, Richard M. Patton, Gary M. Patton, Robert J. Patton, Cynthia M. Patty, Scott A. Patulski, Ben W. Patz, PhD, William Paucrisler, PhD, Walter B. Paul, PhD, Rolf Paul, PhD, Robert H. Paul, PhD, Anton D. Paul, PhD, Ronald Stanley Paul, PhD, James W. Paul, Thomas R. Paul, Alfred N. Paul, Michael K. Paul, MD, Robert Paul, James T. Paul, Gary W. Pauley, W. Quinn Paulk, MD, Charles W. Pauls, Ralph L. Pauls, Kenneth R. Paulsen, John W. Paulsen, Malcolm J. Paulsen, MD, Craig L. Paulsen, James Marvin Paulson, PhD, Raymond L. Paulson, Theodore F. Paulson, Dennis R. Paulson, Charles A. Paulson, Bernard A. Paulson, Robert C. Paulson, Kermit E. Paulson, Patricia H. Paulson-Ehrhardt, David M. Paulus Jr., PhD, John J. Paulus, John E. Pauly, PhD, Kellan Pauly, Bruce H. Pauly, Darrell G. Pausky, Max L. Paustian, Louis A. Pavek, PhD, Charles W. Pavey, MD, Wayne A. Pavinich, Albert A. Pavlic, PhD, David C. Pavlich, Ferene F. Pavlics, Eleftherios B. Pavlis, Michael V. Pavlov, Arthur Stephen Pavlovic, PhD, John P. Pavsek, Robert J. Pawlak, Timothy P. Pawlak, Emil H. Pawlik, Paul E. Pawlisch, PhD, Ernest B. Paxson, PhD, Russell D. Paxson, Charles H. Paxton, John W. Paxton, Hagai Payes, James Payne, PhD, Ed L. Payne, PhD, Tamara E. Payne, PhD, Dewitt Allen Payne, PhD, F. R. Payne, PhD, Michael A. Payne, PhD, Henry E. Payne III, PhD, Dalian V. Payne, Daniel D. Payne, Franklin E. Payne, MD, William F. Payne, George A. Payne, Julian Payne, R. Payne, D. Payne, James R. Payne, Barry Payne, Cyril J. Payne, Raymond Andrew Paynter, PhD, Daniel N. Payton III, PhD, Clifford C. Payton, Zoran Pazameta, PhD, Andy Peabody, Jeffrey Peace, Jerry L. Peace, H. Peace, David N. Peacock, PhD, Val E. Peacock, PhD, Robert T. Peacock, Mike J. Peacock, Terry Peak, Harold J. Peake, Frederick J. Pearce, PhD, Charles W. Pearce, PhD, Gerald F. Pearce, Ira W. Pearce, Edward F. Pearsall, PhD, David M. Pearsall, George Wilbur Pearsall, Earl F. Pearson, PhD, George John Pearson, PhD, Anthony J. Pearson, PhD, Albert Marchant Pearson, PhD, F. Gardimes Pearson, PhD, Earl Pearson, PhD, Daniel Bester Pearson III, PhD, John Pearson, Galen L. Pearson, S. Ivar Pearson, Durk Pearson, Herbert E. Pearson, Ross E. Pearson, Stephen I. Pearson, DVM, Charles Pearson, Robert M. Peart, PhD, Doug S. Pease, Robert A. Pease, Alfred A. Pease, James B. Pease, Rod W. Pease, David Chase Peaslee, PhD, Justin B. Peatross, PhD, Recayi Pecen, PhD, Michael J. Pechan, PhD, Ralph B. Peck, PhD, Lyman Colt Peck, PhD, Eugene Lincoln Peck, PhD, Edson Ruther Peck, PhD, Roger Peck, Lester D. Peck, Patrick A. Peck, Richard Stark Peckham, PhD, Alan Embree Peckham, Salvatore Pecoraro, MD, Joseph C. Peden lll, MD, Douglas P. Pedersen, Richard A. Pedersen, Bruce Pedersen, Richard G. Pedersen, Tom L. Pederson, Larry Preston Pedigo, PhD, John D. Peebles, Robert G. Peed, Christopher Peek, Arthur P. Peel, Michael R. Peelish, Raymond E. Peeples, MD, William Peet, Donald F. Pegnataro Jr., Edward J. Peik, Ronald Peik, Vernon L. Peipelman, Alan C. Peitsch, Radi Pejouhy, Alfred H. Pekarek, PhD, Alfred Pekarek, PhD, Gary Pekarek, Edward A. Pela, Louis E. Pelfini, Barry E. Pelham, David Gerard Pelka, PhD, Erik Mauritz Pell, PhD, John L. Pellet, William T. Pelletier, PhD, M. J. Pellillo, Thomas E. Pelt, Frank M. Pelteson, David W. Peltola, Larry J. Pemberton, Richard R. Pemper, PhD, Yarami Pena, Ira Wilson Pence Jr., PhD, Mel E. Pence, DVM, Pawel Penczek, PhD, Paul S. Pender, Joseph C. Pender, MD, Jim R. Pendergrass, David Pendery, Winston Kent Pendleton, PhD, Ray E. Penick, Raymond E. Penick, Stanley J. Penkala, PhD, Mary Alice Penland, A. Penley, W. S. Penn Jr., PhD, John Penn, Robert W. Pennak, PhD*, Edward R. Pennell, Earl R. Pennell, Samuel Penner, PhD, Frederic J. Penner, David W. Pennington, B. F. Pennington, Leslie H. Pennington, Doris S. Pennoyer, MD, Paul H. Pennypacker, MD, Charles R. Penquite, Wayne Penrod, John P. Pensiero, Richard S. Penska, Jeffery Penta, Allen P. Penton, Daivd Peontek, Thomas R. Pepitone, PhD, E. Howard Pepper, Wendell Pepperdine, PhD, Armand Bennett Pepperman, PhD, Robert E. Peppers, Linda H. Pequegnat, PhD, Mike Peralta, PhD, Victor H. Peralta, Thomas M. Perch, J. Percha, Joel W. Percival, DVM, Donald M. Percy, MD, Robert Edward Perdue Jr., PhD, John H. Pere, Luzviminda K. Peredo, Irma T. Pereira, James M. Perel, PhD, Pedro E. Perez, MD, Raul T. Perez, MD, Horacio F. Perez, Victor Perez, Ralph Matthew Perhac, PhD, Steven J. Pericola, Darlene A. Periconi-Balling, James D. Periman, Joseph C. Perin Jr., Robert V. Peringer, Robert A. Perkins, PhD, Thomas Perkins, PhD, Arthur S. Perkins, Luke A. Perkins, Rowan P. Perkins, Russel G. Perkins, Derrick O. Perkins, Robert A. Perkins, F. M. Perkins Jr., Frederick M. Perkins, Samuel C. Perks, PhD, Stanley E. Permowicz, MD, James Jerome Perrcault, Michael D. Perrea, John L. Perreault, Edgar E. Perrey, Thomas E. Perrin, Paul E. Perrone, Dom Perrotta, George Perry, PhD, Charles C. Perry Jr., PhD, Nelson A. Perry, Gerald M. Perry, Reagan J. Perry, Eric Perry, Michael S. Perry, James B. Perry, MD, Kenneth D. Perry, Doug Perry, Bill Perry, Richard M. Perry, Mark Perry, Jesse T. Perry, Dean H. Perry, Danial L. Perry, John Edward Perry, David L. Perry, Bruce H. Perryman, Edward R. Pershe, PhD, Roscoe L. Pershing, PhD, Phillip J. Persichini, PhD, Kenneth F. Persin, George Persky, PhD, Swan D. Person, Stig Persson, Cyril J. Peruskek, Charles A. Pessagno, Michael Pestes, Mikhail I. Petaev, PhD, Paul R. Petcen, Alois Peter Jr., Donald Peter, Zell E. Peterman, PhD, Heide Petermann, Gret Peters, PhD, Greg Peters, PhD, Marvin Arthur Peters, PhD, Max S. Peters, PhD, Leroy Lynn Peters, PhD, Elroy J. Peters, PhD, Theodore Peters Jr., PhD, David W. Peters, PhD, Richard A. Peters, MD, Ralph H. Peters, Douglas C. Peters, Jeff Peters, Douglas W. Peters, Jeffrey L. Peters, William J. Peters, Calvin R. Peters, James B. Peters, Eugene Peters, Raymond A. Peters, Joseph Claine Petersen, PhD, Norman W. Petersen, Patricia J. Petersen, Stephen G. Petersen, Gary Lee Peterson, PhD, Alan Herbert Peterson, PhD, David T. Peterson, PhD, George D. Peterson, PhD, Jack E. Peterson, PhD, Glenn R. Peterson, Arthur W. Peterson, James D. Peterson, Victor Lowell Peterson, Donald J. Peterson, Al Peterson, Irvin Leslie Peterson, DVM, James L. Peterson, Roland O. Peterson, Edward Charles Peterson, Steven F. Peterson, MD, Donald G. Peterson, Philip C. Peterson, John H. Peterson, MD, Raymond W. Peterson, Joel E. Peterson, D. Peterson, Floyd M. Peterson, Gerald L. Peterson, Christopher K. Peterson, Emmett M. Peterson, Jay D. Peterson, Randall D. Peterson, Roy L. Peterson, Lynn A. Peterson, Terrance A. Peterson, Paul T. Peterson, Frank C. Pethel, Parker H. Petit, Fred Petito, Valeri Petkov, PhD, Arthur K. Petraske, Peter J. Petrecca, Samuel Petrecca, Randall Petresh, Randy Petresh, George W. Petri, Howard L. Petrie, PhD, William Leo Petrie, Garold W. Petrie, Peter Paul Petro, PhD, Anthony James Petro, PhD, James C. Petrosky, PhD, George E. Petrosky, Rafayel A. Petrossian, Louis John Petrovic, PhD, Thomas G. Petrulas, Raymond M. Petrun, Francis X. Petrus, J. A. Petrusha, Peter Petrusz, PhD, Heriberto Petschek, David Van Petten, Greg Petterson, Ray H. Pettit, PhD, Dave Pettit, Mark R. Pettitt, Larry T. Pettus, David W. Petty, Andrey Petukhov, PhD, Ronald W. Petzoldt, PhD, Chester Arthur Peyronnin Jr., Chester A. Peyton Jr., Dana M. Pezzimenti, William D. Pezzulich, George C. Pfaff Jr., Douglas D. Pfaff, Robert W. Pfaff, William H. Pfaff, Bernard L. Pfefer, Lawrence Marc Pfeffer, PhD, James E. Pfeffer, Gerard David Pfeifer, PhD, Richard F. Pfeifer, Raymond J. Pfeiffer, PhD, Douglas R. Pfeiffer, PhD, Glenn Pfendt, John R. Pfieffer, Hans J. Pfister, Donald Pfittsiher, Tom Pfitzer, John N. Pflugi, David Pflum, Francis A. Pflum, Ronald John Pfohl, PhD, R. Fred Pfost, PhD, Donald L. Pfost, PhD, John G. Pfrimmer, Arun G. Phadk3, PhD, Robert F. Phalen, PhD, Tuan Duc Pham, PhD, Raj Phansalkar, PhD, Herhsel L. Phares, Frederick Martin Phelps, PhD, F. M. Phelps, PhD, Debra Phelps, George Phelps, Ryan A. Phifer, Jeffrey Philbin, PhD, Burce E. Philbrick, Harry M. Philip, Herbert R. Philipp, PhD, John Philipp, Wallace M. Philips, MD, Lloyd Lewis Philipson, PhD, Neal Phillip, PhD, Brian M. Phillipi, Lincoln Phillippi, Eleanor Phillips, PhD, Richard Arlan Phillips, PhD, Bruce B. Phillips, PhD, James A. Phillips, PhD, Dennis Phillips, PhD, Perry Edward Phillips, PhD, Walter T. Phillips, Thomas W. Phillips, John P. Phillips, MD, Jim M. Phillips, Calvin Phillips, Robert G. Phillips, Dwayne Phillips, Wendell Francis Phillips, Mitchel Phillips, Ernest E. Phillips, Keith Phillips, Don A. Phillips, Steven J. Phillips, Edward J. Phillips, Felton Ray Phillips, Roland W. Phillips Jr., John J. Phillips Jr., Rich Phillips, Kenneth M. Phillips, John Phillips, Wallace C. Philoon, PhD, Sanborn F. Philp, PhD, Jay W. Phippen, PhD, Tom Phipps, PhD, Cu Phung, PhD, Erling Phytte, PhD, Carlson Chao Ping Pian, Louis Pianetti Jr., Clarence R. Piatt, George J. Piazza, PhD, Perry T. Piccard, Ronald T. Piccirillo, MD, Ronald Piccoli, Benjamin M. Picetti, MD, Wayne A. Pickard, MD, Earl F. Pickel, Timothy Pickenheim, Keith M. Picker, Max E. Pickerill, PhD, Charles A. Pickering, John R. Pickett, PhD, Kenneth G. Pickett, William Pickett, John H. Pickrell, Edward M. Piechowiak, Sean Piecuch, Kenneth Piel, PhD, Brett H. Pielstick, Adam J. Pientka, Rex D. Pieper, PhD, Bill D. Pierce, PhD, Matthew Lee Pierce, PhD, Susan K. Pierce, PhD, Allan Pierce, PhD, Walter H. Pierce, PhD, Frank A. Pierce, Mark S. Pierce, William Schuler Pierce, John E. Pierce, Rhonda L. Pierce, DVM, Kathi A. Piergies, James J. Pierotti, O. Pierrakos, PhD, Donald S. Pierre Jr., Vincent A. Pierro, George Piers, Gene W. Pierson, Kirvan H. Pierson Jr., Richard N. Pierson, MD, Gerald Pierson, George Pierson, Edwin Thomas Pieski, PhD, Richard E. Pietch, Stanley P. Pietrewicz, S. Pietrewicz, Charles Edward Pietri, John B. Pietron, William J. Pietrusiak, Anthony Pietsch, Jeffrey T. Pietz, MD, Arthur John Pignocco, PhD, D. Pigott, PhD, Robert L. Pigott ll, Gordon E. Pike, PhD, Jay Pike, PhD, H. Alan Pike, PhD, James R. Pike, Charles Thomas Pike, John D. Pike, David M. Pike, Jeffrey A. Pike, Arthurs H. Piksis, PhD, Glen A. Piland, Dean A. Pilard, Joseph F. Pilaro, Charles F. Pilati, PhD, Philip A. Pilato, PhD, Valter Ennis Pilcher, PhD, Michael E. Pilcher, Lester Y. Pilcher, Vincent Joseph Pileggi, PhD, Laurence Oscar Pilgeram, PhD, Kurt F. Pilgram, Lawrence Pilgram, Paul E. Pilgram, MD, Paul E. Pilkington, James W. Pillsbury, Richard A. Pilon, Vernor A. Pilon, MD, Robert A. Piloquin, Walter Thornton Pimbley, PhD, David Pimentel, PhD, John R. Pimlott, John H. Pimm, Kenneth J. Pinard, Roger D. Pinc, MD, Peter P. Pincura, Irwin J. Pincus, MD, Professor Pine, PhD, Richard W. Pine, MD, R. E. Pine, Robert F. Pineiro, PhD, August W. Pingpank, Carl O. Pingry, Herman H. Pinkerton, PhD, Michael L. Pinnell, Bob Pinner, Edmund Pinney, PhD, David G. Pinney, Kenneth Elmer Pinnow, PhD, Mark A. Pinsky, PhD, Raymond G. Pinson, Pam Pinson, Pamela D. Pinson, Anton J. Pintar, PhD, Ronald C. Pinter, William R. Pioli, Victor J. Piorun, Michael R. Piotrowski, PhD, Chris Piotrowski, Robert G. Piper, Danny L. Piper, Ervin L. Piper, William G. Piper, Bernard Wallace Pipkin, PhD, Anthony W. Pircio, PhD, Edward A. Pires, James J. Pirrung, Shane W. Pirtle, Daniel Joseph Pisano, PhD, Janet C. Piskor, Jack Piskura, John Robert Piskura, Ed Piszynski, Rus Pitch, Richard M. Pitcher, Earl L. Pitkin, Fred Pitman, Joseph T. Pitman, John M. Pitt, PhD, William G. Pitt, PhD, Charles H. Pitt, PhD, A. Lincoln Pittinger, John J. Pittinger, John P. Pittman, PhD, R. Clinton Pittman, MD, Richard Pittman, Raluca M. Pitts, David J. Pitts, Gerald S. Pitts, Gregory S. Pitts, Anthony Pitucco, PhD, Peter E. Pityk Jr., Rahn G. Pitzer, Russell Pitzer, William C. Piver, James J. Piwetz Jr., Michael Piznar, Michael Pizolato, Philip Andrew Pizzica, Frank J. Pizzitola, Joe Pizzo, PhD, Jerry P. Place, PhD, Morris C. Place, James C. Plagge, PhD, Gus Plagianis, John A. Plaisted, Ronald Plakke, PhD, Michael A. Plakosh, Robert V. Plank, Thomas Plante, John E. Plapp, PhD, Jeff Plass, Alan Edward Platt, PhD, Lucian B. Platt, PhD, Richard P. Platt, Huberto R. Platz, Charles D. Plavcan, Robert V. Plehn, MD, Steven S. Plemenos, John A. Plenzler, Daniel E. Pless, Susan Pless, Charles E. Plessner, Raymond E. Pletcher, Stephen L. Plett, James D. Plimpton, PhD, Don Plisek, Carl W. Ploeger, Alan P. Ploesser, Larry Plonsker, PhD, Andrew Walter Plonsky, Tom R. Plowright, Robert J. Plucker, Daniel T. Plume, Karl W. Plumlee, PhD, John E. Plumlee, MD, Byron L. Plumley, Robert E. Plumley, Gayther Lynn Plummer, PhD, James R. Plummer, Howard K. Plummer, Joseph C. Plunkett, PhD, Joseph S. Plunkett, Harvey Pobiner, David Pocengul, Randy Pochel, Frederick J. Pocock, John F. Podhaisky, Robert J. Podlasek, PhD, Richard D. Poe, PhD, Steve C. Poe, Ronald J. Poehlmann, James H. Poellot, PhD, Wendy K. Pogozelski, PhD, V. Pogrebnyak, PhD, Max E. Pohl, Ronald F. Pohler, Roland F. Pohler, Henry Pohs, Dennis L. Poindexter, Leroy D. Poindexter, Craig Poindexter, MD, Carl R. Poirier, Richard Polad, John Polcer, William Poley, Frank C. Polidora, MD, Joseph L. Polidoro, B. Poling, PhD, Professor Polinger, PhD, Jack J. Polise, John Polish, Adrian M. Polit, MD, Gregory E. Polito, MD, Larry T. Polk, James K. Polk, James W. Pollack, Robert C. Pollard, Robert A. Pollard Jr., William D. Pollard, R. Scott Pollard, William A. Polley, Kerri L. Polli, Richard G. Pollina, Charles B. Pollock, George Pollock, Myron Pollycove, Ricker R. Polsdorfer, MD, James R. Polski, William Jerry Polson, PhD, Donald Polson, Glen D. Polzin, Kent L. Pomeroy, MD, Paul Pompeo 3rd, Fernando Ponce, PhD, Wilson Gideon Pond, PhD, David Martin Pond, PhD, Walter L. Pondrom, PhD, Philip C. Pongetti, Vincent J. Pongia, Robert L. Pons, Kurt Pontasch, PhD, Larry Pontaski, James B. Ponzo, Karl Hallman Pool, PhD, Sam L. Pool, William E. Poole, H. K. Poole, Jeffery J. Poole, Donald S. Poole, Russel Poole, Inge Pope, Alan Y. Pope, Arthur F. Pope, Mark A. Pope, Thomas D. Pope, MD, Benjamin W. Pope, MD, Hugh Popenoe, Dorian J. Popescu, Richard R. Popham, M. G. Popik, Om P. Popli, Donald L. Poplin, Branko N. Popov, PhD, George J. Popovich Jr., Louis B. Popovich, Gerhard Popp, PhD, Herbert G. Popp, John T. Popp, Robert D. Popper, G. Albert Popson, PhD, Richard J. Porazynski, William Morgan Porch, PhD, Robert F. Poremski, Thomas J. Porsch, Lynn K. Porter, PhD, Frederic Edwin Porter, PhD, Vernon Ray Porter, PhD, Bruce Porter, Fred C. Porter, David Dixon Porter, Ronald R. Porter, Joseph W. Porter, Richard F. Porter, Edward S. Porter, Richard Porter, Gary R. Porter, William W. Porterfield, PhD, John Porterfield, Thomas J. Porterfield, H. W. Porterfield, Michael Portman, Jay M. Portnow, PhD, Mary B. Portofe, Bruce D. Portz, Gerald J. Posakony, Bonnie W. Posma, Jonathan D. Posner, PhD, Mike Posson, Madison J. Post "NOAA, ESr.L", PhD, Jerry V. Post, David L. Post, Joseph M. Post, John T. Postak, M. E. Postlethwaite, Richard Postma, PhD, Steven J. Postma, Denzil Poston, PhD, Harvey Walter Posvic, PhD, Louis Potash, PhD, Reddeppa N. Pothuri, PhD, Robert Potosnak, R. Potratz, Stephan N. Pott, Priscilla J. Potter, PhD, George Henry Potter, PhD, Dale E. Potter, PhD, Roderick B. Potter, George J. Potter, Donald W. Potter, MD, Darrell L. Potter, Robert C. Potter, DVM, Terry Potter, Kenneth A. Potter Jr., Keith M. Potter, Donald H. Potter, Olin E. Potter, Rial S. Potter, Rainer Potthast, PhD, Wayne G. Pottmeyer, Kevin T. Potts, PhD, James S. Potts, James Edward Potzick, Charle E. Pound, Robert D. Pounds, Daniel B. Pourreau, PhD, Joseph J. Poveromo RMI, PhD, Louis A. Povinelli, PhD, George R. Powe, Roger Allen Powell, PhD, Michael Robert Powell, PhD, Edward T. Powell, PhD, James A. Powell, M. L. Powell, P. Mark Powell, Lee A. Powell, Susan Powell, Robert C. Powell, MD, John E. Powell Jr., Biuy R. Powell, Dwight R. Powell, Derek Powell, Bradley M. Powell, David T. Powell Jr., R. C. Powell, James P. Power, Kathleen M. Power, Timothy M. Power, Alan T. Power, John D. Power, Kendall Gardner Powers, PhD, Jean D. Powers, PhD, Darden Powers, PhD, Sandra S. Powers, Harold A. Powers, Russell C. Powers, Don G. Powers, Arel W. Powers, Robert W. Powitz, PhD, David E. Powley, Ernest Ppospischil, Faustino L. Prado, Glenn W. Prager, Adam A. Praisnar Jr., Pranav M. Prakash, MD, Kurt Pralle, David Pramer, PhD, Neil E. Prange, David L. Pranger, Hullahalli Rangaswamy Prasan, PhD, Eugene A. Praschan, John M. Praskwiecz, Cordell El Prater, John D. Prater, Donald L. Pratt, PhD, Robert Pratt, Arnold Warburton Pratt, Jack Pratt, Kenneth L. Pratt, MD, Robert Pratt, Samuel F. Pratt Jr., Susan M. Prattis, PhD, Terje Preber, PhD, Waldo C. Preble, Gary C. Prechter, MD, Frank M. Precopio, PhD, Steve L. Precourt, Betty Peters Preece, Thomas F. Prehoda, Ekkehard Preikschat, PhD, George C. Prendergast, PhD, Mark L. Prendergast, Neal J. Prendergast, MD, Scott H. Prengle, Irving J. Prentice, Richard S. Prentice, Irving J. Prentice Jr., David S. Prerau, PhD, Ronald T. Presbys, Irwin M. Prescott, Jerry Prescott, Glenn Carleton Prescott, Richard D. Prescott, Tony M. Preslar, Kenneth L. Presley, Allister L. Presnal, Daphne Press, Russell Pressey, PhD, James W. Pressler, Charles W. Pressley, Ron Pressnell, Robert F. Prest, John B. Presti, Serge Preston, PhD, R. Preston, Richard E. Preston, MD, Vernon Preston, Gary Preston, William G. Preston, Jackie L. Preston, DVM, Charles D. Preston, Mary K. Prettyman, Richard H. Preu, Basil A. Preuitt Jr., MD, Martin William Preus, PhD, Victoria Prevatt, PhD, Panagioti Prevedouros, PhD, R. H. Prewitt Jr., Melvin Price, PhD, Kenneth Price, PhD, Harold Anthony Price, PhD, Geoffrey L. Price, PhD, Henry L. Price, PhD, Steven Price, PhD, Charles W. Price, Katherine L. Price, George W. Price, G. Price, H. Price, J. J. Price III, Casey Jo Price, Charles R. Price, Donald G. Price Jr., R. E. Price, James Price, R. L. Prichard, Robert F. Prichett, Marvin E. Priddy, MD, Jerry Priddy, Gerald O. Priebe, Bill Priebe, J. Prieditis, PhD, R. Priefer, PhD, Claude C. Priest, Guy T. Priestly, Robert Clay Prim III, PhD, George B. Primbs, MD, Kermit L. Prime Jr., Donald R. Primer, Charles W. Prince, PhD, Robert K. Prince, R. K. Prince, Bernard L. Prince, Robert Prince, Vernon Pringle Jr., James W. Pringle, David Prinzing, Ronald L. Prior, PhD, William H. Prior, William F. Prior, MD, Michael R. Prisco, PhD, James R. Prisco, Jim S. Priskos, Donald William Pritchard, PhD, James E. Pritchard, PhD, Alan N. Pritchard, Lewis W. Pritchett, Ron W. Pritchett, Ronald W. Pritchett, Robert L. Pritchett, Howard G. Pritham, MD, Charles John Prizer, Winston H. Probert, Nolan Probst, Svante Prochazka, PhD, David G. Proctor, PhD, Fred H. Proctor, PhD, Thomas Proctor, Richard James Proctor, Melvin H. Proctor, John Prodan, Victor H. Prodehl, Richard A. Proeschel, Oscar J. Proesel, Barry Profeta, J. Proffitt, B. Prokai, PhD, William H. Prokop, Gary J. Proksch, PhD, Thomas P. Propert, John R. Prosek, Dick A. Prosence, Lumir C. Proshek, MD, Charles A. Proshek, DVM, Joseph W. Proske, PhD, Leon Prosky, PhD, Brian S. Prosser, Thomas Prossima Jr., Alan L. Prouty, William J. Provaznik, Jesus Roberto Provencio, PhD, Frederick Dan Provenza, PhD, Anthony J. Provenzano, PhD, Charles L. Provost, Kenneth Prox, Michael Pruchnicki, Leonard J. Pruckner, Jacky Prucz, PhD, Thaddeus H. Pruett, Burchard S. Pruett, Jerry A. Pruett, L. L. Pruitt, Jay P. Pruitt, Basil Arthur Pruitt, MD, Zenon C. Prusas, PhD, Robert R. Pruse, Fernand H. Prussing, MD, Charles Pruszynski, Kenneth E. Pruzinsky, Michael J. Pryor, PhD, William A. Pryor, PhD, Timothy B. Pryor, Phillip G. Przybylinski, Jamie Przybylski, Andrzej Przyjazny, PhD, Teodore C. Przymusinski, PhD, Teodor Przymusiushi, PhD, Timothy G. Psomas, Stanley E. Ptaszkowski, Laurie D. Publicover, MD, Randy M. Puchet, Lee Puckett, Ken J. Pudeler, Siegfried Pudell, Richard P. Puelle, David L. Puent, Daniel Puffer, Edward W. Puffer, Eugene M. J. Pugatch, PhD, Evan R. Pugh, PhD, T. Linn Pugh, Richard R. Pugh, Charles S. Pugh, Ronald J. Pugmire, PhD, Jasmine Pui, Kent W. Pulfer, PhD, William M. Pulford, Viswanadha Puligandla, PhD, Leamon T. Pulley, PhD, Layne L. Puls, John Pulte, Charles B. Pults, William Pulyer, T. O. Purcell, PhD, Everett W. Purcell, Bruce H. Purcell, Kay M. Purcell, Lawrence T. Purcell, MD, L. Purcell, MD, Cary C. Purdy, Joan L. Purdy, Donald H. Puretz, PhD, Robert G. Purgington, Robert G. Purington, E. Dale Purkhiser, PhD, William E. Purnell, MD, Walter V. Purnell Jr., James K. Purpura, Jodi Purser, Paul E. Purser, Jennifer D. Pursley, Milton E. Purvis, Mary J. Purvis, John Pusatari, Robert H. Pusey, PhD, Raymond S. Pusey, Herman Pusin, Richard Lee Puster, Michael Pustilnik, PhD, Thankamama J. Puthiaparampil, MD, Edison Walker Putman, PhD, Thomas H. Putman, PhD, D.C. Putman, Robert Putnam, Charles W. Putnam, Abbott Allen Putnam, John Ward Putt, David Puzan, John A. Pybass, Orrea F. Pye, PhD, Albert E. Pye, PhD, Bodo E. Pyko, PhD, George T. Pyndus, Eugene Pyrcioch, Louis L. Pytlewski, PhD, Thomas Pyzdek, Tom Pyzdek, Leon L. Pyzik

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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Ma Qin, Kathy Qin, Forrest W. Quackenbush, PhD, Arnold J. Quakkelaar, James R. Qualey, PhD, Russell J. Qualls, PhD, Ryan D. Quam, Keith J. Quanbeck, Earl Raymond Quandt, PhD, Jim Quandt, Jeffrey P. Quaratino, William A. Quarles, Miller W. Quarles, Prosper E. Quashie, Peter T. Queenan, Charles E. Quentel, Ramon S. Quesada, MD, Florentino V. Quiaot, H. Paul Quicksall, John M. Quiel, Robert H. Quig, Samuel C. Quigley, Jesus F. Quiles, James Roger Quinan, PhD, Walter J. Quinlan, Steven M. Quinlan, Albert J. Quinlivan Jr., John Joseph Quinn, PhD, Richard H. Quinn, PhD, Robert D. Quinn, Rena H. Quinn, Peter M. Quinn, Shirley J. Quinn, John P. Quinn, Perry C. O. Quinn, Patrick D. Quinney, Jose J. Quintero Sr., Arthur Robert Quinton, PhD, Phil Quire, Henry J. Quiring, MD, Terence T. Quirke, PhD, Karl Spangler Quisenberry, PhD, William Quisenberry, J. R. Quisenberry, Patrick W. Quist, Ralph Quosig

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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Don R, Rae E. R., Bernard Raab, PhD, F. H. Raab, PhD, Frederick H. Raab, PhD, Kristine J. Raab, DVM, John A. Raabe, PhD, Daryl Raabe, Ashley Rabalais, David D. Rabb, John E. Rabbitt, Steve Rabe, Linda E. Rabe, DVM, Craig Rabeneck, Brian T. Raber, Dennis P. Rabin, PhD, Sidney C. Rabin, MD, M. J. Rabinowitz, PhD, Jack G. Rabinowitz, MD, Thomas A. Rabson, PhD, Louis C. Raburn, Richard L. Racette, Todd L. Rachel, Joseph Wolfe Rachlin, PhD, Kenneth D. Rachocki, PhD, Dennis S. Rackers, Charles W. Raczkowski, PhD, Richard E. Radak, MD, Jerome D. Radar, Richard W. Radeka, Frank Radella, Roger L. Radeloff, Edward L. Rademacher Jr., Robert A. Rademaket, David R. Raden, Robert E. Rader, Nancy R. Radercic, PhD, Thomas S. Raderstorf, Steven R. Radford, Norman D. Radford Jr., Lewis E. Radicke, PhD, Rodney Owen Radke, PhD, Donald Rado, Donald Joseph Radomski, Donald E. Radtke, Michael T. Radvaw, Keith A. Rae, Harold R. Raemer, PhD, Beat U. Raess, PhD, Marvin C. Raether, Hershel Raff, PhD, Bradford J. Raffensperger, Keen A. Rafferty, PhD, Manny K. Rafla, PhD, Jeffrey T. Rafter, John G. Raftopoulos, DVM, Nicholas D. Raftopoulos, Donal M. Ragan, PhD, John R. Ragase, Robert W. Ragen Jr., Ralph D. Ragsdale, Mohsen Khatib Rahbar, PhD, James J. Rahn, PhD, Perry H. Rahn, PhD, Frank A. Raila, MD, Jay M. Railey, Attilio Joseph Rainal, PhD, David E. Rainer, Danny P. Raines, Robert L. Raines, Joe M. Rainey, Robert N. Rainey, James K. Rainforth, Ted Rains, John Ruel Rairden III, Elliott Raisen, PhD, James W. Raitt, MD, DeJan Rajcic, Robert P. Raker, MD, Michael R. Rakestraw, MD, Carl G. Rako, Francis Rakow, John M. Rakowski, James Arthur Raleigh, PhD, Charles F. Raley, PhD, James A. Ralph, Dean C. Ralphs, Michael Ram, PhD, Ganesier Ramachandran, Colin Stokes Ramage, William W. Ramage, Periasamy Ramalingam, PhD, George Ramatowski, Dario Ramazzotti, C. L. Rambo, Frederick H. Rambow, PhD, James A. Ramenofsky, MD, William Ramer, Professor Ramers, PhD, Harmon Hobson Ramey, PhD, Rafael G. Ramirez, PhD, Sonia R. Ramirez, MD, Guadalupe Ramirez, Apolinar Z. Ramiro, John J. Ramm, Simon Ramo, PhD, Roy E. Ramseier, Robert A. Ramser, Jerry Dwain Ramsey, PhD, John E. Ramsey, Walter B. Ramsey, Madeline K. Ramsey, Benjamin F. Ramsey, Mark Ramsey, Thomas E. Ramsey, Milton H. Ramsey, Alvin O. Ramsley, Lawrence Dewey Ramspott, PhD, Paul Ellertson Ramstad, PhD, Andrea L. Ramudo, Patricia Ramudo, John Ramus, Shahida I. Rana, Hugh Rance, PhD, David Rancour, PhD, James Rancourt, PhD, Phillip Gordon Rand, PhD, Charles L. Rand, Joseph Lindsay Randall, PhD, Charles Addison Randall, PhD, William J. Randall, PhD, Greenfield A. Randall, P. Randall, Byron K. Randall, Charles C. Randall, Robert T. Randall, Roberta B. Randall, Ann Randolph, PhD, Spencer G. Randolph, Jack E. Randorff, PhD, Robert C. Ranew, William P. Raney, PhD, Jesus J. Rangel Jr., Margene G. Ranieri, PhD, Tom Rank, PhD, Thomas J. Rankin, John W. Ranocchia Sr., C. J. Ransom, PhD, W. R. Ransone, PhD, David C. Ransower, Charles G. Ranstrom, Eero Ranta, MD, Navagund Rao, PhD, Gujar N. Rao, PhD, Vinod E. Rao, Alan M. Rapaport, MD, Irving Rapaport, Stephen C. Rapchak, Stephen C. Raper, Thomas Raphael, PhD, David E. Rapley, Henry Rapoport, PhD, Robert E. Rapp, MD, Donald Rapp, Bob Raser, Mamunur Rashid, PhD, Marco Rasi, PhD, Amram Rasiel, PhD, Karel Frantisck Raska Jr., PhD, Daren H. Raskin, Miriam Rasky, Lowell W. Rasmussen, PhD, James B. Rasmussen, Alvin L. Rasmussen, Arthur L. Rasmussen, DVM, Thomas R. Rasmussen, Mark Rasmussen, Ned S. Rasor, PhD, James Rasor, Howard E. Rast Jr., PhD, J. R. Ratcliff, Lee Ratcliff, Mike Ratcliff, Bhakta Bhusan Rath, PhD, Tom C. Rath, Carlisle Baxter Rathburn, PhD, Dennis Rathman, PhD, Hukum Singh Rathor, PhD, Andrew A. Rathsack, Steven T. Ratliff, PhD, Oscar Davis Ratnoff, MD, Gregory K. Ratter, Charles H. Ratterree 3rd, Egan J. Rattin, Michael S. Ratway, Alfred Ratz, PhD, Michael P. Rau, Jack G. Raub, Richard Travis Rauch, PhD, William R. Rauch, Lee Raue, James P. Rauf, Joseph R. Raurora, Donald O. Rausch, PhD, Kent Rausch, PhD, Gerald W. Rausch, PhD, Arthur A. Rauth, Steven L. Rauzi, Richard J. Ravas, PhD, Ann Rave, PhD, Francis Harvey Raven, PhD, Nancy C. Raven, Shea B. Rawe, Martin A. Rawhouser, Michael Rawley, Carroll J. Rawley, Kyle Rawlings, PhD, Richard G. Rawlings, James W. Rawlins, PhD, Stephen Rawlinson, Marvin L. Rawls, James H. Rawls, Stanley R. Rawn Jr., Sylvian Richard Ray, PhD, Malcolm H. Ray, PhD, Michael B. Ray, PhD, Clifford H. Ray, PhD, Michelle B. Ray, Anatoly D. Ray, Monte E. Ray, Morgan G. Ray Sr., Thomas E. Ray, Donald R. Ray, Carole A. Ray, Clinton M. Rayes, Park Rayfield, PhD, Everett L. Raymond, Richard L. Raymond, Leonard Raymond, Herbert Raymond, Larry C. Raymond, Oscar Rayneri, Stuart Raynolds, PhD, Susanne Raynor, PhD, Harold M. Raynor, Gary D. Rayson, PhD, Bill E. Raywinkle, Jerry Re, Leonard A. Rea, Robert C. Reach, David Thomas Read, PhD, Robert G. Read, Earnest H. Reade Jr., Fred Reader, Professor Reader, Harold H. Reader Jr., James A. Reagan, Tomas Reamsnyder, Greg Reardon, John M. Reardon, MD, Richard L. Reason, Ronald D. Reasonover, D. L. Reasons, Kay P. Reasor, DVM, Jerry Reaves, Wallace K. Reaves, Nelson Henry Reavey-Cantwell, PhD, Douglas W. Reavie FACS, James G. Reavis, PhD, Paul R. Reay, George J. Rebane, PhD, Jose G. Rebaya, Richard L. Rebbert, PhD, Kenneth R. Reber Jr., David N. Rebol, Theodore Lynn Rebstock, PhD, John W. Rebuck, PhD, Sterlin M. Rebuck, Paul Albert Rechard, Andreas Buchwald Rechnitzer, PhD, H. C. Rechtien Jr., Robert H. Reck, MD, Craig R. Reckard, John A. Recks, Geoffrey Recktenwald, PhD, Charles W. Rector, PhD, Walter T. Rector, W. Rector, J. B. Red, Jory Ty Redd, PhD, John G. Reddan III, Mark Redden, Larry K. Reddig, Jack L. Reddin, MD, Foster Kinyon Redding, PhD, William M. Redding, James V. Redding, James D. Redding, James A. Reddington, Damoder P. Reddy, PhD, George R. Reddy, Richard L. Reddy, Harold J. Reddy, Allan G. Redeker, MD, Immo Redeker, John W. Redelfs, MD, Jamie Redenbaugh, William M. Redfield, John G. Redic, K. Redig, Robert Harmon Rediker, PhD, Brian Redlin, Thomas R. Redman, Larry Redmon, PhD, Erick L. Redmon, Jack Redmond, PhD, Robert F. Redmond, PhD, Bernice E. Redmond, MD, Philip O. Redway, Kent Redwine, PhD, Ronnie G. Reece, Cynthia A. Reece, Thomas Binnington Reed, PhD, Sherman Kennedy Reed, PhD, C. Reed, PhD, Max E. Reed, PhD, Allan Hubert Reed, PhD, Donal J. Reed, PhD, David A. Reed Jr., Roger G. Reed, Jack Reed, Bart J. Reed, Tom Reed, Philip W. Reed, Kenneth R. Reed, Joseph Arthur Reed, MD, Issac R. Reed, Larry D. Reed, MD, John G. Reed, Bruce B. Reeder, Steven Reeder, MD, Harold J. Reedy, Lester R. Reekers, O. W. Reen, PhD, Eber O. Rees, PhD, Norman Van Rees, Richard W. Rees, Michael R. Reesal, PhD, James A. Reese, Joe W. Reese, John L. Reese, Dale O. Reese, Harold G. Reeser, Floyd K. Reeser, Douglas A. Rees-Evans, William O. Reeside, Paul Reesman, Gerhard Reethof, PhD, Harold Frank Reetz, PhD, G. George Reeves, PhD, Roy Franklin Reeves, PhD, Homer Eugene Reeves, PhD, Dale Leslie Reeves, PhD, Terry A. Reeves, Donald Reeves, D. F. Reeves, Dean D. Reeves, MD, Nancy Reeves, Horace A. Reeves, Richard G. Reeves, Chester Q. Reeves, W. R. Reeves Jr., John A. Reffner, PhD, Robert G. Refvem, Gary K. Regan, Frank J. Regan, James A. Reger, M. Loren Regier, Steven A. Regis, David W. Rego, Carl J. Regone, William G. Regotti, Frederick C. Rehberg, David W. Reherman, Larry M. Rehg, Allan Stanley Rehm, PhD, Thomas R. Rehm, PhD, William Rehmann, Paul A. Rehme, Michael E. Rehmer, Claude Virgil Reich, PhD, Roger A. Reich, Charles J. Reich, Michael L. Reichard, John E. Reichenbach Jr., Dean J. Reichenbach, MD, John Douglas Reichert, PhD, Alfred Douglas Reichle, PhD, Franklin G. Reick, Kenneth Brooks Reid, PhD, George Kell Reid, PhD, William J. Reid III, PhD, Professor Reid, PhD, William M. Reid, PhD, Kyrk D. Reid, Jerome A. Reid, MD, B. J. Reid, Frank E. Reid, Barry G. Reid, Glen Reid, David A. Reid, DVM, Anthony A. Reidlinger, PhD, Arnold E. Reif, PhD, Mark M. Reif, PhD, Fred M. Reiff, Leonard Reiffel, PhD, William E. Reifsnyder, Kenneth F. Reighard, Ronald J. Reiland, Richard H. Reiley, Hugh T. Reilly, Timothy J. Reilly, Richard J. Reilly, Vincent Reilms, PhD, Scott J. Reiman, Jeff Reimche, Paul H. Reimer, Robert T. Reimers, PhD, Richard D. Rein, Thomas Leonard Reinecke, PhD, Robert R. Reiner, John W. Reinert, Norman E. Reinertsen, Erwin A. Reinhard, PhD, Charles Francis Reinhardt, PhD, Richard H. Reinhardt, Stanley E. Reinhart, PhD, Fred W. Reinhart, James A. Reinhert, PhD, Mark B. Reinhold, PhD, John B. Reinoehl, Rydell J. Reints, Robert G. Reis, Phyllis A. Reis, David Reiser, PhD, Anita S. Reiser, Samuel Reiser, Richard F. Reising, PhD, Harold Bernard Reisman, PhD, Keith W. 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Rowell, Rex L. Rowell, Neil Wilson Rowland, PhD, David A. Rowland, PhD, Lenton O. Rowland, PhD, John Rowland, PhD, Bob R. Rowland, Steve Rowland, Terry L. Rowland, William C. Rowles, Brian Rowles, Leroy H. Rowley, Stephen Rowley, George M. Roy, Joseph A. Roy, Thomas M. Royal, Richard L. Royal, A. R. Royce, PhD, Arthur M. Royce, Charlotte E. Roydhouse, DVM, David C. Royer, Paul Allen Roys, PhD, G. Roysdon, John Rozenbergs, PhD, Karl K. Rozman, PhD, Csaba Rozsa, PhD, Balazs F. Rozsnyai, PhD, Timothy Rozycki, Tad T. Rozycki, MD, Carter F. Rubane, Robert T. Rubano, Fred Rubbins, Robert A. Rubega, PhD, Ibrahim Rubeiz, PhD, Leonard Rubenstein, Len Rubenstein, Leonard Rubenstein, Mae K. Rubin, PhD, Benjamin D. Rubin, MD, Allen G. Rubin, Mark A. Rubin, Arthur Israel Rubin, Neil S. Rubin, Daniel Rubinstein, PhD, David Daniel Rubis, PhD, Barbara Rucinska, PhD, David M. Rucker, Jim R. Rucker, Charles A. Rucks, DVM, George G. Rudawsky, Gillian Rudd, PhD, Thomas A. Rudd, Kenneth E. Ruddy, Thomas A. Rudelms, MD, Douglas Rudenko, Charles G. Rudershansen, PhD, Charles Gerald Rudershausen, PhD, K. Rudestam, Efim S. Rudin, Carl Sidney Rudisill, PhD, Gerard Rudisin, Boris Rudkevich, John W. Rudman, John Rudolf, Ronald A. Rudolph, Thomas P. Rudy, PhD, Thomas Rudy, John V. Rudy, Rolland R. Rue, PhD, Edward Evans Rue, Douglas L. Rue, W. Ruehle, Raymond L. Ruehle, Darryl D. Ruehle, George F. Ruehling, Stephen A. Ruehlman, Paula A. Ruel, DVM, Robert H. Ruf, PhD, Don E. Ruff, Walter E. Ruff, John R. Ruff, Sue Ruff, Anthony Richard Ruffa, PhD, Thomas W. Ruffner, DVM, Edward Rugel, Larry E. Ruggiero, Harvey R. Ruggles, John Ruhl, Eladio Ruiz-De-Molina, T. H. Ruland, Raymond J. Rulis, Michael K. Rulison, PhD, Paul B. Rullman, Melvin Dale Rumbaugh, PhD, John H. Rumely, PhD, Donal E. Ruminer, Larry J. Rummerfield, George Rumney, PhD, Dan J. Rundell, Robert E. Rundle, Paul W. Runge, Ralph A. Runge, Howell Irwin Runion, PhD, Kim J. Runk, Richard A. Runkel, PhD, Donald Demar Runnells, PhD, Kelli Runnels, PhD, Jack E. Runnels, Olaf Runquist, PhD, Edward E. Runyan, Mark V. Runyon, Charles Runyon, Arthur L. Ruoff, PhD, Kevin C. Ruoff, Gerald Bruce Rupert, PhD, Robert C. Rupert, R. C. Rupert, John A. Rupley, PhD, Susan S. Rupp, MD, William J. Ruppert, Richard E. Ruppert, Theodore A. Ruppert, Michael T. Rusesky, B. Rush, PhD, Devon S. Rushnell, Brian Mandel Rushton, PhD, Geo Rushton, Andrew Rusiwko, PhD, Louis L. Rusoff, PhD, Irving I. Rusoff, PhD, Paul J. Russ, Mark Russell, PhD, A. Yvonne Russell, PhD, Jean E. Russell, PhD, Robert Raymond Russell, PhD, Ernest Everett Russell, PhD, Ross F. Russell, PhD, Joe L. Russell, Gary W. Russell, MD, Lewis B. Russell, Edmund L. Russell, Andrew Russell, Cynthia B. Russell, Roger L. Russell, David E. Russell, Jim Russell, Kenneth Russell, Robert B. Russell Jr., Robert B. Russell, Jacob B. Russell, Harry C. Russell, Charles L. Russell, Clifford D. Russell, Joseph C. Russello, Nicholas Charles Russin, PhD, Richard F. Russo, James H. Rust, PhD, Frank W. Rust, Carri A. Rustad, M. R. Rusty, MD, Harold D. Rutenberg, MD, Byron E. Ruth, PhD, Robert Rutherford, Paul J. Rutherford, James D. Rutherford, Todd M. Rutherford, Susan E. Rutherford, MD, George B. Rutkowski, Sigmond S. Rutkowski III, Durward E. Rutledge, John P. Rutter, Mark Ruttle, Paul G. Ruud, PhD, John Ruvalds, PhD, Mary Ruwart, PhD, Donald Rux, Ralph R. Ruyle, Ed J. Ruzak, Philip L. Ryall, Joe Ryan, PhD, Bill Chatten Ryan, PhD, James M. Ryan, PhD, Jean L. Ryan, PhD, Wayne L. Ryan, PhD, Frederick M. Ryan, PhD, Edmond P. Ryan, PhD, Kevin M. Ryan, Daberath Ryan, Michael J. Ryan, Terrell B. Ryan, DVM, James Ryan, Julian G. Ryan, Jeffrey W. Ryan, Michele M. Ryan, Timothy M. Ryan, Casey J. Ryan, C. B. Ryan, William F. Ryan, Willis C. Ryan, Terry W. Ryan, Fredrick J. Ryan, Charles Joseph Ryant Jr., PhD, George E. Ryberg, John A. Rybicki, Robert G. Rydell, Elliott Ryder, PhD, David Frank Ryder, PhD, Paul H. Rydlund, Kathleen Rygiel, Lee Chester Ryker, PhD, Debra J. Rykoff, PhD, Robert R. Ryland, Michael A. Rynearson, Robert P. Rynecki, James M. Rynerson, MD, George M. Rynkiewicz, Lester M. Ryol, PhD, John W. Ryon, PhD, Edwin L. Ryser, Carroll J. Ryskamp, Gregory Ryskin, PhD, Faina Ryvkin, PhD, Peter A. Rzepecki, PhD, Alicja M Kirkien Rzeszotarsk, PhD, M. Kirkien Rzeszotarsk, PhD, Waclaw Janusz Rzeszotarski, PhD

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Richard 0. S, Alfredo H UA S Ing, PhD, Lal Pratap S. Singh, PhD, Myrl J. Saarem, Carol Saari, D. D. Saars, Patrick Saatzer, PhD, Joaquin A. Saavedra, Joseph D. Sabella, MD, Burns Roy Sabey, PhD, Harry A. Sabin, Edward Stephen Sabisky, PhD, William W. Sable, Jeffery D. Sabloff, MD, Kenneth Sabo, PhD, Julius Jay Sabo, Frank Sabo, Elmer T. Sabo, Edward Sabo, Frank Sacco, August J. Saccoccio, Sohindar S. Sachdev, PhD, Richard A. Sachitano, PhD, John P. Sachs, PhD, Frederick Sachs, PhD, David Sachs, PhD, Thomas Dudley Sachs, PhD, Edgar Albert Sack, PhD, Marcus Sack, William R. Sacrison, Leon Y. Sadler III, PhD, George D. Sadler, PhD, J. Evan Sadler, PhD, James C. Sadler, Robert L. Sadler, Tom R. Sadler, Aubrey E. Sadler, B. Sadri, Alberto Sadun, PhD, Stephen L. Saeger, Walter Carl Saeman, Alfred Saffer, PhD, Thomas F. Saffold, Frederick M. Sagabiel, Donald L. Sage, Jerry F. Sagendorf, William F. Sager, Richard A. Sager, Harry C. Sager, Frithiof N. Sagerholm Jr., Professor Saghafi, PhD, Eugene Saghi, PhD, Arthur A. Sagle, PhD, Winston Martin Sahinen, M. M. Said, PhD, Saul Bernhard Saila, PhD, Michael Sain, PhD, Kanwar V. Sain, Kenneth C. Saindon, Nirmal S. Sajjan, George S. Sajner, Roy T. Sakamoto, Gerald O. Sakats, Alexander A. Sakhnovsky, A. A. Sakhnovsky, Adel Sakla, PhD, Israel Salaberrios, Thomas A. Saladin, MD, Mamdouh M. Salama, PhD, Eugene Salamin, Raymond J. Salani, Solomon J. Salat, Stephen G. Salay, Michael Salazar, PhD, Fernando M. Salazar, MD, Nelton O. Salch, Joseph R. Salem Sr., Andreas Salemann, PhD, Jacqueline B. Sales, Robert E. Salfi, PhD, Norman R. Saliba, MD, Belinda Salinas, Daniel K. Salisbury, David J. Salisbury, Philip Kent Salitros, Philip K. Salitros, Richard J. Salk, MD, Arthur S. Salkin, Steven T. Salli, Seppo Ossian Salminen, PhD, Stuart C. Salmon, PhD, Richard J. Salmon, Wilmar Lawrence Salo, PhD, Rick P. Salocker, James A. Salsigiver, Joe G. Saltamachia, Joe G. Saltamacina, Erdjan Salth, PhD, Mikal Endre Saltveit, PhD, Alan M. Salus, John Salvador Jr., Tim A. Salvati, Joseph J. Salvatorelli, Robert H. Salvesen, PhD, Jay Salwen, MD, Donald R. Salyer, Thomas B. Salzano, Richard John Salzbrenner, PhD, William R. Salzman, PhD, Paul K. Salzman, PhD, Dominick A. Sama, PhD, Richard Sama, Sarmad Saman, PhD, George Albert Samara, PhD, Robert E. Samara, James A. Samartano, George Sambataro, Edward A. Samberson, R. E. Sameth, W. J. Samford, Mohammad Samiullah, PhD, Robert Howell Sammis, Donald S. Sammis, D. S. Sammis, Hubert D. Sammons, MD, L. C. Sammons Jr., MD, Francis L. Sammt, Larry Sample, Michael T. Sample, Ronald E. Samples, B. Samples, Ronald E. Samples, Ann G. Samples, Douglas H. Sampson, PhD, Charles M. Sampson, George W. Sampson, Cheryl K. Sampson, MD, Frank D. Sams, Frederick Eugene Samson, PhD, Fred Samson, PhD, Daniel C. Samson, Wade D. Samson, Robert S. Samson, Thomas H. Samter, MD, Leslie S. Samuels, Robert E. Samuelson, PhD, Dennis R. Samuelson, MD, Grobert D. Sanborn, William C. Sanborn, Freddy J. Sanches, Jose Sanchez, PhD, Isaac C. Sanchez, PhD, Katherine Sanchez, Oscar A. Sanchez, MD, Juan Sanchez, Ray O. Sandberg, Jay C. Sandberg, George W. Sandberg, William Marion Sandefur, PhD, Vernon Ralph Sandel, PhD, John F. Sandell, PhD, Richard P. Sandell, Eric M. Sanden, PhD, Paul D. Sander, PhD, William August Sander, PhD, Richard M. Sanders, PhD, Jon Henry Sanders, PhD, John Paul Sanders, PhD, Thomas L. Sanders Jr., William E. Sanders, Kenneth L. Sanders, Jerrell L. Sanders, Fred J. Sanders, Foster J. Sanders, MD, Ian A. Sanders, Vernon C. Sanders, Robert A. Sanders, James B. Sandford, Michael A. Sandguist, Justin Sandifer, Robert M. Sandifer, Burton B. Sandiford, James K. Sandin, Steven D. Sandkohl, Greg J. Sandlin, William Henry Sandmann, PhD, Marvin M. Sando, MD, Andrew M. J. Sandorfi, PhD, Louis W. Sandow, Michael A. Sandquist, MD, Peter P. Sandretto, Robert Lee Sandridge, PhD, James S. Sands, Richard D. Sands, Vincent J. Sands, Wayne Mark Sandstrom, PhD, Donald James Sandstrom, S. C. Sandusky, Oli A. Sandven, PhD, Gary L. Sanford, PhD, Robert Alois Sanford, PhD, James Sanford, Robert M. Sanford, Joseph B. Sangiolo, Sam Sangregory, Foster C. Sankey, L. A. Sankpill, John T. Sanner, Charles Gordon Sanny, PhD, Enrique Sanqui, John R. Sans, PhD, Richard L. Sanson, George T. Santamaria, Frank Shalvey Santamour, PhD, Henry E. Santana, Michael Santella, PhD, G. S. Santi, Paul Santiago, Tom Santillan, Alcide Santilli, Miguel A. Santos, Michael D. Santry, Mykola Saporoschenko, PhD, Kenneth W. Sapp, Edward W. Sapp, Peter K. Sappanos, Mark S. Sapsford, Michele S. Sapuppo, John W. Sarappo, Edward James Sarcione, PhD, Thomas G. Sarek, Amir M Sam Sarem, PhD, A. Sam Sarem, PhD, Herbert P. Sarett, PhD, Charles Sargent, David P. Sargent, Larry A. Sargent, Reinhard Sarges, PhD, Dalip K. Sarin, Fred Saris, PhD, Peter Thomson Sarjeant, PhD, Somnath Sarkar, PhD, Greg Sarkisian, Noray Sarkisian, Lynn Redmon Sarles, PhD, Mark Sarlo, Balu Sarma, PhD, John F. Sarnicola, PhD, Cornel Sarosdy, John N. Sarracino, Ronald G. Sarrat, Eric F. Sarshad, Robert Sartain, PhD, Ted L. Sartain, Mark K. Sarto, Randall J. Sartorius, Raymond Edmund Sarwinski, PhD, Daryl Sas, PhD, Louis J. Sas, Sreela Sasi, PhD, Richard Sasiela, PhD, Joshua Sasmor, PhD, Joachim Sasse, PhD, Melvin W. Sasse, Deborah K. Sasser, PhD, Marshall C. Sasser, MD, George K. Sassmann, Donald C. Sassor, Charles M. Sather, Paul S. Satkevich, J. Satko, Richard S. Satkowski, Hugh M. Satterlee, PhD, Frank Satterlee, D. Satterwhite, Jerry Satterwhite, Frank J. Sattler, Rudolph A. Sattler, Badri N. Satwah, Ronald Wayne Satz, PhD, Larry V. Satzler, Michael J. Sauber, Todd V. Sauble, DVM, Ralph J. Saucier, Alva E. Saucier, Bryan B. Sauer, PhD, Ray N. Sauer, Richard L. Sauer, Edward A. Saunders, PhD, Leonard M. Saunders, PhD, Mark Saunders, Walt Saunders, Herbert C. Saunders, Daniel R. Saunders, Paul R. Saunders, Sally Saunders, Jason J. Saunderson, PhD, Theodore B. Sauselein, Gayle E. Sauselein, Robert E. Saute, PhD, David P. Sauter, LeRoy J. Sauter, Jay Howard Sautter, PhD, Lester Rosaire Sauvage, MD, Eldon P. Savage, PhD, Kelly B. Savage, Carol L. Savage, MD, John D. Savage, Larry T. Savard, Paul Savaryn, MD, Greg Savasky, David R. Savello, PhD, Emilio A. Savinelli, PhD, Basil V. Savoy, Phillip J. Savoy, Samuel Paul Sawan, PhD, Thomas J. Sawarynski, James M. Sawhill Jr., PhD, Austin R. Sawvell, MD, Frederick George Sawyer, PhD, John B. Sawyer, MD, Robert B. Sawyer, MD, Samuel O. Sawyer III, William E. Sawyer, Professor Sawyer, Narendra K. Saxena, PhD, Satish Chandra Saxena, PhD, Vinod Kumar Saxena, PhD, Umesh K. Saxena, PhD, George P. Saxon, PhD, Razi Saydjari, John J. Sayen, MD, Royce O. Sayer, PhD, Thomas A. Saygers, Charles W. Sayles, PhD, Charles R. Saylor, Charles M. Saylor III, Larry Saylor, Lee A. Scabeck, Gutherie Scaggs, James Scala, PhD, Robert Andrew Scala, PhD, Frank Scalia, PhD, Barrett Lerner Scallet, PhD, William A. Scanga, Charles J. Scanio, PhD, Thomas S. Scanlon Jr., Hugh A. Scanlon, MD, Angelo M. Scanu, Michael P. Scarbrough, Carolyn A. Scarbrough, Marc A. Scarchilli, Paul Scardaville, Michael P. Scardera, Lido Scardigli, James R. Scarlett, Jon H. Scarpino, MD, Patrick J. Scarpitti, MD, Thomas E. Scartaccini, Rudolph J. Scavuzzo, PhD, Donald G. Scearce, J. F. Scego, David P. Schaaf, Lawrence A. Schaal, Gary A. Schackow, Eric A. Schadler, Todd S. Schaedig, Henry Frederick Schaefe, PhD, Frederick Charles Schaefer, PhD, Erwin A. Schaefer, Mark Schaefer, John B. Schaefer, Howard John Schaeffer, PhD, Matthew J. Schaeffer, Francis T. Schaeffer, Fred W. Schaejbe, Len Schaer, John R. Schafer, Carl Schafer, Brett Schafer, E. Brett Schafer, Simon Schaffel, PhD, Jeffrey Schaffer, James K. Schaffer, Brett Schaffer, James R. Schafner, Keith Jerome Schaiger, PhD, Karl G. Schakel, Raymond A. Schakel, Thomas S. Schalk, John A. Schallenkamp, Albert L. Schaller, Laird F. Schaller, MD, Robert R. Schalles, PhD, Eugene D. Schaltenbrand, James E. Schammerhorn, Harold C. Schanck, Garrett C. Schanck, Dennis A. Schantzen, Richard Allan Schapery, PhD, William J. Schapfel, DVM, Michael R. Schardt, Darrell Scharf, Richard W. Scharf, Ernest F. Scharkan, Richard M. Scharlach, William J. Scharle, David O. Scharr, Edward M. Schaschl, John F. Schatz, PhD, Joseph T. Schatzman, Harvey C. Schau, PhD, Harvey C. Schau, PhD, Edward C. Schaub, Stephen Schaub, Carl Schauble, PhD, Carl Schauble, PhD, Jay R. Schauer, George E. Schauf, MD, Rolf Schaumann, PhD, Anthony J. Schaut, Kenneth B. Schechtman, PhD, William G. Scheck, Charles W. Scheck, Larry Scheckter, PhD, Alan J. Schecter, PhD, Carl Alfred Scheel, PhD, Donald J. Scheer, PhD, Donald E. Scheer, Gary Scheeser, Howard Ansel Scheetz, Randolph E. Scheffel, Daniel Scheffel, David H. Scheffey, Paul Otto Scheibe, PhD, Donald Joseph Scheiber, PhD, J. T. Scheick, PhD, Harold E. Scheid, Frank R. Scheid Jr., Maurice G. Scheider, Francis Matthew Scheidt, PhD, Thomas J. Scheil, Boris M. Schein, PhD, Christian T. Scheindel, Bernard Scheiner, PhD, Perry Arron Scheinok, PhD, Fred Martin Schell, PhD, Michael W. Schell, Frank Schell, Karl A. Schellenberg, PhD, Paul H. Schellenberg, MD, Frederick H. Schellenberg, Zbigniew I. Scheller, MD, Frederick W. Schelm, Frank W. Schemm, Frank R. Schenbel, Deborah S. Schenberger, PhD, Jay Ruffner Schenck, PhD, Don Van Schenck, Alexander W. Schenck, Charles T. Schenck, DVM, Jeffrey Schenkel, Guy R. Schenker, Timothy William Schenz, PhD, Roger Scherer, PhD, Leo J. Scherer, Erwin T. Scherich, Thomas J. Schermerhorn, PhD, Clifton S. Schermerhorn, MD, Allan L. Scherr, PhD, Jonathan D. Scherschligt, Joseph M. Scherzer, Carl R. Scheske, Joseph A. Schetz, PhD, Martin Schetzen, PhD, Don Ralph Scheuch, PhD, Paul G. Scheuerman, William D. Scheuerman, Richard A. Scheuing, PhD, Robert J. Scheuplein, PhD, Stanley J. Scheurman, MD, Roger M. Schiavoni, Philip Eowin Schick, PhD, Charles T. Schieman, William Schierholz, Mortin B. Schierhorn, Robert H. Schiesser, PhD, Richard Schiewetz, Ed R. Schild, Elliot R. Schildkraut, Ted M. Schiller, Mark Schiller, MD, Mikhail Schiller, Alexander B. Schilling, PhD, Fred P. Schilling, PhD, Scott A. Schilling, Robert E. Schilling, Alfred Ayars Schilt, PhD, Keith Schimmel, PhD, Walter Schimmerling, PhD, Michael R. Schindhelm, Guenter Martin Schindler, PhD, Rudolf A. Schindler, Imorton M. Schindler, Marvin W. Schindler, Ray Schindler, Raymond C. Schindler, Chester A. Schink, PhD, Mark A. Schinlli, Richard H. Schippers, Lee Charles Schisler, PhD, Hassel C. Schjelderup, PhD, Brent D. Schkade, John Schlaechter, Layton Schlafly, MD, George J. Schlagnhaufer, DVM, Laurence W. Schlanger, Robert C. Schlant, Benjamin R. Schlapak, Andre H. Schlappe, Edgar H. Schlaps, Gerald J. Schlegel, Ronald G. Schlegel, Don L. Schlegel, Jeffrey S. Schleher, Jeffrey D. Schleif, Blair H. Schlender, Donald A. Schlernitzauer, Professor Schlichting, PhD, Wilbert H. Schlimmeyer, Evert Irving Schlinger, PhD, Dyrk H. Schlingman, Richard D. Schlomach, MD, James S. Schlonski, Robert W. Schlosser, Donald J. Schluender, Erika M. Schlueter, PhD, James A. Schlunt, Robert Arvel Schluter, PhD, Robert F. Schmal, Robert A. Schmall, PhD, Curtis S. Schmaltz, Lester E. Schmaltz, Robert Schmeck, John H. Schmedel, Edward J. Schmeltz, Rudi Schmid, PhD, Francis R. Schmid, Gregory S. Schmid, David J. Schmidle, Frederick W. Schmidlin, PhD, Justin Orvel Schmidt, PhD, Theodore R. Schmidt, PhD, Glen L. Schmidt, PhD, Stanley F. Schmidt, PhD, Clifford Leroy Schmidt, PhD, George Schmidt, Kurt C. Schmidt, Alfred C. Schmidt, John W. Schmidt, Paul G. Schmidt, Douglas R. Schmidt, Hubert F. Schmidt, D. Schmidt, DVM, Charles Schmidt, Warner H. Schmidt, Joseph J. Schmidt, Earl A. Schmidt, Curt C. Schmidt, Amy M. Schmidt, Timothy A. Schmidt, Dwayne A. Schmidt MD>, Terry W. Schmidt, Glenn C. Schmidt, Paul W. Schmidt, Ralph Schmidt, Brian F. Schmidt, Richard A. Schmidtke, PhD, Lucien A. Schmit Jr., Roman A. Schmitt, PhD, Henry J. Schmitt, MD, Donald J. Schmitt, Charles A. Schmitt, Richard L. Schmittel, Karl H. Schmitz, Philip L. Schmitz, Tony Schmitz, Marcel R. Schmorak, PhD, William A. Schmucker, Alvin Schmucker, Thomas W. Schmucker, Gordon T. Schmucker, Charles David Schmulbach, PhD, David L. Schmutzler, Robert C. Schnabel, Karl. A. Schnapp, Richard F. Schneeberger, Robert Schneeflack, Frederick R. Schneeman, Michael Charles Schneider, PhD, Howard A. Schneider, PhD, Morris Henry Schneider, PhD, Ronald E. Schneider, PhD, Steven M. Schneider, PhD, Joan Matthew Schneider, PhD, M. C. Schneider, PhD, Edward G. Schneider, PhD, Raymond Schneider, PhD, Henry A. Schneider, Cecil W. Schneider, Terril J. Schneider, Stephen J. Schneider, Edward P. Schneider, E. P. Schneider, Douglas G. Schneider, Steven I. Schneider, David Schneider, John Schneider, Carl F. Schneider Jr., Charles F. Schneider Jr., Martin L. Schneider, MD, Allan M. Schneider, William P. Schneider, Conrad Schneiker, R. Wane Schneiter, PhD, Robert W. Schneiter, PhD, Timothy D. Schnell, PhD, Lynn W. Schnell, Erwin Schnetzer, Lewes B. Schnitz, Arthur Wallace Schnizer, PhD, Robert L. Schnupp, Richard Schockley, David A. Schoderbek, Carl P. Schoen, PhD, William R. Schoen, D. J. Schoenberg, Robert J. Schoenberger, PhD, William Harris Schoendorf, PhD, John L. Schoenthaler, Randall R. Schoenwetter, George L. Schofield Jr., PhD, Robert Edwin Schofield, PhD, Bradford R. Schofield, James G. Schofield, Richard Alan Schofield, MD, Samuel Ray Scholes Jr., PhD, Mark T. Scholl, Helen Schols, Michael J. Scholtens, Kurt A. Scholz, George J. Schonholtz, MD, Melvin Herman Schonhorst, PhD, Giles M. Schonour, John D. Schoolfield, Peter Schoonmaker, Edward B. Schoppe, Matthew J. Schor, Rex Schorzman, Nick R. Schott, PhD, Oscar A. Schott, Martin R. Schotzberger, Robert Schrader, Barry P. Schrader, Stephen L. Schrader, John L. Schrag, PhD, Robert Joseph Schramel, Martin William Schramm, PhD, Gerald Schramm, Benjamin A. Schramze, William Schrand, Wilburn R. Schrank, PhD, Bruce E. Schratz, MD, Keith Schreck, Mary Gervasia Schreckenberg, PhD, Gervasia M. Schreckenberg, PhD, David Laurence Schreiber, PhD, William Lewis Schreiber, PhD, Robert Alvin Schreiber, PhD, Ethan Joshua Schreier, PhD, Felix Schreiner, PhD, Stephen Schreiner, PhD, Albert William Schreiner, MD, Max P. Schreiner, Roderic Schreiner, Leo Schrider, Robert W. Schrier, PhD, R. J. Schrior, J. Richard Schrock, PhD, Peter Schroder, John L. Schroder, Klaus G. Schroeder, PhD, Robert Schroeder, PhD, Peter Schroeder, PhD, Robert Samuel Schroeder, PhD, Hartmut Schroeder, PhD, Donald E. Schroeder Jr., Paul E. Schroeder, MD, Charles R. Schroeder, James W. Schroeder, Robert G. Schroeder, Steve A. Schroeder, Hans Schroeder, Charles Schroeter, Edward C. Schrom, William Schrom, Steven E. Schroth, Franklin D. Schrum Jr., Ed J. Schryver, Roy W. Schubert, PhD, Paul K. Schubert, Arthur W. Schubert, Norman W. Schubring, Robert W. Schubring, Charles R. Schuch, Russell Schucker, Donald Schuder, Dale R. Schueler, DVM, John K. Schueller, PhD, Herbert A. Schueltz, Richard J. Schuerger, PhD, Larry E. Schuerman, Thomas J. Schuetz, Joseph Albert Schufle, PhD, Robert P. Schuh, Frank J. Schuh, Arthur R. Schuh, Robert E. Schuhmann, PhD, George A. Schul, DVM, Adolph T. Schulbach, George K. Schuler, Eric Schuler, T. a. Schuler, Theodore A. Schuler, Dunell V. Schull Ret, P. Schulle, Michael Schuller, PhD, Daniel Herman Schulte, PhD, Carl W. Schulte, Gerald Schulte, Steve Schulte, Stphen Schulte, Norrell D. Schulte, Stephen J. Schultenover, MD, James J. Schultheis, Robert K. Schultz, PhD, David Schultz, PhD, Albert Barry Schultz, PhD, Roland Schultz, PhD, Charles H. Schultz, PhD, F. H. C. Schultz, PhD, Frederick H. C. Schultz, PhD, Myron R. Schultz, Randy C. Schultz, Lloyd E. Schultz, Gerald Schultz, Frank Schultz, Thomas A. Schultz, Earl D. Schultz, Lowell E. Schultz, Josh Schultz, Lynn V. Schultz, DVM, Steve A. Schultz, Clemens J. Schultz, Charles M. Schultz, Theodore C. Schultze, Manfred B. Schulz, PhD, Kevin Schulz, PhD, Michael Schulz, Ignatius Schumacher, PhD, Roger W. Schumacher, Elroy E. Schumacher, DVM, Robert E. Schumacher, Paul M. Schumacher, Gregory L. Schumacher, Joseph F. Schuman, Max A. Schumann Jr., John E. Schumann, John H. Schumertmann, PhD, Gerard Majella Schuppert Jr., Marc G. Schurger, Steven R. Schurman, Garmond Gaylord Schurr, Mark J. Schusler, George William Schustek, David J. Schuster, PhD, Michael Frank Schuster, PhD, Vincent A. Schuster, Frank M. Schuster, Donald D. Schuster, L. Schuster, Donalo R. Schuster, Robert R. Schutte, Donald Frank Schutz, PhD, Gilbert C. Schutza, Peter T. Schuyler, Ronald G. Schuyler, Eunice C. Schuytema, PhD, Samuel G. Schwab, Charles R. Schwab, Radny Schwab, August H. Schwab, Warren D. Schwabauer Jr., W. E. Schwabe, Steven C. Schwacofer, Thomas Schwager, Glen R. Schwalbach, Gerald V. Schwalbe, Anthony V. Schwan, Robert W. Schwaner, MD, John Schwaninger, Ronald L. Schwanke, Karl A. Schwape, Peter Schwartz, PhD, Robert John Schwartz, PhD, Yael A. Schwartz, PhD, Alan B. Schwartz, Gary W. Schwartz, William S. Schwartz, Henry G. Schwartzberg, PhD, E. J. Schwarz, PhD, Jeffry A. Schwarz, Jeffrey A. Schwarz, Robert M. Schwarze, Florian Schwarzkopf, PhD, Gary W. Schwede, PhD, James Schweider, Carl W. Schweiger, Colman P. Schweikhardt, C. P. Schweikhardt, Michael H. Schweinsberg, W. L. Schweisberger, Kirk G. Schweiss, Otto R. Schweitzer, PhD, Robert M. Schweitzer, Mike Schweitzer, MD, Albert Edward Schweizer, PhD, Frederick A. Schweizer, Fred Schwendeman, MD, Robert C. Schwendenman, Thomas R. Schwerdt, George W. Schwert, PhD, James A. Schwickert, M. E. Schwiebert, Howard E. Schwiebert, Doug P. Schwin, Richard C. Schwing, PhD, Charles M. Schwinger, Kevin N. Schwinkendorf, PhD, Raymond L. Schwinn, MD, Fred A. Schwizer, Bruce W. Schwoegler, John J. Sciarra, Daniel Sciarra, MD, Wright H. Scidmore, Donald R. Scifres, PhD, Professor Scofield, PhD, James F. Scoggin Jr., PhD, Kevin M. Scoggin, DVM, Richard A. Scollay, Theodore Thomas Scolman, PhD, Stylianos P. Scordilis, PhD, Clive R. Scorey, PhD, Franklin Robert Scott, PhD, Deborah J. Scott, PhD, John Warner Scott, PhD, David Frederick Scott, PhD, Ronald E. Scott, PhD, Oscar T. Scott IV, PhD, Eugene H. Scott, PhD, Jeffery M. Scott, Elizabeth Scott, MD, John F. Scott, Harrison S. Scott, J. O. Scott, Terry A. Scott, Richard T. Scott, Samuel A. Scott, Randolph J. Scott, Kerry G. Scott, James Alan Scott, Terrence R. Scott, Charles N. Scott, Robert L. Scott, Donna P. Scott, Todd F. Scott, C. J. Scott, Bill H. Scott, Linda Scott, Wayne S. Scott, R. W. Scott, Marvin L. Scotvolt, MD, Andrew E. Scoville, Edward L. Scram, Michael J. Screpetis, Nina Scribanu, MD, Michael E. Scribner, PhD, Paul Scribner, Sidney J. Scribner, David H. Scriven, D. G. Scruggs, Scott E. Scrupski, Walter Tredwell Scudder, PhD, Jeffrey Scudder, Thomas J. Scully, Brian E. Scully, MD, Richard Burkhart Sculz, Harry G. Scurlock, James W. Seaberg, James Byrd Seaborn, PhD, Carol D. Seaborn, PhD, Paul A. Seaburg, PhD, Gerald E. Seaburn, PhD, John W. Seabury, John H. Seader, Spencer L. Seager, PhD, John Seagrave, PhD, Lawrence L. Seal, Thom J. Seal, Daniel R. Seal, James L. Seals, Ryan B. Seals, Brian E. Sealy, Christopher L. Seaman, PhD, William J. Seaman, PhD, W. H. Seaman, Robert Seaman, David R. Seamen, Philip A. Seamon, Cathie Jo Seamon, J. Glenn Sean, Linda M. Searcy, Michael T. Searfass, Ryan S. Searle, William Sears, PhD, Bobby J. Sears, George Sears, James E. Sears, Norman E. Sears, Robert D. Sears, Joel K. Sears, MD, Paul A. Sease, Robert L. Seat, Bruce E. Seaton, George Seaver, PhD, Randall J. Seaver, Gary L. Seawright, PhD, J. Glenn Seay, Richard D. Seba, PhD, Robert G. Sebastian, Paul J. Sebastian, Bruce R. Sebree, PhD, Leslie I. Sechler, MD, Mary Ann Sechrest, Jack Behrent Secor, PhD, Robert Secor, MD, Jorge F. Seda, Joseph E. Sedberry Jr., PhD, Dwight Sederholm, Donald B. Sedgley, Chuck See, Richard A. See, Fred Seeber, PhD, David W. Seegmiller, PhD, David W. Seeley, Bruce D. Seelig, PhD, Christopher Seelig, Ralph Walter Seelke, PhD, Michael L. Seely, PhD, Paul R. Seelye, Richard N. Seemel, Steven Seer, Thomas Seery, PhD, Oro C. Seevers, Hal Sefton, Barry D. Segal, Boris M. Segal, MD, John J. Segedy, PhD, Warren George Segelken, PhD, John M. Segelken, Chuck Seger, Jan Segert, PhD, Edmund P. Segner, PhD, Walter Sehuchard, Paul A. Seib, PhD, Erwin Seibel, PhD, Dave Seibel, Larry R. Seibel, James L. Seibert, Philip A. Seibert, James A. Seibt, Mark N. Seidel, PhD, David L. Seidel, Otto F. Seidelman, Walter E. Seideman, PhD, Lewis S. Seiden, PhD, Robert Seider, Frank R. Seidl, Doug P. Seif, DVM, Mark F. Seifert, PhD, William Edgard Seifert, PhD, Steven Seifried, PhD, Harvey N. Seiger, PhD, Sharon Seigmeister, Edward W. Seigmund, Robert Seigneur, Fritz A. Seiler, PhD, John H. Seipel, PhD, Jerold Alan Seitchik, PhD, Jack E. Seitner, Robert Seitz, PhD, Frederick Seitz, PhD*, Martin F. Seitz, Ronald Sekellick, Joseph J. Sekerka, Jerome C. Sekerke Sr., Robert Seklemian, James A. Selasky, Paul Bruce Selby, PhD, John O. Selby, Professor Seleem, PhD, Richard R. Seleno, Donald M. Self, Joe R. Selig, John R. Sellars, MD, Joe Selle, John S. Sellmeyer, James M. Sellner, J. Michael Selnick, Glenn A. Sels, Arthur Seltmann, James Edward Seltzer, PhD, Morton O. Seltzer, John R. Selvage, N. T. Selvey, H. Selvidge, PhD, Harner Selvidge, PhD, Jospeh Semak, Maurie Semel, PhD, Salvatore J. Seminatore, Sal J. Seminatore, Scott H. Semlinger, S. Semlinger, Mark D. Semon, PhD, Richard G. Semonin, Frederick D. Sena, D. W. Sencenbaugh, D. W. Sencerbaugh, Daniel F. Senf, Frank Senftle, PhD, Robert Seng, Lawrence R. Seng, Robert K. Sengl, George W. Sening, Taze Leonard Senn, PhD, James C. Senn, William H. Sens, Karl A. Sense, Gray F. Sensenich Jr., Phillip Sensibaugh, Lee Hanley Sentman, PhD, James C. Sentz, PhD, Allen J. Senzel, PhD, Alan J. Senzel, PhD, Oscar W. Sepp, James P. Serber, John J. Serdy, Chester J. Sergey Jr., Francis G. Serio, MD, Gordon E. Sernel, Domenick A. Serrano, James B. Serrin, PhD, Liza Servais, Alexander Sesonske, PhD, Kirk L. Sessions, PhD, Edward M. Sessions, Pamela R. Sessions, Charlie C. Sessoms Jr., Timothy A. Sestak, Mark Setele, William G. Setser, Nicholas M. Setteducato, Daniel M. Settles, PhD, Luther R. Setzer, Earl William Seugling, PhD, Paul E. Seul, Bryon R. Sever, PhD, James M. Severance, MD, Nelson Severinghaus Jr., John D. Severns, Arlen Raynold Severson, PhD, Bradley E. Severson, Ordean G. Severud, Edwin T. Sewall, John L. Sewall, Randolph L. Seward, Keith R. Seward, Raymond F. Sewell, PhD, Harry Sewell, PhD, George H. Sewell Jr., Richard W. Sewell, James W. Sewell, Frederick Hamilton Sexsmith, PhD, Alan William Sexton, PhD, Archie F. Sexton, Andrew Sexton, Frank David Seydel, PhD, Charles Shabica, PhD, Allan Shack, Charles Shackelford, Charles Lewis Shackelford, James R. Shackleford III, PhD, William L. Shackleford, PhD, Dennis F. Shackleton, Rowdy L. Shaddox, Leslie E. Shader, PhD, Christopher E. Shadewald, David A. Shadoan, Steven R. Shadow, Franklin W. Shadwell, James Shaeffer, PhD, W. A. Shaeffer III*, Arnold W. Shafer, MD, William Shafer, Alexander C. Shafer Jr., Richard U. Shafer, Patricia Marie Shaffer, PhD, Edward C. Shaffer, PhD, James W. Shaffer, Wayne K. Shaffer, Jane J. Shaffer, MD, Brian N. Shaffer, William L. Shaffer, William L. Shaffes, G. P. Shaffner, James Shaffner, George P. Shaffner, Shirish A. Shah, PhD, Jayendra A. Shah, MD, Premchard T. Shah, David Shah, Jay Shah, Mahmoud P. Shahangian, Donald G. Shaheen, Paul Shahinian, PhD, Arsen A. 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Spare, DVM, Professor Sparks, PhD, Morgan Sparks, PhD, D. Paul Sparks Jr., William L. Sparks, Tom Sparks, Dale R. Sparling, PhD, David M. Spatz, PhD, D. Dean Spatz, Richard F. Speaker, Paul William Spear, MD, Thomas C. Spear, Aubrey A. Spear, Russell T. Spears, MD, John M. Spears, MD, Howard C K Spears, William E. Spears Jr., Glenn E. Speck, Gerald E. Speck, Robert L. Speckman, Michael P. Spector, PhD, Abraham Spector, PhD, Richard Clegg Spector, Jack M. Speece, Werner E. Speer, Tim R. Speer, David W. Speer, Robert R. Speers, PhD, Steven Tremble Spees, PhD, John A. Spees, John Leo Speier, PhD, Frederick Speigelberg, Philip Speir, Aaron B. Speirs, Jim Spellman, Stanley B. Spellman, MD, Jack P. Spenard, William H. Spence, PhD, Kemet Dean Spence, PhD, Elmer N. Spence, Daniel H. Spencer, Lawrence C. Spencer, Charles Spencer, C. R. Spencer, Brian Spencer, John V. Spencer, William A. Spencer, MD, Barbara Spengler, Paul K. Sperber, Richard Jon Sperley, PhD, David J. Sperling, Pierrepont E. 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Stegman, Staphen N. Stehlak, Timothy J. Stehle, Thomas H. Stehle, Stephen Stehlik, Keith M. Stehman, Enrique D. Steider, MD, Walter E. Steige, William Henry Steigelmann, Roger Arthur Steiger, PhD, William D. Steigers, PhD, Edwin H. Stein, PhD, Thomas N. Stein, Louis E. Stein, Larry A. Stein, Martin F. Stein, MD, Bob Stein, Bland A. Stein, Howard Steinberg, PhD, Morris Albert Steinberg, PhD, Neil I. Steinberg, PhD, Fredric Marry Steinberg, MD, Michael A. Steinberg, John W. Steinberger, MD, Kenneth Brian Steinbruegge, Richard A. Steineck, Gerry Steiner, PhD, Gilbert Steiner, PhD, Bern Steiner, John C. Steiner, MD, Edwin G. Steiner, William H. Steiner, Richard Steiner, Thomas M. Steinert, John Edward Steinhaus, PhD, Timothy D. Steinhiber, Shawn D. Steinhoff, Charles T. Steinman, DVM, Herbert E. Steinman, Ray L. Steinmetz, Theo J. Steinmeyer, Osmar P. Steinwald, William John Stekiel, PhD, Frank R. Steldt, PhD, Richard A. Steliga, MD, Michael F. Stell, Damien F. 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Still, PhD, Edwin Tanner Still, E. N. Stillings, David W. Stilson, Donald Stilwell, Richard X. Stimpfle, Robert R. Stimpson, Thomas L. Stinchcomb, Howard A. Stine, Bruce D. Stine, Harold E. Stinehelfer, James W. Stingel, Henry Joseph Stinger, Regan W. Stinnett, PhD, Tom Stinnett, Richard Floyd Stinson, PhD, Donald Leo Stinson, PhD, Al Worth Stinson, Louis Stipp, Daniel P. Stites, MD, Donald Lewis Stivender, Rune Leonard Stjernholm, PhD, Richard C. Stjohn, Edward H. Stobart, C. Chester Stock, PhD, Richard P. Stock, George Joseph Stockburger, PhD, Richard C. Stocke, Leo W. Stockham, PhD, William T. Stockhausen, Ralph F. Stockstad, Donna J. Stockton, Norman D. Stockwell, PhD, E. F. Stockwell Jr., James H. Stoddard, PhD, Bruce W. Stoddard, Paul R. Stodola, Larry J. Stoehr, Harry B. Stoehr, Dan Stoelzel, Bill Stoeppel, Paul A. Stoerker, Jan Stofberg, PhD, John Stoffel, Robert Llewellyn Stoffer, PhD, James Osber Stoffer, PhD, Mel J. Stohl, Gerhard Stohrer, PhD, Brent T. 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Straub, William Straub, Robert Leonard Straube, PhD, William T. Straughan, PhD, Jimmie J. Straughan, Bruce A. Straughan, Joe M. Straus, PhD, Robert R. Strauss, PhD, Carl Richard Strauss, PhD, Roger William Strauss, PhD, Lawrence V. Strauss, James R. Strawn, Richard N. Streacker, Gary D. Streby, E. Whitman Strecker, Jerrold H. Streckert, Edward A. Streed, Robert Lewis Street, PhD, Sharon R. Streight, PhD, George G. Strella, Lawrence W. Strelow, DVM, Edgar F. Stresino, James Shive Strickland, PhD, Theron L. Strickland, John C. Strickland, Edward Strickling, PhD, Eldon D. Strid, Sarah Taylor Strinden, PhD, Dean R. Strinden, MD, Glen Evan Stringham, PhD, Bruce C. Strnad, PhD, Fred Strnisa, PhD, Geo L. Strobel, PhD*, Bart A. Strobel, D. H. Strobel, Kyle Strode, PhD, Walter Strohecker, Charles Strohkirch, John J. Strojek, Edwin Joseph Strojny, PhD, Forrest C. Strome, PhD, David H. Strome, PhD, Norton Duane Strommen, PhD, Alan Strong, PhD, David B. Strong, PhD, William J. Strong, PhD, Herbert D. Strong Jr., Richard A. Strong, Harry M. Strong, Raymond G. Stross, PhD, Allen Strother, PhD, Wilfred Stroud, Kenneth A. Stroup, Ronald Stroup, Rolland E. Stroup, Randy P. Stroupe, Kelly C. Stroupe, Terry A. Strout, PhD, Mark W. Strovink, PhD, James E. Strozier, Mike Robert Strub, PhD, Glenn A. Strube, Vern S. Strubeck, MD, Malcolm K. Strubhar, Steven D. Struble, Wilfried J. Struck, Arthur W. Struempler, PhD, Gene Strull, PhD, Harold K. Strunk, PhD, Duane H. Strunk, M. Howard Strunk, Dick Strusz, John H. Struthers, Rexanne Struve, DVM, Kirk Struve, Henry Stry, Stanley Julian Strycker, PhD, Jeffrey James Stuart, PhD, James H. Stuart, PhD, Robert J. Stuart, John B. Stuart, Roger G. Stuart Jr., MD, Allen Stubberud, PhD, Warren Stubblebine, PhD, Robert Stubblefield, PhD, Telton Stubblefield, PhD, John Stubbles, PhD, John R. Stubbles, PhD, C. D. Stuber, PhD, Kenneth Stuccio, Roger D. Stuck, Harry T. Stucker, Donald P. Stuckey, Joseph W. Stucki, PhD, Keith A. Stuckmeyer, Benjamin G. Studebaker, Perry L. Studt, PhD, William Lyon Studt, PhD, Alan M. Stueber, PhD, David Owen Stuebner, John Stueve, Doug T. Stueve, Mark A. Stuever, Dennis L. Stuhr, Dale Stukenholtz, PhD, Justin Stull, Gary Stumbaugh, Eugene Curtis Stump, PhD, Warren Robert Stumpe, Harry W. Stumpf, John H. Stunz Jr., MD, Howard F. Stup, Ronald K. Stupar, Robert J. Stupp, Roland A. Sturdivant, Jerry D. Sturdivant, G. Sturges, Gunther L. Sturm, Victor Sturm, Jeffrey C. Sturm, Donadl Sturmer, George Sturmon, Frank Milton Sturtevant, PhD, Erick Stusnick, PhD, K. Stutler, Jacob W. Stutzman, PhD, J. W. Stutzman, PhD, Victor W. Stuyvesant, Carol S. Stwalley, PhD, Bill Styer, Thomas B. Styer, James W. Styler, Ralph E. Styring, Wen Su, PhD, H. Su, PhD, Frank C. Suarez, Alberto Suarez, MD, Felipe J. Suarez, Francis Suarez, Daniel Subach, PhD, Daniel J. Subaen, PhD, Harry H. Suber, PhD, S. R. Subramani, Bala Subramaniam, PhD, M. Subramanian, PhD, Ravi Subramanian, Jonathan D. Such, Leon S. Suchard, Marek A. Suchenek, PhD, Spiridon N. Suciu, PhD, Szymon Suckewer, PhD, S. Suckewer, PhD, Conrad Suckow, Jack A. Suddreth, Mark A. Suden, Calvin K. Sudweeks, Bob Suga, MD, Leonard Richard Sugerman, James W. Suggs, John Suggs, Raymond Walter Suhm, PhD, Frederick E. Suhm, Darrel G. Suhre, John L. Suhrie, Patrick Suiter, James Carr Suits, PhD, William Alfred Suk, PhD, John Sulkowski, Thomas J. Sullivan, PhD, John F. Sullivan, Edward J. Sullivan, Thomas E. Sullivan, Richrad Sullivan, Bruce M. Sullivan, Dan T. Sullivan, MD, Amy D. Sullivan, Daniel T. Sullivan, Bruce M. Sullivan, John E. Sullivan, Robert J. Sultan, David Sultana, J. Michael Summa, PhD, Chades F. Summer Jr., Lyman E. Summerlin, Robert Summers, PhD, Jeffrey Summers, MD, Donald Lee Summers, Carl Summers, Charles Summers, Wayne Summons, Frederick C. Sumner, Gary D. Sump, PhD, John W. Sumrall, Xingping Sun, PhD, Sally S. Sun, MD, Andrew D. Sun, MD, Benjamin Y. Sun, Ruth Sundeen, Ronald M. Sundelin, PhD, K. Sundell, PhD, James E. Sundergill, Norman A. Sunderlin, John C. Sundermeyer, Sherman Archie Sundet, PhD, Harold Sundgren, Joseph D. Sundquist, Stephen A. Sundquist, Frank J. Sunseri, Arlin B. Super, PhD, Donald Supkow, PhD, Paul J. Suprenant, Kevin W. Sur, Martin Surabian, Michael Surgeary, Harry Surkald, James A. Surrell, MD, Lyll S. Surtees, Peter R. Sushinsky, Edward J. Suski, Armando Susmano, MD, A. J. Sustek Jr., PhD, Bob Sutaria, Vane E. Suter, Charles Suter, William R. Suter, Salvatore P. Sutera, PhD, Earl C. Sutherland, PhD, G. Russell Sutherland, Norman Sutherland, Mark E. Sutherlin, Edward J. Sutich, James A. Sutphen, George E. Sutton, PhD, Thomas C. Sutton, PhD, William G. Sutton, PhD, Christine Sutton, Tommy L. Sutton, Todd W. Sutton, James Lowell Sutton, William D. Sutton, E. W. Sutton, Earl W. Sutton, Jordan L. Sutton, Soren J. Suver, Frederick H. Suydam, PhD, Howard Kazuro Suzuki, PhD, John Svalbe, Paul A. Svejkovsky, James A. Svetgoff, Glenn Richard Svoboda, PhD, Jan O. Svoboda, Karl P. Svoboda, Robert S. Svoboda, Paris D. Svoronos, PhD, John M. Swab, Frederick Morrill Swain, PhD, Paul E. Swain, Robert J. Swain, Laurence R. Swain, Charles Swain, Richard C. Swainbank, PhD, Mark D. Swan, David Swan, Rens H. Swan, David R. Swanberg, Archer D. Swank, Gordon Alfred Swann, PhD, Skip Swanner, Jon R. Swanson, PhD, Robert Swanson, Alan A. Swanson, Linda S. Swanson, MD, Robert Nols Swanson, Vernon F. Swanson, Laurie A. Swanson, Thomas G. Swanson, Brian M. Swanson, Robert M. Swanson, Mark E. Swanson, Noble L. Swanson, MD, A. Einar Swanson, Einar Swanson, Arden W. Swanson, Stacy L. Swantz, DVM, William C. Swart Jr., Robert W. Swartley, Stuart Endsley Swartz, PhD, Donald Percy Swartz, MD, Thomas B. Swearingen, PhD, George H. Swearingen Jr., Marvin Laverne Swearingin, PhD, Oscar P. Swecker, R. Kent Swedlund, MD, William Alan Sweeney, PhD, Vincent P. Sweeney Jr., Christopher L. Sweeney, Peter H. Sweeney, James R. Sweeney, Jerry L. Sweet, PhD, Ronald Lancelot Sweet, PhD, James S. Sweet, J. A. Sweet, Robert V. Swegel, Shaun H. Sweiger, DVM, Don Sweitzer, John H. Swendig, Charles A. Sweningsen, James E. Swenke, Joseph W. Swenn, Hilmar W. Swenson, PhD, LeRoy Swenson, Ronald F. Swe

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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986 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Lars J.S. Taavola, Widen Tabakoff, PhD, Jerrry L. Tabb, Waller C. Tabb, MD, Virginia Tan Tabib, MD, Ronald Dwight Tabler, PhD, Thomas E. Tabor, Spencer L. Tacke, Charles E. Tackels, George C. Tackels, Kelley A. Tafel, PhD, Allen C. Taffel, David Dakin Taft, PhD, Barrett L. Taft, John R. Taft, William R. Taft, J. M. Tagg, Keith A. Taggart, PhD, Bill H. Taggart, Steve J. Taggart, MD, Mariano Taglialegami, Mowafak M. Taha, Saeed Taherian, PhD, Samuel Isaac Taimuty, PhD, B. A. Tait, PhD, Gerald W. Tait, Joseph M. Tak, John F. Takacs, Kuni Takayama, PhD, Girdhari S. Taksali, Emil R. Talamo, Alvin W. Talash, PhD, Willard Lindley Talbert, PhD, Sherwood G. Talbert, Thomas F. Talbot, PhD, Michael Talbot, Donald Roy Talbot, J. S. Talbot, Morris A. Talbott, Dorrence C. Talbut, MD, David B. Talcott, Sandra R. Tall, DVM, David R. Tallant, PhD, Charles Peter Talley, PhD, Larry D. Talley, PhD, Donald D. Talley, Allen G. Talley, Russell Talley, Richard F. Tallini, Kenneth G. Tallman, Jim Tallon, Katherine Talluto, PhD, James L. Tally, Edward A. Talmage, MD, John B. Talpas, Don Talsma, PhD, Alan Wayne Tamarelli, PhD, Gabor J. Tamasy, Daniel Joseph Tambasco, PhD, Jasmin A. Tamboli, Robert T. Tambornino, Joseph U. Tamburini, Louis Anthony Tamburino, PhD, Ajit C. Tamhane, PhD, Lukas Tamm, PhD, Ralph G. Tamm, Harry H. Tan, PhD, Kim H. Tan, PhD, Elpidio V. Tan, David Tan, John Tanaka, PhD, George P. Tanczos, Terry F. Tandy, Y. Tang, PhD, Darrell G. Tangman, John C. Tankersley, Richard C. Tannahill, Jeffery P. Tannebaum, MD, William Francis Tanner, PhD, John P. Tanner, J. P. Tanner, Robert Tanner, Orey Tanner Jr., Donald E. Tannery, Peter E. Tannewald, PhD, Joann H. Tannich, Donald W. Tansil, MD, Daniel Tao, PhD, Rita Tao, James B. Tapp, Frederick Drach Tappert, PhD, Waino A. Tapple, Robert J. Tarantino, Louis J. Tarantino, Gordon J. Taras, Mehmet Y. Tarhan, Armen Charles Tarjan, PhD, Pamela A. Tarkington, MD, Glen M. Tarleton, Tzyh-Jong Tarn, PhD, Nixon De Tarnowsky, Robert Ernest Tarone, PhD, John Tarpley, Charles M. Tarr, Jeffrey J. Tarrand, MD, Michael Tarrant, Alan R. Tarrant, Michael J. Tarrillion, Carl I. Tarum, Gerald T. Tasa, Tom Tassermyer, Jerry W. Tastad, Bruce J. Tatarchuk, PhD, Anthony Tate, Charles R. Tate, Tyler Tate, Timothy R. Tate, John L. Tate, Douglas E. Tate, Nahum A. Tate, Gordon E. Tate, Richard R. Tattoli, Suren A. Tatulian, PhD, Amy T. Tatum, Aaron M. Taub, PhD, Allan F. Taubert Jr., Thomas L. Taubken, Kenneth J. Tauer, PhD, Oscar D. Taunton, MD, Joseph R. Tauser, Carlos Tavares, Frank J. Taverna, Milton Arthur Taves, PhD, Richard L. Taw, MD, Tom L. Tawoda, Hari P. Tayal, Eric R. Taylor, PhD, Harold L. Taylor, PhD, Harold Mellon Taylor, PhD, Eric R. Taylor, PhD, John Edgar Taylor, PhD, Gene W. Taylor, PhD, James E. Taylor, PhD, Douglas Hiram Taylor, PhD, Larry R. Taylor, PhD, Lyndon Taylor, PhD, Richard Melvin Taylor, PhD, James S. Taylor, PhD, Paul J. Taylor, PhD, Newton L. Taylor, George F. Taylor, Neil L. Taylor, Edward Taylor, William G. Taylor, MD, Michael K. Taylor, John J. Taylor, Donald E. Taylor, Eugene W. Taylor, Scott A. Taylor, DVM, C. L. Taylor, James A. Taylor, Curtis Taylor, Marcus K. Taylor, Erik D. Taylor, Kenneth E. Taylor, Gregory D. Taylor, Greg Taylor, Trevor Taylor, James E. Taylor, Marshall C. Taylor, MD, Donald M. Taylor, David Taylor, Richard M. Taylor, James R. Taylor, MD, Carson William Taylor, Robert C. Taylor, Byron Taylor, Steve D. Taylor, Gordon E. Taylor, Ben E. Taylor, Randall L. Taylor, Doug Taylor, Lester Taylor, William Charles Taylor-Chevron, Neal Teague, Edward Teasdale, Kenneth R. Teater, Richard Tebbs, Frank C. Tecca, Athey Technologies, PhD, Robert Techo, PhD, Robert G. Tedeschi, Stephen Tedore, Robert C. Tedrick, Kenneth J. Teegarden, PhD, Stephen Whittier Tehon, PhD, Philip Teitelbaum, PhD, Todd X. Teitell, Deniz Tek, MD, John W. Telford, PhD, Edward A. Tellefsen, Gilbert A. Tellefsen, Edward Teller, PhD*, Aaron J. Teller, PhD, Orlando V. Telles, Robert W. Temple, Robert Templeton, Robert J. Templin, Peter W. Ten Eyck, Joseph Ignatius Tenca, Robert E. Teneick, PhD, David A. TenEyck, Michelle Teng, PhD, Lee C. Teng, PhD, Abraham Teng, PhD, John T. Tengdin, Jeffrey Tennant, PhD, Donald L. Tennant, David M. Tennent, PhD, Martha Melay Tennent, Wilton R. Tenney, PhD, Harold Aldon Tenney, Harold A. Tenney, Aubrey W. Tennille, PhD, Richard N. Tennille, Paul R. Tennis, MD, Lowell George Tensmeyer, PhD, Marius C. Teodorescu, PhD, Michael Teodori, MD, Thomas G. Tepas, David S. Teperson, MD, Joseph George Teplick, Kenneth J. Terbeek, PhD, Aram V. Terchwian, Louis Terenzoni, Nick van Terheyden, MD, Edgar R. Terlau, Jacob Y. Terner, MD, Robert L. Terpening, Victor Terrana, PhD, Ted L. Terrel, PhD, Ronald Lee Terrel, PhD, Daniel V. Terrell III, Jamie B. Terrell, Howard F. Terrill, DVM, Robert E. Terrill, Richard D. Terry, PhD, Glenn A. Terry, PhD, Tim Terry, B. Ross Terry, Patrick H. Terry, Richard L. Terry, George Terwilliger, PhD, Steven R. Terwilliger, Mark W. Tesar, John Aloysius Tesk, PhD, Donald C. Teske, Earl Tessem, Lou Testa, Dixon Teter, PhD, Nicholas J. Teteris, MD, Norman Jay Tetlow, PhD, Milton D. Tetterton Jr., W. G. Teubner, Marvin W. Teutsch, Henry J. Tevelde, DVM, Richard W. Tew, PhD, Ram P. Tewari, PhD, Sant S. Tewari, PhD, Edward Teyssier, Raymond Thacker, PhD, Guy G. Thacker, Michael M. Thacker, Nayana B. Thaker, MD, Warren Alan Thaler, PhD, Michael G. Thalhamer, Tim L. Thamm, William N. Thams, Dilli J. Thapa, W. Tharnish, Joshua M. Tharp Jr., Carol Tharp, MD, Walter Eugene Thatcher, PhD, Lawrence E. Thatcher, Edward B. Thayer, M. R. The Smiths, PhD, James R. Theaker, Alan W. Thebert, John Thebo, Gordon H. Theilen, DVM, Vernon James Theilmann, PhD, John L. Thein, Eugene Theios, Jerold Howard Theis, PhD, J. H. Theis, PhD, Don L. Theis, Brenda J. Theis, Sean Theisen, MD, James A. Thelen, DVM, Lowell Charles Thelin, Robert A. Theobald, Vassilios John Theodorides, Wayne Therrell, David T. Therrien, Richard C. Theuer, PhD, C. Brent Theurer, PhD, Matthew A. Thexton, Thomas Delor Thibault, PhD, Raynold J. Thibodeaux, William Russell Thickstun, PhD, Lawrence E. Thieben, Thomas J. Thiel, Gregory R. Thiel, Roger Thiel, Russell W. Thiele, Lawrence Eugene Thielen, Otto G. Thilenius, PhD, John D. Thirkill, Kris Thiruvathukal, PhD, James D. Thissell, Edward Frederic Thode, PhD, William L. Thoden, Roderick W. Thoits, Kendell V. Tholstrom, David K. Thom, Mark Thoma, Kenneth A. Thoma, Gerald A. Thomas, PhD, Charles A. Thomas Jr., PhD, C. A. Thomas Jr., PhD, Richard William Thomas, PhD, Brian G. Thomas, PhD, Martin J. Thomas, PhD, Marlin U. Thomas, PhD, Forrest D. Thomas II, PhD, Stanley Thomas, PhD, John Pelham Thomas, PhD, Stan J. Thomas, PhD, Gordon A. Thomas, PhD, James L. Thomas, PhD, Edward Sandusky Thomas, PhD, Richard B. Thomas, PhD, Charles Thomas, PhD, Don Wylie Thomas, PhD, James H. Thomas, PhD, Don M. Thomas, Jess F. Thomas, H. Stephens Thomas, MD, Russ H. Thomas, James Thomas, Garfield J. Thomas, Dean Thomas, Kevin L. Thomas, John P. Thomas, MD, Lovic P. Thomas, Peter R. Thomas, Gary K. Thomas, MD, John D. Thomas, Jerry A. Thomas, Leslie Thomas, Joe C. Thomas, Steve Thomas, Marc G. Thomas, James L. Thomas, Angela Thomas, John B. Thomas, Dudley G. Thomas, Cullen Thomas, Barbara J. Thomas, J. Todd Thomas, A. D. Thomas, David Morton Thomason, PhD, William Hugh Thomason, PhD, M. Ray Thomasson, PhD, Steven G. Thomasson, L. T. Thomasson, James R. Thomen, PhD, Michel A. Thomet, PhD, Glenn Thompson, PhD, Tommy Burt Thompson, PhD, Robert H. Thompson, PhD, Neal P. Thompson, PhD, M. D. Thompson, PhD, William Oxley Thompson, PhD, Louis Thompson, PhD, Herbert Bradford Thompson, PhD, Mary E. Thompson, PhD, Granville Berry Thompson, PhD, William Baldwin Thompson, PhD, Tommy Thompson, PhD, David B. Thompson, PhD, Thomas Thompson, PhD, Robert R. Thompson, PhD, James R. Thompson, PhD, Richard J. Thompson, PhD, Grant Thompson, PhD, John R. Thompson, PhD, Warren Thompson, PhD, David B. Thompson, PhD, Tommy L. Thompson, Zack Thompson, Charles S. Thompson, Dennis P. Thompson, MD, Ken Thompson, Kenneth A. Thompson, K. A. Thompson, Gerald E. Thompson, Kent Thompson, Warren N. Thompson, Don E. Thompson, Larry G. Thompson, MD, Christina Z. Thompson, Robert J. Thompson, Ted Thompson, Ned Thompson, Richard David Thompson, Ellen K. Thompson, Seth J. Thompson, Richard Thompson, Timothy R. Thompson, W. H. Thompson Jr., Ramie Herbert Thompson, Ralph N. Thompson, Hugh S. Thompson, MD, Sherle R. Thompson, DVM, Elton R. Thompson, Donald C. Thompson Ph, MD, Blair D. Thompson, MD, Jack Thompson, Evan C. Thompson, Tommy L. Thompson, Ronald E. Thompson, J. Christy Thompson, Richard W. Thompson Jr., Guy Thompson, Greg Thompson, MD, Philip Thompson, Lael J. Thompson, Joseph J. Thompson, S. Thompson, Leslie Thompson, Betty Thompson, William S. Thompson III, Michael B. Thomsen, Walter Thomsen, Kenneth C. Thomson, PhD, Julian C. Thomson, PhD, Curtis G. Thomson, L. H. Thomson, Stacy T. Thomson, Ker C. Thomson, Eyvind Thor, PhD, G. J. Thorbecke, PhD, Leo Thorbecke, Henry Thorland, Professor Thorleifson, Charles Thorman, PhD, Craig E. Thorn, PhD, George W. Thorn, MD, Thomas A. Thornburg, DVM, Francis N. Thorne, PhD, Billy Joe Thorne, PhD, M. P. Thorne, DVM, William J. Thornhill, James A. Thornhill, Richard G. Thornhill, Aloysius Thornton, PhD, Arnold William Thornton, PhD, Ruth D. Thornton, PhD, Robert Kim Thornton, PhD, David H. Thornton, Rod S. Thornton, Alan Thornton, Thomas Thornton, H. Thornton, Roger D. Thornton, Jimmy L. Thornton, Robert L. Thornton, Frank J. Thornton, A. E. Thornton, Thomas Thorpe, John R. Thorson, Richard M. Thorup, PhD, Robert F. Thrash, Purvis J. Thrash Jr., Bill H. Thrasher, PhD, Billy H. Thrasher, PhD, Dennis L. Thrasher, Richard L. Threet, PhD, Jack Threet, Peter E. Throckmorton, PhD, Lewis Throop, PhD, Frederick G. Thumm, Henrik C. Thurfjell, Paul Thurman, Ben H. Thurman, MD, Lee F. Thurner, Gaylen A. Thurston, PhD, J. Bradley Thurston, MD, David B. Thurston, Richard N. Thwaitis, PhD, John G. Thweatt, PhD, Rory Tibbals, John P. Tibbas, Thomas Tibbels, MD, Elmer L. Tibbets Jr., John A. Tibbetts, Michael B. Tibbits, Theodore William Tibbitts, PhD, Gerald F. Tice, Melinda Tichenor, Anthony D. Ticknor, Eugene Delbert Tidwell, Pat T. Tidwell, Albert William Tiedemann, PhD, Bruce Tiemann, PhD, Kenneth Shane Tierling, Karen M. Tierney, Michael M. Tierney, Stephen D. Tiesing, Edward R. Tietel, MD, Gary Tietjen, Rudy W. Tietze, Jon Tiger, Patricia Tigges, Thomas Tighe, Samuel C. Tignor, PhD, Norman E. Tilden, Larry Tilis, MD, Walter J. Till, William Arthur Tiller, PhD, Calvin Omah Tiller, Arthur T. Tiller, Bryan M. Tilley, Jennifer L. Tillman, Henry C. Tillson, PhD, John L. Tilstra, MD, Serge Nicholas Timasheff, PhD, Tore Erik Timell, PhD, George P. Timinskas, Edward A. Timm, Ronald W. Timm, William Timm, Chad Timmer, K. Laus D. Ieter Timmerhaus, PhD, Nancy S. Timmerman, Jacob Timmers, Richard B. Timmons, PhD, Darrol Holt Timmons, PhD, Waclaw Timoszyk, PhD, E. Timson, Jerry R. Tindal, Lu Ting, PhD, John H. Tinker, MD, Clarence N. Tinker, Lester A. Tinkham, Wilfred E. Tinney, David R. Tinney, Samuel Weaver Tinsley, PhD, Richard H. Tinsman, William C. Tintle, William R. Tioton, Frank J. Tipler, PhD, Edward K. Tipler, George R. Tippett, Craig A. Tips, William E. Tipton, A. C. Tipton Jr., MD, Clyde Raymond Tipton Jr., Reuben R. Tipton, Merlin J. Tipton, William R. Tipton, Herbert G. Tiras, Paul E. Tirey, August P. Tiritilli, John anthony Tirpak, PhD, Ronald M. Tirpak, Kenneth M. Tischler, Glenn E. Tisdale, PhD, Richard Perry Tison, Spencer R. Titley, PhD, Peter G. Titlow, Buck J. Titsworth, Dudley Seymour Titus, PhD, Robert W. Titus, Charles H. Titus, Frederic E. Titus, Sathyan C. Tivakaran, Sarah A. Tjioe, PhD, Michael L. Tjoelker, B. H. Tjrasjer, PhD, Victor E. Tjulander, Arthur Robert Tobey, PhD, Stephen Winter Tobey, PhD, Robert Allen Tobey, PhD, James F. Tobey Jr., Joseph J. Tobias, Joseph D. Tobiason, PhD, Jerry Tobin, Kerry Tobin, Michael W. Tobrey, Richard W. Tock, PhD, Glen Cory Todd, PhD, James P. Todd, Robert M. Todor, Victor J. Tofany, MD, Michael J. Toffan, William L. Toffler, Joseph R. Togami, Dean Tolan, PhD, Richard H. Toland, PhD, Travi Toland, Brent Tolend, Gerald V. Toler, Norman Henry Tolk, PhD, Mary Ann Tolker, Douglas M. Tollefsen, PhD, David C. Toller, MD, Robert S. Tolmach, MD, Maher B. Toma, MD, Manolis M. Tomadakis, PhD, Kurt Toman, PhD, John Toman, Thomas B. Tomasi, PhD, James L. Tomberlin, Kevin Tomera, MD, Paul E. Tomes, Charles Edward Tomich, Jocelyn Tomkin, PhD, J. Tomkin, PhD, Wallace K. Tomlinson, MD, Crisanto R. Tomongin, William R. Tompkins, Cyril M. Tomsic, John Toney, David W. Tongue, William Harry Tonking, PhD, Daniel Tonn, PhD, Gene T. Tonn, Brian P. Tonner, PhD, Steven A. Tonsfeldt, PhD, Fred S. D. Toole, Daniel J. Toole, John C. Toomay, George Toombs, Arthur Toompas, Gregory A. Topasna, PhD, George Tope, Luis A. Topete, David O. Topham, James G. Topper, Vladimir Petrovich Torchilin, PhD, Wilfred Earl Toreson, PhD, Professor Torgenson, Eric D. Torguson, Calvin Douglas Tormanen, PhD, Pascual E. Tormen, Albert L. Tormey, Joseph Torosian, William N. Torp, Diogenes R. Torres, PhD, Felipe N. Torres, Brenndan P. Torres, Professor Torres, Anthony R. Torres, MD, Peter J. Torvik, PhD, Mary E. Totard, Ildiko Toth, PhD, John P. Toth, MD, Paul Eugene Toth, John M. Toto, Edward Thomas Toton, PhD, Robert Totusek, PhD, Mike Touchinski, Charles J. Touhill, PhD, Priestley Toulmin, PhD, James E. Toups, MD, J.E Toups, MD, Dan E. Tourgee, Mills Tourtellotte, Donald R. Tourville, PhD, Charles H. Touton, Laura L. Tovo, PhD, Lawrence H. Towell, David C. Tower, MD, Sargent N. Tower, Paul S. Tower, Jeffrey G. Towle, PhD, Daniel Town, PhD, Harmon L. Towne, D. A. Towner, Merrill M. Townley, DVM, Lawrence E. Townley, Edward L. Townsend, Marjorie R. Townsend, Roger Townsend, Phinn W. Townsend, Norton R. Townsley, Charles D. Towry, Donald Frederick Towse, PhD, Terrence J. Toy, PhD, Anthony Trabue, MD, Thomas M. Tracey, Clarence A. Trachsel, Lazar Trachtenberg, PhD, Richard R. Tracy, PhD, Joseph Charle Tracy, PhD, Paul J. Trafton, PhD, Laurence Munro Trafton, PhD, Charles W. Tragesser, Ed Trahan, Leonard A. Traina, PhD, William L. Trainor, Ralph Trambarulo, PhD, George Thomas Trammell, PhD, Rex Trammell, Edmund C. Tramont, MD, Zung UU Tran, PhD, Rosalyn Tran, MD, T. C. Trane, Elbert W. Trantow, Robert L. Trapasso, MD, Timothy L. Trapp, John H. Trapp, Ann F. Trappey, Frank Trask, Robert J. Trauger, Dale B. Traupman, Mitchell Trauring, John H. Traus, Del Traveller, Del Traveller, William Brailsford Travers, PhD, M. J. Travers, Michael D. Travis, George E. Travis, Jeffrey T. Travis, Dean B. Traxler, Frank C. Trayer, B. V. Traynor, Leora A. Traynor, MD, James A. Treadwell, James M. Treat, O. E. Trechter, Ralph A. Treder, PhD, Raymond Treder, Donald J. Treder, Timothy C. Tredway, Bernard A. Tree, John D. Trelford, MD, Charles L. Tremel Sr., Harvey C. Trengove, Anthony J. Trennel, William H. Trent, PhD, James Trenz, James Ray Tretter, PhD, Joseph M. Tretter, Jim G. Trettin, D. H. Treusdell, Ruperto V. Trevino, J. Trevino, Jeffrey Charles Trewella, PhD, David C. Triana, Melvin L. Triay lll, Leland Floyd Tribble, PhD, R. G. Tribble, Willard Tribble, Mark Tribby, PhD, William Walker Trigg, PhD, Kenneth James Trigger, Robert Bogue Trimble, PhD, Richard L. Trimble, Michael J. Trimeloni, Keith A. Trimels, Patrick A. Tripe, MD, Glover Brown Triplett, PhD, Edwin P. Tripp III, Frank E. Tripp, Anthony Trippe, PhD, Curtis W. Tritchka, Alkesh N. Trivedi, Harry P. Trivedi, Joseph Trivisonno Jr., PhD, Charles F. Trivisonno, Richard S. Troell, Jay H. Troell, Tom Troester, John W. Troglia, John E. Trok, PhD, John R. Troka, Glenn C. Troman, Craig J. Trombly, William Trommer, Joseph M. Tropp, John S. Troschinetz, Edwin S. Troscinski, Joe L. Troska, MD, Steven M. Trost, PhD, David V. Trostyanetsky, Francois D. Trotta, MD, J. Michael Trotter, Richmond S. Trotter, John F. Trotter, Professor Troupe, PhD, Karl P. Trout, Leonard L. Trout, Byron C. Troutman, Charles V. Troutman, James Trow, PhD, Leslie Walter Trowbridge, PhD, Bretton E. Trowbridge, James S. Trowbridge, C. E. Trowbridge, John Parks Trowbridge, MD, Donald E. Troxel, PhD, Wade Dakes Troxell, PhD, Alvah Forrest Troyer, PhD, G. I. Troyer, Richard A. Trudel, Judith Lucille Truden, PhD, Charles H. True, Jerry A. True, Harris C. True, Harry A. Trueblood Jr., Duane J. Truitt, Patricio Eduardo Trujillo, John G. Trulio, PhD, Robert E. Truly, Steven K. Trusty, Gerald P. Trygstad, Larry S. Trzupek, PhD, Richard Trzupek, Jane Tsai, Thomas H. Tsai, Nicholas Tsambassis, Min-Fu Tsan, PhD, Dah Weh Tsang, PhD, Eddy S. Tsao, A. N. Tschaeche, Tai Po Tschang, MD, Walter Rheinhardt Tschi, PhD, Herbert F. Tschudi, Manuel Tsiang, PhD, Stephen Tsingas, Theodore Yao Tsu Wu, PhD, Igor Tsukerman, PhD, Albert M. Tsybulevskiy, PhD, Michael A. Tubbs, Julio C. Tuberquia, MD, Eric Tuch, Brian Edward Tucholke, PhD, R. C. Tucker Jr., PhD, Robert C. Tucker, PhD, Sheryl Tucker, PhD, Billy Tucker, PhD, Bill B. Tucker, PhD, Roy A. Tucker, Richard F. Tucker, Geoff W. Tucker, DVM, Lawrence D. Tucker, Robert S. Tucker, Mary Ann Tucker, Robert C. Tucker, W. Tucker, Jasper M. Tucker, Bill C. Tucker, B. C. Tucker, W. David Tucker, Ron M. Tucker, Daniel Tudor, PhD, Stela Tudoran, MD, Paul T. Tueller, PhD, Glenn W. Tueller, MD, Dean B. Tuft, PhD, Leland Wayne Tufts, Timothy C. Tuggle, Caades Tugwell, John O. Tugwell, Robert Joseph Tuite, PhD, Raymond Tulkki, Frank Tull, MD, Richard Eugene Tullis, PhD, J. Paul Tullis, PhD, Bryan Tullis, James M. Tullis, James M. Tully, Richard C. Tumbleson, E. H. Tumlinson, B. R. Tunai, Lee A. Tune Jr., Andy Tung, Paul A. Tungesvick, Willis E. Tunnell, MD, David George Tunnicliff, PhD, Donald Tuomi, PhD*, Alton L. Tupa, Natalia Turaki, PhD, Peter L. Turbett, D. Turbeville, James B. Turchir, Charles Paul Turco, PhD, Michael A. Turco, William Arthur Turcotte, Michael G. Turek, Richard Turiczek, Leroy L. Turja, Robert L. Turk, MD, Richard E. Turk, MD, James H. Turk, MD, Albert J. Turk, John H. Turkenburg, Anthony Turkevich, PhD, Richard R. Turkiewicz, Morris Turman, John E. Turnage, Walter L. Turnage, Daniel L. Turnbow, Kenneth D. Turnbull, Roy C. Turnbull, Bradley S. Turnbull, Robert E. Turner, PhD, Almon George Turner Jr., PhD, Manson Don Turner, PhD, Alvis Greely Turner, PhD, William Joseph Turner, PhD, Ella Victoria Turner, PhD, John Charles Turner, PhD, Dennis Turner, Alistair R. Turner, Thomas K. Turner, Nancy Turner, R. W. Turner, Steven G. Turner, Donald J. Turner, Michael M. Turner, Robert C. Turner, Charles L. Turner, Brian Turner, Roy R. Turner, David Turner, MD, Rick Turner, Michael D. Turner, Dwight J. Turner, M. O. Turner, M.O. Turner, Marvin Roy Turnipseed, PhD, E. Brent Turnipseed, PhD, William J. Turpish, Ralph J. Tursi, Ted H. Tuschka, PhD, Joseph Tutak, E. W. Tuthill, Richard Suneson Tuttle, PhD, Henry A. Tuttle, Frank M. Tuttle, Ben Tuval, Yuri Tuvim, PhD, Patrick A. Tuzinski, John C. Tverberg, Zbylut Jozef Twardowski, PhD, David I. Tweed, David Tweedy, John R. Tweedy, Arthur Glenn Tweet, PhD, Ian Charles Twilley, PhD, Jim F. Twohy, James F. Twohy, Somdev Tyagi, PhD, Ed Tyczkowski, PhD, Ross W. Tye, PhD, Tony Tye, Glenn A. Tyler, PhD, Tim N. Tyler, PhD, Lynn D. Tyler, PhD, George C. Tyler, MD, Ronnald P. Tyler, James O. Tyler, Kenneth F. Tyler, Edmund Eugene Tylutki, PhD, Stephen P. Tyrpak, Joan L. Tyrrell, Robert K. Tyson, PhD, Ted W. Tyson, David B. Tyson, Russell K. Tyson, John T. Tysseling

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers U

82 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Herbert M S Uberall, PhD, Waheed Uddin, PhD, Ward Uggernd, Alfred H. Uhalt Jr., David L. Uhland, Vincent H. Uhlenkott, George Uhlig, PhD, Harold B. Uhlig, John Joseph Uhran, PhD, Michael J. Uhren, Vladimir M. Uhri, MD, John L. Uhrie, PhD, Peter I. Ulan, Bobby L. Ulich, PhD, Tadeusz M. Ulinsnki, Joseph James Ulliman, PhD, William S. Ullom, MD, William L. Ullom, George W. Ullrich, Charles R. Ulmer, Blaine A. Ulmer, Phil L. Ulmer, Russell A. Ulmer, Alexander Ulmer, James J. Ulmes, E. H. Ulrich, Thomas J. Ulrich, Tom B. Ulrickson, DVM, David J. Ulsh, L. T. Umfleet, Charles E. Umhey Jr., Kathleen Umstead, Norman Russell Underdahl, Glenn Underhill, PhD, John D. Underwood, Jerry A. Underwood, Adelbert C. Underwood, Eric Edward Ungar, PhD, Paul Walter Unger, PhD, Joseph J. Unger, Kot V. Unrug, PhD, Kenneth S. Unruh, PhD, James H. Unruh, Joseph L. Unthank, PhD, Randall Unthank, Erik Unthank, Simon Upfill-Brown, Chester R. Upham Jr., Robert R. Upp, PhD, Jurgen H. Upplegger, PhD, James L. Uptegrove, George M. Upton, James Upton, J. E. Upton, Randy K. Uranes, Noel W. Urban, Robert Urban, MD, George F. Urbancik Jr., Ronald T. Urbanik, John Urdea, Donadl C. Urfer, William Andrew Uricchio, PhD, Israel Urieli, PhD, George Uriniuk, Thomas E. Urquhart, Dave Petrovich Uscheek, John M. Usher, PhD, Noble Ransom Usherwood, PhD, Randal W. Utech, Alfred L. Utesch, Tom W. Utley, PhD, Donna Utley, PhD, Kurt E. Utley, PhD, Raj B. Uttamchandani, PhD, Frank D. Utterback, Mary P. Utzerath, Augustus Ceniza Uvano, PhD, Eldon L. Uverne Knuth, PhD, O. Manuel Uy, PhD, Johammes M. Uys, PhD, Johannes M. Uys ScD, PhD, Ahmet Uzer, PhD

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers V

455 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Duane H. Vaagen, Raymond E. Vache, Richard Vacherot, Ashokkumar N. Vachhani, MD, David P. Vachon, Charles F. Vachris, James P. Vacik, PhD, Frank H. Vacio, MD, J. O. Vadeboncoeur, Richard M. Vaeth, P. Roy Vagelos, MD, Juris Vagners, PhD, David H. Vahlsing, Larry D. Vail, PhD, John A. Vaillancourt, MD, J. Peter Vajk, PhD, Kyriake V> Valassi, PhD, Laura Valdes, Ivan S. Valdes, A. Valdos-Meneses, William P. Vale, Jerome W. Valenti, Mark W. Valentine, MD, C. Valenzuel, Julio E. Valera, PhD, Robert O. Valerio, MD, Richard M. Valeriote, Thomas J. Valiknac, Siva Vallabhaneni, Robert P. Vallee, PhD, Bernard A. Vallerga, Robert L. Valliere, Oriol Tomas Valls, PhD, Marius P. Valsamis, MD, Jacob E. Valstar, Vida K. Vambutas, PhD, George J. Vames, Stephen J. Vamosi, Horn Harold H. Van, PhD, Strien R E Van, PhD, Richard Edward Van, PhD, Rheenan Verlan H. Van, PhD, Hassel Henry John Van, PhD, Bruggen Theodore Van, PhD, William Pennington Van, PhD, Desiree A. J. Van Arman, PhD, Clarence Gordon Van Arman, PhD, C. G. Van Arman, PhD, Richard Van Blaricom, PhD, Bertram Van Breeman, Theodore Van Bruggen, PhD, Richard L. Van De Polder, Job van der Bliek, J. Van Der Bliek, Albert P. Van der Kloot, Bruce Harold Van Domelen, PhD, Gregory Van Doren, Edward Van Drunen, Cornelius Van Dyke, Andrew Van Echo, Richard Michael Van Effen, PhD, Clayton Edward Van Hall, PhD, Larry Van Heerdan, James R. Van Hise, PhD, J. R. Van Hise, PhD, James P. Van Hook, PhD, Jack C. Van Horn, Phillip D. Van Law, William Van Lue, DVM, Keith D. Van Maanen, Wayne Paul Van Meter, PhD, James R. Van Meter, Dominique L. Van Nostrand, Naola Van Orden, PhD*, Drew R. Van Orden, Donald O. Van Ostenburg, PhD, Raymond Van Pelt, Richard J. Van Pelt, Emmett Van Reed, Earl D. Van Reenan, Martha Van Seckle, David Van Sice, Peter J. Van Slyke, Rick Van Surksum, M. Van Swaay, PhD, Ron Van Valkenburg, Tim J. Van Wyngarden, Joseph Van Zee, Alan K. Vanags, Kamala J. Vanaharam, John H. VanAmringe, William E. Vanarsdale, PhD, Steven Vanata, Peter Vanblarigan, PhD, David A. Vancalster, C. Kenneth Vance, Samuel W. Vance, Richard A. Vandame Jr., Michael E. Vandas, Tracy L. Vandaveer, Lawrence J. Vande Kieft, PhD, Mark Vande Pol, John L. Vandeberg, PhD, Arthur VanDeBrake, Walter F. Vandelicht, Professor Vandemerwe, PhD, Jerry L. Vanden Boom, PhD, Wilem Vander Bil, PhD, William Brian Vander Heyden, PhD, Vern C. Vanderbilt, PhD, Edward F. Vanderbush, David D. Vanderhoofven, Chris J. Vandermaas, Alwyn J. Vandermerwe, PhD, Thomas Henry Vanderspurt, PhD, William Vandersteel, Jerry G. VanderTuig, PhD, John Warren Vanderveen, PhD, Donald Vandervelde, Christina VanderWende, PhD, James Milton Vanderwiele, Allen L. Vandeusen, Ruth VanDeusen, Sam Vandivort, Brian S. Vandrak, Tina K. Vandyk, Bingham H. Vandyke Jr., PhD, Todd P. Vandyke, DVM, Jim VanEaton, PhD, Donald D. Vanfossan, PhD, David H. Vanhise, Larry E. Vanhorn, R. V. Vanhoweistine, PhD, Walker S. Vaning, Henricus F. 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Vassiliou, PhD, Frederick Vastine, PhD, Bangalore Seshachalam Vasu, PhD, James E. Vath, Marc Vatin, Robert Dahlmeier Vatne, PhD, Steve Vatovec, William W. Vaughan, PhD, Joe E. Vaughan, PhD, Phillip G. Vaughan, Otha H. Vaughan Jr., Ohta H. Vaughan Jr., T. D. Vaughan, Lee E. Vaughan, Thomas J. Vaughan, James R. Vaughan, Frank L. Vaughn, Arlie D. Vaughn, King F. Vaughn, Jeff Vaughn, Joseph C. Vaughn, James P. Vaughn, Thomas E. Vaught, David D. Vause, MD, Jaroslav V. Vaverka, PhD, James Vavrina, Steven W. Vawter, Roy G. Vawter, Spencer Max Vawter, Ira J. Vaziri, MD, Darrell A. Veach, Delton E. Veatch, Thomas Mabry Veazey, PhD, Sidney Edwin Veazey, PhD, Don R. Veazey, Kenneth S. Vecchio, PhD, William Vecere, Philip J. Vecere Sr., William Austin Veech, PhD, Chris J. Veesaert, Alejandro T. Vega, Felix J. Vega, Richard Veghte, Eugene D. Veilleux, Karl F. Veith, PhD, Rodney D. Veitschegger Jr., Edward E. Velarde, Margarita B. Velarde, MD, Daniel W. Velasquez, Wencel J. Velicer, Louis Veltese, Theodore E. Veltfort, Thomas S. Velz, Patrick G. Vemacchia, James H. Venable, MD, Roger N. Venables, Carl S. Vender, Steve Venner, Richard M. Vennett, PhD, Anthony R. Venson, PhD, Maria Ventura, J. J. Ventura, Deadaws Ventures, Paul B. Venuto, PhD, Bruce L. Veralli, Carl J. Verbanic, PhD, G. Verbeck, PhD, Anthony J. Verbiscar, PhD*, Matthew J. Verbiscer, John R. Vercellotti, PhD, Robert J. Verderber, Arthur A. Verdi, Karl G. Verebey, PhD, Richard P. Veres, Laval M. Verhalen, PhD, Roger F. Verhey, PhD, Gerard Verkaik, Deepak Kumar Verma, PhD, John D. Vermaelen, J. G. Vermeychuk, PhD, David Augustus Vermilyea, PhD, Jared Verner, PhD, William Vernetson, PhD, Vernon G. Vernier, MD, James H. Vernier, Dmitry Vernik, PhD, Lonnie W. Vernon, PhD, Daniel F. Vernon, DVM, Billy E. Vernon, Richard R. Vernotzy Sr., Geprge Veronos, PhD, William J. Veroski, S. Verrall, PhD, Gloria E. Verrecchio, DVM, Stan F. Versaw, Ronald James Versic, PhD, Ralph W. Vertrees, Raymond A. Verville, Shane Vervoort, MD, Daniel Vesa, Daniel J. Vesely, Jim Vess, Peter Vessella, Glenn E. Vest, Harry A. Vest, Thomas H. Vestal, James Ira Vette, PhD, Louis Vettese, Edward F. Veverka, Erich Veynl, Marc Vezeau, William S. Viall, Charles L. Vice, Steven G. Vick, Robert D. Vick, James Hudson Vickers, DVM, Dan E. Vickers, Keith V. Vickers, Joan Vickery, Kent Vickie, John G. Victor, PhD, Andrew S. Vidikan, Edward J. Vidt, Fredrick L. Vieck, John M. Viehweg, Larry L. Vieley, Richard Anthony Vierling, PhD, Joe Vierra, Susan L. Vigars, John A. Vigelis, Thomas P. Viggiano, Lilly Vigil, Stanley Viglione, L. L. Vigoren, Thomas E. Vik, Fernando Villabona, Carlos F. Villalpando, Francis V. Villani, Antonio R. Villanueva, PhD, Rodolfo L. Villarreal, MD, Roberto Villaverde, PhD, Mark Villoria, PhD, Boris L. Vilner, Keith E. Vilseck, Norbert F. Vinatieri, Suzanne Vincent, PhD, Edgar L. Vincent, Francis J. Vincent, MD, Jonathan R. Vinci SE, Frank A. Vinciguerra, James David Vine, Herbert Max Vines, PhD, Terry L. Viness, Alfred Viola, PhD, Luciano Virgili, PhD, Richard J. Virshup, Terence C. Virtue, Jack D. Virtue, Mikhail M. Vishik, PhD, Raymond Viskanta, PhD, David N. Visnich, Saralee Neumann Visscher, PhD, R. C. Visser, Thomas R. Visser, Paul W. Visser, Dale E. Vitale, PhD, Robert L. Vitek Sr., Arthur Viterito, PhD, Morrill Thayer Vittum, PhD, George Viveiros, Charles G. Vivion, MD, Kalman N. Vizy, PhD, Russel C. Vlack, Petro Vlahos, M. Douglas Vliet, Doug Vliet, Rodney D. Vlotho, James F. Voborsky, George B. Vockroth, Randall Vodnik, Robert W. Voedisch, James W. Voegele, Clemens J. Voelkel, Denniss E. Voelker, C. L. Voellinger, George Leo Voelz, MD, Henry E. Vogel, PhD, Roger Frederick Vogel, John Vogel USAF Ret, Joseph C. Vogel, James F. Vogel, Richard W. Vogel, Bill Vogel, Peter John Vogelberger, Randy L. Vogelgesang, Kevin G. Vogelsang, Ronald S. Vogelsong, PhD, Otto Vogl, PhD, James W. Vogler, PhD, Karl J. Vogler, PhD, Robert A. Vogler, Richard A. Vognild, Paul R. Vogt, Gary Vogt, Michae F. Vogt, Michael F. Vogt, Professor Vohs, PhD, Jason K. Vohs, PhD, William Voigt, Edward D. Vojack, Peter Vokac, Michael A. Volk, Jason P. Volk, R. A. Vollar, James Vollmer, PhD, Cory Vollmer, Philip B. Vollmer, Edward J. Vollrath, Alexander V. Vologodskii, PhD, Robert M. Volpe, Richard L. Volpe, Gert P J Volpp, PhD, Gert Volpp, PhD, Paul Justus Volpp, PhD, Paul A. Volz, PhD, Jim Volz, James Arthur Vomocil, PhD, H. Von Amsberg, PhD, James Von Husen, Walter W. von Nimitz, PhD, John P. Von Plonski, Eugene von Rosenberg, Rosmarie von Rumker, PhD, Konstanty F. von Unrug, PhD, Walter E. Vonau, Richard J. Vonbernuth, Karl Vonderlinden, PhD, Frederick W. Vonkaenel, Charles T. Vono, Frederick Ludwig Vook, PhD, Richard W. Vook, PhD, Howard Voorhees, PhD, J. Rex Voorhees, Suresh H. Vora, Norman Vorchheimer, PhD, Max R. Vordenbaum, Frederick H. Vorhis, Donald F. Voros, Susan Voss, PhD, Edward W. Voss, PhD, Charles Henry Voss Jr., PhD, Dale L. Voss, Carroll E. Voss, Donald L. Voss, Steve C. Voss, Mike Vossen, Earl H. Vossenkemper, John W. Vosskuhler, MD, Jaroslav J. Vostal, MD, Joseph P. Vosters, Frederick C. Vote, George Vourvopoulos, PhD, Bill S. Vowell, MD, Henry P. Voznick, Daniel L. Vrable, PhD, Edward A. Vrablik, John C. Vredenburgh, Nicholas C. Vrettos, Tim J. Vrudny, Daniel P. Vrudny, Duc Vu, Don C. Vu, Vladeta Vuckovic, PhD, Leonid Vulakh, PhD, Emil J. Vyskocil

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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1,837 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Gerald N. Wachs, MD, William R. Wachtler, PhD, Lois B. Wachtman, Bruce L. Wacker, William J. Waddell, MD, James R. Waddell, DVM, Ernest N. Waddell, William Howard Wade, PhD, Glen Wade, PhD, Robert Harold Wade, PhD, Thomas J. Wade, PhD, James W. Wade, PhD, Don Wade, MD, Robert L. Wade, Billy C. Wade, John C. Wade, Willard A. Wade II, Jess H. Wadhams, Jon A. Wadley, Mike Wadlington, Donald Wadsworth, PhD, John M. Wadsworth, William Wadsworth, Jerome A. Waegli, Allan G. Waelchli, Salome Gluecksohn Waels, PhD, Salome G. Waelsch, PhD, Bruce E. Waespe, Don B. Wafer, Ronald E. Waggener, PhD, William N. Waggener, Susan M. Waggoner, Stanley K. Wagher, David A. Wagie, PhD, Nnaette P. Wagner, PhD, Frederick William Wagner, PhD, Richard Joe Wagner, PhD, Orvin Edson Wagner, PhD, Mark A. Wagner, James K. Wagner, Kenneth E. Wagner, MD, Charles F. Wagner, MD, John S. Wagner, A. R. Wagner, Charles Wagner, Darrell E. Wagner, A. Wagner, Anne M. Wagner, Raymond S. Wagner, Ed Wagner, Stephen C. Wagner, Ray F. Wagner, David P. Wagner, Alfred Wagner Jr., Richard F. Wagner, Ronald D. Wagner, Lewis D. Wagoner, Norman O. Wagoner, Marvin L. Wagoner, Haney N. Wahba, MD, David E. Wahl Jr., PhD, Howard W. Wahl, Scott G. Wahl, Dennis L. Wahl, David P. Wahl, Russ Wahl, Kenneth R. Wahlhutor Sr., Chien Moo Wai, PhD, Richard B. Waina, PhD, Charles R. Waine, Richard E. Wainwright, Harold V. Wait, James E. Waite, Richard I. Waite Jr., Arthur C. Waite, Thornton H. Waite, Donald Waite, Ron C. Waites, George Wakayama, Charles Wakefield, PhD, Howard L. Wakeland, Jack Wakeland, Donald J. Wakely, John Wakeman, PhD, William D. Wakley, PhD, F. A. Walas, Kim A. Walbe, Christopher Walcek, PhD, W. B. Walcott, R. Stephen Waldeck, Brian E. Waldecker, PhD, James E. Waldenberger, Stephen D. Waldman, DVM, George M. Waldow, Richard W. Waldron, PhD, John J. Waldron, Mark R. Waldron, Jason S. Waldrop, Richard T. Wales, Robert C. Walish, William Waldrum Walker, PhD, Dennis Kendon Walker, PhD, William C. Walker, PhD, Russell Wagner Walker, PhD, Jerry C. Walker, PhD, Elizabeth L. Walker, PhD, William Delany Walker, PhD, David Allen Walker, PhD, Bruce E. Walker, PhD, Harry M. Walker, PhD, Sharyl E. Walker, PhD, Richard D. Walker, PhD, Patrick D. Walker, MD, Woodville J. Walker, Joe A. Walker, Raymond W. Walker, Verbon P. Walker, Jay H. Walker, Patrick M. Walker, John C. Walker, J. David Walker, Peter Walker, Leslie M. Walker, Jeff Walker, Rodger Walker, Arden L. Walker, William F. Walker, John A. Walker, P. David Walker, Rodger L. Walker, Ann S. Walker, DVM, John Walker, John L. Walkowicz, Milton B. Walkup, Francis J. Wall, PhD, Edward M. Wall, Charles Wall, Haven N. Wall Jr., Edwin Garfield Wallace, PhD, Cherster A. Wallace, PhD, Harold Dean Wallace, PhD, Ralph Wallace, PhD, John Wallace, Wayne Wallace, Tom S. Wallace, David W. Wallace, MD, William E. Wallace, Clifton O. Wallace Jr., Rick S. Wallace, David R. Wallace, Michael Wallace, Brent Wallace, Earl K. Wallace, MD, Mark A. Wallace, Lynn H. Wallace, James P. Wallace, Raymond Howard Wallace, J. L. Wallace, Eleanor A. Wallen, MD, James R. Waller, PhD, Gordon David Waller, PhD, Henry A. Waller, Thurman C. Waller, Rex A. Waller, Anthony Waller, Samuel J. Walley, PhD, Richard F. Wallin, PhD, Richard C. Walling, John E. Wallis, Robert R. Wallis, Denny M. Wallisch, Joel D. Walls, PhD, William Walls, William N. Wally, Kent D. Walpole, DVM, Janet M. Walrod, Laurie Walrod, Myles A. Walsh, PhD, Walter M. Walsh Jr., PhD, Steven I. Walsh, Kevin Walsh, Robert C. Walsh Jr., Terramce J. Walsh, Joseph M. Walsh, Peter R. Walsh, Robert Jerome Walsh, Timothy J. Walsh, Kevin K. Walsh, Eugene J. Walsh, John K. Walsh, Kenneth M. Walsh, Richard C. Walsh, DVM, John Fitler Walter, PhD, Robert F. Walter, PhD, John D. Walter, PhD, Jeremy L. Walter, PhD, F. John Walter, PhD, Darrel N. Walter, Herbert G. Walter, MD, Gregory C. Walter, MD, Kurt D. Walter, Charles E. Walter, John S. Walter, Rudolf R. Walter 3d, Donald K. Walter, William T. Walter, James C. Walter PG, W. Timothy Walter, Bruce W. Walter, James C. Walter, Robert Walter, Michael D. Walters, PhD, William Walters, PhD, Gregg D. Walters, Daniel J. Walters, James L. Walters, Roy F. Walters, Barbara S. Walters, Joseph Walters, MD, Robert A. Walters, Austin G. Walther, W. A. Walther Jr., John Walther, Arthur Ernest Waltking, Roddy Walton, PhD, Theodore Ross Walton, PhD, Douglas L. Walton, George G. Walton, Wilber B. Walton, Robert L. Walton, Paul John Waltrup, PhD, Donald M. Waltz, Maynard C. Waltz, Edward P. Waltz, D. Wambargh, Donald C. Wambaugh, Jan A. Wampuszyc, James E. Wanamaker, Lance G. Wanamaker, Stanley Frank Wanat, PhD, Graham T. Wand, Soo-Young C. Wanda, Bohdan I. Wandzura, Ross L. Waner, T. Wang, PhD, Zhi Jing Wang, PhD, Jie Wang, PhD, David Y. Wang, PhD, Hsueh Hwa Wang, Frederick Field Wangaard, PhD, David R. Wanhatalo, Mansukhlal C. Wani, PhD, R. Wanke, PhD, Keith K. Wanklyn, Professor Wanliss, PhD, James Wanliss, PhD, Evelyn Kendrick Wantland, PhD, Edward Hilson Ward, PhD, W. Steven Ward, PhD, Douglas Eric Ward, PhD, John W. Ward, PhD, Wyley D. Ward, Dale Ward, James J. Ward, Paul H. Ward, MD, Jay L. Ward, Diane Ward, Daniel F. Ward, MD, Brent A. Ward, Toby Ward, Danny R. Ward, Alva C. Ward, E. C. Ward, Quinten E. Ward, Robert S. Ward, Howard C. Ward Jr., Roscoe Fredrick Ward, Lew Ward, Kevin Ward, Gordon P. Ward, T. G. Ward Jr., C. B. Ward, John B. Wardell, Fred F. Warden, Glen C. Warden, Robert Wardin, PhD, John F. Wardle, PhD, Charlene L. Wardlow, Ronald S. Wardrop, Jeff Ware, John F. Ware, Ray W. Ware, MD, Roger C. Wargin, MD, Dennis L. Wariner, Nell Pape Waring, MD, Richard C. Waring, Barbara E. Warkentine, PhD, W. C. Warlick, Kenneth K. Warlick, Ralph E. Warmack, PhD, Vernon D. Warmbo, Lewis R. Warmington, Mont M. Warner, PhD, Peter O. Warner, PhD, Don Warner, PhD, Meredith Warner, Edward M. Warner, Jon H. Warner, David D. Warner, James Warner, Jim Warner, Brian Warner, Robert A. Warner, Darrell G. Warner, Jon H. Warner, SW Warner Jr., James A. Warnhoff, Richard V. Warnock, Mark R. Warnock, William E. Warnock Jr., Norman R. Warpinski, PhD, Donald R. Warr, Mial Warren, PhD, Holland Douglas Warren, PhD, Jack S. Warren, Darrell R. Warren, MD, Raymond Warren, Bruce Warren, F. J. Warren Jr., Clifford A. Warren, Frank Warren Jr., Michael F. Warren, Bruce A. Warren, Cedric D. Warren, Joseph F. Warren, MD, Bruce P. Warren, Edis W. Warrif, Richard Warriner, David T. Warriner, Joe D. Warrington, John R. Warrington, Frank R. Warshany, Bertram S. Warshaw, Zahir U. Warsi, PhD, Lawrence K. Wartell, Gerald R. Wartenberg, Alan A. Wartenberg, MD, Robert L. Warters, Alfred B. Warwick, David Warwick, L. W. Warzecha, Lawrence A. Warzel, PhD, John P. Waschak, Steven D. Washburn, MD, Halbert S. Washburn, Harry L. Washburn, Robert M. Washburn, Stephen Shepard Washburne, PhD, Donald E. Washkewicz, Madeline S. Wasilas, John Huber Wasilik, PhD, George Wasko, Frederick H. Wasserman, Richard Wasserman, MD, Maurice Wassmann, G. S. Wassum, Claude Guy Wasterlain, PhD, Glenn L. Wasz, Milton N. Watanabe, Chatrchai Watanakunakorn, MD, Thomas L. Watchinsky Sr., P. C. Waterman, PhD, Roger L. Waterman, David J. Waters, PhD, Simon P. Waters, James L. Waters, David B. Waters, James D. Waters, George A. Waters, Richard Milton Waterstrat, PhD, Donald K. Wathke, Brenton Watkins, PhD, Dean A. Watkins, PhD, Charles Henry Watkins, PhD, Lee R. Watkins, James D. Watkins, Frank M. Watkins, MD, W. D. Watkins, William D. Watkins, Damon L. Watkins, Michael J. Watkins, B. Watne, PhD, Raymond C. Watson Jr., PhD, Tim Watson, PhD, Maurice E. Watson, PhD, Marshall Tredway Watson, PhD, Richard L. Watson, PhD, William A. Watson III, PhD, Adrian O. Watson, William W. Watson, Guy E. Watson, Charlie E. Watson, Gary W. Watson, C. Watson, Britt Watson, Donald L. Watson, Jack Watson, Robert B. Watson, Lin K. Watson, Andrew P. Watson, Elwood G. Watson, Jeff Watson, Mildred E. Watson, MD, Randy K. Watson, Dean D. Watt, PhD, A. D. Watt, Michael T. Wattai, Jason A. Watters, George Watters, Shaunna J. Watterson, R. E. Watts, Frank B. Watts, Dale Watts, Royal J. Watts, Robert K. Wattson Jr., Jack T. Watzke, Dennis F. Waugh, James D. Waugh, Charles L. Wax, PhD, Walter L. Way, William J. Way, George H. Way, Gary S. Way, Robert Way, Darel A. Wayhan, John F. Waymouth, PhD, John W. Wayne, William Wayne, Roland F. Wear, MD, Raymond N. Wear, W. L. Wearly, PhD, William L. Wearly, W. P. Weatherby, Linda A. Weatherell, DVM, Todd Weatherford, PhD, William Dewey Weatherford Jr., PhD, Larry Weatherford, PhD, Laurence R. Weatherley, PhD, Mark Weatherston, Robert A. Weatherup, Charles Edward Weaver, PhD, Timothy E. Weaver, PhD, William M. Weaver, PhD, Henry B. Weaver Jr., J. R. Weaver, Robert D. Weaver, Leo Weaver, John F. Weaver, Jay Weaver, Norman L. Weaver, Donald J. Weaver, Samuel R. Weaver, John M. Weaver, Ronald R. Weaver, George L. Weaver, Harry Weaver, Albert Dinsmoor Webb, PhD, William P. Webb, PhD, Theodore Stratton Webb, PhD, Creighton A. Webb, Jack W. Webb, Howard W. Webb, MD, Lloyd T. Webb, George E. Webb Jr., Michael Webb, Luke T. Webb, William P. Webb, J. R. Webb, James P. Webb, Bill Webb, Harry V. Webber, MD, Alfred C. Webber, Thomas L. Webber, Bruce Warren Webbon, PhD, William P. Weber, PhD, David Fredrick Weber, PhD, Walter J. Weber Jr., PhD, Jerome Bernard Weber, PhD, Arthur P. Weber, PhD, Gary Weber, PhD, Frank E. Weber, PhD, Erich C. Weber, Barrett H. Weber, MD, Rodney L. Weber, Warren M. Weber, MD, James A. Weber, Anthony J. Weber, Michael Weber, W. Layne Weber, Julius Weber, Jan R. Weber, MD, Oliver J. Weber, David Weber, David J. Weber, Mary Weber, Orrin John Webster, PhD, Owen W. Webster, PhD, David Webster, John Robert Webster, Mark B. Webster, George W. Webster, Robert M. Webster, MD, Alfred R. Webster, Gordon J. Webster, Allen E. Webster, D. J. Wechsler, Susan L. Wechsler, William J. Wechter, PhD, Saul Wechter, David Stover Weddell, PhD, George G. Weddell, Monty Weddell, Brent M. Wedding, PhD, Donald K. Wedding, Timothy R. Weddle, Curtis E. Weddle, Bruce Daniels Wedlock, PhD, Thomas A. Weedon, James W. Weeg, Randall James Weege, Olaf L. Weeks, Charles P. Weeks, Loraine Hubert Weeks, Olan B. Weeks, Robert G. Weeles, James W. Weems, Robert W. Weer, William H. Weese, Lloyd Weese, John D. Weesner, Howard H. Weetall, PhD, Stuart L. Weg, MD, Douglas H. Wegener, Kathleen L. Wegener, David Weggel, PhD, Paul M. Wegman, Dwight Wegman, Gene Wegner, PhD, Mark J. Wegner, Walter F. Wegst, PhD, Walter F. Wegst, PhD, James A. Wehinger, Mark C. Wehking, Charles W. Wehking Jr., Alfred Peter Wehmer, Timothy S. Wehmes, Donald C. Wehner, Brenda Wehner, Scott C. Wehner, Alfred P. Wehner, MD, Brenda Wehnermuck, Carl S. Wehri, MD, Bernard William Wehring, PhD, Larry L. Wehrkamp, Robert L. Wehrli, David J. Wehrly, MD, James M. Wehrman, DVM, Stephen L. Wehrmann, DVM, Stephen L. Wehrmann, DVM, Robert P. Wei, PhD, Rudolph W. Weibel, Jorge S. Weibel, Allan R. Weide, MD, A. R. Weide, T. Craig Weidensaul, PhD, Felicia K. Weidman, Patrick L. Weidner, Glen F. Weien II, Ben Weigandt, John H. Weikel, PhD, Edward David Weil, PhD, Roy W. Weiland, Donald G. Weilbaecher, MD, Richard D. Weilburg, MD, John H. Weiler, Hans Weil-Malherbe, PhD, Frank Carlin Weimer, PhD, Eugene C. Weinbach, PhD, Carl Martin Weinbaum, PhD, Lawrence P. Weinberger, PhD, Mitchell A. Weiner, MD, Professor Weinert, PhD, Randy L. Weingart, Jean S. Weingarten, George A. Weinman, Lawrence Weinman, William J. Weinmann, Leonard Harlan Weinstei, PhD, William M. Weinstein, MD, Herbert Weinstein, Brian L. Weinstein, David Weintraub, PhD, Donald J. Weintritt, Eugene Allen Weipert, PhD, Daniel G. Weis, PhD, R. Stephen Weis, PhD, Russell J. Weis, Frank G. Weis, Lee Weis, Steven Weise, George Austin Weisgerber, PhD, Leonard Weisler, PhD, Max T. Weiss, PhD, Irving Weiss, PhD, Douglas Eugene Weiss, PhD, Martin Weiss, PhD, Jack D. Weiss, Kirk R. Weiss, William W. Weiss, Harvey Jerome Weiss, Daniel Weiss, Friedlander D. Weiss, Eugene P. Weisser, Kent M. Weissling, William G. Weissman, Barry R. Weissman, Curtis W. Weittenhiller, Joseph Leonard Weitz, PhD, James T. Welborn, MD, M. E. Welbourn, Melvin Bruce Welch, PhD, Homer William Welch, PhD, Robin Ivor Welch, PhD, Frank Joseph Welch, PhD, Aaron W. Welch Jr., PhD, John C. Welch, MD, Thomas B. Welch, William B. Welch, MD, Gregory V. Welch, Carl M. Welch, Michael Welch, Joel D. Welch, Thomas L. Welch, William T. Welchert, Talmadge P. Weldon, George W. Welker, PhD, Thomas Wellborn, Joe H. Wellborn, John T. Wellener, Lowell Ernest Weller, PhD, Elbert J. Weller, Eric Welles, Selfton R. Wellings, PhD, Charles A. Wellman, Professor Wells, PhD, Daniel R. Wells, PhD, Ronald L. Wells, PhD, Larry Wells, PhD, Marion R. Wells, PhD, Elizabeth Fortson Wells, PhD, William B. Wells Jr., Hugh E. Wells, Lawrence D. Wells, Philip B. Wells, Buford E. Wells, MD, Steven P. Wells, Donald C. Wells, Tom Wells, Kenneth R. Wells, Shane Wells, Rod Wells, Warren D. Wells, Herbert C. Wells, William B. Wells, Lewis W. Wells, Howard T. Wells, MD, Roger Murray Wells, Lewis F. Wells, Joseph C. Wells Jr., Ima Wells, Howard E. Wellsfry, Jerome R. Welnetz, Douglas F. Welpton, MD, Frank Welsch, PhD, Patrick T. Welsh, PhD, Donald A. Welsh, Jim C. Welsh, John D. Welsh, Bruce Welsh, John L. Welsh, DVM, Lisa M. Welter, PhD, Lee Welter, MD, Theodore Allen Welton, PhD, Robert H. Welton, Harold C. Welz, John Fengpinct Wen, PhD, Irving Wender, PhD, Herbert C. Wendes, Michael G. Wendling, Allen C. Wendorf, Michael Wendorf, Richard E. Wendt, PhD, Gerald C. Wendt, Clayton H. Wene, R. B. Wenger, MD, Marlin L. Wengerd, James E. Wennen, James E. Wenner, Gunnar Wennerberg, Allan Orens Wennerberg, Edward B. Wenners, Daniel Wenstrup, R. C. Wentworth, PhD, Edward L. Wentz, Mike Wentzell, J. 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Wyman, PhD, Richard V. Wyman, PhD, Thomas S. Wyman, Robert B. Wyman, Milton Wyman, DVM, Richard E. Wyman, Walter P. Wynbelt, Professor Wynn, PhD, Randy Wynn, E. Staten Wynne, PhD, Elmer Staten Wynne, PhD, Leslie K. Wynston, PhD, Geert J. Wyntjes, R. A. Wynueca, PhD, R. A. Wynveen, PhD, Anton M. Wypych, Klaus Wyrtki, PhD, Klau Wyrtki, PhD, B. D. Wyse, PhD, Richard F. Wyse DI, Ralph G. Wyss, Paul E. Wyszkowski, Randi W. Wytcherley, Stephen L. Wythe, PhD, Peter Wyzinski, Peter Wyzinski

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188 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Dmeter Yablonsky, PhD, Albert R. Yackle, Bohdan M. Yacyshyn, Dan A. Yaeger, Theodore E. Yaeger 4th, MD, Ted Yaeger, John Scott Yaeger, Kenneth R. Yager, William C. Yager, Paul F. Yaggy, Richard Howard Yahner, PhD, Neil Yake, Jeffry T. Yake, Walter M. Yamada, PhD, William S. Yamamoto, MD, William Yamamto, MD, Jack A. Yamauchi, Riad Yammine, William P. Yamnitz, X. Terry Yan, PhD, Gilbert Yan, Michael M. Yanak, James A. Yanez, Hwa-Ming Yang, PhD, Will Yanke, Anthony J. Yankel Jr., John S. Yankey III, William Harry Yanko, PhD, Demetrios V. Yannimaras, PhD, Howard W. Yant, Scott Yanuck, Professor Yapuncich, PhD, Harold L. Yarger, PhD, Donald J. Yark, John C. Yarmac III, John Lee Yarnall, PhD, John L. Yarnell, PhD, Anthony Yarosky, David E. Yarrow, Jim Yarwood, Scott Raymond Yates, PhD, Edward Carson Yates Jr., PhD, John L. Yates, Melvin B. Yates, Robert W. Yates, Francis Eugene Yates, Donald R. Yates, Frank Yates Jr., Ronald A. Yates, Campbell C. Yates, Tommie E. Yates, Sidney Yaverbaum, PhD, M. Yavuz Corp., PhD, Donald Yaw, Curtis Yawn, David Allou Yeadon, Randy R. Yeager, Jason W. Yeager, J. C. Yeager, Wilbur A. Yeager Jr., Thomas B. Yeager, John C. Yeakley, Elisabeth S. Yearick, PhD, Robert Gilbert Yeck, PhD, David R. Yedo, PhD, Carlton S. Yee, PhD, Ying C. Yee, PhD, Alfred A. Yee, Paul Pao Yeh, PhD, Kuo-Tay P. Yeh, Charles Yeh, Clyde W. Yellick, MD, Wilbur Yellin, PhD, John V. Yelvington, DVM, Yin Chao Yen, PhD, Michael W. Yeoman, Ki Jeong Yi, Frank Yi, Richard R. Yindra, James R. Yingst, Stuart Yntema Sr., Jim P. Yocham, B. Biff Yochum, Hubert Palmer Yockey, PhD, John E. Yocom, Robert L. Yocum, Marvel J. Yoder, PhD, Gene Yoder, Richard Yoder, DVM, Dennis K. Yoder, Sherwin D. Yoelin, Thomas Lester Yohe, PhD, Michael C. Yohe, Ted S. Yoho, DVM, L. L. Yoho, Nicholas J. Yonker, John G. Yonkers, John Herman Yopp, PhD, Charles L. Yordy, Jay L. York, PhD, Guy P. York, PhD, George W. York Jr., PhD, Denison W. York, Douglas W. York, Don York, Edwin York, Masami Yoshimura, PhD, Richard A. Yost, PhD, Professor Yost, PhD, Marvin E. Yost, PhD, Charles A. Yost, William B. youmans, PhD, Susan D. Younes, Robert A. Young, PhD, Wei Young, PhD, Frank Young, PhD, Raymond H. Young, PhD, Donald E. Young, PhD, George. A. Young, PhD, David Caldwell Young, PhD, Courtney Young, PhD, Gregory C. D. Young, PhD, Stanley Young, PhD, Lloyd M. Young, PhD, Franklin Arden Young, PhD, Farrile S. Young, PhD, Philip R. Young, PhD, Jackson Young, Lewis S. Young, MD, Garth L. Young, Stephen G. Young, MD, Robert D. Young, Richard Young, G. Young, Thomas J. Young, MD, Daniel V. Young, MD, Cindy M. Young, Austin L. Young, Wanda C Soo Young, Shawn Young, Ralph S. Young, Gerald M. Young, William C. Young, Richard H. Young, Jeffrey L. Young, Peter F. Young, William D. Young Jr., Terrill Young, Fred Young, Leland L. Young, Craig S. Young, Joe A. Young, Clifton L. Young, Ruby D. Young, Susan W. Young, Gordon Young, Sharon H. Young, Dwight A. Youngberg, James L. Youngblood, PhD, Ronnie M. Youngblood, Phillip L. Youngblood, Robert Youngblood, John C. Youngdahl, Dennis E. Youngdahl, James D. Younger, Forrest A. Younker, Forrest A. Younker, Tim A. Younker, Larry M. Younkin, PhD, Ralph Yount, PhD, Mohamad A. Yousef, PhD, Douglas J. Yovaish, Wen Shi Yu, PhD, Mario K. Yu, MD, Edward A. Yu, Luke Dhia Liu Yuan, PhD, Chia Liu Yuan, PhD, Stephen A. Yuhas, Donald E. Yule, Mark Yuly, PhD, Mary Alice Yund, PhD, D. Yundt, Libby Yunger, PhD, Sulhi H. Yungul, PhD, Anthony M. Yurchak, MD, Robert F. Yuro, William W. Yust, Richard Yuster

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers Z

236 Signers Out of 31,072 Total in US

Kirk A. Zabel, David R. Zachary, Jeffrey Zachman, Robert Zackroff, PhD, Egon J. Zadina, Daniel J. Zaffarano, PhD, Joseph A. Zagar, Stanley Zager, PhD, Hany H. Zaghloul, M. Zagorski, William M. Zahn Jr., Stephen G. Zahony, Edward P. Zahora, Marco Zaider, PhD, Ken Zaike, Ihor Zajac, PhD, Andres J. Zajac, Joseph A. Zak, PhD, Kamen N. Zakov, Ethel Suzanne Zalay, PhD, Carlos A. Zamano, Itzak Z. Zamir, Chester W. Zamoch, MD, A. Zamolodchikov, PhD, Professor Zamor, Ivan Zamora, MD, Danny Zampirro, Gerald W. Zander, Edward A. Zane, MD, Peter S. Zanetti, Joseph E. Zanoni, Alex Zapassoff, James G. Zapert, Joseph Zappia, Gregory G. Zarakhovich, PhD, S. A. Zarbano, MD, Sebastian A. Zarbano, MD, Donald J. Zarosinksi, Donald J. Zarosinski, Marvin Leon Zatzman, PhD, Waldo S. Zaugg, PhD, David Aaron Zaukelies, PhD, Fred G. Zauner, John S. Zavacki, PhD, Duane Zavadil, Andreas A. Zavi, PhD, Chester E. Zawadzki, J. Edward Zawatson, Joe E. Zawatson, Robert E. Zawistowski, Inna Y. Zayas, Professor Zbuzek, PhD, Roy V. Zeagler Jr., Jay Zeamer, John Zebrowski, Harold Zeckel, PhD, Jason D. Zeda, Yuan Chung Zee, PhD, Richard Jerry Van Zee, PhD, Lawrence E. Zeeb, Arthur F. Zeglen, Howard C. Zehetner, James W. Zehnder II, Richard F. Zehner, MD, Ken R. Zeier, William Nathaniel Zeiger, PhD, Richard R. Zeigler, Nancy Zeigler, Greg D. Zeihen, Juan C. Zeik, MD, Fred C. Zeile, Eugene F. Zeimet, Bruce Allen Zeitlin, Nathaniel K. Zelazo, Paul S. Zell, Albert Fontenot Zellar, PhD, Claude Zeller, PhD, Sanford S. Zeller, Michael W. Zeller, Ernest E. Zellmer, James V. Zello, Allen Zelman, PhD, Donald M. Zelman, MD, Michael Alan Zemaitis, PhD, Jiri Zemlicka, PhD, Kerry Zemp, Nicholas A. Zemyan, Zhonggang Zeng, PhD, Brad W. Zenko, Debi Y. Zeno, Thomas Herman Zepf, PhD, Robert L. Zerga, William J. Zerull, Donald F. Zetik, PhD, Donald Frank Zetjk, PhD, Robert H. Zettlemoyer, Patrick J. Zettler, R. A. Zeuner, Albin A. Zewczyk, PhD, Charles Zglenicki, Yi Zhad, PhD, Ming Zhang, PhD, Dong Er Zhang, PhD, Frank F. Zhang, PhD, Tianchi Zhao, Hua-Wei Zhou, PhD, Alexander Zhukovsky, PhD, Chad E. Zickefoose, Timothy Dean Ziebarth, PhD, Gerald A. Zieg, Milton A. Ziegelmeier, John Benjamin Ziegler, PhD, Edward N. Ziegler, PhD, Jehuda Ziegler, PhD, William Arthur Ziegler, Thomas W. Ziegler, Hirsch J. Ziegler, Perry H. Ziel, Melanie P. Ziemba, Richard A. Ziemba, MD, Roger Ziemba, Paul L. Ziemer, PhD, Charles W. Ziemer, PhD, Bernard M. Ziemianek, Ferdinand B. Zienty, PhD, Sigi Zierling, PhD, Gordon F. Ziesing, Carl Zietlow, Robert Zik, Steven A. Zilber, William N. Zilch, Lois A. Ziler, Bob Ziller, Robert Ziller, Robert George Zimbelman, PhD, Arthur J. Zimmer, PhD, Kirk R. Zimmer, Paul W. Zimmer, Jay Zimmer, Michael T. Zimmer, Richard J. Zimmer, Paul W. Zimmer, Douglas Jerome Zimmer, Elmer LeRoy Zimmerman, PhD, John Gordon Zimmerman, PhD, Tom L. Zimmerman, PhD, Tommy L. Zimmerman, PhD, John Zimmerman, PhD, E. Leroy Zimmerman, PhD, David L. Zimmerman, Robert Zimmerman, Lorenz Eugene Zimmerman, MD, Andrew T. Zimmerman, Clarence Zimmerman, John E. Zimmerman, A. L. Zimmerman, Aaron L. Zimmerman, Thomas R. Zimmerman, Curt Zimmerman, James S. Zimmerman, Roger Zimmerman, Gary Zimmermann, Richard Eugene Zindler, PhD, Ralph Anthony Zingaro, PhD, Donald G. Zink, PhD, John C. Zink, PhD, Clarence R. Zink, Sally G. Zinke, Werner G. Zinn, Paul Zinner, Richard J. Zinno, Edward E. Zinser, Ronald F. Ziolo, PhD, Richard J. Ziomkowski, Peter H. Zipfel, PhD, Thomas E. Zipoli, MD, Douglas A. Ziprick, MD, Donald W. Zipse, Harold Zirin, PhD, Steven L. Zirkelback, MD, Todd Zischke, Laura Zischke, Edward J. Zisk, Parvin A. Zisman, Thomas A. Zitter, PhD, Glenn A. Zittrauer, Warren Zitzmann, Paul Carl Zmola, PhD, Bruce John Zobel, PhD, William M. Zobel, Myron E. Zoborowski, Darryl E. Zoch, Marvin L. Zochert, Steven P. Zody, Marvin H. Zoerb, Raymond N. Zoerkler, William C. Zollars, Stephen P. Zollinger, PhD, Richard C. Zolper, John Zoltek, PhD, Martin Vincent Zombeck, PhD, Eli Zonana, MD, Keith Zondervan, PhD, Harry David Zook, PhD, Jerome Zorinksy, PhD, Adam D. Zorn, David J. Zorn, Charles T. Zrakas, Charles W. Zubritsky, Robert M. Zuccaro, Louis M. Zucker, MD, Lewis Zucker, Edwin Zucker, David Zuckerberg, David Zudkevitch, PhD, Carl William Zuehlke, PhD, Daryl E. Zuelke, Vincent M. Zuffante, D. Zuidema, PhD, Gary B. Zulauf, Peter Zuman, PhD, Glen W. Zumwalt, PhD, Glen A. Zumwalt, Yury Zundelevich, PhD, Alfonso J. Zuniga, Joe Zupan, Edward John Zuperku, PhD, John F. Zurawka, Ernst G. Zurflueh, PhD, Philip L. Zuvanich, Joseph E. Zweifel, Howard A. Zwemer, Soloman Zwerdling, PhD, Earl J. Zwick, PhD, Melvin L. Zwillenberg, PhD, Steven C. Zylkowski

Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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